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2023.03.22 17:15 bad_jake Going to first locals next month

So I wanted to jump into Yu-Gi-Oh again after dipping out sometime near the start of the Synchro era. I've loosely kept up rules and mechanics from watching YouTube videos of content creators I like, playing the game, playing some Duel Links, etc. I understand the new summoning mechanics but really the combos are where I get lost. After doing some research I found that SwordSoul seemed to be a good jumping off point since I love Synchro Summons and the artwork was really cool. So I got the deck and my extra deck ordered. I am anxious about going and just being clueless with a lot of the newer decks and how general game tempo goes. Any advice is appreciated like: What do I need to do to prepare? What's the best way to practice and do I need to carry a side deck with me to locals? How to not be totally helpless when a game starts? etc.
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2023.03.22 17:15 WheelMoney1765 How to get more mentally tough

I am a male 18 year old on my second year of doing track, yesterday was the first race of the year and although it was pretty windy, I got a 5:08 on my 1500m which although not bad compared to my last pr of 5:39 last year, I feel like I could've done better during my first lap, since for the first lap I was aiming for a 1:14 split but maybe out of fear of being to close to the people in front or just going out to quickly, I stayed behind and for a bit and had to pass through most of the people in my team I usually pass in practice, but in my honest opinion I feel like I could've gotten near a friend im on the level with who got 5:01 if I instead sticked with him during the first lap instead of going slow, but after explaining it a bit on to my coach he told me it was more of a mental thing I should work on rather than physical, any help lads?
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2023.03.22 17:14 theyreSamesungnow2 Received a Summons because the 2 year statute of limitations is almost up for my car accident. USAA says I don't need a separate attorney. Should I trust them?

As the title said, I was in a car accident almost 2 years ago and the injured party has yet to provide all the medical information needed to settle the claim to USAA. USAA called me a little while ago and warned that I might be sued as a tactic to extend that deadline. However, they assured me that my USAA policy covers legal representation and that I do not need my own council. They also assured me that the odds of the medical claim exceeding my maximum for this policy is near zero.
Is there any reason I should get my own attorney anyway? I'd rather not deal with the hassle and expense if there's no significant reason I should have to. Could this go south in ways I'm not thinking of?
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2023.03.22 17:14 SingleMomof4our Won smoking, gas and miles dispute. Does Turo take the money back from the renter?

I rented a car on Turo, returned it and then got charged a smoking fee.
They submitted a photo of a lighter. They said, was on the chair and a crumpled up box of cigarettes they said was in the cupholder.
I took videos of the whole car, and after that I recorded me, handing the keys to the individual all in one video.
I sent a video in and they said they were reviewing it will take 48 hours. For super pissed sent a cease-and-desist text and message to the owner.
Event submitted a gas receipt for not filling up the tank and over mileage photo that says I went over by 8 miles
Call has nothing to do with my question. I’m sure some of you wanna know the story.
I picked up the car at the airport at nine after sunset. Their text messages saying that he hast to have the car driven over from the parking lot after dark souls, and submitted a picture of the mileage water still very bright out.
I told Turo that that can’t be the mileage they sent it in because it was bright out and they drove it over from the parking lot which took about 20 minutes at night. I submitted my photo of the mileage when I first got it.
Same with the gas he submitted a gas receipt dated two days later at a gas station 25 miles away. I told Toro I’m not responsible for the mileage or the gas from the drop off location to wherever they gone. I also told him it was impossible for them to give it to me with a full tank because the closest gas station to the drop off location was about 12 miles. I also stated I did not see him when he dropped it off. It was no gas can present.
Toro agreed with me, refunded me the fees .
Is Turo eat the cost or did they take the feedback from the renter?
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2023.03.22 17:14 ATGWBillionaire Cors Policy

I need help to fix this issue on my website, can anyone help?
(domain) has been blocked by CORS policy: The value of the 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header in the response must not be the wildcard '*' when the request's credentials mode is 'include'. The credentials mode of requests initiated by the XMLHttpRequest is controlled by the withCredentials attribute.
How can I fix this?
I think a month or so ago maybe a WordPress plugin done something to the server files.
I have tried to edit the htaccess file but still no luck
I need help to locate the issue and the cause and then I can fix it
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2023.03.22 17:14 setzerg2007 Evil pun before Marine Ford

So my wife started watching One Piece about a year ago, and last weekend she finished the Impel Down section and knowing a little bit ahead due to years old memes I knew what was coming, and she's been mostly spoiler free for the experience. When we were talking about what had happened between boarding the boat, and they're on their way to Marine Ford she said she was worried about Ace, and I said "I whole heartedly believe Luffy will make it in time." She thought something was up from the phrase, but thought I was just being weird. Fast forward to Monday night we're watching the fights, Luffy trips, I know what's coming, she does not and is just stunned and upset that I didn't warn her, I tell her I did warn her the other day, remind her of what I said and her jaw nearly hit the floor from the realization... She was not pleased 🤣
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2023.03.22 17:14 mamabeatnik Converting 10 bbl recipes to 3 bbl

