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2019.05.27 07:50 jack0641 Elden Ring

This is the subreddit for the Elden Ring gaming community. Elden Ring is an action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between, sometime after the Shattering of the titular Elden Ring. Players must explore and fight their way through the vast open-world to unite all the shards, restore the Elden Ring, and become Elden Lord. Elden Ring was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. It was developed by FromSoft and published by Bandai Namco.

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Shitty Dark Souls is a community that celebrates the awesomeness, and often shittiness of the game Dark Souls, as well as the rest of the 'Souls' universe. Whereas /DarkSouls is a community around Dark Souls that is more discussion oriented in nature, /ShittyDarkSouls is about playful, and charming comics that mock and/or poke fun at the Dark Souls universe.

2016.04.07 21:46 SoulsBorne Character Sliders

Post your SoulsBorne/Elden Ring character sliders here!

2023.05.30 13:57 Least-Nerve2515 Weird lumps on my body but doctors say it’s nothing

So I’ve been getting lumps on my body since I was 16. The first I noticed was on my shins, two lumps which wide spread across the width of my shins. They were both in the exact same place on each leg. I got an ultrasound for it and it was passed of as a muscle hernia. They said it’s cause by physical/sport activities. Strange thing is that I never ever ever do sports nor move much, so I don’t really understand how I got it.
I’ve now noticed the same lumps growing on my arms and ankles, and I think it is a muscle hernia since it gets real hard when I flex my muscles. I just don’t understand how I’m getting these because I’ve had no trauma to my body to cause these. The ones on my arms appeared suddenly, I felt a burning sensation down my arms and the lump was absolutely boiling. It settled down after a bit but now I’m left with constant ache down my arm and weakness. I am gonna ask my mum to make me an appointment but I feel like nothing will be done so I dunno what to do. Is there a condition that randomly makes muscle hernias appear or something? I doubt its anything serious but I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on if it’s a possible condition or anything in general
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2023.05.30 13:57 JustGiveMeADamnAcc Does this sound like autism w adhd to you? Text + Diagram.

