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Juice WRLD

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A subreddit dedicated to the late rapper Juice WRLD (Jarad Anthony Higgins). Dec. 2nd, 1998 - Dec. 8th, 2019.

2020.07.18 07:18 no_one_asked_but NamtiddieCult

Here, we praise, love, and believe in all things n a m t i d d i e ——————————————————— To get baptized, you will need to comment under the baptism post. You will be blessed and baptized by namtiddie juice. ———————————————————Afterwards we celebrate every Thursday with a live chat, and drink only namtiddie juice on that day. ———————————————————Feel free to join ✨ ngl this sub kinda died

2020.10.26 17:59 Orion_Of_The_Galaxy NierAutomataGallery

I decided to make this community for those, who have a passion and love for the Nier series, especially NieR: Automata. A game, that completely changed my worldview, mind. A masterpiece made by the Platinum Games team, Yoko Taro and composer Keiichi Okabe, one of my favorites. Everything I've done since my days on the "nier" community is just a dedication to NieR series. I don't need members farm, karma and rewards in the "piggy bank", it won't give me anything in real life.

2023.05.30 12:01 addivo Technical IT-Coördinator/Secretary in education

2. TYPE OF CONTRACTCivil servant, Ministry of Defence
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2023.05.30 11:59 Fit-Comfortable-6031 List Of Cryptocurrencies Scams to Avoid Before Investing.

List Of Cryptocurrencies Scams to Avoid Before Investing
If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to know the scams and what not to do. In this post, I’m going to show you a list of some red flags that will help keep your money safe and sound.
List Of Cryptocurrencies Scams to Avoid Before Investing My Name is Wayne and I’ve been investing in cryptos for over 5 years now. It’s important that before we dive into the meat of this video, we understand how it can be very confusing sometimes when trying to figure out which coins are good investments or just outright scams. So let me walk through all these different points with you so that by the end of this video, you’ll have an idea of how crypto trading works without getting scammed! Investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky business.
It’s terrifying to think how many people have lost their life savings because of these scams-please don’t let it happen to you! We’ve compiled a list of the most common cryptocurrency scams so that you can avoid them before investing in anything. You should never trust a shady-looking website with a .com address, and always make sure you do your research on any coin before you put your money into it. These are just some of the things we’ll be talking about in this blog post. Hi, The Crypto Cell is an education organization that helps newcomers learn about cryptocurrency investing so they can invest and trade responsibly and safely with our expert advice on diversifying your portfolio, buying low, selling high, and avoiding scams.
  1. Fake ICOs that are set up to steal your money. You can’t always be sure that an online cryptocurrency wallet is safe. A recent study found out that there are many fake ICOs in the crypto space which will take your money and run with it! For example, hackers managed to steal about $80 million dollars from users back in 2017 through one such phishing scam — “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2017). So if you’re looking into investing some funds make sure they come recommended by reputable sources or have a strong security system like two-factor authentication enabled so this doesn’t happen again…
  2. Non-existent exchanges or wallets where you can buy cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are not yet established enough to have their own exchanges. If you want to buy some digital coins, your best bet is usually going through an existing one like Coinbase or Kraken which will allow beginners, as well as seasoned traders alike, access with the ease-of-use features that make navigating the market easier than ever before!
  3. Websites that offer fake cryptocurrency giveaways in exchange for personal information, such as a phone number and email address Websites that offer fake cryptocurrency giveaways in exchange for personal information, such as a phone number and email address are nothing new. They popped up all over social media earlier this year when more people than ever before began investing their money into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Websites promising free coins often ask users to provide sensitive data including bank account numbers which can result in identity theft if submitted without care.
  4. Stay away from any cryptocurrency that is not on a major exchange. Stay away from any cryptocurrency that does not have a major exchange such as Binance or Coinbase The safest way to invest in cryptocurrencies is by purchasing them on an established platform. These exchanges offer insurance policies and security measures so your funds are protected against hacks, bots, malware attacks, etc., which may affect other platforms like Local Bitcoins where you buy gold with bitcoin.
  5. Avoid cryptocurrencies with only whitepapers and no code. To be a successful cryptocurrency, you need to know that there are some things in this world that cannot be trusted. The first thing is the developers of your favorite coins and tokens — they might just disappear with all their money! Be sure not only do they have an idea but also code behind it so no one can steal away what belongs to yours or take advantage when something goes wrong (just ask anyone who invested in Bitcoin). So next time someone tries selling you on an Altcoin without any info available other than whitepapers, please remember this cryptocurrency scams list and make the right decision for yourself!
  6. Be careful of shady exchanges or trading platforms. There are many exchanges and trading platforms out there that can be dangerous to your coins. Make sure you only trade on established websites with transparency into their system, otherwise it might end up being a losing battle for them in the long run!
  7. Check the team behind the coin, their experience, and how transparent they are about their project. There’s no better way to invest in cryptocurrency than by checking out the team behind it. If you want a safe haven for your money that will be sure to have value 10 years from now, then coins with experienced teams are worth looking at! Cryptocurrencies are in a state of constant flux, and new scams pop up constantly. It can be difficult to know what is real and what isn’t when it comes to this emerging technology. The best thing you can do for yourself before investing is read everything you can on the subject, research every coin thoroughly, and only invest in currencies that have been around for at least one year with a solid market cap — these will likely not disappear overnight like most cryptocurrencies. If all of this sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles, let us know. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you to create a stellar SEO or marketing plan that drives sales by considering how your customers think. Which cryptocurrency has captured your interest? If you’re interested in learning more about how to invest in Bitcoin so it can be part of your diversified portfolio, then consider reading our free crypto investing eBook which will teach you everything from A to Z. You may also want to look into other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum if you’re looking for something else worth investing in outside of Bitcoin. With all this information we hope that we have helped make your decision easier when it comes down This post is going to be really cool, and you should Follow Us while it’s still free. I think you can learn a lot from our experts, and it would make me happy to have you as a part of my subscriber family. Share this with anyone you think might also enjoy it. Feel free to comment below! We can do more research on this topic with your information and send me an emoji below with the topic you’re struggling with and would like to see more content about our experts will help you with that.
Visit: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for more information.
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2023.05.30 11:59 myhamstermaster 19 [F4A] Take my thirdwheel ass on a date