Quick question for the brew crew -
I'm in the middle of needing to convert 10 bbl grain bills/recipes to 3 bbl, & I was curious if anyone knew of any helpful conversion sites or charts they can share so I can make sure the conversions are as accurate as possible.
It's kind of a long story but the first system/brewery I brewed for was this exact 3 bbl system, so I have the original brew sheets from years ago. Then when the brewery had to move to a new location they needed to outsource their brewing & all the recipes were converted from basically big homebrew to 10 bbl. The contract brewer tweaked all of the recipes to make them better, but now I have new and improved 10 bbl recipes that need to be converted back to 3 bbl & dividing everything by 10 then multiplying by 3 seems a sketchy way to go. I also worked for the 10 bbl brewery brewing these same updated, magnified recipes, but I started there after my boss had already converted them, & i don't work at the contract place anymore.
It's been a lil bit since i've been the guy in charge lol in terms of brewing so i'm outta the loop on any sites or info about this. I remember a system we used at the OG 3 bbl place to create all of these recipes, but they were just mostly ok & I can't remember the name.
Thanks everyone!
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2023.03.22 17:14 PersonalTranslator28 Looking for Game Recommendations

Hey everyone! I’ve owned the Series X since a few months after it debuted but I’m struggling to find any games I can really sink my teeth into. I’m mostly into story driven games and RPG’s, wondering if anybody has any decent recommendations or knows of anything coming in the near future?
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2023.03.22 17:14 Advanced_Tomatillo17 Should I tell my gf she ruined video games for me?

I(24m) was playing madden online. I always smoke weed when I play video games so even when I lose I don’t really care too much. I only get upset when the game does something it’s not supposed to (glitching, impossible plays). Well I got picked off a couple times and the time first I just said “damn” because I knew it was my fault. My gf (22) commented something like “damn, that was crazy”. I ignored it. The second time I was picked I got angry because it was the games fault. So I shouted “WTF” to which she replied “what do you expect, you threw it in double coverage” (which I did. But I threw a lob pass and the game threw a bullet, if it had thrown the lob the worst that could’ve happened was it getting swatted down). This upset me but not that much so I didn’t say anything. The next day I start playing madden again and I noticed that every time I mess up I look at her to see if she saw it or wait to see if she’ll comment. I’m now anxious to play video games around her. I could literally feel my heart pounding in my chest over a game that meant less than nothing to me. I think this is because when I was a kid my dad commented on everything I did. EVERYTHING. And me and him definitely have the same love for video games. So whenever I would play games near him he would either comment, ridicule me, or try to show me how to play “better”. Once I realized that she made me this anxious I just turned the game off and went to bed. I know that if I tell her she’ll feel bad, apologize, and she won’t do it anymore. I also know it isn’t gonna change how I feel in the slightest. I’ll still be just as anxious. So I feel like there’s no point in telling her.
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2023.03.22 17:14 Acceptable_Ad_1444 Every day I will implement the suggestion I like the most in the comments. Otherwise I do it myself. Day 760

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2023.03.22 17:13 reverend_alex Not having fun any more

I swear it's like the game is specifically matching me to players and locations that exploit the weaknesses of whatever deck I run. I see the same locations multiple times in a row with certain decks, then never again if I switch to something that those locations wouldn't ruin.
I don't have any series 5 cards so I can't run the top decks (and don't really want to) but am frequently being matched to Galactus and the ubiquitous Shuri decks at level 61. This is the highest I've ever gotten, BTW.
I'm not asking for advice because yes I know, 'get gud' and special thanks to all the contrarians in this sub who are always like 'lol it's easy to counter the demonstrably, factually most successful decks in the game: just fill your deck with counter cards for every possible situation, make sure you always/never have priority, learn every possible combo that might indicate what they might play, have the cards drawn and also guess where they might play them or retreat (which at this point I'd have to retreat on turn 2 whenever anyone snapped, great strategy)'.
It's not even the dominant decks that bother me; I can take dipping out to a Shuri every now and then. It's that I seem to be constantly going up against psychic geniuses who are running decks full of random cards but then when it's over I've lost again and am left wondering 'how the f*ck did that happen?'
I have no idea what's changed but this has gone from a fun game I enjoyed no matter the outcome to just getting an absolute kicking every time I play. Is it just me or are others finding the same thing? Have I just reached/exceeded my skill level or is it something else?
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2023.03.22 17:13 ya_girl_ariel Seeking pediatrician recommendations

Like the title says, looking for a new pediatrician for my 1 year old. Current pediatrician is with COPC, not interested in staying with them at all. Location/distance is not an issue, we don’t mind traveling, as long as they’re in Columbus or it’s suburbs. Looking for someone a little more thorough, it really feels like we get brushed over with every appointment we take our child to. MyChart would be a plus.
Thanks for anything you can offer!
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2023.03.22 17:13 SiggyJones New to growing grapes..