Does this sound like autism w adhd to you? Text + Diagram.
First of all I don't want an diagnosis from any of you, I know you can't do that. But rather I'd like how much this sounds like autism and/or how much it doesn't. This will be long so be prepared. Also you can look at the diagram I posted, I don't think im gifted but it was just the best diagram I could find.
I am cis male, 15 years old. I got diagnosed with adhd when I was an grade school. My parents took me to a professional since I always got into fights. There I got medicated for a few years I learned how to force myself to do things and barely anyone in my class would even guess I have adhd, everyone I told I had it, said I am way to quiet and/or don't seem like someone with adhd. The adhd diagnosis really answered a lot of things for me, but I still feel like it doesn't explain everything.
I have a friend who, tho not diagnosed probably has adhd. I can relate to him, but I'd say or biggest difference is that I crave order and routine while he doesn't give a crap about it.
I want my room to be organised and don't like it when it isn't. Also I am a very picky eater, I don't like most vegetables. I can't eat onions because of the way they're put in layers. Bitting in them makes me naseous. Also I can't stand it when food touches other food, I often use multiple plates. I can't go into shoes without socks, not even house shoes. I remember in kindergarten we had specific fiber and touching that would make me shiver all over my body, it's still like that to this day. I had multiple jackets that had to be thrown away because of this. Also I have trouble changing my shoes when they start getting too used. I can have troubles switching from hoodies to long sleeved shirts and the other way around, but it's not like that every year. When a room has small things like lego or magnetic balls (Just small things) laying on the floor, I get naseous as well. I don't really have breakdowns/ meltdowns but around a month ago I was walking on a path and there were insects flying towards my face as well as pollen flying in the air, I got overwhelmed and had a literall breakdown. I also hate eating outside because of insects, and when walking in the summer these flying spider webs, pollen and other insects make me go crazy. I don't really have big problems with sound tho.
I have heard that people with autism don't like touch, but while I am quite ticklish and and don't like light touch, I enjoy tougheharder touch and also cuddling.
When my routine gets interupted, I am usually fine and sometimes I even go meet my friends without knowing what's gonna happen. This gets worse when im under stress tho and sometimes can get so overwhelmed in these cases. Other times my day's just ruined without aparrent reason and I can't seem to "chill", especially when a lot of things happen on said day, driving to my grandma and I don't know exactly when and how things will happen as an example. On these days small things can annoy me quite a lot. Also I wouldn't say I have that big of a routine.
Sometimes I just zone out from conversations thinking about whatever im interested in the moment or letting my gaze wander around. Often I will walk around in circles for an hour or two thinking about something im interested in. Also I will fidget with everything I can get my hands on and have pretty much my entire life, to this day bitten my nails. I also do repetive hand movements and press my hands against each other in ways I cant even describe.
My parents have told me before im mean to them, and sometimes just ignore them. Im not sure if that's just my parents saying weird shit tho. I have "infodumped" my parents multiple times, and also do so regularly with others.
I am able to talk to people and don't seem to have to many problems with that. I absolutely prefer talking about my interests, but can have small talk, though it usually ends after talking about which tests are coming up next. I don't like looking people in the eyes but can do it. I like being alone but also enjoy being with others, prefferably closer friends tho. I don't like meeting new ppl, but overall I'd say I don't have too many difficulties with social interactions.
Also there are things which I think I enjoy but I don't think am hyperfixated on, like cooking simple meals when my parents aren't in the kitchen (They just annoy me when I do my thing), also I like doing my laundry, it's so calming. I also have no insanely big trouble understanding non literal jokes and am not particularly bad at understanding how people feel. I prefer one on one conversations tho since it makes things clearer. I am not obsessed with numbers or dates and do not notice every single detail/ remember license plates.
One thing that really makes me doubt having autism is that I never really had social problems. I had a pretty good childhood with friends, did kid shit and nothing really seemed out of the ordanary, except for me being way to energetic, punching kids and having a hard time learning things I didn't care about, while easily learning things I cared about. I was not like the children in these "How autism looks in a child" videos. So is it my adhd masking my autism, or do I just not have autism?
Funnily enough as I am writing this today was one of these annoyed days. It started out with my dad wanting to go shopping with me for clothes, after I had just spend 3 days together with them at my grandma's + I hate shopping for clothes. So I already started out annoyed but it got gradually worse with everything around me being more irritating and ended with me wanting to go to my room, only communicating through "Mhm" and "Emhme". I wanted to just throw myself to the ground. I am very hungry rn but don't wanna make myself smth to eat. I just hate everything. I am pretty sure I have had these kinds of days since I was little, since my parents mention them a lot.
I feel like if I have autism it is heavily masked by my adhd.
This post feels like it's written really shitty and I hate it, but I don't know why nor how to fix it.
I just kinda tried listing things I find "weird" about myself, things that make me doubt having autism and deny some things I saw in autism tests. Also I had kind of a hard time putting this together, honestly describing my feelings is so difficult. If there are things I haven't mentionend that you think might be important to know or have a question, you can ask in the comments, I will answer unless there's like 50 plus comments or smth, but under normal circumstances I will.
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2023.05.30 13:57 TemperatureDizzy3257 My MIL acts totally indifferent toward our kids.

I get it, not everyone wants to be a grandparent, but I don’t think this is the case here. When my MIL found out that I was pregnant, she was overjoyed. Up until my oldest was maybe a 18 months old, she seemed like she really wanted to be involved. She bought them cute gifts and doted on them.
However, my kids are now 4.5 and 3. She seems totally indifferent toward them. She doesn’t ever ask to see them. She never asks my husband or myself how they’re doing. She rarely sees them and when she’s with them, barely interacts.
When we do get together and I mention something nice or sweet the kids did, her responses are so….weird. For example, my kids were playing and my youngest was watching his brother closely and copying his behavior. I said, “2 loves his big brother. He has to do everything he does.” I thought it was cute. She just said, “yeah, that’s what kids do. Get used to it.”
Another example is when my 4 year old was running around the yard. I said, “wow, he’s getting really good at running! He’s fast!” She said, “yeah, he’s 4. He should be able to run.”
I just don’t know anymore. She says she loves them and brags on Facebook about being a grandparent all the time, but it seems she could care less. I know I should just let it go, but it bothers me and I spend the entire time we are together and hours after feeling angry.
My husband husband says she’s weird. He spent his entire childhood tiptoeing around her moods. He says that while he loves her, she doesn’t expect too much from her anymore and just accepts this is how she is.
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2023.05.30 13:57 Certain_Suit_1905 I'm amazed by Anthony's ability to listen to music