Nagsasawa na ko maging thirdwheel ng friends ko. I need to go on my own date asfafw. Hmu. If we click, let's go on a date.
abt me: Small asf, petite asf, loves reading books, loves buying books way more, i love karaoke!!, doesn't have talent in singing, i def love attention.
hmu wit ur best intro!!
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2023.05.30 11:59 Protoman32x Questions About Balancing Encounters For A Persona Campaign

Long time a lurker, a first-time real poster, and a relatively new DM. I need advice about a Persona Campaign I'm running that is a mix of Persona and Insert Media Series that focuses on school life as the players/characters learn their abilities as they also learn about the world around them I.e. My Hero Academia and I was worried about encounters and how to approach them.
The main idea for combat is that all mortal characters I.e. Students, Staff, etc are locked to martial classes (Fighter, Barbarian, and so forth) with Personas being locked to more magic classes (Wizard, Sorcerer, and so forth) with both leveling up at the same time. My idea for combat is that the players can use their Personas when on assignments or missions under the Familiar Rules such as obeying commands and casting specific spells, both moving on the same initiative which I believe would force the Player to make harder choices.
My concern is how to deal with combat encounters that would make things difficult but fair for my party under this. Should I just trust CR, should I play to my party's strengths and weaknesses, or something else entirely? Any advice is needed.
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2023.05.30 11:58 harkren I'd like to request a 'do-over' on an old entry for a Pokemon Ruby cart (not mine)

I've been going over old archives and getting sample pictures for a lot of my work and practice, and found this from a couple years ago:
I know it doesn't matter anymore since it is long past and for someone else's request entirely, so please consider this more a personal curiosity to me than a request for a cart that I want to buy or own.
I will admit the pictures are bad (blurry + lighting) and really don't help with a quality-check on the print quality of the label, but nothing else actually suggests the copy is fake, at least to me. It has the battery indent, the label matches EUR releases, the PCB is a match. The gold squares referenced could easily be in there but are just obscured by the poor lighting, and the makeup of the PCB makes me think it is just that: poor pictures. I really had to squint to see TP3 for example, but I'm quite sure it is there. Maybe it should just be an "unsolved" or "more pics needed"?
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2023.05.30 11:58 Ok_Silver_4153 Real deal snap hacks I show I’m in the account you need before anything. If interested message me on telegram @therealgawd0

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2023.05.30 11:57 Alone_Order8211 random venting poems? feedback maybe?

