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2010.05.11 19:25 happybadger Snack Exchange - Swap snacks with other redditors

Snack exchange is a community that allows redditors to connect and exchange snacks via mail. Often, exchanges are international and provide an opportunity to enjoy difficult-to-find snacks from other countries or regions.

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Welcome to The Asking Alexandria Family! So who's ready to rock n roll!?

2023.03.22 16:20 fivestarchickenkalka Our Blog - Five Star Chicken Kalka - Order Online

The Five Star Chicken Kalka offers its customers an informative blog part, where it posts the most recent information on the world of appetizing food.
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2023.03.22 16:19 ROCKINGCOLT Should I do online order filling as a highschool student?

I'm in highschool currently and I'm looking for a job that pays pretty well and gives me good hours and I saw this job and was wondering if I should try taking the job but Ive been unsure since it seems kinda hard
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2023.03.22 16:15 tse_guy Get more value out of your loyalty data with the mParticle Paytronix integration

Get more value out of your loyalty data with the mParticle Paytronix integration
The Paytronix all-in-one digital guest engagement platform can now be easily connected to the mParticle Customer Data Platform.
More than 20 years ago, Paytronix helped pioneer restaurant loyalty. Today the company is innovating across online ordering, messaging, CRM, gift cards, marketplace management, and mobile apps to help restaurants and convenience stores set a gold standard for digital customer engagement programs.
With the new mParticle Paytronix integration, brands can extend the reach of their digital guest engagement programs by connecting guest data in Paytronix to mParticle, where it can be activated across numerous customer engagement channels via mParticle’s integration network.

mParticle and Paytronix

Paytronix is a digital guest engagement platform that offers a suite of solutions to restaurants, convenience stores, and other retailers building fast, frictionless, and personalized guest experiences. Paytronix continually advances digital guest engagement by developing technologies that uncover new insights about guest attitudes and behaviors that create brand preferences.
mParticle is an AI-powered Customer Data Platform that helps brands turn customer data into insights, and insights into action. By collecting data from across sources, creating a 360° customer view, and streaming data to downstream tools through 300+ productized integrations, mParticle enables teams to deliver real-time, personalized experiences that are consistent across channels.
By connecting data from Paytronix to mParticle, brands can unify all their guest data on 360-degree customer profiles, derive insights, and deliver hyper-personalized experiences across every consumer touchpoint with little-to-no development work.


With a complete view of guest engagement, data-driven teams are empowered to unlock more value from their first-party data set.
360-degree view of the customer
Loyalty and CRM data is a brand’s most valuable customer dataset. Unifying loyalty data with data from other sources (digital products, other martech vendors, 3rd party data, etc) is difficult for many brands.
The mParticle Paytronix integration enables brands to unify guest data across sources and automatically resolve cross-device data to 360-degree customer profiles—including data types that often do not reside in Paytronix, such as unauthenticated/anonymous user interactions on digital products. By unifying loyalty data from Paytronix to holistic customer profiles in mParticle, teams can eliminate time spent trying to stitch profiles together and focus on analyzing the customer journey, delivering tailored experiences to all guests, and building loyalty.
Expand the reach of Paytronix’s digital guest engagement platform
Using the integration, brands can easily connect data, insights, and targeting strategies set in Paytronix to mParticle, from where they can then be activated across mParticle’s 300+ integrations in real-time. This dramatically expands the ways in which brands can use the data available Paytronix, making it possible to inform experiences that live beyond the company’s core channels (loyalty, online ordering, messaging, CRM, gift cards, marketplace management, and mobile apps).
We are beyond excited to announce this new partnership, combining two incredibly powerful platforms. To learn more about how to get started with mParticle and Paytronix, schedule a custom demo here.
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2023.03.22 16:13 ExZotixOfficial Brand new GT DD Pro not recognized by Fanatec Control Panel??

