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Wishlists for the needy and newbies

2013.08.26 01:33 lightmystic Wishlists for the needy and newbies

If you need something, but it isn't at /vapeitforward yet, you're welcome to make a wishlist here. It might not be filled, but if you're lucky, perhaps a kind soul with pass by and help. Just don't expect it too much..

2014.08.16 01:32 genron1111 Letterkenny

Letterkenny consists of hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. These are their problems. Canadian TV series. CHECK THE STICKIED POSTS FOR IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS.

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2023.03.22 17:13 Top_You_6925 Tier 5 raid near me in 15 mins code 3319 7040 5318

Be online!
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2023.03.22 17:11 Julezz21 Far Cry 5 is frustrating and definitely a let down

FC4 was one of my first PlayStation games I've ever played. I loved it and am glad that I picked FC3 up afterwards and played them in that particular order. So I couldn't wait to finally get my hands on FC5 and I've got to say it's one of the most frustrating and partly boring games I've ever played.
I'm aware many here like FC5 a lot and it definitely has great parts like some side missions, the companions and so on. But I really couldn't bring myself to care about the story at all unfortunately, primarily after having finished John's Region. The mute protagonist surely plays a role in it but I skipped most of the cut scenes, same with the ones for story missions. I wasn't engaged for the most part and absolutely was in FC3 and 4. The games location didn't do it for me but I still enjoyed and appreciated it. Many people didn't like that the game wouldn't leave you alone for even a few minutes but I didn't mind this too much.
What I did though was the forced progression and made the game feel disjointed and took away the players freedom. One also get spotted very easily or I remember a few outposts were I wasn't near any enemies and they still got alerted. Plus whereas FC4 was too easy even of hard, FC5 is pretty hard on normal and with it quite frustrating. I'm no good FPS player by any means but even at health maxed out its crazy how easily one gets fucked up.I have no problem with not feeling godlike but this was quite the opposite extrem. I surely missed the healing animations, as well as crafting which was always nice. This post is long enough as it is, I played FC5 quite a lot the last weeks and only a few times I really completely enjoyed myself, but I rarely have been as frustrated by a game as with FC5. It's totally fine many people adore this game but I'm glad when I've finished it.
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2023.03.22 17:11 Fournakater Cannot request any products today because of delivery location

Anyone else getting the "Error - Your request cannot be processed due to local delivery requirements for this product at your address. Please refer back to the queue for other products to order." message when you request an item?
I have found several items and each has given me this message today. I have only ran into this like once or twice before so it's strange it's happened to every item I selected today.
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2023.03.22 17:10 TropaTime 20 [M4A] I'm Free And I Need Friends

Thank you Reddit! I found beautiful people here!
Looking for tropa in Manila, around Paco sana para pwede lakarin HAHA! I now have a housemate (YAY!), but he's out every Fridays to Saturdays Afternoon, but he's a very chill dude. Still looking for playmates, study buddies, and even food buddies are welcome. Let's explore things!
About me:
About you:
We can also play since I play Valorant (in which I suck!) and Minecraft! We can also play sa place ko since mabilis din naman internet connection dito. Plus if need mo ng study buddy, I'm all for here since sobrang dami kong readings!
(Pwede ring tropa time since I'm still a man HAHA!)
Fingers crossed!
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2023.03.22 17:10 radar_byte I Love Ya Mama

The news was sudden and it felt bleak, but I asked the right questions. But it was too late and you too weak.
I love Ya Mama
I know I'm a mess and I'm trying my best but you're the most I will sorely miss.
You told me about the joy when you found out you were pregnant, when you knew it was a boy and held me. Like when you held me in the hospital room even if being bigger than I used to be.
I Love Ya Mama
This isn't going to be easy, and I'm going to be scared but I have people near when you'll eventually be far.
I love Ya Mama.
You're not gone yet, but I am sure gonna miss you.
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2023.03.22 17:09 Warren_Puff-it I can’t find Italian Vinegar Peppers anywhere near me so I make my own (recipe in comments)

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2023.03.22 17:09 PraiseBobSlackOff Custom DNS

Here’s my setup for travel: mini travel router connected to hotel wifi, DNS for router handled by attached Pi-hole, Pico connected to router via Ethernet cable. How can I make the Pico see the Pi-hole for DNS? The built in ad blocking on the Pico isn’t nearly as robust, or effective, as the Pi-hole. The only area I see in the admin for networking is WiFi and in there there’s a section that says “Wire Lan” with the address the router gave me. How can I set that for static and set the dns? Possible? If not, I’ll have to figure out how to get my blacklist and Ad lists out of the Pi-hole and uploaded to the Pico. At which point I should just share it with everyone since it’s 1.7 million addresses/domains and I’m not doing all that work just for myself.
TLDR; can I use a custom dns?
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2023.03.22 17:08 Majikthises Xcode's errors and warnings - Am I missing something?