Quick question… bought two grape vines yesterday. Concord and Canadice. 2 years old. My first date isn’t for another month, located in south Jersey. My question is, do I just keep them in the little bag that the root ball is in and keep by my grow lights down stairs or do I pot them and wait till last week of frost? Will potting them and then transplanting a couple weeks later be too much for them? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!!
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2023.03.22 17:13 Arbitrarily_Fluffy Headrushes whenever I stand up

Age - 36
Sex/Gender - Female (AFAB)
Height and weight - 163cm / 60kg
Race/Ethnicity - white
Geographic location (eg. Canada) - UK
Pre-existing medical issues (if any) - None
Current medications (if any) - nothing besides birth control (desogestrel), I also take vitamin supplements (B12, D and iron)
Duration of complaint (how long has this been happening) - 6 months or so
Symptoms (be specific) So I am considering booking an appointment with a GP because every time I stand up after sitting or lying down, I get severe head rushes to the point where it's actually kind of painful and feels like my head is going to pop! Sometimes I lose balance as a result, but I've never passed out. I suspect it might be orthostatic hypotension but there's no obvious reason why I'd have this. I've never had any health problems, although I did used to drink alcohol regularly (I no longer drink at all). I also lost around 30kg over the course of the last year and a half, which is when these head rushes began happening.. I was hoping it was just temporary as my body adjusted to my new weight, but I've been maintaining at 60kg for the last few months and it's just not going away. On every doctors' appointment visit I've had they've always said my blood pressure was fine, even when I was obese. On the most recent checkup they said it was on the low end of normal, but not too low. Unfortunately I don't have actual figures, I've never really understood them admittedly.
So is it something I should be concerned about? I know it's just Reddit strangers but I have no idea how common this is or if it's worth seeking medical advice for. Not the sort of thing I usually do but any input would be appreciated!
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2023.03.22 17:13 ReasonableAdvisor_ Somebody suggested I have hard flaccid on a post I made on another subreddit so wanted to share a cream that has massively improved my situation

TLDR; dropped laptop on penis while masturbating maybe a month and a half ago. have had pain at the top/base of my penis and a swollen vein (the main vein that runs along the top) since.
Finally after almost 2 months I think I have found a solution (fingers crossed) that has done wonders for me for the past 3 days. I assumed I had penile mondor's disease and found that one of the treatments for it is Heparin cream.
I ordered this and have been applying it to the top/base of my penis and along the main vein twice a day for 3 days so far and my pain has significantly decreased and the vein is nowhere near as swollen as before (might even be normal now). So I'm hopeful now that this issue is on it's way out.
I don't know if i have hard flaccid or if this will be of any help to anyone but thought I'd share. For the record I do think I have mondor's disease and the cream is fighting against the clot.
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2023.03.22 17:12 Theclaaw Countdown to Kickoff 2023: Portland Thorns FC