Just received my Fanatec order yesterday. I got the GT DD Pro (8nm) base with boost kit, CSL Universal Hub, CSL Elite V2 pedals, shifter and handbrake. I set everything up and plugged it into my laptop to update the firmware before using it on my ps4. I had the wheel attached to the base when doing so and the Fanatec Control Panel failed to recognize anything was plugged in. The power light on the base was flipping between red and blue and so I tried to change the mode to PC but the light wouldn't change. So I turned the base off and back on and I could hear my laptop beeping to indicate something was in the USB port but the Fanatec Conrol Panel still said it couldn't find any Fanatec devices. So I tried without the wheel attached and then I noticed the light stayed in blue (PS) mode and the Fanatec Conrol Panel recognized it was in PS mode and asked me to switch it to red (PC) mode. When I switched to PC mode the Fanatec Conrol Panel would go back to saying no devices found. I tried every combination of starting with/without a wheel, only having pedals connected, and tried changing it to PS mode on the laptop then just hooking into the ps4. But every time the wheel is connected to the base it makes the power light change between red and now purple (was blue in the beginning) and the wheel doesn't light up on the tuning menu or anything. I've tried uninstalling the drivers multiple times and reseating the shaft but nothing I'm finding online is working. Any help is much appreciated! This is my upgrade from my t300rs and everything felt like an upgrade until this point lol
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2023.03.22 16:13 PasjrWoctx Food Would Be Nice

I am #hungry, I was going to make egg salad for sandwiches but I have no bread, nor any of the stuff to make it, it sure would be really nice if I could order some much needed #food and #groceries today my 45th #birthday, will you Please help this #disabled #bipolar man raise the funds he needs so he can place an order and eat today? You Can Help via, #Venmo Thank You.
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2023.03.22 16:09 Akoola Brand new 2023 Powerboost F150 randomly doesnt start, Ford doesn't have a fix

Ordered this thing online months ago and after picking it up in February it randomly doesnt start and throws a "Stop Safely Now" error on the dash.
First dealership had no idea what to do and offered nothinf but a "good luck". No fix for code SSM 51431 means the truck can randomly not start and can leave you stranded.
I am currently at a second dealership where they are refusing to offer a loaner vehicle after taking the truck in and not even asking me what the issues were, claiming i had to reserve one before my appointment.
This is my first experience with a Ford and every other car brand ive owned has had a significantly better customer experience in the service and dealer department. They at least had a loaner option same day for repairs as simple as an alignment.
I am now stranded here calling random neighbors or friends for a ride since my only vehicle is at the mercy of Middleton Ford.
10/10 do not recommend
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2023.03.22 16:08 lax1245 Looking to Open New American Express Card

I have the standard format below but wanted to give some background. I am 23 and was an authorized user on my parent's American Express account since I was 18 to establish a good line of credit for me and now that I have a job out of college I want to apply for my own card and account. So I believe I would have previous history at American Express if that makes a difference.
Most of my purchases are online, I often mobile order groceries. Purchases that I would make out in the world would mostly be small expenses or restaurants. I don't know what to put as my travel budget as I want to start traveling more and get use out of a travel credit card, but I want it's usefulness to also extend outside of traveling. I don't mind paying an annual fee. The $695 for platinum seems absolutely ridiculous to me but I can be convinced if it actually seems worth it.

EDIT: If you think that another card would be better for my purposes I will take any recommendations! I just was thinking I wanted to stick with American Express since my authorized user account was closing, I wanted to open a new card there.
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2023.03.22 16:05 BoomerBarnes Question for the TD’s, what do you do with extra player pack discs (assuming your tournament doesn’t sell out)

I’ve been considering hosting some tournaments recently, one thing that is generally well received are custom event stamped player packs. Im assuming getting custom stamped stuff requires at least a month long window to order, so you have to order enough for the entire field. If you host a tournament with a 72 player cap but only get 50 people signed up, what do you do with the extra 22 discs?
Try to peddle them at payout then take the leftovers online to sell for enough to covers costs? I’m not a vendor so throwing them on my shelf for the right buyer to come along isn’t an option.
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2023.03.22 16:03 PurplePapayaa 3d resource pack editor or notepad editor?

The title says everything basically lol.
I'm searching for a 3d resource pack editor. I know someone prefer to use the notepad editor in order to change the texture and making the items/textures in 3d.
I'd like to start my own resource pack and I don't know if I should spend my time on an online editor (like Blockbench) or on the notepad editor.
P.s. I know Blockbench as the online editor but I'm really curious to know if there are other alternatives
Thanks in advance!!!
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2023.03.22 16:03 Critical-Surprise-17 Should I send my details?