i don't even know if these would be considered poems or not but i wrote them while in a frustrated, depressed and lonely state of mind (aka right now). any feedback on if these are actually decent or if i just sound crazy and im spitting bullshit would be appreciated (i usually do not write poetry but i have so many negative emotions atm i just needed to get it out somehow and i don't want to talk about it with people i know).
ok anyways
  1. You are a tadpole slowly eating me from the inside.
I cannot tell if my heart pumps jealous delusions for a truant frog, or if you truly are parasitic; I don't want to return to the lake of alligators.
I cannot handle any more flies forming in my arteries.
Please be the frog I've prayed so long for, the one that eats the flies in me to satisfy my veins.
  1. Even being your favorite cannot save me from competing with the teacher of seduction.
How charming.
I shall write an essay of thanks while she exists to slap my wrists repeatedly; her ruler a void I'll never understand.
Does my blood on the paper please you in ways my spit never could?
  1. Every week I invite a new man to my bed, they all remind me of you.
I love them all less each time they walk the same thin lines out the door.
Never have I hated how dying flowers wither inevitably more until now.
I want nothing more than to see you bloom across my room again, our roots locking the door behind us.
  1. When you were hurt, I prepared a bed of marigolds to comfort you in.
When I was hurt, I shriveled in my own bed alone.
You stared at me silently through the doorway.
Living to see a bush's marigolds all die the same is Mother Nature's cruelest joke.
~ Those are my poems, wrote them all in around 20 minutes. I'll give further context to specific parts if you want. I also wrote them at 4am so I might just sound completely incoherent idk what do you think?
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2023.05.30 11:55 DabKitty420 I had a horrible birth experience and the postpartum isn't any better 😥

So as the title states I had a horrible experience giving birth to my precious lil squish, and I've been having a hard time with the recovery in the week since.
1st I had to get induced a week early bc they decided pretty much last minute that I've had hypertension my whole pregnancy .....but yet they didn't diagnose this until I was 37weeks? Ok....whatever....
Then during my induction they placed a Foley balloon catheter to help dilate my cervix and the pain was excruciating! They also refused to give me the epidural until it slipped out at 6cm....which took hours! I ended up taking 3 doses of Fentanyl so I could at least sleep.
Finally, I stalled at 6cm for over 6 hours so they decided to do a c-section bc I stalled and baby had 2 low heart tones 4 hours ago.....during the c-section prep I started to get nauseous and I threw up, so they had to give me something for the nausea obviously....I had already told them I have a reaction to IV Zofran(SEVERE panic), I had discovered this early on in my pregnancy but apparently it had never been listed in my chart as an allergy 🙃. So they gave me IV Zofran, this combined with the increased epidural meds making me numb from the neck down sent me into the worst panic attack I have ever had in my entire life! I literally felt like I was in danger and needed to run away, intellectually I knew I was fine but my body kept telling me to run basically. I then lost control of my arms (probably from the panic) and they started flailing so bad they had to strap them down! I couldn't hold my baby for HOURS after until the meds wore off and I regained control of my arms (they did place him by my face for some brief snuggles after they pulled him out tho) the rest of the hospital was pretty OK and they finally put Zofran down as an allergy, but I still wish it had gone differently ofc.
And in the week since his birth I've already dealt with a bout of Mastitis, barely being able to walk bc of the c-section incision hurting so much (which is "normal" according to my docs) and the typical adjustment period of having a newborn and breastfeeding every few hours.....if you've made it this far thank you for reading my rant, any encouragement or advice is appreciated but this was mostly just a rant that I needed to get off my chest lol, hope everyone has a wonderful year and a lovely time with their little ones. Here's to hoping my 2nd week of being a mom goes a little better lol!
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2023.05.30 11:55 theharlequinprince Eczema + Psoriasis Before and After