I have this SwiftUI view that when I would navigate to it, would immediately crash the app. The only message I got from Xcode was if I failed to cast the tag to an optional UUID in the picker it would complain in the debug window - Picker: the selection "Optional(F9AD835E-B48A-4EC8-83C3-DC4D99C633F7)" is invalid and does not have an associated tag, this will give undefined results.
This made me think the Picker was the problem. When the app would crash on loading the view it would break at this line:
@main struct FitnessTrackerApp: App { 
with this cryptic message: Thread 1: EXC_BREAKPOINT (code=1, subcode=0x1078ec678)
That's it, no other warnings/errors that I can see. It turns out the error has nothing to do with the Picker, it's caused by the List with the empty ForEach. Commenting that out made the view load just fine.
The first problem is that there doesn't appear to be a clear distinction between what is an error and what is a warning in this case. The Picker message isn't prefixed with something like "Warning: " or "Error: ". So given that that was initially the only messaging I got from Xcode I assumed that was the error.
The second problem is that Xcode isn't stopping anywhere near the offending line.
Am I looking for errors/warnings in the wrong place? Is there somewhere in Xcode where it would show me a stack trace or something that would let me know what the problem is?
struct CreateWorkoutView: View { @State var workoutId: UUID @State var workoutName: String = "" @State var exerciseList: [Exercise] = CDDL.shared.getEntities(CDType: ExerciseCD.self) @State var exerciseId: UUID? @Environment(\.presentationMode) var presentationMode: Binding var body: some View { Form { Section { TextField("Workout name", text: $workoutName) } header: { Text("\(workoutId.uuidString)") } Section { Picker("Select an Exercise", selection: $exerciseId) { ForEach(exerciseList) { exercise in Text("\(exercise.exerciseName)").tag(exercise.entityId as UUID?) } } List { ForEach(exerciseList) { exercise in } } } Section { Button("Save Workout") { CDDL.shared.saveEntity(entity: Workout(entityId: workoutId, workoutName: workoutName)) self.presentationMode.wrappedValue.dismiss() } } } .onAppear() { let ex = CDDL.shared.getEntity(CDType: WorkoutCD.self, entityId: workoutId) workoutId = ex.entityId workoutName = ex.workoutName exerciseId = exerciseList[0].entityId print(exerciseList) } } } 
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2023.03.22 17:07 SakshamAiree Drop in quality after I started grinding fresh?

I used to order pre ground fresh roasted coffee from a company called Blue Tokai. Just their normal Aeropress grind and like a medium roasted coffee. And it tasted great had those fruity slightly acidic notes, i was really enjoying it. But the quality got worse as the bag sat there and got stale over a couple weeks.
So I recently bought a Hario Slim Hand Grinder and the same exact coffee but in whole bean. But for some reason, I cant recreate the original cup for the life of me. Haven't changed the recipe, I've tried tweaking the grind size a bunch but it's always a little earthy on the nose and doesn't taste nearly as complex. I was really looking forward to having my coffee be better by grinding fresh. What am I doing wrong?
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2023.03.22 17:07 useridkidk2345 Do you ever get tired of pretending to be happy for people?

I want to be happy for friends and family, I really do, but it’s so hard to be happy for them when you have nothing going for you. I’ve wanted to be a mom for years, I can’t even find a decent guy who wants more than just one thing, while every time I log onto Facebook there’s a new pregnancy announcement. Which leads to a new engagement post, or a new house, or a new job, when I live at home still and can’t even hold a job because I bounce between jobs too much. I feel like I get this jealous almost angry response inside like what did they do to deserve all of this that I didn’t do, or why am I not good enough. I just had a friend who had a baby and I told her I couldn’t be more happy for her, but inside I felt this rage. When I mentioned to her how badly I want to be a mom she told me I was no where near ready, when she’s the one who unexpectedly got pregnant by a guy she complains about every day then acts like he’s the love of her life on Facebook, but I’m not ready? What kind of response is that? I guess I’m just venting at this point but it’s getting really tiring pretending to be happy for everyone when I have nothing going for me no matter how hard I try.
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2023.03.22 17:06 code_redtruck Where to sell cannabis paraphernalia?

I recently quit smoking and using weed but still have a great deal of stuff left over, all in great shape all clean and polished. And some leftover joints vapes and butter, I dont want to garbage it and I'm wondering where is the best place to advertise or bring it for a quick sale? If anyone here is interested hit me up. Have half a lb high quality high potency butter I made myself if that interests anyone.
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2023.03.22 17:06 wanderingdev For anyone with poop problems. :D

Without ozempic I'm regular as a clock, so being backed up makes me feel very icky. I've been taking magnesium pills but I can tell it's not "thorough". I was reading that the slow digestion can hinder the absorption, which could be the issue. I did some additional reading that said that vitamins delivered in liquid format generally absorb faster due to the delivery method. Today at the supermarket I saw a tube of the tablets that you drop into water to dissolve and drink. I grabbed some magnesium ones, just to check it out. Well, back home and 30 mins later and bob's your uncle. I feel empty for the first time in a long time. I think chugging one of these first thing in the morning will be part of my new routine. And I may start looking to change some of the other vitamins I take into this format which will have the added benefit of helping with hydration.
So, anyone who is struggling, it may be worth a shot!
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2023.03.22 17:06 Outrageous-Plenty236 Very grateful