Countdown to Kickoff 2023: Portland Thorns FC

🌹🌹🌹 LET'S GET THORNY!! 🌹🌹🌹
You can check out the the original post with links to all other write ups for this year here.
Head Coach: Mike Norris
Formerly an assistant coach for the Thorns, Mike Norris took over the team in January of this year following the resignation of last year’s head coach, Rhian Wilkinson who stepped down after only one season. Her resignation came after a joint investigation by the NWSL & NWSLPA regarding a relationship developing with a current player on the team. While the investigation found Wilkinson did not violate league policies, Wilkinson left the team after player urging, regarding the broken trust between the players and Wilkinson, the legitimacy of the reporting/investigation process of the team/league, and potential retaliation amongst other issues.
Norris joined PTFC in 2022 as an assistant head coach under Wilkinson. Most recently, Norris was the goalkeepers coach for the current Olympic champions, the Canadian Women’s National Team, but Norris’s assistant coaching background in women’s soccer is extensive. After starting his coaching career in youth soccer, he quickly moved up through Canadian youth’s national system up to the senior team over the span of 8 years. Most importantly, Norris was hired with the backing of the current players. Expectations are high for Norris. The Thorns are coming off their third championship season with sights set on a repeat performance.
Technical Director: Karina LeBlanc - General Manager
Karina LeBlanc took over the role of General Manager in November of 2021 following a 3 year stint as CONCACAF’s Head of Women’s Soccer. The newly dedicated role in the Thorns' organization came after a separation between the Thorns management from their brother club Portland Timbers FC stemming from the fall out of the 2021 abuse scandal of the league. LeBlanc, a Canadian national team Hall of Famer, was immediately thrown into the mix, managing to make a splash with her first two trades within her first month, securing a substantial amount of allocation money and expansion draft protection. Unfortunately, LeBlanc stumbled a bit in her first NWSL draft, using her first pick on a player that was never signed by the club (due to transphobic/anti-LGBTQ+ social media posts). In just over a year, LeBlanc appears to be a breath of fresh air in the recent tumultuous years of the club. Just like head coach Mike Norris, there are high expectations for LeBlanc (honestly though, not protecting a known abuser would instantly shoot LeBlanc up to the best GM in Thorns history).
Captain: Chrstine Sinclair
Synonymous with Portland women’s soccer and needing no introduction, the Canadian GOAT Christine Sinclair has been the Thorn’s captain since the start of the league in 2013. While several players have worn the armband in Sinc’s absence, the captaincy is Sinc’s and truly Sinc’s alone.
Stadium: Providence Park, Soccer City, USA
Arguably one of the most iconic professional soccer stadiums in the US, Providence Park has played host to the Thorns since they joined the league in 2013. Located in the Goose Hollow neighborhood in Southwest Portland, the recently renovated stadium is home to both PTFC teams and can host over 25,000 fans.
Ownership: To Be Determined
I am not going to waste time talking about the Thorns' current owner; in no way does he deserve any more publicity and in mine, and I’m sure many others’ opinion, should not be allowed to own a club in the league. Thankfully, in December of 2022, it was announced the Thorns would be up for sale. While this could potentially hinder both the Thorns & Timbers’ mantra of “Two Teams, One Club”, the future is bright for the Thorns. Right after the announcement of the sale, it was reported that an all-women investment group led by Nike executive Melanie Strong was looking to submit a bid with a valuation of $60 million.
Mascot: N/A
While there is no mascot for the club, the prominence of roses can be seen throughout the club, including on merch, within the supporters section, and even awarded to players after home matches.
Kits: We’ve Got Some Mixed Opinions
The Thorns have had some really great kits in past years. However, the kits unveiled in 2022 really missed the mark. One comment pointed out that the 2022 kits looked as if someone took the 2021 kits and remade them in MS Paint. Switching to black kits the previous year, Portland’s primary kits kept with the theme of a black base with the inclusion of red vines/thorns. A nice little easter egg, the acronym dear to the PTFC supporters, BAON, is included within the neck tag (a feature added to the kits starting in 2020).
The secondary kits didn’t fare much better. The club kept with the primary colors of white and red, but other than that, not much else can be said about them.
2023 brings about a fun new kit for our Ed Hardy fans out there (at least we can say they didn’t play it safe???). The Thorns wanted to go bold and that they did. With an updated logo on the shorts, they definitely stand out.
Supporters Groups: The Rose City Riveters
Housed in the North End of Providence Park, the Rose City Riveters are a wild bunch of supporters. You can check out their Instagram or Twitter. The group provides plenty of volunteer opportunities, charity drives, and are never shy in supporting what they believe in. The Riveters are loud and proud (NSFW - language), creating one of the best sporting environments in the league. Very biased, but they also create some of the best TIFOs and banners; since I love a good TIFO/banner, here are few of my recent favorites:
Subreddit: /Thorns
The Thorns subreddit is probably above average in activity compared to other clubs. You’ll get the biggest news, fun social media posts, and the occasional hyped upvote party (we like excitement). Drop by to show your support!
News and Commentary: Stumptown Footy & Riveting!
Stumptown Footy & Riveting! are the two publications that you will constantly find Thorns-centric coverage & commentary. While STF is currently going through the SB Nation cuts of all soccer coverage, they still plan on continuing coverage of soccer in Portland. Both are great for not just coverage, but opinions on the Thorns & the league.
Key Twitter Follows for Team Insights:
Thorns FC
Ryan Clarke - Beat writer for The Oregonian
Paul Danzer - Sports writer for The Portland Tribune
Stumptown Footy
Phuoc "Francis" Nguyen
Rose City Review
Mike Donovan
Chris Rifer
Anne M. Peterson - Portland based AP writer
Meg Linehan - The Athletic (it’s not a true list without Meg)
Craig Mitchelldyer - Great PTFC photos!
DanteysArt - Not Twitter (though they do have one), but great game day pics!
2023 Season/Home Opener: Sunday, March 26th, Orlando Pride @ Providence Park
Full 2023 Schedule
  • NWSL Championship: 2013, 2017, 2022
  • NWSL Shield: Supporters’ Shield: 2016, 2021
  • NWSL Challenge Cup: 2021
Also including the 2020 NWSL Community Shield for the Fall Series after the Chaos Cup.
2022 Season Review
Three Stars!!! ⭐⭐⭐
The Portland Thorns were your 2022 NWSL League Champions! As any other season in Portland, the Thorns came in with high expectations following their Shield win in 2021, but their upset loss in the semi-finals to Chicago. Portland went into the pre-season Challenge cup in the West Division finishing 3-1-2, but missed out on advancing to the knockout stage to defend their Challenge Cup championship. The Thorns started off the regular season a little sluggish, going 1-3-1 in their first five games, falling all the way to 7th in the standings. Thankfully, they quickly hit their stride, going on a 10 game unbeaten streak. Following back to back thrashings from NCC & SD, the Thorns went on to not drop a match for the rest of the season. They ended the season with a record of 10-9-3 and a goal differential of +25! The race for the shield at the end of the season was wild, with Portland being in control of their own destiny, but couldn’t get it done, ultimately falling short by 1 point to OL Reign.