Hi everyone, This is my first post ever on Reddit, but I just wanted to share it because I think it may help someone out here who might be in the same boat as me.
I have been dealing with a combination of psoriasis and eczema since the beginning of the year. I've had eczema before, but it was a long, long time ago (in high school days), and even then, it was never on my face.
This eczema and psoriasis attack was an absolute nightmare. It was unbearably itchy and painful, and I felt like my face was slowly rotting away as it worsened every subsequent day. There were many nights where I could not sleep at all because of the pain and itchiness. Yellow pus formed and pulsated at the really bad spots, and my skin was peeling off like a snake shedding like there was no tomorrow. It was so bad that I never took off my mask in public, hiding in corners to eat or drink because I was afraid I would scare people (which I did for those that peeked). Some days I could not help but scream in pain during class (I'm a history teacher) because it was so painful. Doctors prescribed me antibiotics and hypercortisone, but those things (from my experience) made things 100 times worse.
It took a very bad toll on my mental state, and I felt absolutely helpless. My loved ones around me felt helpless as well.
But through it all, I still had hope that I could get better. I may not be a very positive person (I try, but I'm not exactly wired that way), but I am an optimist by choice (I choose to believe that things will be better). It might not be okay now, but it WILL get better.
So I spent a lot of time researching and lurking in forums with the absolute belief that I could find a way to cure this condition once and for all. I've made a lot of trials and errors to find what works for me.
Fast forward to today, and I am mostly healed.
Here are things that I want to share that helped (and may help you too):
-Identify the stresses in your life and eliminate them. Stress can really make your auto-immune system go whack. Dealing with this made me realize that a lot of stuff that we subject ourselves to is just not worth it. Life's too short, and you have permission to cut out all of that crap if it helps you get better. You need to get better first!
-Diet: Vitamin D supplements were a game changer for me. I also took probiotics and ate a substantial amount of coconut, lemon, ginger, garlic, etc. All of these helped heal the gut.
-Be kind to yourself and your body. It may be frustrating to see your condition getting worse day by day, but understand that your body is doing its best to help you get better. It might even get worse before it gets better, but know that your body is fighting for YOU. And the best thing you can do is be kind to it and yourself!
Please feel free to ask me any questions, as I would love to help anyone who is currently dealing with this in any way I can. To whoever is facing this right now, just remember, you got this!
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2023.05.30 11:55 Justasmolpigeon My MoH hasn’t been involved in wedding planning and dress shopping at all, while my colleague/friend has been acting ‘MoH’. What should I do…?

My MoH and I have known each other for 5 years and developed a strong connection like no other, but then she moved to a different country 4 years ago. Since she moved, we have only called once and only communicate via memes, honestly. We aren’t at each other’s milestones, we forget each other’s birthdays and we haven’t seen each other in 4 years (covid, then she enrolled in the army, then I started my PhD….). She has never met my fiance, and I have never spoken with her boyfriend. We had always said we would be each other’s MoH, and when I got engaged I asked her and she was ecstatic, and also said I would have to absolutely be hers when her time comes around.
I didn’t know what it meant to be MoH when I asked her. I also didn’t/don’t have plans to have bridesmaids. However, I have since gone wedding dress shopping without my MoH, venue hunting without her, we haven’t talked one bit about the wedding since, and she hasn’t really asked. There is a 12 hour time difference and we both have busy careers, so I haven’t blamed her, and the wedding is still 1.5 years away. I have a colleague and also close friend, let’s call her Meg. Meg was more than happy to join me on my dress hunt, taking time off work to do so, and she is putting a lot of effort into knowing my fiance. She has been extremely helpful with throwing out ideas for the wedding theme and cake design, and while she understands I have a MoH and it is also just a title, she would love to help when she can.
I have gotten closer with Meg during the past 6 months, she’s such a wonderful person, and I would love for her to be more involved and stand there with me as I say my vows. She has also attended many weddings so she knows all the procedures, she is very organised (think Monica from friends), knows some of the other guests and has the same taste in everything bridal as I do. On the other hand, my MoH doesn’t like to wear dresses and I won’t have time to teach her how to bustle and fan my dress as she might be arriving the day before, and she won’t know anybody else at the wedding besides her boyfriend. I still love her very much and need her support on the day. However, I also think it would be rude to both parties to have Meg be so involved when she’s not the MoH.
I wasn’t planning on having bridesmaids and just have a low-key wedding with no bachelorette party etc, but now I might want a bridal shower, want someone who knows both me and my fiancé to give a speech and someone who can be with me each step of the way as the wedding planning evolves. With my crazy dress and wedding style choices, it will also be a hectic day, and I don’t have other friends or sisters I value enough to be as involved, and my mother isn’t interested in the wedding and have said she prefers to sit on the sidelines on the day. Would the bridesmaids be more involved than MoH at the wedding? What is the etiquette in this case?
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2023.05.30 11:55 Holiday_Adeptness_86 Nibbler was at the shelter for 7 months, and no one wanted her because she was “feisty”. As soon as I saw her, I knew she was coming home with me. Just goes to show that some shelter animals just need the right home to thrive. It’s been 9 months since I brought her home and I love her so much.

