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2023.03.22 18:02 Max3RH Looking for a putter to fit in between a AviarX3 and Dart.

My current putter lineup is from most to least stable, a color glow Toro, a champion and star AviarX3 and a champion Dart. I’m trying to beat in the star AviarX3, but in the meantime I need a straight flying putter that will still have some fade at the end of its flight. The Dart is good for dead straight shots or holding a hyzer and the AviarX3 is good for flex shots and dumping fade. What’s a good putter for that straight flight but will still have some fade at the end? My first thought was an Aviar3 or a Whale.
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2023.03.22 18:02 TheDrury Will buying the Tomcat affect my (eventual) experience of the Phantom?

Hi Hoggit. To preface this, I'm fairly new to DCS so the modules I buy are quite big decisions for me, and I'm keen to avoid buying modules with too much 'overlap'. I'm weighing up whether or not to buy the F-14 Tomcat in the sale, as I have a buddy who owns it and could teach me the ropes. It's worth noting I don't have as much of an attachment to the F-14 as many do, but I've always loved the F-4.
We're both keen on getting the F-4 Phantom when it eventually drops, but my concern is am I likely to be disappointed in the Phantom due to being 'spoiled' by the Tomcat? Naturally it'll be a wholly different flight model and feel, but my understanding is the capabilities of the two birds are quite similar (apart from carrier ops, owing to the F-4E being USAF) but that the Phantom, being older, won't execute some of those capabilities as gracefully. In particular, with a less powerful radar and reduced physical visibility, is the back seat experience likely to be less fun?
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2023.03.22 18:02 Audrarich Passport middle name different from airline ticket

I’m flying from New York to Geneva on Polish Airlines in May. My husband put my middle name in incorrectly, he didn’t realize I use my maiden name as my middle name and I don’t use my original middle name at all anymore. The airline is refusing to change it unless we cancel entirely and rebook, but the flight is full and prices are higher now. Will I be allowed to fly with a different middle name? Anyone deal with something similar?
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2023.03.22 18:01 ankur-verma Glide Above The Clouds: Paragliding Adventure In Nandi Hills

Glide Above The Clouds: Paragliding Adventure In Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills is a well-known tourist destination located just 60 km from Bangalore. It is a picturesque hill station that offers a serene environment and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. In recent years, Nandi Hills has become popular among adventure sports enthusiasts, particularly for paragliding in bangalore
Paragliding is a thrilling adventure sport that provides an adrenaline rush like no other. It involves gliding through the air using a lightweight, free-flying glider that is steered by the pilot's weight and movements. Nandi Hills offers a perfect location for paragliding with its ideal wind conditions and scenic views.
The experienceparagliding in Nandi Hills starts with a safety briefing and a demonstration of the equipment. The pilot will help you put on the harness and other safety gear before taking off. Once you are ready, the pilot will signal you to run off the edge of the cliff and take off.
As you soar into the sky, you will be greeted with breathtaking views of the hills and valleys below. The feeling of weightlessness and the sensation of gliding through the air are truly unforgettable. You will be able to witness the beauty of Nandi Hills from a unique perspective, above the clouds.
The flight lasts for about 10-15 minutes, depending on the wind conditions. The pilot will guide you through the flight and may perform some acrobatic manoeuvres if you are feeling adventurous. As you approach the landing area, the pilot will instruct you on how to land safely.
Paragliding in Nandi Hills is a safe and thrilling experience that is suitable for people of all ages. The equipment used is state-of-the-art, and the pilots are highly trained professionals who prioritise safety. The best time to go paragliding in Nandi Hills is during the months of October to May when the weather is ideal for flying.
paragliding in Nandi Hills is an adventure that you should not miss if you are visiting the area. It is a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of Nandi Hills from a new perspective, and the thrill of flying above the clouds is truly unforgettable. So, put on your harness and get ready to soar high in the skies with paragliding in Nandi Hills
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2023.03.22 18:00 OddCupOfTea Which job would look better for when I apply for my desired job in the US?