Focusing on the on-field storylines, there is one name that was the star of the show: Sophia Smith. Coming into her 3rd season in the league, Smith took off (for club and country)! Racking up 14 goals with 3 assists which lead to 3 Player of the Week nominations (1 win), a Player of the Month award, 2nd in the race for the Golden Boot, NWSL Championship Game MVP, and ultimately being crowned the 2022 NWSL MVP. Nothing could stop Sophia Smith last season and hopefully this is just the beginning for her.
Smith was not the only Thorns player to really step it up this year. Continuing on with the nickname of Goalkeeper FC (shout out the magical Thorns GKer coach Nadine Angerer), starting goalkeeper Bella Bixby tied for the most clean sheets in the league with 9 (10 if you include the playoffs). Rookie Sam Coffey made an immediate impact in the midfield, switching to a DM position and being an anchor our midfield needed. The Thorns also had 1 iron woman in 2022, defender Kelli Hubly who really solidified her starting role going forward (over an injured Emily Menges). Last, but not least, one of the biggest stories of the season: the return of Crystal Dunn! After giving birth to her very adorable son Marcel in May, Dunn returned to the pitch less than 4 months later. And who could forget Dunn’s game winner to send Portland to the championship?
Players Out
  • Lindsey Horan, MF - For now, Horan is still out on loan to Lyon through the summer of 2023
  • Marissa Everett, F - Retired (to pursue a career in nursing)
  • Abby Smith, GK - Free agency (signed to Gotham)
  • Yazmeen Ryan, F - Traded to ACFC
Players In
Free Agents: None
  • Reyna Reyes - Defender - Round 1 Pick 5 (still unsigned, but training with the team)
  • Izzy D’Aquila - Forward - Round 1 Pick 12 (signed)
  • Lauren DeBeau - Forward/Midfield - Round 2 Pick 24 (released by the team ahead of final roster)
  • Lauren Kozal - Goalkeeper - Round 3 Pick 32 (signed)
Preseason Roster
Thorns return 23 players from their 2022 season and added 3 new players through the NWSL Draft.
Goalkeepers (3): Bella Bixby, Shelby Hogan, Lauren Kozal (DRAFT)
Defenders (9): Kelli Hubly, Meghan Klingenberg, Natalia Kuikka (INTL), Tegan McGrady, Emily Menges, Meaghan Nally, Gabby Provenzano, Reyna Reyes (DRAFT), Becky Sauerbrunn
Midfielders (7): Sam Coffey, Crystal Dunn, Olivia Moultrie, Taylor Porter, Rocky Rodríguez, Christine Sinclair, Hina Sugita (INTL)
Forwards (7): Janine Beckie, Natalie Beckman, Hannah Betfort, Izzy D’Aquila (DRAFT), Sophia Smith, Michele Vasconcelos, Morgan Weaver
Predicted Preferred Gameday XI
Formation: A bit unknown what the formation will be this year with a new head coach, but the Thorns primarily ran a 4-3-3 last year. It’s going to be an interesting discussion to see how Norris handles where Sinclair goes. While I respect the Canadian GOAT, I believe Sinc would be best used as a super sub. Depending how Norris handles where Sinclair goes, there is going to be some variation within our midfield & forwards group. Predicting Sinc remaining in our starting line up, I would expect to see some form of our starting XI looking something like:
Likely Top Bench/Subs:
  • Emily Menges, D
  • Hina Sugita, MF
  • Janine Beckie, F (sike :( )
  • Izzy D’Aquila, F
  • Olivia Moultrie, M (again, Moultrie’s use is really going to depend on what Norris plans on. Moultrie was ramping up in minutes on the back half of the season last year. As of today, Moultrie is in the Starting XI for the Thorns first preseason match)
Returning Players (Almost Everyone):
GK: Bella Bixby, Shelby Hogan
D: Kelli Hubly, Meghan Klingenberg, Natalia Kuikka, Tegan McGrady, Emily Menges, Meaghan Nally, Gabby Provenzano, Becky Sauerbrunn
M: Sam Coffey, Crystal Dunn, Olivia Moultrie, Taylor Porter, Rocky Rodríguez, Christine Sinclair, Hina Sugita
F: Janine Beckie, Natalie Beckman, Hannah Betfort, Sophia Smith, Michele Vasconcelos, Morgan Weaver
The Vets
Almost every Thorns player is a veteran with the team at this point. The vets below are those who have been around the block a time or two in this league:
D: Klingenberg, Menges, Sauerbrunn
M: Dunn, Rodríguez, Sinclair
Something to Prove
  • Kelli Hubly (D) - Being the Thorns only iron woman is a feat in itself, but until the 2021 season, Hubly hadn’t been a consistent starter. With an aging backline, it will be seen if Hubly can continue on the upward trajectory in being that anchor of our backline
  • Sam Coffey (M) - Year 1 for Coffey went about as good as one could wish for. Like Hubly, Coffey’s “prove it” is if she can continue to be as good as she was last year, proving that year 1 wasn’t just a fluke (I don’t think anyone thinks this is the case though). If she isn’t called in for the World Cup (a long shot at making it at the moment), Coffey is going to be a key piece for the Thorns.
  • Olivia Moultrie (M) - The Child. (Can we even call her that anymore?). Moultrie & co. fought hard to allow her to play for the Thorns which led to massive changes in how the league handles U18 players. That said, Moultrie hasn’t really consistently shown that she’s as good as they said she was. A lot of it is due to playing time, it came sporadically and at times, playing only the last few minutes of the match. However, Moultrie has shown flashes of brilliance when she was in. She’s not afraid to be physical and she has the confidence to take her shot.
  • Christine Sinclaire (M) - Does Sinc really have to prove anything at this point in her career? No. However, we are unfortunately heading towards the end of Sinc’s career here. The big question is, how will she handle it? This will be Portland’s 3rd coach in 3 years and while the Thorns are far from rebuilding, it is yet to be seen where Sinc will fall in Norris’s game planning. However it shakes out to be, I have a feeling we will see Sinc be what Sinc always is, the GOAT.
Out for the season
So far, Portland is looking good as far as the SEI list (knock on wood). Jinxed myself on this one. Unfortunately, Janine Beckie went down in the preseason friendly against the U23 NT with an ACL tear. The biggest missing piece will once again be Lindsey Horan. Leaving at the start of last season, Horan left big shoes to fill. She will continue to be out until at least June (the end of her loan), but we most likely won’t see her return until after the World Cup. Fortunately for the Thorns, they do not lack depth in their midfield.
Realistic Best Case Scenario: 1st Place
The Thorns are returning almost the entirety of their championship team. And while they do have a new coach, Norris was there during the Thorns’ championship run. Expectations for the club will be higher than ever with the possibility of the Thorns going back to back a very realistic goal.
Realistic Worst Case Scenario: 5-7th place
The league is only getting better. While the Thorns did not lose any key players, many clubs right below them gained quite a few. Five different clubs were all within 4 points of each other at the end of the season. The 3 teams right below Portland were San Diego, Houston, and Kansas City. I won’t repeat what’s already been said in these write ups about those 3 teams, but the Thorns could’ve easily been 5th last year as they could’ve been 1st. Looking further back, you have a team like ACFC who should be returning many injured starters and could easily project themselves forward in the standings. The World Cup is going to be especially hard on the Thorns who will look to have ~7 players out which includes 5 potential starters. I don’t expect to see Portland drop out of the playoff picture, but the middle to back half of the season could get very interesting.
Realistic Most Probable Scenario: 2nd-4th
While the Thorns didn’t make any flashy trades or free agent signings, they stuck with what they know worked. Sophia Smith really hit her stride last year and is going to be looked upon to continue her dominance this year. The return of Lindsey Horan (if healthy) in the back half should really give us a push late into the season. Portland returns a team of veterans that know what it takes to win. Can they repeat the success of their 2022 season? We’re going to have to find out.
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2023.03.22 17:12 dangerlopez Help with Google Apps Script? MailApp adding weird stuff to Htmlbody