He just... Keeps listening to it... I assume everyday, how else are you supposed to upload reviews every single day. Doesn't seem to get tired of it.
And not just listening to music. Listening to new music. I get exhausted after like three new albums and kinda go back to one of my favs. Sometimes I just get tired of music all together.
And I consider music my main interest and being pretty passionate about it.
He has powerful brain for music I think.
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2023.05.30 13:56 AstraHospital1 Types of Arthritis – Significance of an Early Diagnosis

Types of Arthritis – Significance of an Early Diagnosis

Right through the journey called life, our body goes through a lot of grinds. However, in the process, we do face hardships in the form of stiffness in our joints, pain in the ankles and knees and at times, difficulty in walking properly.
Are we welcoming Arthritis in this case?! Well, in the worst case, we might well be!
However, there is no need to panic. According to the best orthopaedic doctors in Bangalore associated with Astra Hospital, rapid advancements in medical science have infused not just hope but even more confidence among people that we can succeed in defeating Arthritis.
It is all about being aware of the condition and arriving at the best solution.
What is Arthritis?
As per efficient doctors associated with Astra Hospital, Bangalore, when we talk about the rough grind our body is subjected to, we also discuss the possible after effects. Arthritis is one such after effect; a medical condition where one or more joints experience swelling and tenderness. This usually worsens with age and is seen as a more common cause of discomfort among senior citizens.
Types of Arthritis
Eminent orthopaedic surgeons working with the best orthopaedic hospital in Bangalore are of the opinion that Arthritis can affect anyone irrespective of age. But it is predominantly the elderly who are more prone and vulnerable.
Some of the common forms of Arthritis are:
  • Osteoarthritis – This condition impacts joints in your Hands, Knees, Hips and Spine
  • Psoriatic Arthritis – This condition occurs in people who suffer from a worsening skin disease called Psoriasis.
  • Reactive Arthritis – This is a joint pain and swelling triggered by an infection in another part of your body — most often your intestines, genitals or urinary tract.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – This is a chronic inflammatory disorder which affects more than just joints. It can include key body organs like the lungs, heart, eyes and blood vessels.
Doctors at Astra Hospital indicate that in addition to the above commonly observed types of Arthritis, some of the other conditions faced notably by the elderly include, Ankylosing Spondylitis.
Symptoms of Arthritis
Orthopaedic specialists in Bangalore at Astra Hospital suggest that it is very crucial to get in touch with your Orthopaedic Consultant if you observe one or more of the following symptoms:
  • Joint Pain
  • Stiffness in the joint
  • Swelling or inflammation in the joint
  • Redness observed in the joint
  • Decreased range of motion
Treatment for Arthritis
Vastly experienced doctors at Astra Hospital are recognised and trusted as the best Multispeciality Hospital in Bangalore opine that the early arthritis is diagnosed, the best possible is the chance to treat it faster. Arthritis can be a really painful thing to handle. However, what really matters is the quick and correct diagnosis and the right type of medical attention, at the right time, from the right source.
Depending upon the complexity of the condition, your doctor would suggest medical therapies or surgical interventions. For sure you would like to say Goodbye to Arthritis forever and welcome a painless life. For many of us, life may begin at 40, but so does Arthritis! How best to prevent Arthritis. Our expert doctors at Bangalore’s best hospital, with a proven track record of successfully curing more than 1000 cases will guide you along.
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2023.05.30 13:56 plutoinaquarius Hobonichi Techo Spring 2023 Quote — 5.28.2023

教えることっていうのは、何かを奪ってしまうことだとも思うんですよね。絵の描き方を教えるときにも「こう描くと立体感が出るよ」という教え方じゃなくて、その人からほとばしってくるものを遮らずに、長所を見つけて褒めることが大事だと思うんです。でも、教えようとすると型にはめてしまいがちです。教えるつでうことは、方法を教えるってだけじゃないですよね。 ——箭内道彦さんが『誰もが発信できるこの世の中でコピーライターに…』の中で
Oshieru koto tte iu no wa, nanika o ubatte shimau kotodatomo omou ndesu yo ne. Enokakikata o oshieru toki ni mo `kō kaku to rittai-kan ga deru yo' to iu oshie-kata janakute, sono hito kara hotobashitte kuru mono o saegirazu ni, chōsho o mitsukete homeru koto ga daijida to omou ndesu. Demo, oshieyou to suruto kata ni hamete shimai-gachidesu. Oshierutsudeu koto wa, hōhō o oshieru tte dake janaidesu yo ne. ——Yanai michihiko-san ga “daremoga hasshin dekiru konoyo no naka de kopīraitā ni…” no naka de
I also think that to teach is to take away something. When teaching how to draw, I think it's important not to say, "If you draw like this, you'll get a three-dimensional effect." is. But when I try to teach, I tend to fit into a mold. Teaching isn't just about teaching how. ——In Michihiko Yanai's book "Becoming a copywriter in this world where anyone can send messages..."
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2023.05.30 13:56 Comedywriter1 Question about Jim Moss (and Gene)