I am in the process of obtaining a CR1 visa to join my husband in the US. There I would like to work for an airport or airline as ground staff/service staff since I really love to interact with customers and want to make sure I get use out of being bilingual.
I have 2 job offers in my home country, Germany, and am struggling to decide which would built me better credit for the future in the US. I was hoping perhaps some people from the US can help me with some judgement. Maybe even someone who works the job I want to aim for in the US myself.
One is as a train attendant with DB, a train attendant is basically a flight attendant for long distance passenger trains with a few more/different tasks due to the difference of vehicle. DB is one of Germanies biggest companies and have branches in cargo shipping as well as air cargo and of course cargo trains. They are internationally well known for mostly cargo transportation. O would go through 2 months of fully paid training before taking an exam and becoming a certified train attendant, which would basically be a proof of education in customer service. They do offer me better vacation times and payment which is why at first glance I would lead towards this job.
The second offer I just got came from Fraport Care, which is the Frankfurt Airport, one of Germanies biggest international airports. The position offered is called Service Agent and work entails assisting disabled passengers as well as overall customer service within the airport (leading people to their gates, providing information about the airport layout, bringing materials from one place to the other). For this job there's no school to be passed first and no official certification. It pays a bit less and gives me less vacation, also just has generally less benefits for me privately.
It is an airport job and obviously Fraport is an internationally well known name, however I wonder if this job would give me better credit since it already was at the "same" workplace just in a different country, or if other factors might actually proof the other choice to be better, such as having proof of an education in customer service on top of just work experience.
I am having a hard time making a decision so I would be grateful for any and all input.
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2023.03.22 17:59 AUWarEagle82 Two Inmates Tunnel Out Of Virginia Jail, Are Captured 9 Hours Later at IHOP

Two Inmates Tunnel Out Of Virginia Jail, Are Captured 9 Hours Later at IHOP
Two men who escaped from a jail in Newport News, Virginia were recaptured less than 12 hours later at an IHOP one city over, the Newport News Sheriff's Office said on Tuesday.
The inmates, John Garza and Arley Nemo, were found missing during a head count at the Newport News Jail Annex on Monday night, the NNSO said in a news release.
When their disappearance around 7:15 Monday night was investigated, authorities found that the two men "had tunneled through a cell wall leading to the exterior and proceeded to scale the security wall," the NNSO said.
According to the NNSO, Garza and Nemo used "a construction design weakness" to their advantage, creating a hole in the wall with "primitive-made tools" made out of "a toothbrush and a metal object."
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2023.03.22 17:57 aashishkoirala 3rd Rock Reference

In what is probably my best on-screen reference, there's an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun where Shatner, who plays John Lithgow's boss, visits. Lithgow portrays Shatner's role from Nightmare at 20000 Feet in the movie version. Lithgow asks "How was the flight?" Shatner- "Not good. There was someone on the plane. Some. Thing!" Lithgow - "Hey, same thing happened to me!"
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2023.03.22 17:57 shesatacobelle Is this what she actually looks like? Because she went from looking airbrushed to looking like a mid 50’s grandma who tans too much and whose lipstick bleeds and who smokes Newports. Damn!

Is this what she actually looks like? Because she went from looking airbrushed to looking like a mid 50’s grandma who tans too much and whose lipstick bleeds and who smokes Newports. Damn! submitted by shesatacobelle to TurtleCreekLane [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 17:54 Chefs_For_Impact Dinner w/ Top Chef Winner Buddha Lo - March 31 - Raising Funds for Youth Education

My non profit Chefs for Impact is hosting a fundraising dinner with Top Chef Season 19 Winner Buddha Lo on March 31st. Dinner will feature a 5 course menu with organic wine pairings from Grain de Sail and champagne from Champagne Telmont.
All proceeds go towards supporting our youth program and community garden initiative educating NYC students on food sustainability, nutrition, agriculture and culinary skills. Link to our programs here.
Please help us spread the word! We'd love to see you all there ! :)
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2023.03.22 17:53 Ashbin Virginia breakdown by City/County of new COVID Cases yesterday: March 21, 2023