Last night around 6:30 took a S&D that was $23 including tip. Very easy, got in and out within 20min. It was raining, and everything fit in the tote, while I was unloading the customer came out, and she was just thinking me over and over. I told her it's not a problem, really. Before she was about to sign, she was like hold on, and I was like ok. When she came back she had a folded $20 in her hand she said "Gas is getting expensive, I like to give a little extra to those I know need it" I did need it, and I was very grateful. These are the type of customers that I enjoy delivering too. They understand times are hard, and sometimes we need a little extra. ☺️(Also no I do not expect every delivery to be like this)
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2023.03.22 17:05 IntoTheWild2369 I (M28) keep hurting my partner (NB24) from other friendships

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for your help. I have been with my partner for almost 2 years now. It’s the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in, but I’m terrified I am ruining it. We’ve been fighting more lately, and it is nearly all related to relationships I have with other people (primarily women). Some of them are ex’s turned friends, others are just longtime friends with some previous sexual tension, and a few others are just friends-plain and simple.
I have failed in the past holding my partners trust to the highest regard, and sometimes they feel suspicious and untrusting of me because of that. I’ve kept a couple stupid secrets (that had become fights with ex-partners, so I preferred not to divulge, but of course the details came out) and had a conversation about a swingers club with another girl (not intimately or about us but my partner asked about the conversation and I told them)—however, I would never EVER physically cheat on them, and feel for the most part I deserve their trust. That said, I absolutely understand why I don’t have it.
Last night, things got to a really bad point when it was revealed that I had been sending flirty messages to one of the people my partner feels insecure about. I honestly never felt like I was flirting, but in hindsight, reading those messages with my partner last night, I was sickened by my flirty tone and how badly it hurt my partner. I have no feelings for the other girl other than she’s my friend (and we text almost daily about the Wordle).
I am ready to end my wordle friendship for my partner, but am really scared of losing other relationships that mean a lot to me, including of course the one with my partner.
Idk if I have a specific question other than… what’s wrong with me? Why do I keep hurting my partner with these other relationships? Any general thoughts or advice? Thanks again ♥️♥️ tl;dr I keep committing these micro-cheating acts against my partner and I don’t know why
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2023.03.22 17:05 Darlorndo DAE feel just too slow for the world

I just can't keep up I work too slow I can't speed up without mistakes increasing exponentially. I can't rely on myself to make decisions because it takes way too long for me to feel like it's an actual decision and not just impulsively picking one option. I don't have a decision making scheme it's usually just intuition and then it becomes troublesome when I don't get a gut feeling. I feel like I keep getting pushed behind further and further while I avoid and procrastinate until either a deadline comes near, in which case I just impulsively pick, or until I get a gut feeling one way or another. It also doesn't help that the gut feelings are usually pretty solid and on par with my desires and expectations the lack of a gut feeling though can cause me to procrastinate for years. I'm just getting further and further behind.
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2023.03.22 17:05 Hugh_Munguses How "safe" is Severn? I've read everything from perfectly safe to not safe at all.
I live right down the road from this. I go outside a lot. I also moved to this area a few months ago, ie probably right when the above happened.
It seems like it ought to be safe because there are schools and kids literally everywhere. The crime reporter things only turn up "suspicious vehicles" and "loitering" near me most immediately. Those are probably poor metrics, but it's all I had to go on.
My experience has so far been good but I could be lucky. To be honest I've got a bad feeling about burglary, and had some security systems installed, but I also won't be scared away from an affordable area.
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2023.03.22 17:04 Asleep_Finger6817 I have lost faith in people and faith in love and I want to disappear

I (M20) fantasize every night about dying. Some background for my previous diagnoses. I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder, PTSD and that was all before I ghosted my psychiatrist and therapist. I stopped taking meds, I’ve been studying psychology for about a year and a half now so I spend majority of my time alone expanding my knowledge. I’m not depressed. I’m not suicidal. But I do feel empty. I’ve become a bad person and it’s not that I hate myself, it’s that I hate how I view the world now. I was robbed a few months after quitting therapy. The man said he had a gun and I didn’t believe it was worth chancing it so I gave him my money. He told me if I called the cops or told anyone he’d come back and kill me. I called the cops anyway. They arrested him. I told a few friends and family about the robbery as well as my coworkers and boss because the robbery occurred at work. Not a single asked how I was doing. Not a single one tried to comfort me. They laughed. They told me I was dumb to give him my money and that because I was bigger than the guy I should’ve hit him. I was told that I shouldn’t have believed he had a gun. Anytime it’s brought up I’m mocked about it. About 4 months before that when I was actually depressed and after a hypomanic episode and blowing all my money and having to move in with family. My older brothers, my brothers wife, my dad, all sat me down and told me I wasn’t mentally Ill. They told me they went through my car and found receipts and letters from the bank. They told me if I didn’t get my life together they would let me suffer and refuse to help me. They told me I had no right to feel depressed, that my own misery is self inflicted. In December my brother who was addicted to meth and running from the cops was homeless and in the streets. My family had essentially given up on him. But I would let him sleep in my car so I knew he was okay. I gained his trust and set up his arrest so I could know he was gonna be fed and in a better situation than dying. I was told that I was a rat. That I was manipulative. I was talking to a girl at the time who had become friends with my ex. And I told her about my life. I eventually friendzoned her because she would always dismiss me saying no to sex/intimacy. On multiple occasions she would touch me, grope me or force herself on me. And when I told her that I was starting to have violent thoughts about myself and others she abandoned me. Anytime my family got together they would mock my mental health. When I started to have violent thoughts and exploiting others willingly they began calling me a sociopath and narcissist since then I’ve been isolating myself. I’ve cut off nearly all friends. I keep them in a toxic relationship with me. I openly tell them about how manipulate them and others. I tell them about my violent thoughts. I tell them every dark thought I have. I want to control them and everyone else through fear. I feel empty. I’ve felt empty for over a year. It’s like a black hole in me. Emotions come but they feel shallow and short lasting. Besides rage. I seem to always feel angry in a sense. I feel angry when I even perceive betrayal, even when I know it’s justified. About 3 weeks ago a girl ghosted me. I didn’t feel sad. I was angry she ghosted me before I could ghost her. I spent a week stalking her her every move on social media. I’ve spent the last year on dating apps hooking up with girls, going on dates and then ghosting them. I’ve gotten to the point where hooking up is no longer the fun part but everything leading up to that moment from when I first text her. I know I’m not a good person. And I don’t feel bad about it. But it doesn’t mean I’m happy with who I am. The idea is for me that I feel trapped. I can go to therapy, take meds do everything one can do for mental health. But that much change and outside interference I can’t help but feel I wouldn’t be me. So to me death is the id feel free. But I refuse to take my own life.because the image I’d be leaving behind. Lately I’ve been getting really exhausted and having really bad pain in my right eye, like I’ve been stabbed in it. And I’m not seeking out treatment. Just hoping it’ll take me out
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2023.03.22 17:03 caffeineandnihilism Licensing board is requesting information on a marijuana possession charge that was expunged over a decade ago and I am unsure how I should respond