Nibbler was at the shelter for 7 months, and no one wanted her because she was “feisty”. As soon as I saw her, I knew she was coming home with me. Just goes to show that some shelter animals just need the right home to thrive. It’s been 9 months since I brought her home and I love her so much. submitted by Holiday_Adeptness_86 to u/Holiday_Adeptness_86 [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 11:54 southernBuscuit 28 [M4F] Tennessee/United States - Wanting to have my first relationship

I am a 28 year old male living in Tennessee. I have never had a real girlfriend. I am seeking a woman around her 20s that has never had a boyfriend or been in love before. I understand this requirement alone eliminates most women out there, but this is very important for me and I have good reasons.
I am a software engineer that enjoys coding. I also enjoy traveling and exploring new places. Opportunities to meet singles is very limited where I live, sadly.
I hope I can find a woman that is decently attractive and desires to love and be loved. I desire to be married one day and have a family of my own. I enjoy quality time. I am mostly introverted, but I have a desire to interact with others.
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2023.05.30 11:54 patrickpequito Best buddy buff

Recently Eurogamer published an article about the Remote Raid nerf and the new Shadow Raid mechanics. In that article, they were quoting Steranka and he said this:
"There's an inherent coolness factor some people might associate with the Shadow effects and whatnot, but in the games' lore, Shadow Pokemon are suffering and in pain and so we want players to Purify them and save them from that," Steranka states. "We've tried to add some incentives around the Purification process - you get access to an incredibly powerful move in Return as opposed to Frustration, which is a very weak move, but yes, especially in PVP, you make a trade-off in terms of damage output versus damage received because you get a damage modifier there for being Shadow boosted. We want to put those decisions in players' hands and if you're the type of player that is okay with your Pokémon suffering a little bit to get a little bit more power, then that's your choice to make. I do know there are a lot of players who, because of that, refuse to keep any Shadow Pokémon and will purify everything that they catch."
This kept me thinking that Shadow Pokémon will always be the go-to choice and never purify a good Pokémon, even with "those" incentives. This being said, a shadow mon will always be stronger, no matter how much you train your Pokémon, the suffering one will beat him. The difference is so big that a 0/0/0 shadow is stronger than a 15/15/15 normal.
However, the game, the lore and tv show is all about building bonds and friendship with your Pokémons, and we already have a Best Buddy system that buff the CP of the Pokémon by adding one level. But what if a Best Buddy could be as strong as a Shadow Pokémon? Supposedly your Best Buddies have gone a lot with you, they've earned heart battling, walking on your side, you treated them with berries and you have showed your love by playing with them. Shouldn't this make the Pokémon stronger than the one that's suffering inside? What if the Best Buddies get the same buff that a Shadow Pokémon has?
This would also help people who couldn't get a group of people to catch a Shadow Mewtwo and loose their chance to have one of the strongest Pokémon, but rather they can put the effort on training their normal Mewtwo to be as strong or stronger than the Shadow version.
In this idea/suggestion I would exclude Shadow Pokémon to have the additional Best Buddy buff as they are suffering and can't feel a real connection with the trainer.
What do you guys think?

TL;DR: Make Best Buddies as strong as Shadow Pokémon and don't allow Shadow mons to be Best Buddies.
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2023.05.30 11:54 FlatAbz Ideal equipment for iron series- adjustable dumbbells

Hey there, just wanted to share my experience with the Iron Series. I've been at it for two weeks now, following five of her killer videos. Let me tell you, it's been an adrenaline rush! What's awesome is that each video hammers a different muscle group, keeping things fresh and leaving me less wiped out in one session.
Now, here's the game-changer: adjustable dumbbells. I got them from Ativafit, and these bad boys have revolutionized my Iron Series grind. With a dial on one side, I can change weights faster than a speeding bullet, no need to pause the video or waste precious time. It's smooth, efficient, and lets me power through the workout like a boss.
With limited exercise space, owning a bunch of fixed-weight dumbbells ain't practical. That's why I'm all about these adjustable beasts. They take up minimal room and give me a wide range of weights, adapting perfectly to Caroline's exercises.
If you're diving into the Iron Series or any other program demanding quick weight switches, get yourself some adjustable dumbbells like Ativafit. They're the real deal for limited space and serious gains.
Keep slaying, stay motivated, and embrace that iron life!
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2023.05.30 11:54 daddy6162 Situation

