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2020.03.18 21:11 raphael_r0che C_O_B_R_A

Censored and Oppressed Brethren of Reddit Association

2022.12.16 18:19 theman23211 name says it all

name says it all

2021.09.20 16:48 B_U_L_O_C_H_K_A B_U_L_O_C_H_K_A

My name is Julianna. I'm a streamer with a nickname B_U_L_O_C_H_K_A. Partner Twitch. An artist and just a cheerful person who tries to please and amuse you!

2023.03.22 17:01 WN11 36M, legal counsel, riding EDC

36M, legal counsel, riding EDC
Wallet: Grip6 forged carbon fiber wallet with loop and money band. Lightweight, sturdy and thanks to the loop its easy to fish out of pockets even with gloves on. I really like Grip6 belts too, my first one is 7 years old and looks good as new.
Key: ignition key to 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa on Motoloot keyfob, color-matched to the bike
Earplugs: Alpine Motosafe "Race" earplugs that filter wind noise while still allowing traffic and voice through. Never ride outside city limits without them.
Comb: Kent foldable comb to regulate the helmet hair.
SAK: Victorinox Safari Forester. Lives in the topbox/saddlebag. Sentimental piece, it was the first knife I bought for myself with my own salary, 13 years ago.
Knife: Benchmade Bugout CF Elite. DLC-coated blade and carbon fiber handle. Lives in the pocket of my riding jacket, extremely lightweigth but reliable piece of kit.
Forgot to include my watch: Casio G-Shock GW-5000 (JDM version). Perfect riding watch, indestructible, solar-atomic and fits under gloves and doesn't look out of place in the office either.
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2023.03.22 17:01 cummingsscott Get Experienced Representation with Cummings & Franck, P.C. - Whistleblower Attorney Los Angeles

Need experienced and competent representation in cases involving whistleblowing or retaliation? Look no further than Cummings & Franck, P.C., a law firm based in Los Angeles that specializes in these types of cases. With years of experience and a commitment to justice, our experienced attorneys will work hard to get you the results you need. Contact us today at (213) 995-6132 for an initial consultation or visit our website: https://www.cummingsandfranck.com/whistleblower-lawyer-los-angeles
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2023.03.22 17:01 apapipay [WTS] DS/USED LOT - SIZE 9-10 - NIKE, JORDAN, VANS, ADIDAS, MSC - PRICE RANGE: $60-$380. Details in the comments!

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2023.03.22 17:00 CryptoTokenICO Promociona tu actividad, producto o servicio

Utiliza este hilo para promocionarte a ti mismo y/o a tu trabajo, servicio o producto.
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2023.03.22 17:00 MudGroundbreaking $CVS Awaiting Buy Signal based off 41 signals on the 30-min chart. Free trial at https://t.co/emZsi1kAMx https://t.co/xkRC2cyVvl

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2023.03.22 17:00 PotaTribune Bruh how did they manage to make it worse

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2023.03.22 17:00 Ricczmani 19(M) I don’t like how I look and feel like girls are not attracted to me, any tips and to improve on my look

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2023.03.22 17:00 MrSharkUAS She back begging 😂….

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2023.03.22 17:00 Smart_Associate17 Processing time for EAD / AP

Concurrent filing (I-140/I-765/I-131/I-485) done in December 2022 for EB1-C. Bio-metrics was completed in Jan 2023 and I-140 was approved in Feb 2023 (Premium Processing). I-485 application got moved from Texas Service center to NBC early March with Case Status " “Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction” . I-765 and I-131 still with Texas service center. Is this normal to have EAD / AP in one service center and I-485 in another center and how long does it take for EAD / AP to be processed now that EB1-C priority date is not current for I-485.
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2023.03.22 17:00 princesschels3a Vocês acham que conseguirão se aposentar um dia ?