I'm a healthcare worker attempting to get incensed in Washington DC. Dealing with any level of the DC government, particularly regarding anything to do with a license, is a nightmare under the best of circumstances. 6 months following my initial application, I finally thought I was near the end of the process when my point of contact informed me that the licensing board had questions about a weed charge from 2011 and that I need to provide a statement as well as any documentation regarding the charge that I may have. The incident in question happened almost exactly 12 years ago when I was still in high school. I had just turned 18 but was hardly an adult, just a dumb kid doing dumb kid stuff and got caught with like 2 grams of weed on me. We ended up getting a lawyer, I did some community service and substance classes, and ultimately got it expunged.
I have worked multiple jobs that have required background checks, got into and completed my doctorate program that also required background checks and multiple drug screens, etc, and currently hold an active license in Virginia. This is the first time anyone has ever mentioned the drug charge. I didn't even think it COULD be mentioned, being expunged and all. I don't have any paperwork related to it and don't particularly want to reach out to my mom to see if she's hung on to any of it. What should my statement to the board be? Could they really keep me from getting my license based on this alone? Thanks in advance for any advice yall can give
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2023.03.22 17:03 peskyphenix How do I communicate better with my[22F] bf[23M] with ADHD?

My [22F] boyfriend[23M] of nearly a year recently got diagnosed with ADHD, and it's been a real eye opener for both of us. He tends to exhibit classic textbook symptoms and as someone who is neurotypical, it sometimes irks me as I fail to understand his behaviour. He tends to cut me off when I'm talking, forgets a lot of things, and sometimes I fail to be understanding and think he's being lazy or doesn't care about me enough since I am anxious by nature, although, I do know he is a sweetheart overall, and I absolutely adore him, but I was hoping someone could give me tips on ways to better understand ADHD behaviour and be more accomodating and not let expectations get in the way because he's my favourite person and I don't want to hurt him by being insensitive.
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2023.03.22 17:02 cbb88christian Negotiations Underway 4