Virginia breakdown by City/County of new COVID Cases yesterday - March 21, 2023
Locality shown followed by the number of known new COVID cases in parentheses.
My ability to get this data as current is only on Tuesdays, but they were a day late this week
This is a double listing. The first list is sorted by number of new cases today (descending order). The second list is sorted in alphabetical order of name of county/city.
Henrico County (68) Fairfax County (37) Richmond City (37) Prince William County (28) Virginia Beach (25) Chesterfield County (16) Augusta County (13) Frederick County (12) Accomack County (12) Loudoun County (11) Washington County (10) Newport News (8) Hanover County (8) Alexandria (7) Shenandoah County (7) Chesapeake (6) Albemarle County (6) Carroll County (6) Campbell County (6) Halifax County (6) Portsmouth (5) Roanoke City (5) Amherst County (5) Norfolk (4) Stafford County (4) Arlington County (4) Lynchburg (4) Wise County (4) Appomattox County (4) Orange County (4) Winchester (4) James City County (4) Lee County (4) Patrick County (4) Scott County (4) Hopewell (4) Henry County (4) Roanoke County (3) Suffolk (3) Rockbridge County (3) Harrisonburg (3) Prince Edward County (3) Grayson County (3) Caroline County (3) New Kent County (3) Tazewell County (3) Culpeper County (3) Russell County (3) Galax (3) Hampton (2) Wythe County (2) Spotsylvania County (2) Montgomery County (2) Bedford County (2) Petersburg (2) Pulaski County (2) Warren County (2) Charlottesville (2) Franklin County (2) Isle of Wight County (2) King George County (2) Amelia County (2) Danville (2) Falls Church (2) Cumberland County (2) King William County (2) Mecklenburg County (2) Alleghany County (2) Salem (2) Colonial Heights (1) King and Queen County (1) Martinsville (1) Dickenson County (1) Middlesex County (1) Dinwiddie County (1) Covington (1) Emporia (1) Floyd County (1) Franklin City (1) Radford (1) Bristol (1) Louisa County (1) Page County (1) Prince George County (1) Fairfax City (1) Greene County (1) Nottoway County (1) Northumberland County (1) Charles City County (1) Giles County (1) Powhatan County (1) Staunton (1) Waynesboro (1) Buckingham County (1) Gloucester County (1) Southampton County (1) Lunenburg County (1) Rappahannock County (1) Essex County (1) Lancaster County (1) Buchanan County (1) Richmond County (1) Fluvanna County (1) Rockingham County (0) York County (0) Fauquier County (0) Fredericksburg (0) Clarke County (0) Smyth County (0) Manassas (0) Poquoson (0) Buena Vista (0) Manassas Park (0) Botetourt County (0) Brunswick County (0) Northampton County (0) Madison County (0) Sussex County (0) Pittsylvania County (0) Charlotte County (0) Surry County (0) Norton (0) Williamsburg (0) Greensville County (0) Bland County (0) Westmoreland County (0) Mathews County (0) Craig County (0) Highland County (0) Bath County (0) Goochland County (0) Lexington (0) Nelson County (0)
Accomack County (12) Albemarle County (6) Alexandria (7) Alleghany County (2) Amelia County (2) Amherst County (5) Appomattox County (4) Arlington County (4) Augusta County (13) Bath County (0) Bedford County (2) Bland County (0) Botetourt County (0) Bristol (1) Brunswick County (0) Buchanan County (1) Buckingham County (1) Buena Vista (0) Campbell County (6) Caroline County (3) Carroll County (6) Charles City County (1) Charlotte County (0) Charlottesville (2) Chesapeake (6) Chesterfield County (16) Clarke County (0) Colonial Heights (1) Covington (1) Craig County (0) Culpeper County (3) Cumberland County (2) Danville (2) Dickenson County (1) Dinwiddie County (1) Emporia (1) Essex County (1) Fairfax City (1) Fairfax County (37) Falls Church (2) Fauquier County (0) Floyd County (1) Fluvanna County (1) Franklin City (1) Franklin County (2) Frederick County (12) Fredericksburg (0) Galax (3) Giles County (1) Gloucester County (1) Goochland County (0) Grayson County (3) Greene County (1) Greensville County (0) Halifax County (6) Hampton (2) Hanover County (8) Harrisonburg (3) Henrico County (68) Henry County (4) Highland County (0) Hopewell (4) Isle of Wight County (2) James City County (4) King and Queen County (1) King George County (2) King William County (2) Lancaster County (1) Lee County (4) Lexington (0) Loudoun County (11) Louisa County (1) Lunenburg County (1) Lynchburg (4) Madison County (0) Manassas (0) Manassas Park (0) Martinsville (1) Mathews County (0) Mecklenburg County (2) Middlesex County (1) Montgomery County (2) Nelson County (0) New Kent County (3) Newport News (8) Norfolk (4) Northampton County (0) Northumberland County (1) Norton (0) Nottoway County (1) Orange County (4) Page County (1) Patrick County (4) Petersburg (2) Pittsylvania County (0) Poquoson (0) Portsmouth (5) Powhatan County (1) Prince Edward County (3) Prince George County (1) Prince William County (28) Pulaski County (2) Radford (1) Rappahannock County (1) Richmond City (37) Richmond County (1) Roanoke City (5) Roanoke County (3) Rockbridge County (3) Rockingham County (0) Russell County (3) Salem (2) Scott County (4) Shenandoah County (7) Smyth County (0) Southampton County (1) Spotsylvania County (2) Stafford County (4) Staunton (1) Suffolk (3) Surry County (0) Sussex County (0) Tazewell County (3) Virginia Beach (25) Warren County (2) Washington County (10) Waynesboro (1) Westmoreland County (0) Williamsburg (0) Winchester (4) Wise County (4) Wythe County (2) York County (0)
data from the VDH
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2023.03.22 17:52 skittleswithfiddles Taking 150~200k debt for university with aviation/flight training program work it?