After a very eventful weekend my wife and I had a conversation about me having “sex” with someone else and her having “sex” with someone else as a way to bring “spice” back into our sex life. She hasn’t done anything yet or looked but she wanted to know what I felt. She has said that she needs the butterflies back like we had when we were first together. At first I was like where is this coming from and at first I was a little apprehensive but as I think more about it I have more a growth mindset how could we navigate this? Is this something that I could handle? As I stated before I think the problem with us is not just sex but that we are not 100% connected and in tune and I think that is both of our faults. We love each other but have not prioritized our marriage for a while. With 2 kids , work, practice, stress and all the other things that life comes with it gets hard to take that time to get strong. I think that for anything like this to work that you have to be honest and forthcoming as to what the best and worst case scenarios are and how we deal with it together. I am a jealous to a point. Knowing how sensual and sexy my wife is and the things that she does sexually scares me because I know that she could easily have someone fall for her. These are questions that I have. What if the other person is sexually better than me? What if she likes his sex better than mine and doesn’t want to have sex with me anymore and only the person she is seeing because it is new and fresh? How does this work for our family and kids? What if someone finds out? What if she has a strong connection to her new partner? What level of intimacy is given? Is it just sex? Or is it a connection. Part of me thinks it’s unfair that in a marriage where there has to be work done on both ends to make sure it’s strong how can other people help the situation? Will my wife get more sex than I would? Her needs are being met but what does that do for me? I don’t have to time or access to meet someone and get them to just have sex with me where as her being a woman it’s a lot easier. Will we get divorced over this. Could you only do this one time and that’s it? I could have sex with someone else and that’s it. Can you only do it 1-2 times or is this a weekly thing? Monthly thing? Where does this leave us to connect? Is this totally off the table for me… no because we have our desires, but at what cost to us? I proposed us swinging but she would not be into that. I think it gives us the best chance because we are doing this together with people who feel the same way and prioritize their marriage first and also no 1:1 time when feelings and intimacy can develop. We can check on each other to make sure this is for us. My wife thinks I’m spiraling and my mind is racing but this is something new and I’m intrigued by it.
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2023.05.30 11:53 Nice_Lecture_8066 Trail runners for hiking?

In the past few years I've taken to using trail runners for most of my hiking and keeping my Sportiva Trangos only for the most technical/hardcore conditions.
My Nike Pegasus trail shoes have recently given up the ghost, and I'm looking for a replacement that has more protection in the midsole and better grip (particularly on rocky terrain/scree), but is still reasonably fast and light (although doesn't need to be featherweight). I'd like it to perform well as a travel shoe for outdoorsy holidays, so ideally it would be a good road-to-trail option.
I've been agonising over the various options for a few days:
Salomon Ultra Glide - this seems to be in the right niche, but I've read the outsole and midsole start failing at around 50 miles
Speedcross 6 - loved the on foot feel, but not a good road-to-trail option because of the lugs? Also designed mainly for soft/mud, which I don't encounter too often.
Sportiva Akyra/Raptor - all good except for the comments I've seen about the softness of the rubber compound, which potentially makes them unsuitable for road-to-trail?
Salomon XA 3d pro V8 - these are probably the leading contender at the moment. My only concern is whether they are light and fast enough. Grateful if people could share experience of on foot feel.
Appreciate I'm probably expecting too much from one shoe, but a steer from you guys would be great!
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2023.05.30 11:53 BurkeyDaTurkey Can I play this game "only freight" or "only express", or do I have to mix?

Per the question, I've previously mostly played TTD (well OpenTTD recent years) and in that game I mostly only ever move freight around, as passengers and mail pay crap (unless exploiting aircrafts but I love just train routes), however RE2 seems to pay wayy more for passengers.... but after starting RE2 it seems the onus is on me (and competitors ofc) to get goods from rural industries to grow the city to increase passengemail numbers?
And then as the City grows, I then need to connect the next required industry and on and on to keep growing the city to keep growing my passenger numbers?
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2023.05.30 11:52 dusk519 How can I learn better character building and improve my knowledge on how the game works?

I have played 3 runs of Kingmaker and currently on my first run on WOTR. I kind of have a lot of anxiety around building characters because I don't actually play pathfindednd at all. I generally follow guides to build allies, while I attempt to build my MC by myself but they always seem a bit weak.
I'd love to dig deeper into how to build strong characters to maybe try higher difficulty runs. Is there any good resources to learn character building better? Some things I have learnt (like mages need ranged feat to shoot spells into melee) but some stuff I am clueless. The game said teamwork feats are powerful but I never know when or where to take them and on who.
Sorry for the kind of open ended question. If anyone has any resources for me that would be great thanks!
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2023.05.30 11:52 LewdMishap This might be my last week.