First Prev Next
Approximated Earth Date: 3. May. 2235
"Destination set: Earth's Moon. Estimated travel time: Fifty-five minutes, and twenty-three seconds."
Teresh had to catch himself with a hand as the ship suddenly roared to life. The world began to turn as he could feel its momentum change. Questions began to bubble in my head, like a pot of gotesh starting to boil.
Earth? Is that the name of planet 626, or another? Could it be a prison world? Was I just tricked by an elaborate ruse into surrendering myself to becoming a captive once more? Teresh shook his head. No, that's stupid. Unless humans are an incredibly cruel species, there would be no reason to lull me into a false sense of security. They are aware that I am unarmed and alone. Tom alone would be able to physically overpower me. I will just have to trust in my new ally.
Part of him wanted to escape, and another knew that it would be pointless. Even if he made it back to his ship there was no guarantee that he could get the hanger doors open. Then there was a chance that they would just blast him out of space the moment he left the ship. This was not the time to let fear rule him. He had to be strong, brave, and honorable, like his ancestors before him.
A brisk knock came at the door, which nearly caused him to jump out of his feathers. He saw the familiar orange and black form of Tom walk through the door. Along with him, an orange suit and helmet that he held in his left hand. Tom’s throat rumbled before he started talking.
"I looked through our spares. This is the smallest one we've got. Might be a little loose on the shoulders, but it should get the job done," he explained, holding it out to him.
"Thank you," Teresh replied, taking the bundle from him. The fabric was pretty soft and surprisingly flexible and elastic. Though, he did immediately think of one flaw. "You don't suppose my talons are going to poke through the fabric, do you?"
Tom stood there, a hand on his side. After a moment of silence, he shifted his weight to the other leg and responded, "Eh, I don't think so. Long as they're not razor sharp you should be fine. Just don't push too hard against the finger parts."
"Oh, you have five ‘fingers.’ As you called them," Teresh said matter-of-factually. He noticed upon looking at his suit and referencing Tom's that the hands had five ‘fingers’ each.
He held up his own, and they both counted four talons. One that took the same position as the thumb, with the only missing being a pinky equivalent. Fortunately, Teresh was quick on his feet.
"I'll do my best to keep it out of sight. At worst, I lost them in an accident," he explained.
"Huh, good ingenuity. We're going to need that if we want this to work," Tom replied, crossing his arms together.
Teresh wasn't exactly sure how to read the gesture, but his tone sounded positive. He would be sure to upload their language to the translator as fast as possible. When interpreting, the machine outputs everything in a dull, neutral voice. Once the language was properly recognized however, they could speak to each other as if there were no language barriers at all. That would have to wait, sadly, as it sounded like they were about to get moving.
He stood up and began donning his suit. Quickly finding a small zipper, which was a tad infuriating with talons. The Valaxi could manage them just fine, but the kooli needed their own zippers that featured a larger hole for their talons. Just another advantage they had from natural superiority.
Tom shuffled his feet a bit and turned away from Teresh in an instant. Causing him to pause and tilt his head at the human.
"Is something the matter?" Teresh asked curiously.
Tom throat rumbled again, and he coughed. Responding, "Sorry, I just figured you wanted some privacy."
The kooli shook his head, amused by his sentiment. His race didn't typically wear trappings like the Valaxi or the Leo-oup. Typically, such practice was observed as a way to either cover exposed genitalia or to accentuate their appearance. Kooli had no such exposure and preferred the natural beauty of their bodies and feathers. To don clothing atop was seen as a practice that only extremely narcissistic or Valaxi obsessed kooli indulged in. Even their own Jarva only donned a cape and crown when attending the imperial commune.
Of course, he had no clue why the humans covered themselves, but that would have to wait for future discussion. All he could do was theorize as he finally slid on the loose garb. The suit fit well enough, outside of bunching up near his feet and elbows. Not enough to be a hazard, but just enough to look a few sizes too big. He began to fight with the zipper again, seeing Tom glance back.
"Ah, did you need help with that? I imagine it's tough with the..." Tom paused awkwardly, "claws?"
"Talons. And yes, it would be very helpful, thank you," Teresh replied.
Ancestors protect me, he pleaded, realizing what it meant.
Tom took a few steps and knelt down, less than a foot away from Teresh as the gentle zzzzzzzip of the zipper traveled up the suit. The kooli held his breath through the whole process. His eyes strained to find some semblance of a shape inside the black void. Seeing a rough circular object move inside, with some strange jutting or jagged shapes around it. Unable to form a clear picture as the zipper reached the top of the suit. Tom gave it a small tug and seemed satisfied.
"Good, nice and secure. Not too bad a fit either. Just looks like a kid wearing his dad's shoes," he explained absentmindedly.
"Kid? Shoes?" Teresh asked, feeling much smaller when draped in the large suit.
"Ah, right. Kids are what we call our young. Children, kiddos, there's plenty more. As for shoes, we wear them on our feet to protect our skin," Tom explained, causing Teresh's eyes to widen.
So many questions chirped inside his mind. It was going to take hours just to process all the basic questions he had about humans, not to mention ones on culture and family unit. Tom seemed to pick this up too as he held out the helmet.
"I promise I'll answer every single question you've got once we get you to my contact. For now, just try to keep a hold on them in your head," he said, as if able to read his mind.
Now that wasn't something he considered. Though there was no evidence of such an ability existing, who knew what humans were capable of. Perhaps they could possess natural psionic ability. That discovery would make for an excellent essay or dissertation.
It was not the time for essays however, it was time to don his own black mirror. Taking the helmet, he slid it onto his head. It was a bit claustrophobic, and it hurt a little with his crown feathers being forcibly pressed against the top of the helmet. Outside of that though, it was perfectly serviceable. The entire world around him was shifted to a darker tone, including Tom. If he couldn't see his face before, it was now impossible to see anything past two layers of this dark glass. He could feel Tom touching parts of his neck, and he heard a few snaps as the neck and helmet joined together. Either magnetic or through some other means, he couldn't tell. Tom stepped back and gave him a once over.
"Perfect. This is actually going to work," he spoke softly.
"You doubted it working?" Teresh joked, the translator rumbling within the suit.
"Hey, this is completely new territory for me. I'll be happy if we make it past the front door," Tom replied, then pointing towards his chest. "Which reminds me. We're going to have to shut that off when we get there."
Teresh gulped, "B-But-"
"Yes, you'll have no idea what's going on. You're going to be in a new place, surrounded by tons of humans, and you may or may not be in danger," Tom explained, doing absolutely nothing to quell his fears.
However, what the human did next was something that Teresh never saw coming. He actually got down on his knee, more or less being eye level with him. Although he couldn't see them, he could tell that Tom was looking right through him.
Tom's voice was serious, low, and full of determination. Exclaiming, "Teresh. I need you to trust me when I say this. As long as I am with you, you are safe. I won't let anyone touch a feather on that head, and if they do, I'll knock them off their ass. My friends will be there with us too. All three of us are going to protect you. Okay?"
What is this feeling? Teresh thought to himself. There was something about his words that caused his heart to swell. He felt like he could do anything, that he was going to succeed. Not even General Vorin's words instilled him with as much confidence.
"Y-Yes Tom. I trust you," Teresh answered.
"Do you mind if I put my hand on your shoulder?" He asked. More confusion, but he was too inspired to question it.
"You may," the kooli replied.
Tom lifted his hand, causing Teresh to flinch as it slowly but surely impacted his shoulder. Feeling his strange finger appendages grip his shoulder firmly but not painfully.
"I'm with you. Don't forget that," Tom said stoically. Then standing and pulling back. "Let's do some rehearsal in the bay. You won't need to talk the talk, but you'll need to walk the walk."
"Talk the talk and walk wha-?" Teresh began.
"Don't worry about it kid. It'll be just like theatre," he explained, then going on, "that's a-"
"My people have theatre Tom, I understand," the kooli replied, grinning under the helmet.
"Right. Of course. Let's go," Tom replied, his tone suggesting a bit of embarrassment.
Together, they made their way out of the medical ward and into the main hanger, or "bay" as Tom called it. He saw the other two outfitted individuals watching their approach. Able to tell that both parties were engaging in a game of observation. Trying to discern the shapes underneath the suits.
Still only three crew members, for a ship of this size, he thought to himself.
With how small their crew was, perhaps this flagship was decommissioned. That would explain the lack of bodies and ships in the hanger. If their military was even more armed than this... they would make for a wonderful child race. The Valaxi would help them reach their true potential. If Teresh could accomplish that, he would consider it his greatest feat in life. It would cement him and his family in the good graces of the empire forever and bring honor to General Vorin's home.
Tom held up his hand and shook it around at them, announcing, "Hey guys, this is Teresh. Teresh, meet Maxim and Ally."
"Hello," a higher voice responded from the suit on the right.
"Howdy," another low voice emerged from the suit on the left.
"How-dy?" Teresh mimicked, shaking his taloned hand at them.
He heard a few coughs or strange gasps from them, and he just hoped he hadn't offended them in some way. Tom's throat rumbled like a growl, causing the two to stop. A show of authority it seemed.
"We're going to help Teresh get to Mikael. Once we meet, then we'll figure out what to do from there," Tom explained.
"Sounds good. How do we start?" The one called Maxim asked.
"First, Teresh," he turned to me. He tapped the side of his helmet several times, explaining, "if I do that, it means turn on your translator. If I do this," he made a flat sliding gesture on the bottom of the helmet, "it means turn it off."
Tapping, on. Sliding, off. Easy, Teresh internalized.
"Good. Now we're going to start practicing some scenarios. We have a little over a half hour left so we don't have too much time, but it should be enough. First, I'm going to explain what we're doing, then I'll give you the signal to shut your translator off. We need to get you used to humans talking or doing things around you. Whatever you do, you need to stay calm, cool, and collected. Think you can handle that," Tom asked, nodding his head at him.
He clenched his hands tightly, feeling truly confident for one of the first times in his life. Teresh focused his gaze on the three of them, "Let's do it."
It's time to prove my mettle.
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2023.03.22 17:02 throwawayxlost I work as an afterschool teacher, the mean students and mean coworkers have been getting to me and causing me so much stress, idk how to not let it get to me. PMDD makes it worse