Hi everyone! My brother is dreaming of becoming a pilot; he’s a senior in high school currently and has received several acceptances from colleges that have aviation programs and flight training. Currently, the cost is estimated to be around 60k per year per school, potentially 30k per year for the cheapest school (these prices already exclude the scholarships and federal loans offered). Our only option is to take private loans to cover that amount, and I’m the only one in my family currently qualified to be a co-signer (brother is not working and does not have credit). However, I am looking to pursue law school next year and I don’t know how much being a co-signer on such big student loans with impact my own borrowing ability for grad school. would anyone advise if these prices/loans seem reasonable/ justified for aviation and if there are ways others have made it work?
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2023.03.22 17:52 bluethreads Moving a roll of carpet upstairs.

Hi. I just got my new carpet delivered. I was able to get it in the door but I need to drag it up one flight of stairs and am struggling. It is rolled up in plastic packaging. I was wondering if some advice can be given to me to try to make this task more manageable for me?
I tried to push it up from the bottom, but it gets stuck on the step that the top of the rug is on. I’d like to be able to do this on my own without assistance. Thank you.
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2023.03.22 17:51 Didi848 Cancelled and refund of booking without notifying

Hey! Thanks in advance for any comment, and sorry for any typo and mistake as in writing from my phone and English is my second language.
I bought a ticket yesterdaybwith Turkish Airlines. However, today when trying to manage my flight, a box popped saying that there was some info missing and to contact the call center I called and was informed that my booking was cancelled and they were working on a refund that i would receive within 7 days. Th explanation was that i might have cancelled it or the bank refused the payment.. But i NEVER cancelled my booking and the bank confirm that the payment was made. After, insisting, they said that it might had something to do with their platform. My problem is that i was never notified of this cancellation, and if not decided to manage my flight, i would have gone toe flight day to the airport and find out there that i had no right to fly. In this sense, I'd like to know if this happened to someone else, and what happened. Also if you recommend to buy the ticket again, of course on different dates.
Thank you again!
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2023.03.22 17:50 ForeverVoids Downstate vs Umass

Hello, need some help choosing between these two

Downstate Pros:
- Cheaper (lets say by 20k a year)
- Close to home, could possibly commute
- In the area I want to do a residency in (absolutely prefer being a physician in NYC / Long Island)
- Pass / Fail foundational courses
- Mostly optional lectures

Downstate Cons:
- Significantly lower ranked then Umass (As in #35 vs not even in top 100)
- Not a vibrant area / faciilities are a bit old
- Tiered rotations (honors / high pass / etc...)