I'm writing a script for a vacation rental management company to help automate sending some of their emails. They gave me a template created in Google Docs, and I wrote up an html template and a small script that would gather images for the template and send the email using MailApp.
But there are some issues with the result. In decreasing order of severity:
1) Some of the images have a weird overlay when the mouse hovers over them, but not all of them. Specifically, the hero image and the image of the founders has this weird overlay, but not the logo. See the screenshots here.
2) The way the email text of the email loads first and then the logo and hero image load afterward and push the text down is ugly. I thought that if I included width and height attributes for the images it wouldn't do that, but I guess not?
3) Finally, the text of the email should be Lato, but it's defaulting to Arial. I followed the advice of this stack overflow post, which worked when I loaded the html locally but didn't when I sent the email with MailApp.
I've posted my code below; if there's an easier way to share the code, let me know and I can do it that way (e.g., I can post to github).
How can I fix these issues? Thanks!
My Google apps script file:
function getHtmlBody(name) { let template = HtmlService.createTemplateFromFile('templateEmail.html'); template.name = name; return template.evaluate().getContent(); } function getImages(location) { let logoImage = DriveApp.getFileById("1_5qXjkmIuc-ilyebrfh05v8vkHs59nI6").getAs("image/png"); let foundersImage = DriveApp.getFileById('1MRk-WUc6q5D9zaMapzD_v9i-y-Zlu7Li').getAs("image/png"); let instagramImage = DriveApp.getFileById('1gpXvF1xrRHzxnakD3L5axvF3-S81aMgp').getAs("image/png"); let facebookImage = DriveApp.getFileById('14EX3qdabFhAjCI5X_qbyqPq3-SjtcYVg').getAs("image/png"); let emailImage = { "logo": logoImage, "founders": foundersImage, "instagram": instagramImage, "facebook": facebookImage }; /* This block is included because the hero image will */ /* change depending on which location is booked */ let imageId = ''; if (location == 'Cabin') { imageId = '1TtXagJ40dGPYW8z5ml-4gPyaSozhjDTM'; } else { imageId = '1TtXagJ40dGPYW8z5ml-4gPyaSozhjDTM'; } let heroImage = DriveApp.getFileById(imageId).getAs("image/png"); emailImage["hero"] = heroImage; return emailImage } function sendTemplate() { let images = getImages('Cabin'); let body = getHtmlBody('VISITOR'); MailApp.sendEmail({ to: '[email protected]', subject: 'VACATION RENTAL AGENCY House Manual', htmlBody: body, inlineImages: images }); } 
My email template:
Hi , Thanks again for booking with us; we're looking forward to hosting you!
Buttons Questions?
Please let us know if you have any questions after reading.