Was Jim just throwing Gene under the bus about the money as revenge for the guy getting involved with his daughter? Surely he didn’t truly believe an idiot like Gene was involved with drug lords, manipulating Barry, etc.
Also how was an idiot like Gene able to disappear for that long after he shot his son? Seems like he would have left an easy trail for law enforcement to follow?
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2023.05.30 13:56 Pitiful-Ad773 DM forces romance between DMPC and my character

This is my first dnd 5e game with strangers. For years, I have been playing with close friends but schedules and busy lives sadly stopped our weekly games.
The DM of that game mentions to me that they know another dm who is looking for players, I say im interested, he hooks us up and I join the game.
DM of this game is female. I am a straight male and so is my cleric character. The only other player is a minmaxer straight female playing a female hexblade paladin with polearm sentinel. The genders will be important later...
So the dm told us that since the party is so small, she will be adding an npc who will help us out here and there. That npc turned out to be a male dmpc rogue who is always 2 levels above us plus magic items. They dont just "help here and there", no no, they straight up take the spotlight. Often being the one dealing the final blow against bosses. But more on that later.
I need to mention that nearly all the npcs are male, some of which have romantic relationships with each other. Literally the only female npcs are the villains, usually the seductresses or femme fatale types.
So we got around two sessions in and immediately I dont like the dmpc. The dm always inserts the dmpc in every scene with my character. I notice that its difficult for my cleric to bond with the minmaxer because every time I try to rp with the minmaxer, the dmpc butts in.
The first instance where it becomes a big problem is when we were fighting one of the main villainesses. She was hiding behind hostages but we end up pummeling her and kicking her ass pretty good, mostly thanks to the minmaxer's absurd crits. We told the dmpc to go help the hostages instead while we handle the villainess. The dmpc argues against it. Sometimes it feels like the dm herself is arguing against us, telling us that its a bad idea. After a bit of back and forth, we finally got the dmpc to leave combat and help the hostages.
Finally, a combat where someone else deals the final blow- oh wait nevermind im down. Yep, the moment the dmpc leaves, the villainess one shots me. The dm excitedly says "bet someone's wishing dmpc was here right now." That ticked me off a bit but whatevs, minmaxer will fix this. The minmaxer goes and use up smites, deals absurd amount of damage and the villainess somehow survives and paralyzes the minmaxer. No saves. Just one hit then bam, paralyzed.
With both pcs out of commission, the dm describes how the villainess was about to finish me off as shes about to step on my head. Then a bit of silence as she played some heroic music and proceeds to describe how the dmpc just came right on time to rescue me, and how he was so angry and furious that he let me go down in his watch bla bla bla. The villainess got scared shitless and tried to seduce him but he says theres only one person he loves blablabla. Yeah dmpc one shots the villainess.
When both me and the minmaxer recovered, the dmpc proceeds to scold us about how we sre too weak and how we are reckless. The DM was also very obviously trying to hint that he is being harsh because he cares. Yeah, no, I dont care. I was planning to leave. But I didnt. And thats because of minmaxer.
After the dmpc leaves the scene for the first time (dm expected me to go after them and console them) my character and the minmaxer finally got to roleplay together meaningfully. We bonded over our near feath experience and her character was a lot of fun and was very sweet. The dm inserted a scene where she describes how the "savior" of the day ends up alone and ends the session.
I spoke to the dm about it, and feels as though this rogue of hers is like a dmpc. She saif dont worry the rogue will only be around for 1 arc. I worry but whatever. The roleplay with minmaxer was enough for me to give this another session. I at least have something to look forward to.
Comes next session, the dmpc is now flirting with my character. No build up to it, just randomly decides to be flirty. He was also kinda mean to minmaxer. Every time she speaks, he acts like shes being dumb. And the dm just makes things happen narratively to prove that she was indeed being dumb.
We got into a fight with a villainess.. a character from my bckstory who.. wasnt supposed to be evil. It was my aunt who was also my mentor. Naturally my character would want to speak with them and try to understand whats going and wont throw hands right away.