Yesterday was terrible! Some students were just awful and the overall environment is so overwhelming for me, i usually have to do a routine of helping the kids find their classes and telling them where to go, and all of them talking to me at once cause a lot of overload, i have to tell them to please get into the line so i can go one by one but they dont listen a lot and find myself repeating myself over and over. Same thing happens with misbehavior in class, and it just get tiring after a while i cant imagine doing this type of job for very long or at least becoming a good worker, as im getting too tired to keep disciplining the students/telling them to behave/correct for long period of time and them not listening.
The main teacher tells the student to please stop talking and making noise while she teaches and while a student is playing (this is music class) and then a few seconds later they go back to making noise or trying to sneak into making noise and i find myself having to remind them every 5 minutes even the main teacher! When i took them to the lunch room for a break for the class they run around, misbehave, one kid drew something and told me to guess it and i didnt know what it was and he was like 'what kind of teacher are you, you dont know anything'' i told him sternly that is not nice to say and he should be respectful!
Then the kids kept drawing poop and giving it to me as a present and thought it was funny, one girl wrote stupid on someones drawing for me and told them to 'give it to me' when i called her out seriously she denied saying she wrote that! she also lies a lot and is a troublemaker
in another class i helped the teacher to try to quiet the class down and one kid mockingly told me 'okay miss'' and was waving his hands and mocking my voice and tone, i told him again that is not nice and to quit that or i will get the principal here, and i just walked away because i felt i was gonna snap as i was already in a bad mood and i still heard him mocking me, a little more quietly behind my back. another girl gave me attitude when i asked her if that was her stuff, she also asked me why do i do walk with my hands in a certain way and another said why do i have a lot of hair on my arms,, i admit that got to me a little bit as i been self conscious about those things
While there are some sweet and good kids, the overall atmosphere is taking toll on me, i do need money so im trying to hang in there until i can find another job.
What a nightmare. My coworkers are hit and miss, some are not so supportive or friendly, one coworker dislikes me for no reason, she talks to everyone but me, she avoids me, don't not speak to me, is hostile with me, i saw her yesterday, i had to pass her and the thing she carried was blocking the entrance, i gestured i needed to pass and she gave me a cold look and just pressed her hand to move the thing away. I really did not like her vibe or her attitude with me!
im near my period too my mood swings are all over the place. im trying to find another job but no luck, my past experience have just been with kids but im tired of childcare and want to work in an office or somewhere more peaceful and less noisy with more mature coworkers!
do you have any tips as help feel less stress and affected by the environment? esepically during this difficult hormonal period? thank you
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2023.03.22 17:02 anabolic_coach Q&A #68...Majestic Herbs Gynostemma for the Win!