Whoever is reading this, you’re probably able to because I’m either already dead or that I gotta do something that might not end well. So, if any of these cases have occurred, I’d want to be fully outspoken and unfortified with who I am. Usually, I’d write a poem or song but this way guarantees that it won’t be up to interpretation. Plus, I’m definitely no William Blake or even Tupac at that lol.
Anyways…I’m the exact definition of a “very flawed individual”. My psyche is riddled with insecurities and fears. Regarding my body (even though they’ve improved), intelligence, my perception of the world and my place in it. I analyze myself WAY too much due to a fleeting self-confidence. As if my sense awareness is constantly evolving into a new species of neurosis. All of it stemming from childhood torment and a fear of being weak, hated or feared. So I feint a persona that I can barely call mine. The surface is taciturn, unbothered and austere. While I’m slowly corroding from the inside. Everyday I fight against my own decomposition to ensure that nobody sees what’s underneath. Having to constantly check myself. The last time that I didn’t, I ruined some great relationships. I promised myself that I’d die first before I became that man-child again.
Furthermore, I was and proceed to be the kid that you all know but never knew too much about. The one who would never have an issue with you, unless you have one with them. He’d talk to everyone but could never find the words to dig deeper into who you goals are. So he’d fraudulently say that has full disdain for the human race. Even though he would LOVE to just get to know you more and see what makes you unique or interesting! He’s just shy, introverted and socially anxious. Only betting on his sense of humor to survive. So some aspects of socialization are harder than most. There’s no charismatic bone in his body. Which is likely the reason why he’s never had an official GF before. He’s a fucking coward! He desires to show you the complete him. However if he did, an astute and good-natured person would qualify him as “too much trouble”. “Being yourself” doesn’t work! If it did, then nobody would be asking for support to improve. I can’t seem to describe his own personality! So many people see me as a bland and not worth their time. My sense of humor is the only personality trait that I can barely display properly.
However, my biggest fear isn’t even being alone…t’s being forgotten. Like I initially said, I’ve always felt as if nobody truly knows who I am. So, I rarely feel a sense of belonging around others. Which fuels all of my passions to a varying degree. I’ve been involved in many activities; such as powerlifting, martial arts, videography, music, football, poetry, acting, cooking, basketball manga/comics and writing. Although, I don’t want to just be good, I want to be great! Everywhere I go, I hear about how men are only valuable if they can leave an impact on their environment. That’s why I strive to be spread as much kindness as I can. It makes me feel a bit better about myself. It’s either that or I go beat something up. Those are the only things that make me feel alive. Circling back to having no personality; I’m a nice and funny loser. Now, doesn’t that sound like an incomplete character?? I may not require a “thank you” or an “IOU” but it feels good to receive one spontaneously. I understand what it’s like to feel lonely, unworthy and mediocre. However, I’m the one meant to be stuck in a self-destructive cycle, not you. Yes, my kindness is selfish but I did say that I was going to speak openly. You all have a gorgeous life ahead of you, while I’m meant to be a stepping stone. Just…just make sure that you remember the print that you left on me.
Recently, it’s like every minute of work that I put in just fucks it up even more. So all that I do is beat myself up for what I could’ve done differently. To think that I’m worthy of achieving great things. Ridiculous!! I REALLY thought that I was…a badass! That I had discipline, ambition, work-ethic and bravery. Maybe, I’m more deluded than I thought. I’ll be 23 next month and I’ve already fucked up my future. For instance, I worked my ass off with returning back to uni and found out that I can’t receive financial aid due to my advisor quitting. If I can’t get the where I want to be, my way…I’d rather cut my loses than fight a losing battle. Which sucks because I’m surrounded by other ambitious and hard working people. Who I bet my savings are going to be successful in all that they do. I’m not exactly envious but more dejected. Am I just that guy in the group that’s never gonna have his glow up?? I’ve tried therapy and counseling, nothing seems to work.
However, I will give myself some credit. You may call me weak and unhinged, but disloyal…that’s where I draw my line. The one thing that I pride myself on. If I say that I have your back…I FUCKING MEAN IT! I’ll go on a mission and start a war to help you out as much as I can. This even goes towards random strangers. However, how much can I genuinely change?? Trust and actually building a relationship is more important. Plus, nobody needs my help anyway. Which should be a good thing but...idk.
Anyways, this is too long already. You probably already have clocked out and stopped reading after the first paragraph. To put it simply, I’m not meant to live a long life. Save some resources for the next generation. (I’ll be printing copies out on Friday)
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2023.05.30 11:52 AdWise7029 PATREON all bard matchups played by rank 1 euw