Umass Pros:
- Higher ranked
- Beautiful Campus
- Stonger programs / newer facilities
- Online lectures (although "lectures can be mandated at faculties discretion")
- Pass fail foundational courses

Umass Cons:
- Seems like most students end up doing residency in Mass, I'd really like to be back in NYC, would the prestige of Umass not make up for the location preference Downstate has for an NYC residency?
- Far from family
- 20k a year more expensive roughly (could be more, haven't gotten my package yet)
- Graded cleerkships / internships / electives

Thank you! I guess it really boils down to "will I be better off at Downstate if I want to be a physician in NYC, or does the prestige of Umass matter more"
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2023.03.22 17:50 CampaignHelpful4859 Newbie to switching - £975 in < 5 months

Cutting up yet another bank card (lol) in anticipation of a switch completing tomorrow, and took some time to calculate the bonuses from switching over the last 5 months - a total of £975 pocketed with minimal effort.
Starling > Nationwide: £200 - paid November ‘22
Nationwide > HSBC: £200 - paid December ‘22
HSBC > Lloyds: £200 - paid Feb ‘23
VM > NatWest: £200 - paid Mar ‘23
TSB > Halifax: £175 - paid Mar ‘23
In flight:
Lloyds > Santander: switch completed in feb, awaiting £200 bonus if successful
Monzo > RBS: switch due to complete end of March, £200 if successful
Thank you beermoneyuk.
As someone who had one current account (going on 15 years) as well as one international spending card, my eyes have been opened to all the possible switching incentives from having a few lying around :)
Would reccomend keeping a spreadsheet of what accounts were opened and when incentives were paid for the next round of incentives next year 😆
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2023.03.22 17:49 Icy_Head_3851 Using Amex MR for United flights

Hi all,
I have been playing around with Amex MR and United for a one way flight from LIS (Lisbon) to EWR (Newark), and whilst I can find sweet deals on United (30k miles one way), I cannot seem to find the same deals through any of the other star alliance members (Krisflyer, Lifemiles, Air Canada). And of course I know Amex MR points cannot transfer over to United unfortunately... Any tips/hacks/recommendations from any of you? Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.22 17:46 Ohsin LVM3-M3 : OneWeb India-2 Mission Updates and Discussion

LVM3-M3/OneWeb India-2 launch is scheduled at 0900 (IST) / 0330 (UTC), 26 March 2023 from Second Launch Pad of SDSC (SHAR).
Live webcast: (Links will be added as they become available)
LVM3-M3/OneWeb India-2 Mission Page LVM3-M3/OneWeb India-2 Gallery LVM3-M3/OneWeb India-2 Press kit(PDF)
Some highlights:
Time of Event Update
19 Mar 2023 Vehicle transferred to pad from SVAB in rainy condition. Mission Readiness Review expected on 24 March 2023.
15 Mar 2023 Time of launch firms up for 0900 (IST) / 0330 (UTC), 26 March 2023.
13 Mar 2023 Payload encapsulation complete.
10 Mar 2023 NOTAM gets issued with 26 March being date of launch.
11 Feb 2023 C25 upper stage reached SDSC-SHAR.
27 Jan 2023 OneWeb satellites arrive.
13 Jan 2023 Launch campaign began.
28 Oct 2022 CE20 engine acceptance tested for the LVM3-M3 mission.
Primary Payload:
OneWeb Gen-1 satellites (~147.5 kg each): The satellites (36 nos.) belong to UK based firm OneWeb for its planned constellation in Low Earth Orbit to provide low-latency broadband communication services. OneWeb entered into launch contract with NSIL after Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 disrupted their previous arrangements involving Russian space agency.[1] [2] This would be eighteenth launch for OneWeb and final one needed to provide global coverage.[3]
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2023.03.22 17:46 Kwitt319908 Getting my passport

Hello All!
I applied online for a renewal on 12/29/22. I did not do expedited processing. I am traveling 4/1. I still have not received my passport and cannot seem to ever even get through to the 1800#.

Please note:
I am NOT traveling internationally. However I made the mistake of not getting a Federal ID when I renewed my license. (This was a DUMB mistake on my part, one I will not do again).
Per this website it says I can use my current ID until 2025. REAL ID Transportation Security Administration (
However I have family members that are worried that it will not work and I will be turned away from our flight.