Q&A #68...Majestic Herbs Gynostemma for the Win!
Q: Hey man I just wanted to say I really liked the info you gave us about Gynostemma tea. I never even knew this tea existed let alone all the performance and health benefits that it offers.
You seem to know a lot about herbs as well as all the other bodybuilding supplements too. You are like an encyclopedia of knowledge and not just on drugs and training info.
I am an older bodybuilder closing in on 50 years old. I have been on and off the gas for over 30 years. I really like all the longevity content you are discussing and I find it very informative and interesting.
I have one complaint though. You didn't mention what brands of Gynostemma to buy? I am sure there are good and bad quality ones, like just about everything out there.
I found one called Majestic Herbs Gynostemma. Did you ever hear of it? If so please let me know what you think of this brand?
Thanks Coach for all the wonderful content!
Majestic Herbs Gynostemma is of the Highest Quality!
A: Hey man its great to hear from you. So you liked the info on Gynostemma tea eh? I am very happy that I was the one to introduce you to this nutritional powerhouse. It has so much good stuff to offer that its too good not to drink. Plus I actually love the taste of it too.
Yes I have heard of Majestic Herbs brand and it is one of the ones that I recommend. I am planning another article about all the different forms of taking Gynostemma and brands as well in the near future. But today I will cover the Majestic Herbs Gynostemma as that is what you wanted to know about.
With the two part series I did on the health and performance benefits of Gynostemma tea I received a ton of DM's with questions and praises. Today I want to give you an in depth look at one of the products that you mentioned and that is none other than Majestic Herbs Gynostemma tea.
I Love Gynostemma Tea!
Rare Medicinal Herbs at Your Fingertips!
First off when it comes to different companies that produce high quality herbs and teas, Majestic Herbs is one of my favourite. Now for those of you who don’t know, Majestic Herbs is located out of Thailand but it is run by a fellow Canadian who moved out there a decade ago. He created this business to fill the gap of sourcing rare medicinal herbs especially for those that live in areas where they are nearly impossible to find.
He also wanted to provide customers with the highest quality organic medicinal herbs and teas available at an affordable price. This would allow these rare medicinal herbs to be shipped right to your door. No longer would you have to search high and low trying to get your hands on high quality herbs. With Majestic Herbs being an online business, getting your herbs is quick and easy.
Gynostemma Offers Amazing Health Benefits!
What Does Gynostemma Offer Your Health and Performance?
Now for those of you who have missed my series on Gynostemma I recommend you go back and give it a read. I have provided a ton of information based on medical studies to help you understand all that it has to offer your health and training performance. Here I want to highlight just a few of the many positive benefits Gynostemma tea has on the human body.
  • Gynostemma can help fight and prevent several forms of Cancer

  • Works with chemotherapy to improve its effectiveness and reduce damaging effects that it is noted for

  • Prevents cardiovascular disease from several angles

  • Optimizes blood pressure to treat both low and high levels

  • Lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, and irregular heart beats

  • Strengthens the immune system against bacteria and viruses

  • Provides potent antioxidant protection against free radicals

  • Improves muscle pumps in the gym due to increased nitric oxide production
  • Helps to reduce mental and physical stress and replenish depleted serotonin and dopamine levels

  • Helps ease insomnia and regulates your sleep cycle
  • Increases training endurance and recovery between sessions

  • Helps to decrease body fat levels

  • Improves insulin sensitivity for optimal health
  • Stimulates Glutathione Peroxidase product to help detox the body of toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals

  • Now these are just a handful of the different things that Gynostemma tea has to offer those that consume it.