I applied to this job via LinkedIn. First, I got an email asking for my resume which I forwarded. Then I was asked some normal interview questions (though one question asked me which bank I have account with). Now this is the email I just got: Dear , Congratulations!!! Your experience is satisfactory and impressive, and we have offered you the position of a __ (Remote).
You would be placed on a paid 2-week probation in order for the management to access your work ethics, efficiency and salary increment consideration. You will be fully paid for the 2 weeks probation.
You will be enrolled for top-of-the-line training that includes online training, and new hire class orientation. We are committed to helping you build a solid foundation and do your job to the best of your abilities.
Testing your efficiency for the new week is to be in charge of the purchase and delivery of the company's branded materials and equipment for your orientation and workstation. A payment in the form of a Certified Company Check would be issued to you by the company's financial manager to take care of the expenses. More information on the task would be communicated to you, you will get a text message from me.
Kindly fill the following information below to enlist into the Company's Register for proper documentation, it is also required by the HR Department.
Full Name: Address: Apt/Suite #: City: State: Zip Code: Cell number (For SMS):
Your paperwork (USCIS Form I-9 and W-4 forms) will be sent to you after the probation period. I will be here to inform you before it is sent so you can be on the lookout for it.
Best Regards, A legitimate name with company (I have looked him up)
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2023.03.22 16:03 Cyberfury You have to face things in order to ‘move on’ not LEARN things

You have to face things in order to ‘move on’. Knowledge ways you down it does not lift you up. Ever.
Way back when, ‘Spirituality’ was literally a single minded effort EXCLUSIVELY designed for ‘waking up’ from illusion. A MEANS TO AN END. Now here we are looking at a literal buffet of spiritual Happy Meals to choose from.
Why am I the only one always chuckling about this and intentionally ruffling feathers in here?
What’s so precious about YOUR position - or ANY position for that matter - that you need to protect it like a rabid dog? With the exception of (maybe) one in a thousand 'members' EVERYONE here is just treading water in stead of diving deep. There is hardly any truth being imparted. Have a scroll for your self. Huge, enormous Ego’s stomping around in here parroting ‘whoever’/whatever pretending they actually know something while there is nothing to know as such.
It's a mess.
Does anyone bother to actually think for themselves before mindlessly walking into some beaten old online trap? Why am I being accused of being arrogant and full of myself? Why isn’t EVERYONE ruffling there own feathers or that of others too? Why is everyone claiming some ascendancy or ‘higher state’ - but on closer inspection have nothing to show for it but "well that's just your opinion, man". Always keen on deflecting very specific questions with some irrelevant other question of their own, in stead of making the effort of formulating an actual answer from their supposedly superior worldview?
You all want to PLAY ‘enlightened’ but one of your eyes immediately starts twitching if someone has the balls to actually try and ascertain if you are in fact not just bullshitting yourself and others. Why? Why not simply answer the damn question when you are who, what or where you claim to be? Surely all the answers should flow out of you like spiritual poetry?
’m pretty sure Maya herself would be surprised at the daftness on display here - if she was real. Not much fun for her either in here since everyone is chasing their own tails.
I will tell you what it is. What it always is: FEAR.In fact it is the literal Mother Of All Fears: The fear of 'not being'. Not being what you are already not or not trying to be what you can't because there is no being.
Nobody is ‘breaking out’. Let’s be real about it. There are no adults in the room. Only children playing 'spiritual' games..
I have encountered not a single awakened soul. Let’s get this out of the way too: There is NOTHING I want. I am not a teachers an aspirant or whatever if you are looking for one you should keep fishing there are plenty of lost creatures in here. What they 'want' they will surely get here or somewhere.. for a price. I simply do what I do because that is what I appear to do to you.
I use to say ‘I work for the Universe now’ but then I actually got my own joke.. :;)
When someone responds, I fully expect only clever redirection and crooked fingers pointing at me in stead of the truth they themselves claim to know or want.
If you really want to wake up you won't ever solve this thing on 'this' level. You have to literally nuke your life in order to wake up. Who's up for it? You? You? Anyone? Of course not. It would end the games for the you you think of as you but who is most definitely not you. The required desperation to 'do it' is actually lacking in most of you. And that is what keeps you here.
Now here's Tom with the weather... ;))
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2023.03.22 16:01 coreytownsend Questions about IT Pro TV

I am starting my AZ104 journey and I wanted to know if anyone has used the IT Pro TV course for their studies. I am currently going through the Microsoft Learn material and then I plan on watching the John Savill Super Study Cram followed by some online course. I like it when online courses are in order with the exam objectives and what they teach is directly related to the objective. Has anyone used IT Pro because it looks pretty good from what I’ve seen.
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2023.03.22 15:57 loganfester New Here: I have noob style questions, no shill, honest.