Pensando em como nosso país está caminhando e como está o crescimento (ou a falta dele) populacional, penso que quando chegar a minha vez de se aposentar, esse sistema já vai tá quebrado por ter mais gente velha do que nova pra sustentar a pirâmide. Todo meu dinheiro roubado pelo INSS nunca vai voltar pra mim. Eu só tô pensando na quantidade de merda e crise que espera nós jovens daqui uns 20/30 anos.
Alguém mais tem essa sensação?
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2023.03.22 17:00 21st-Century-Madman Pop/Slash Juliet Starling VS Cassandra Hack (8/16)

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2023.03.22 17:00 swingerlover Using Common Sense With Love Spells #lovespells

Using Common Sense With Love Spells #lovespells
The greatest love spells you can carry out are those inspired by self-love. If you are struggling to love someone to the extent of trying to “put a spell on them” and make them mysteriously love you, it means you are doing it right. In case you are doing anything apart from endeavoring to open yourself up to someone who can love each other openly then you are not honoring yourself.
I can confidently say, from my long-term experience, there is just one candle love spell that works decently. After several years of people failing, sometimes even brutal relationships, I decided to preach self-love and the appreciation of what people really needed from a relationship. I had to ask myself various questions first. Was it the emotion of existing through another person, or was it the call to have someone attend to them and mind about them? Was it finances and success in the world or was it the necessity for friendship and security and comfort? Above all a person needs to ask themselves which love spell to choose?

What You Need
  1. A candle that resembles the male
  2. A candle that resembles the female
  3. Oil
  4. Parchment paper
You need to make sure that you do the spell on the New Moon.
This is the time that has the greatest energy for fresh beginnings- however, you carry out the candle magic anytime you wished. From the astrology knowledge, one must understand that the New Moon iss the ideal time. Be aware that- if you follow an extremely difficult year, full of sadness and a very ruinous relationship—some don’t desire to calm and wait for the New Moon. Hence, people carry it out anyway…usually the same day.
Write Down Your Wishes
Write down your wishes on parchment paper and recite them as the candles burn. Make sure to visualize your efforts.
Anoint The Candles
Anoint both the candles, all the while chanting your love goals, example; You can request that you be joined with a kind and generous partner who would be committed to you. Request for someone who is willing and ready to accept your love. Don’t have limitations to the person about money, looks or age. Just request that they be the one meant for you and vice versa. Apart from being able to be free to your love, your other essential quality would be their character. Then ignite the candles and declare the love spell over them. The bottom line of the spell was a call for the Universe to consider your need for love, a narrative that love is a human necessity, and an expression that you are as qualified for it just like everyone else in the World. Include a call that a suitable person to be brought to you no matter who was or where in this World.
As the candles burn, reflect on your past experiences about relationships. Look as the candles burn.
With the burning and vanishing of the candles empty the effects of the yesterday from your inner aura, and ready yourself to allow a new relationship into your being. Be aware to begin a new relationship while sticking to the yesterday and earlier energies is self-defeating.
Make sure you completely forget your past- and anything that connects you with the past. Ever hear of off with the old on with the new? Next, make the move to meet fresh people by even going to some social events. With your fresh revitalization, you will feel strenuously prepared to take action in your life. From there you should be able to notice and establish people who were not right in your life. See how things go a month into your candle love spell. Some people meet someone right away, they might be older, might not have a profession or lots of money, but may have a sweet smile or kind eyes. Some people meet this person, go out, get along and move in with one another. The candle type spell is decent to attract a new but would not recommend bringing someone back or stealing a mate. This is held for stronger magick. Learn More: 13 LOVE SPELLS YOU SHOULD KNOW
Is Candle Magic The Best?
Although “sometimes” candle magic can work decently, its always wise to seek the help of an experienced caster. Aside from candle love spells, there are several other more potent magick energies and ways to cast love spells such as, fire magick, water magick, hermeticism, Kabbalah and many many more, even blood magick or invoking a Djinn. Sometimes a candle love spell is not powerful enough, such as is there an outside influence? Does the person need to be broken up? Do you plan to steal a mate from someone? Does someone need to be banished? If you answered yes then you would need a 2 in one love spell. If you would like a powerful spell that then you would need an experienced caster if you seriously want results.

Below Is An Example of Black Magic Love Spells

PLEASE NOTE: I only perform black magic spells in certain pre-approved circumstances. So please [contact me](mailto:[email protected]) regarding your situation and I’ll let you know if I find the situation warrants black magic.

11. The Black Magic Love Spell
Simply put, this eliminates any obstructions. It incorporates one of the blackest break-up djinns and potent love spell for your victim to dearly cherish and come to you. With this love spell, you can also obtain: o The BLACK MAGICK DJINN- meant to release your victim or target from an individual who is a hindrance and eliminate that individual for eternally. o Love spell- to enhance their affection, affinity and excitement for you, prompting them to come back to you as soon as their prevailing relationship is terminated.