The dmpc on the otherhand wants to kill her. He had this whole speech about love and choosing who you love and im like, that has nothing to do with why I wanna talk to my aunt. Half of it was the dm herself explaining things and giving me meta knowledge to prove that my aunt is now pure evil that puts satan to shame.
Aunt then nearly one shots me that comes with a stun that has a ridiculous save DC for our level, and dmpc was going to slay her, minmaxer tries to intervene as she wants to nonlethally take down my aunt for my sake but the dm wasnt having any of it. Even when my aunt was downed, dmpc executes her.
This, of course, enraged my character. The dmpc says that im ungrateful and that he saved my life. The dm also says that ooc. The dmpc stormed off, once again, expecting me to go after them but I dont.
Once again, minmaxer got space to roleplay with me. She consoled my character and it led to a very bittersweet wholesome moment. We both even saw potential development toward romance in the future, and she jokingly says "I ship it"
At that moment, the dm just straights up tells me that my character feels an overwhelming guilt in his heart. I told her thats not how my character feels rn. So she gets the dmpc to come to me instead and that he looks so heart broken and hurt by me. F*ck like I care. But apparently my character does care as the dm describes how my character feels tight in his chest seeing the dmpc like this, I cut her off and say "stop controlling my character this is messed up!" Poor choice of words on my part because now shes accusing me of being homophobic and told me I should be more open to guy on guy relationships. Specifically guy on guy.. she doesnt even say gay relationships.
At this point im done. The line between Me and my character starts to blurr, and I did some immature things. I angrily ask the dmpc what they want. The dmpc tries to tell me to "snap out of it". Im like wut? The dmpc proceeds to accuse my character of being seduced by the villainess, who was my AUNT. Both in and out of character I just wanna attack the dmpc for saying such sh*t so I told the dm I cast guiding bolt on the dmpc. The dm straight up tells me I need to roll a wis save to be able to attack someone I love.
What. The. F*CK.
Know what? Im not even gonna argue ill roll that save and continue my attack. Being a cleric, I have good wis so I saved. I hit the dmpc, who is then described to unleash a frightening aura and approaches my character.. but he gets stopped dead on his tracks! By the minmaxer's polearm master sentinel combo. It was glorious how minmaxer interrupts the dm describing the dmpc being all edgy.
The dm tries to argue that its out of character for minmaxer and that this would break her oath because my character is the one who attacked first. Minmaxer argues well enough that it is in their character and wont break their oath. So the attack happens but it misses as the dm randomly gave the dmpc the ability to parry as a reaction which they never had before. I point out that minmaxer gets to attack with advantage due to my guiding bolt, so minmaxer rolls again and rolls higher than the the dmpc's ac+parry. So yeah, he gets stopped but noooo the dm says that cant do that yet and must roll initiative first. We try to argue that it was a reaction but the dm wont budge. Fine. Being a rogue, dmpc had the highest dex and so he rolles the highest. He proceeds to approach my character, the minmaxer tries to use their reaction but the dm says they cant, because initiative started with the dmpc already in minmaxer's reach and thus did not enter her reach. Bull. Sh!t.
So yeah the dmpc gave their speech about love and betrayal and downs me. Which allows minmaxer to use their sentinel reaction as the dm made an attack. It misses. But she points out that guiding bolt is still active, which even I forgot. So she rolls again, crit. Dmpc barely survives with uncanny dodge. Minmaxer's turn now... she proceeds to one turn the dmpc. Even with his 2 levels advantage and magic items. He goes down and minmaxer goes for the kill.
Dm cant even lie about his hp because we know how much hp he has as dm always says "its funny how the rogue has this much more hp than the paladin" well duh, theyre got 2 levels higher. So yes, dmpc is just dead dead.
DM leaves mid call without saying a word.
Last I heard dm talked to my previous dm, trying to paint me and minmaxer as the mysoginist assholes. Well theres always 2 sides to the story I suppose.
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2023.05.30 13:56 siwwywabbitsnap This is a long shot, but does anyone here have experience with Chorea gravidarum/recurring Sydenham’s chorea?