  • It has been studied by medical researchers for several decades with tons of studies that have been conducted on it. This is truly one of the healthiest teas you can drink.
Gynostemma's Performance Benefits are Amazing for Bodybuilders!
Why Do I Like Majestic Herbs So Much?
Now there are many different Gynostemma teas available on the market so what makes Majestic Herbs different? One thing that really stands out is the integrity of this company. For me this is a big thing and I am sure many of you reading this feel the same way. Majestic Herbs Gynostemma tea is first off organic. This is a big plus for me especially when you don’t want to be thinking about what kind of pesticides could be used. Majestic Herbs source of Gynostemma is a fair trade product grown by local hill tribe farmers.
Beautiful Gynostemma Farms in Thailand!
This provides income to local farmers that have in the past relied on drug crops such as opium to provide for their families. By growing and cultivating Gynostemma it has provided a way out for these farmers to earn money while not relying on illegal drug farming. This allows them for a better way of life and a way to take care of their families without resorting to past means. In fact, Majestic Herbs Gynostemma is not just pesticide free but no chemical fertilizers are used as well.
Organic and Fair Trade
These Gynostemma farms are also run under a project by the government to help solve the issues of deforestation and soil erosion to make it easy on the environment from every angle. Under this Royal Project program, only sustainable and organic methods are allowed and practised in the farming of these crops. These farms and their products are also licensed and inspected by the Thailand version of the FDA. Since no chemical fertilizers are used, these hill tribe farmers rely on compost and humus methods.
Making Sure Your Gynostemma is Free of Pesticides is a Must!
Once the Gynostemma is ready to be harvested it is hand picked and dried using the traditional pan drying method. This is one of there reasons why Majestic Herbs Gynostemma tastes amazing, but also why it is so potent. When someone purchases Majestic Herbs Gynostemma not only are you benefiting your health and wellness, but you are doing much more. You are also helping provide a legal income to farmers and help sustain the traditions and way of life for the indigenous hill people of northern Thailand. Now with all that I just mentioned, how could I not want to spend my hard earned money with a company based on integrity and transparency like Majestic Herbs?
How Do I Prepare this Amazing Tea?
Now many of you might be wondering what is the best way to brew up Majestic Herb’s Gynostemma tea. There are a couple ways you can do it but I will outline below the best procedure to make the tastiest and most potent method available.
Start with Clean Water!
Step 1: Use High Quality Water
I am assuming the large majority of you reading this do care about the quality of the water you drink on a daily basis. One important note is that to get the best taste from tea, using a high quality clean water is a must. It can be reverse osmosis, distilled, or any other high filtration method to make sure it is clean and toxin free.
Don't Over Heat Your Gynostemma!
Step 2: Dial in the Temperature
Now take this clean pure water source and get it heated up to around the 90 degrees Celsius mark. You can use a food thermometer if you like but I am sure many of you don’t have the patience for this. I do seem to know my readers well, don’t I? To make this even easier you can bring the water to a boil on the stove. Once you have reached this point, remove it from the heat source and allow it to cool for about three minutes. This will most of the time get it to the right temperature without all the hassle.

Step 3: Add in the Gynostemma Tea
Here you can add in 1-2 teaspoons for each 250 ml of water used. If you are going to make a litre of tea, simply add in 4-8 teaspoons of Gynostemma to help provide the optimal dosage. You can try with the lower amount your first time and then increase from there to help you see not only where you like the flavour best, but also for its effects as well.
They Don't Call it \"Wonder Grass\" for Nothing!
Step 4: Steep for Potency
Now the next thing you want to do after you add in the tea is to steep it. Here you can cover and allow the tea to steep for a minimum of ten minutes. This is the least amount of time you want because you want to extract all those amazing gypenosides that I discussed in my series. One thing I like to do is let it steep for a full two hours. Oh yea I like my Gynostemma tea strong that is for sure. This allows the maximum concentration of those healing saponins to be pulled from these delicate leaves.
Brew to Perfrection!
Step 5: Drink and Be Merry
Now that your tea is ready, its time to drink up all that goodness that it possesses. You can drink it anytime of the day or night without any concerns. Like I mentioned in my articles, Gynostemma is dual directional. This means that it will help provide energy throughout the day, and then help you calm down and relax in the evening.
Tips and Tricks
Now many of you might be wondering how much to drink daily to reap all the benefits. For the beginner I would recommend at least 2-4 cups each and every day spaced out. Don’t try and drink that much all at once as you will get better results spacing it out. In terms of when is the best time to drink this delicious tea, consuming it about half hour before meals on an empty stomach is best. You can also take it a couple hours after a meal as well.
Make Sure to Use Enough Dry Tea to be Potent!
Now in the above paragraph I recommended 1-2 grams of tea per cup of water. For those of you who are more advanced and have responded well to the tea, this can be increased to find your sweet spot. Remember Gynostemma is safe and non toxic in nature. It has been consumed for thousands of years by people who drink large amounts everyday. The thing noted by these people is not only their healthy bodies free of disease and illness, but also their very long lifespans as well.
How Do I get my hands on Majestic Herbs Gynostemma?
Now like I mentioned before, getting your hand on this amazing tea is simple and easy. All you have to do is go to their website which I will leave below and place your order. They also have a contact form on their website. This way if you have any questions or concerns they will get back to you. They even have a customer service and order line as well if you would like to reach out and call. I have always received fast and courteous service that goes above and beyond what other companies offer. This is another reason why I have always liked dealing with “Mom and Pop” businesses over large corporations where they care less about your needs.
Majestic Herbs Gynostemma for the Win!
So take it from me. If you are new to Gynostemma tea then you are in for a real treat with Majestic Herbs organic tea. For those of you who have read my articles over the last two decades, you know that I try and source out those hidden gems that are not so easy to find in a wide variety of niche areas that strength athletes can benefit from.
Majestic Herbs is one of those hidden gems that you will be very pleased with that is for sure. If you are looking for a high quality organic Gynostemma tea, then look no further. Majestic Herbs will provide you with an amazing high quality and potent Gynostemma that will truly help you on your path to health and longevity!

They can be reached online at:
By Phone: (+66) 93 051 6481
I am Sure You Will Love it as Much as I Do!
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