12. The Infernal Princes of Hell Love Spell
With this love spell, your four top princes of Hell will be begged and commanded to aid you in realizing your love’s excitement. The Princes (Leviathan, Lucifer, Satan and Belial) command all 4 magical quarters, thus, establishing a robust ring of unholy power that will help to manifest purposes. Again, the four will make use of some demons to help them in manifesting your goals. The love spell grants them absolute energy to manifest your purposes as best as they can imagine. Nevertheless, it is somewhat unique compared to other love spells as it is *not* proved to be safe and therefore could come with some Karmic repercussion since it lacks limits. With that, they are best applied in pretty tough cases, where everything else has been declared ineffective.

13. The Steal a Mate
If you need someone who unfortunately belongs to someone else, the Steal a Mate love spell will be of great help as it will assist you to steal that target away from your competitor.
You can purchase spells at the store here: love spells
Want Izabael To Cast a Spell For You?
Visit My Magick Spell Shop

Magic Spells by Izabael DaJinn The World’s Premiere Spell-casting Genie
***Successful Spells Cast since 2007 *\*
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2023.03.22 17:00 GreedyCounty6149 O 'Brasil' pós-revolução deveria mudar de nome?

Manter as bases de um país de origem escravista, mesmo que só o nome, não é uma boa ideia, dada sua carga simbólica. Brasil é a árvore que representa a exploração dessas terras, e o gentílico 'brasileiro' acrescenta um ar de profissão ou estado, insinuando que quem nasce aqui trabalha cortando a própria flora pra vender ao exterior.
Nesse caso, qual nome seria interessante no lugar desse? Alguns indígenas já chamam de 'Pindorama', que não apenas soa muito bonito, mas também mostra as riquezas naturais do país sem remeter tanto à exploração: 'terra das palmeiras' remete às paisagens.
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2023.03.22 17:00 Fatherjewl Girl BFFR your ex has facilitated hate?? The only person I see actively “hating” in disguise if telling their story is you. If you weren’t why stalk Lindsey page and post stuff when she’s wearing the same thing or in similar position or using the same song 🤣 Delusional.

Girl BFFR your ex has facilitated hate?? The only person I see actively “hating” in disguise if telling their story is you. If you weren’t why stalk Lindsey page and post stuff when she’s wearing the same thing or in similar position or using the same song 🤣 Delusional. submitted by Fatherjewl to kaylaannxoxosnark [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:59 KiWy8 My friend’s brother being deliberately annoying in our friend group.

Hey, for context we have had friend group discord server for a few years now. The main trio of the server were always friends A,B and C. Friend C was allways a bit weird but we didnt mind too much. I came in later, as the only weeb on the server and in the friend group. We had a little beef with C becouse he really hated looking at anime, and we resolved it by simply making a channel for anime memes and stuff which others sometimes visited. By this time i should mention that friend C had a younger borther, who we sometimes hung out with- mainly at his birthday party etc. He was pretty chill, if not a little pushed back since he was a furry and friend C despised furries as much as anime.
A few years passed and friend Cs obbsessions became weirder and weirder. After a while we made a second special channel for him to post his stuff on. Later he came out as a furry, which was really surprising but nobody really cared. After sending a fair bit of questionable posts we asked him to keep his furry spam (since it averaged at lets say 10 furry posts a day) in his obsession channel. Not too long ago, his brother joined in after being absent for a few months, but he was really bitter and confrontational. For instance, he joined VC as the first thing and started posting furry stuff to out main channel. I have stopped him and told him to keep it in the -now- furry channel. He went on a screaming tangent about how all anime fans are pedophiles and how we dont care about anime being in the generall channel. I gently explained to him that we also keep anime separated, but the other friend in the voice call was less gentle. Nevertheless he left the VC while throwing a small tantrum, and we did not hear of him for a while.
Few weeks ago he became much more active again, ussaly just reacting to whatever we post or going on tangents about how horrible/disgusting/boring our hobbies (Friend B is into twitch streamers, im into anime etc.) are. We ussaly just ignored him and i was trying to be super friendly since my guy clearly has some demons he needs to fight with.
Today a small exchange of messages happened, i will try to translate since this will serve as an example of our normal conversation FB: -posts a furry gif into general- me: "Bro, please keep the furry stuff in #furry channel" FB: "Where is it written? its not in #rules channel ""bro"" " me" Its not in the rules but we have talked about this before. You have argued that it is unfair for anime to be in main channel..." FB: "I dont remember :)" -a few dozen minutes later- FB: "Are you going to find it in the previous messages?" me: "it was said in the voice call" FB: "what a shame? no proof :(((((" me: "im trying to be reasonable..." FB -posts a 4chan greentext of a weeb trying to F his own sister- me: "Please keep main channel anime free, that part is in the #rules channel" FB: "I dont have the permissions to go there :)))" me: "No problem, here you go" FB: "EW WHY DO I HAVE THE WEEB ROLE? IM NOT A PEDO" me: I thought you wanted to post anime stuff, so i gave it to you for permissions if you want me to take it away i wil- FB: "Put it away NOW"