I have been dragging my feet about moving stuff to CompShare.
I have an account at Fidelity and TD ameritrade and already opened my account at Computer Share.
To move stuff as quickly and orderly as is possible in this mess, what is my next move?
Am I calling Compshare or the other guys? Am I over thinking this and it can be done online myself?
Any hints ,minus snark, welcomed.
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2023.03.22 15:56 tszhs How clean is the yarn?

I'm kind of a germophobe and I can't help but feel a little anxious about yarn I order online. Idk in what conditions it was stored, idk who and with what hands packed it for me, it could've fallen on the floor and so on. It's useless to think about since I don't have a choice but to just overcome it and use it. And I know no one can answer my question precisely, so I'm just wondering, can anyone relate?
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2023.03.22 15:51 macross1986 Picked some more aniplex titles .

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2023.03.22 15:50 danidisaster Exclusive tour merch VS tour online store

Hello all! I would like to know if there is a list anywhere, or if we can create one - of what actually is only on-sale exclusively at the shows VS the online merch store. I think this would also save a lot of Swifties time waiting on line early, or missing songs during the show if they know they can order in advance first.
Thanks! <3 reddit switfies
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2023.03.22 15:50 DSettahr Has anyone here thru-hiked the full Massanutten Mountain Trail? I'm looking at possibly hiking it in a few weeks and have some questions.

I've long been intrigued by the 70-mile Massanutten Mountain Trail, and it looks like come late April/early May I'll finally get the chance to backpack it. If there's anyone here with familiarity with this trail, I've got a few questions about some things as I start piecing together my plan.
(I have ordered the PATC map and guidebook that covers this trail, and I've also attempted to do some online research about the route... but while some individual sections of the trail I can easily find plenty of info on, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of online info about the logistics of thru-hiking the trail in one go.)
I know that's a lot of questions and I don't necessarily expect anyone to be able to answer them all. But any info about thru-hiking this trail would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.22 15:48 offmychestandy On mental stability

This is one of the things I worry about most for myself. I understand that I need self-discipline and hard work in order to improve my life, however I know how prone I am to stress, anger and depression.
This emotional stability issue is important because it can mess with the progress you're making. So how do I stop myself from feeling emotions so strongly? I feel this is such a burden as a male.
I am already chatting to more people online, started gym again, started singing again. I really wish there was a way that I could dampen my emotional reactivity by maybe like 50%, or an amount to where I felt like intense emotions weren't holding me back.
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2023.03.22 15:47 Pristine-Simple689 TTC Chapter 12 (Mawangdui 56)

Previous -------------------------------- Next chapter soon(tm)
I am no authority in Chinese, translation, or Taoism. I have no cultural or religious Taoist background. English is not my first language. Chinese text might be wrong, I don't know how to read or write Chinese. Translation might be inaccurate, comments might be mistaken. The comment section is usually great and provides useful insights. Sources linked in comment section, sort by oldest.
Feel free to share your favorite translations in the comments so we can all compare and learn together, also feel free to ask anything or correct any mistakes. You are free to copy, change, improve, expand, and/or share this text with whoever. No recognition or mention of OP is required. Enjoy!

Chapter 12:
五 色 令 人 目 盲 ;
five colors make person that looks blind [;]
五 音 令 人 耳 聾 ;
five sounds make person that hears deaf [;]
五 味 令 人 口 爽 ;
five flavors make person that tastes them hungry (mouth cheerful) [;]
馳 騁 田 獵 ,
go quickly or swiftly galloping through the fields hunting [,]
令 人 心 發 狂 ;
make person heart issue violent [;]
難 得 之 貨 ,
Arduous to have goods [,]
令 人 行 妨 。
make person performance obstructed [.]
是 以 聖 人 為 腹 不 為 目 ,
what is by nature correct for Sage person do/be belly no do/be eye [,]
故 去 彼 取 此 。
therefore depart from that and obtain this [.]