I don't believe I will be receiving my passport in time. I can't get through to the 1800#. I have contacted my local Congress Woman for assistance.

Has anyone traveled successfully without a REAL ID?

Thank you for your assistance.
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2023.03.22 17:44 Chance-Ad4773 [US/Thailand] - Mother in law needs to renew her Thai passport, but has legal issues in Thailand. What kind of lawyer should we contact?

I am an American citizen, living in the US with my wife, who is an American citizen born in Thailand (got her citizenship in 2018). My wife's mother (hereafter referred to as MIL) is a Thai citizen living in the United States as a permanent resident since 2000.
We are planning a trip to Thailand, and MIL's Thai passport is expired. There are legal complications preventing her from renewing her passport. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get information out of her, in either English or Thai. From what we understand, the house she lived in in Thailand in the 1990s was foreclosed on after she moved to the United States and she has some sort of outstanding debt for that house. Our understanding is that the Thai embassy doesn't want to grant her a passport because of her debt, however she is currently living in the United States so the flight risk isn't exactly a real problem since she's already out of the country.
On top of everything, MIL doesn't want to talk to a lawyer because she's pretty frugal; she thinks she can navigate this thing herself but it's pretty clear to us that this whole thing is way more complicated than any of us know how to deal with.
I don't expect a solution with this limited information, but it seems like a kind of unique legal situation; we need some kind of immigration/bankruptcy lawyer for Thailand, but operating for US based clients. Where should I begin to untangle this thing?
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2023.03.22 17:42 Wildest_winters Lorelai the traditionalist and Rory the free spirit?

On the surface, Rory is the straight laced, traditional one and Lorelai is the bohemian free spirit. But underneath I think it’s swapped!
Hear me out: while on the surface Lorelai rejects what she ‘should’ do, she actually wants a traditional life - a steady job, marriage to a good man, life in a small, white picket fence, borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbour town. She doesn’t understand why Rory was drawn to Jess and Logan when Mr Family Values good ol boy Dean was right there.
Rory, on the other hand, is drawn to unpredictable, exciting men and chooses a career that’s unstable and ‘feast or famine’. She wants to see the world, and wants to live in NYC. She never really talks about marriage (in fact, I can see her living with a guy but never getting married) and she turns the offer of a rich, comfortable life as a married woman to go and live on a tour bus and chase her dreams.
Even by her 30s (which isn’t old at all, I’m 30s), while she’s getting worn out, she still doesn’t seem inclined to ‘settle down’ - she doesn’t want to be a teacher, she’s still jet setting across the world and talking about moving from Brooklyn to Queens because it’s a cool vibe.
It was just something I’ve noticed and wondered if others thought the same?
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2023.03.22 17:40 MikeinLasVegas U.S. Citizen Traveling to the Philippines, question about Return Flight / Onward Travel Requirement

I am planning a trip to the Philippines this summer and I was planning to book a one way ticket from the US. I am planning to stay for at least a month but possibly longer so I thought I would just decide on a return flight date once I have already been there a while. I was reading that there is a requirement for a US citizen to have a return flight booked or at least some kind of onward travel flight booked out of the Philippines. What is my best option to satisfy this requirement? It looked like the airlines flying out of Manila do not offer free cancellation. Should I just book the cheapest flight I can find to somewhere close like Thailand and eat the cost of those tickets? Thanks very much.
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2023.03.22 17:38 ProfessionThink2729 Complementary Upgrade Confusion

Hi all,
I booked flights for my family for a trip this summer. I called AA and wanted to upgrade my father in law from basic to first and initially they said it would be a few hundred bucks. I told the rep I was interested but would have to call back to check with my wife if my FIL would rather fly as a group together or be in first (he’s that type of guy).
Fast forward. I check my app and my father in laws seat assignment is empty and it only allows me to select a first class ticket.
I selected him a seat in first and then called AA twice to which they said it was a complementary upgrade. I called to ensure it was valid and we wouldn’t get to the airport and he would be without a seat.
My confusion is that this is our first time flying AA and I’m not a frequent flyer and usually upgrades are for FFs.
Has anyone experienced this?
I’m still somewhat nervous we get there and he doesn’t have a seat due to a glitch.
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