Im sorry to bore you with dumb friend group "drama" but i have no idea what i should do. He only seems to annoy me but i know he is deliberate. He sometimes swears at me for no reason while he is in the backgound of Friend C in a voice call and i just dont want to call him out becouse he seems mentally on the edge.
throwaway acc
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2023.03.22 16:59 Andris067 Backstory: my Mathematics teacher gave us a paper containing numbers from 1 to 40 with a method for each on how to check if a number is devisible by them. He told us that we have to choose one number from the paper and write a program for it in C++.

Backstory: my Mathematics teacher gave us a paper containing numbers from 1 to 40 with a method for each on how to check if a number is devisible by them. He told us that we have to choose one number from the paper and write a program for it in C++. submitted by Andris067 to ProgrammerHumor [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:59 ivanuwu1996 Jugadores que llegaron para fracasar y terminaron como idolos

Titulo sensacionalista. La idea es que digan jugadores que llegaron para pasar sin pena ni gloria por su club y terminaron siendo SUMAMENTE importantes o incluso se convirtieron en idolos o casi.
Como hincha de River se me ocurren tres casos clarisimos.
  1. Gabriel Mercado: jugador que salio de racing en una pesima etapa de la academia. Mucho huevo, poco futbol. En estudiantes le agrego gol, pero no pasaba de un jugador promedio. En River continuó haciendo varios goles importantes, y elevó su nivel defensivo de tal manera que termino jugando en la selección en buen nivel y un mundial. Multicampeón con River.
  2. Lucas Alario: salio de colón y cuando lo trajeron a River en 5 años de carrera tenia 12 goles (60 partidos) con rendimientos cuestionables como todo Colón en esos años en general. Literalmente fue una apuesta de River para jugar una SEMIFINAL DE LIBERTADORES en 2015. Un torneo que no ganabamos desde el 1996 y desde el dia 1 que se puso la camiseta rindio de manera maravillosa para las expectativas que teniamos sobre él. Terminó siendo el delantero mas determinante del futbol argentino por dos años de forma inobjetable. Luego hizo un monton de goles sin tener titularidad asegurada en el Leverkusen y se habia ganado un lugar en la selección. Cuando se empezo a lesionar y se metio con la albertario de las leonas, perdio continuidad en su club y por lo tanto su lugar en argentina y se empezo a dedicar mas a las redes sociales y ahora esta robando en el frankfurt. Pero para lo que pintaba cuando aparecio y lo que fue, es un win totalmente.
  3. Carlos Sanchez: Llego a River con casi 130 partidos en su carrera y 9 goles. Lo conocimos por su rendimiento en Godoy Cruz donde fue aceptable y jugo con River en la B nacional donde tuvo un paso aceptable. Sin ser una gran figura pero con mucha garra. Su rendimiento en primera luego fue malo pero con algunos goles. Se fue a prestamo y volvió en silencio sin mucho bombo y Gallardo elevó su rendimiento de tal manera que se convirtió en el 3ro o 4to jugador Uruguayo mas glorioso de River en la historia junto con Mora (enzo y alzamendi los primeros dos). Jugador ultra determinante, jugo como hincha todos los partidos. Parecia jugador "a lo boca" dirian los bosteros. Tipo super ganador y que hasta el dia que se fue rindió. Lo único que no hizo como hincha fue la forma que se fue, lo que muchos no le perdonan pero para mi no es para tanto. Gracias a lo hecho en River, se convirtió en jugador de Seleccion uruguaya por 4 años y fue elegido el mejor jugador sudamericano en el 2015 y el segundo en 2014.
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2023.03.22 16:59 xdjxy Total drama is losing rn. We need all the votes we can get!!!

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2023.03.22 16:59 mst3dprint Recommendations for Nozzle?

Hi there! I am trying to find a nozzle with a diameter of 0.2mm or 0.3mm that can withstand 420 C for printing a small part in PEEK. Does anyone have suggestions for vendors?
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