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2023.05.30 11:52 AndreiWarg Terrible recruit rolls

Fell in love with the game, finally got over the first threshold.
Played the game a while, then swapped over to Legends. Now, my first fairly alright company (went to day 60) was done without dynamic perks. I want to start a new run to play with Dynamic perks in order to experience all the new possibilities in the perk tree.
However, since then, all the recruits I get are just garbage. I literally always see recruits that have either hybrid stars or no stars in mdef/matk/ini. By this point, just out of curiosity, I start on a random seed, run through like towns and am happy if I can pick up one average mdef dude and a mid bannerman.
Am I playing it wrong, unlucky or is there something else going on with legends? I'd like a couple brothers with a starter in matk/mdef, but they feel rarer to find then anything else. Don't need hedge knights, just a couple alright dudes with shields.
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2023.05.30 11:52 Impressive_Rest2963 God is saving me from lust!

Sorry all, this is basically a journal entry, but I thought that it might be inspirational for people here as I've seen topics about this and I think my perspective, while not unique, is rarely typed out.
God is currently saving me from lust, and it's crazy to look back and reflect on how this is a miracle of my life.
During college, while I definitely believed in our God, I kind of didn't believe he was good. This showed up in me often being very distrustful of the "rules" of religion -- how could he know what I would enjoy? Can't I just enjoy life early, and then follow his rules later?
Porn got me young. I've been using the internet for almost as long as I can remember, and the moment I became attracted to girls, I pretty much started seeking out this stuff to "rub one out." At this time, I started becoming interested in people but definitely didn't have success with girls, which caused a vicious cycle of feeling unfulfilled and seeking out masturbating & porn.
This habit continued through college and made it hard for me to imagine actually loving and being with a woman. I started drinking a ton and partying in college, which led to hookups that felt awful both at the time and now looking back on it. This culminated in me hooking up with someone that was a nonbeliever, and since I was so far away from where Jesus wanted me, I actually dated her for a couple of years.
She was a really loving person and treated me well, but I had this nagging feeling that things wouldn't work out because she wasn't Christian. I played myself through mental gymnastics daily on how I would resolve this issue. I even asked her to read through the Gospel of John with me, which she did! Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I'd be ok with marrying a nonbeliever and I'd just keep my Christianity to myself.
God bless, but she ended up dumping me. I had no idea at the time, but this was the first instance of God shutting doors that I didn't have the power to not walk through. I was now a new-grad, single, and really sad. I got back into crazy partying and hooking up with different people. I was also so much better at it -- it turns out, most people in the scene don't really have a long-term relationship under their belt. I was much more confident too, as I had a great job, and kind of proved to myself that people were attracted to me. I'd say what girls wanted to hear, sleep with them, and move onto the next.
God started whispering to me, metaphorically. Or not, not really sure how to explain it. One thought that came up was "yo I'm now single, I could actually figure my stuff out and date a Christian." Also, I started noticing how much damage I was wreaking on the people I hooked up with. Not just the people themselves, but the social fallout. The rumors, the people that weren't friends anymore. The last straw for me was that a girl ended up cheating on her boyfriend with me.
At that point, I realized that I had to change my life. I actually do care about these girls and the damage I'm doing. I started a no hookup rule which I've managed to follow for the last year!
At first, I totally didn't want to follow the rule. I started a prayer like "God please close this door for me, as I know I'm going to open it regardless." This would be for like people that I saw on-and-off and usually could have pulled. Either I somehow became dramatically less attractive, or God actually just slammed these doors shut. People started to flake on me, or girls moved away. I then started to internalize this, and realized that the rule started to give me life.
God kept coming after me. Porn started to lose its luster. I still slip up like maybe every couple of months, but it no longer had a hold on my heart. I started to long for ideas, love. Real intimacy.
God's still going at me for the lust in my heart. I totally still have a masturbation problem and can only work on it with God's help. But now I know that it's wrong, and that me viewing other girls around me in a lustful way is reducing them so much. And it will eventually ruin my relationship with them.
I'm still single and looking, but I've realized that I just have to hope that God will provide. And also, that hole in my heart was really a God-shaped hole. And the more I learn about him and seek him out, the more he heals me.
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