Contact info



Schedule a meeting with FOUNDER 1
Call or text FOUNDER 1: xxx.xxx.xxxx
Call or text FOUNDER 2: xxx.xxx.xxxx

Social Copyright
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2023.03.22 17:11 Julezz21 Far Cry 5 is frustrating and definitely a let down

FC4 was one of my first PlayStation games I've ever played. I loved it and am glad that I picked FC3 up afterwards and played them in that particular order. So I couldn't wait to finally get my hands on FC5 and I've got to say it's one of the most frustrating and partly boring games I've ever played.
I'm aware many here like FC5 a lot and it definitely has great parts like some side missions, the companions and so on. But I really couldn't bring myself to care about the story at all unfortunately, primarily after having finished John's Region. The mute protagonist surely plays a role in, I just wasn't immersed by the game. So I skipped most of the cut scenes, same with the ones for story missions. Maybe it's just me but the cult story didn't do it for me. I wasn't engaged for the most part and absolutely was in FC3 and 4. The games location didn't do it for me but I still enjoyed and appreciated it. Many people didn't like that the game wouldn't leave you alone for even a few minutes but I didn't mind this too much.
What I did though was the forced progression which made the game feel disjointed and took away the players freedom. One also get spotted very easily or I remember a few outposts were I wasn't near any enemies and they still got alerted. Plus whereas FC4 was too easy even of hard, FC5 is pretty hard on normal and with it quite frustrating. I'm no good FPS player by any means but even at health maxed out its crazy how easily one gets fucked up.I have no problem with not feeling godlike but this was quite the opposite extrem. I surely missed the healing animations, as well as crafting which was always nice. This post is long enough as it is, I played FC5 quite a lot the last weeks and only a few times I completely enjoyed myself. On the other hand, I rarely have been as frustrated by a game as with FC5. It's totally fine many people adore this game but I'm glad when I've finished it. I also got New Dawn, let's see how does will turn out.
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2023.03.22 17:11 Arceus919 Baron Augustus Reinhold