five colors make person that looks blind [;]
five sounds make person that hears deaf [;]
five flavors make person that tastes them hungry (mouth cheerful) [;]
五 five; Originally an X-shape.
色 color; kneeling person (卩) being pushed down by a hand (爪). original meaning: "press down",
令 make/order decree; Depicts a person (卩) receiving commands from a mouth (口) above them.
目 eye/look; Pictograph of an eye.
盲 blind; Losing 亡 one's sight 目; 亡 also provides the pronunciation.
耳 ear; Pictograph of an ear.
聾 deaf; meaning: 耳 ear 龍 dragon curled up.
味 taste; meaning: 口 mouth, 未 not yet. Could be also translated as smell (not yet in mouth)
口 mouth;
爽 happy/cheerful;
(happy mouth, that wants to eat or that likes what it is eating. Maybe.)
"Looking with desire at (and making a distinction from each other) five colors makes the people go blind [;]
listening with desire at (and making a distinction from each other) five notes makes the people go deaf [;]
Tasting with desire (and making a distinction from each other) five flavors makes the people go hungry [;]"
[Note: Five is a common numeric reference in Chinese culture: five notes, five colors, and five elements. Possible influence from five fingers in the same way we use the numerical decimal system.]
It is because of making distinctions between the colors, the sounds, and the flavors that people are blind to anything that they do not desire, deaf to sounds they don't want to hear, and hungry for the fulfillment of their own selfish desires.

go quickly or swiftly galloping through the fields hunting [,]
make person heart issue violent [;]

馳 go quickly or swiftly; Meaning: 馬 horse; sound: 也 also;
騁 galloping; meaning: 馬 horse; sound: 甹: chivalrous knight.
田 arable field; Pictograph of a field.
獵 hunting; Meaning: 犭 dog; sound: 巤 a mane.
發 issue/send out; arrow 殳 in a bow 弓. 癶 legs represent the sound.
狂 mad/violent;

"Galloping quickly and swiftly, hunting through the arable fields [,]
makes a person's heart violent [;]"
Not showing respect while near other people's property, destroying other people's work for your own benefit, and leaving destruction behind you,
makes people violent, makes people desire revenge.

Arduous to have goods [,]
make person performance obstructed [.]
妨 impede/obstruct; meaning: 女 woman; sound: 方 square; the flexible becoming solid and rigid.

"Goods that are arduous to have [,]
obstructs a person's own growth [.]"
"To desire things you don't have and are hard for you to obtain [,]
this is an impediment to your own development [.]

what is by nature correct for Sage person do/be belly no do/be eye [,]
"By it's on nature, the Sage does belly, doesn't do eye [,]"
"Naturally, The sage desires what he needs, not what is out of reach,"
"It is obvious for the sage to do according to what he feels, not according to what he sees,"

therefore depart from that and obtain this [.]
彼 that/he/othenot; meaning: 彳 walk. sound: 皮 skin; to walk outside your skin, far from reaching
取 pick/take/obtain; hand 又 grabbing an ear 耳.

"Therefore, leaves that behind to obtain this [.]"
"Therefore, don't walk far away to get that, pick this." (in reference to what is closest to you)
This could also be interpreted as two different phrases:
"Therefore leave behind that. Learn this."Therefore, leave behind the desires. Pick yourself from the ears every time you catch yourself holding to a desire.
This would resonate with later Zen teachings about "tending the ox".
I would like to include it as a small reference to end this chapter.
Quoted from this post from our friends at zen:

One day, as Hui-Tsang was working in the kitchen,
Ma-tsu asked him, "What are you doing?"
Hui-bang replied, "I am tending an ox."
The Patriarch asked, "How do you tend an ox?"
Hui-Tsang replied, "When he wants to enter the grass, I grab his nostrils and pull him away."
"You really are tending an ox!" commented Ma-tsu.
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2023.03.22 15:44 wicby more like stovepipe NF121?

i really love the feel of the fabric on these leaside stovepipes but it seems other washes have drastically different fabric. i ordered some old stovepipes on ebay and they feel nothing like stovepipe and madewell online reviews on one other wash say they feel stiff. has anyone found other washes of stovepipe that are still stretchy and soft?
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2023.03.22 15:43 WalrusWW What HomeKit Bridge to use for remote access?

I've recently switched from Android to iPhone, and would like to start adding some HomeKit devices. I've ordered the Refoss garage door kit MSG100HK to try (I have 2 doors, but the MSK200HK isn't available in Canada).
I do not have any Apple TVs or Pods. We do have 2 iPads that sit around unused.
I want to see garage door status when away from home. This means I need to set up one of the iPads as a HomeKit bridge, correct? Actually, I'm now seeing online as of iOS 16.2 I can't use an iPad? My phone is running 16.3. So I need to buy a pod?
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2023.03.22 15:43 DenimDesignsbySarah Does anyone have any new business tips/tricks?

I've been running a fairly niche business for a little over 6 months now, and haven't had a single online order, only a couple orders from friends/going to craft shows. I'm fairly active on most social media platforms, but growing has been very slow. Any and all help is appreciated!
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