Baron Augustus Reinhold
Curious Village is a game near and dear to my heart. It was the second (oops) Professor Layton game that I played, because I saw Diabolical Box advertised in a Nintendo Power magazine and thought it looked fun, so I played it. After completing it, I rushed to GameStop to buy Curious Village as well because I had been captivated by the game’s world and puzzles that I loved.
Playing the game 10+ years later, I start to notice some things that seem, well, off. I suppose this is to be expected as it’s the world of video games, but I just couldn’t shake the idea that Augustus Reinhold was really not a great father.
The Character
Professor Layton and the Curious Village opens up with Layton telling us that the Baron has passed away and they were going to settle an inheritance dispute - his entire estate would go to whomever found the “golden apple” of St. Mystere. Layton had gotten a call from Lady Dahlia (I try my best not to think too hard about how this happened) to help in the search.
Every move we make, the characters tell us how wonderful a father Augustus was and how much he cared for his family. "You'd never seen a man so in love as Master Reinhold was," Ingrid would say. From all the expectations from Matthew, Ingrid, and the rest of the cast, I was expecting much more than what I got out of his tale. Being a father is the only role he has, that's basically the sole purpose of the game.
Look mom I’m """Helping""" (Before He Died)
Flora’s mother Violet died when she was young. Instead of helping her through grief and being there for her when she needed a parent the most, he went the opposite direction and built Lady Dahlia in Violet’s likeness instead. Flora was frightened by the new robo-mom, but Augustus didn’t seem to care - not a good look for someone who loves his daughter so much. Even after saying he would love Flora as much as he loved Violet after her passing, he still managed to show that he cared about his dead wife more than his living daughter by keeping the wife-bot around. Flora would play alone in the manor’s garden around her mother’s grave. Instead of helping cheer her up, spending quality parental time with her, or even thinking about what she might want, he builds a whole ass amusement park all the way on the other side of town for her. It came to no surprise that Flora didn’t care for this either, so he lets the park go into ruin and does nothing else to help her.
Look mom I have a """great idea""" (as he was dying)
So Augustus learns that he has a terminal illness and sets about securing a future for her daughter. Mr big money brains decides to build an entire town and fill it with robots (we all know how much Flora loved the first one) to keep her company and """protect""" her. He basically goes and isolates her from the outside world for !!!YEARS!!! I’m going to assume that Flora is around 13 during the events of the game and was no more than 5 when her mother died. Because it says Augustus dies only a few years later we can estimate that Flora knew and interacted with not a single real person for FIVE YEARS. She lived at the top of the tower with no one to interact with. I kinda feel like a lot of her childhood trauma stemmed from losing family and people close to her, so the best solution is obviously to isolate her, yeah? What a thing to do to your only child. What’s worse is what happens after that - the baron’s death is made public and the search for the Golden Apple begins. The will promised riches beyond belief to the winner, but was disguised to also be a contest to find the next family for Flora (I don’t even want to go into the original Japanese message at the end of the game, that’s a whole different rabbit hole). In my opinion, a contest that people went crazy over for untold riches would seem to draw the opposite kind of people that I would want to take care of an only child - “oh here’s a billion dollars, but also my daughter k thanks.”
Look mom I’m """dead"""
So Augustus decides to die, leaving Flora to grow up locked away in her tower, not ever knowing if his amazing riddle will ever be solved just like the useless father he was. Great guy.
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2023.03.22 17:11 THROWRAAssociate5161 Should I do a double Mastectomy

Hi all-
My cat has mammary cancer. Found a tumor the size of a skittle on my 6 year old gal's inner thigh. Biopsied and positive for for mammary cancer. She had a few more lumps in one boob that were benign but removed also anyways. X rays show no spread.
What are the realistic outcomes of full mastectomy? The vet I am with has given very little info, they are a temporary vet in a city I dont live in and I am going to get a second opinion and likely do the surgery in a month when I'm home if thats what I decide to pursue. She recovered very well from the tumor removal, staples didn't even bother her and she's been totally back to normal since day 1.
Trying to give her the best QOL, but also seeing lots of success stories on full mastectomies and she recovers well from surgery so just wondering which path I should take. Thank you <3

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2023.03.22 17:10 Serious_Set_5704 🚨 URGENT 🚨 desperately need help locating real shares to close my short

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2023.03.22 17:10 radar_byte I Love Ya Mama

The news was sudden and it felt bleak, but I asked the right questions. But it was too late and you too weak.
I love Ya Mama
I know I'm a mess and I'm trying my best but you're the most I will sorely miss.
You told me about the joy when you found out you were pregnant, when you knew it was a boy and held me. Like when you held me in the hospital room even if being bigger than I used to be.
I Love Ya Mama
This isn't going to be easy, and I'm going to be scared but I have people near when you'll eventually be far.
I love Ya Mama.
You're not gone yet, but I am sure gonna miss you.
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