Long story short, I had rheumatic fever as a child and one of my symptoms was Sydenham’s chorea. It was bad. I was basically bed ridden for a while. I recovered fin me though.
Here I am, almost 20 years later, 15 weeks pregnant, and I have been noticing some of the same lack of motor skills developing mainly when talking. It feels almost the exact same as Sydenham’s. I scoured the internet for individual experiences, but I am wondering if any of you have had similar conditions and what your experience was like? How long did it take for you to return to usual? How bad did it get fake you?
Thanks in advance for any advice or anecdotes.
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2023.05.30 13:55 Plastic-Success-7605 How do i remove filters? (Mac Vers)

so i accidentally added a capcut pro filter to the thing im working on, i cant figure out how to get rid of it, im on the Mac version of capcut
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2023.05.30 13:55 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (Latest Editions)

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2023.05.30 13:55 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - Occam's Razor (Complete)

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2023.05.30 13:55 Smack2k Azure Virtual Desktop - Performance Testing

Two questions
  1. Does anyone know of a good tool or application that can be used to test out performance of Azure Virtual Desktop machines? I am looking at switching a pool of VMs that house 180+ applications on each VM, (many of which are GPU intensive applications) from the NVsv3 series to the newer NVads_A10 v5 series machines. In our time using the NVsv3 series, we found that for users to have a decent experience, we had to set the VMs to 2vCPU per user. So, NV24sv3 VMs would allow 12 users max on each VM. Anymore users and the CPU's pegged making the VMs unresponsive. I am not sure how this would correspond on the newer NVads VMs as they have newer processors with more threads / etc.
  2. Does anyone know of any tweaks we could use to make GPU performance better for users? With 180+ applications on each VM and users going in and out of the VMs, we see rendering times and other GPU intensive processes take considerably longer on the Virtual Machines than we would see on a desktop computer. I'm not certain if there is anything we can do in this area with our current setup, but wanted to ask. I know if we had seperate pools for certain applications, we would see much better times, but that can get very expensive.
Appreciate any insights or assistance.
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2023.05.30 13:54 mehtaspeaks Welcome to Quriverse 👋 world's 1st Anime social platform from India is now Live 🔥

Welcome to Quriverse 👋 world's 1st Anime social platform from India is now Live 🔥

What's Quriverse?

We @ quriverse are building the world 1st Anime tailored community platform for the Fans and creators. It’s home for all things Anime - fans communities, Anime themed chats, Content from top creators, keeping track of anime you’ve watched - It’s simply fun : ) We also help creators, animators, artists to create and monetize their content or skills. So you can think of it in this way that what discord is to gaming ; Behance is to design ; Quriverse is to Anime. Within a week of launch we've scaled to 10k users and almost 500k messages exchanged in total. Will love to have your support 🫂

How do I join in?

Simply hop on to https://quriverse.com/ and complete the registration process and enter the "INDSPK" ( all caps ) to get inside. See you on the other side 🫂

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2023.05.30 13:54 Perfect_Sprinkles_28 My (30M) BF (30F) calls me his future wife. I asked him to stop after he said when pressed he won’t be ready to get engaged for at least 18 months.

About four months into our relationship my boyfriend started hinting at wanting to get engaged. We’ve now been together 9 months and he calls me his future wife, calls me by his last name and talks about “our wedding” most days. He asked me to go ring shopping multiple times but when I finally agreed he was cagey about it.
I eventually brought up the topic very directly and he said he couldn’t see himself being ready to contemplate getting engaged for another year and a half due to having had bad relationships in the past. He and I both have trauma from previous relationships and we had a disagreement this week when I found out he still follows his abusive ex (she doesn’t follow him back) and has liked some of her photos in the past year. I don’t think he is cheating or would cheat but I worry it’s a red flag and sign he’s not ready to make a lifelong commitment to anyone.
I wasn’t particularly interested in getting married, I’ve never initiated a conversation about it and rebuffed conversations for the first 8 months but I feel quite confused about how he’s handled this. It seems quite reckless to me to refer to someone as your future wife when you can’t see yourself even proposing for years.
I spoke to him about it and he said he’s sorry for how he handled things and does see a future with me he just needs more time to be sure. I feel quite awkward about the situation now, like I couldn’t see myself marrying him and the way he’s handled this is a bad sign for our relationship. Is this fair or was it just an honest misunderstanding?
TL;DR - among other things (like ring shopping) my boyfriend refers to me as his future wife when he’s not ready to get engaged for 18 months.
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2023.05.30 13:54 RojaaZu92 My Girlfriend crashed our car into yesterday and I feel so bad

We didn't argue necessarily, more so I was angry at her about something that I felt she didn't quite understand and just didn't want to talk to her much the night before. I had to work from 10pm to 6am and she was going out with her friends. She drank a little and didn't want to drive home so she spent the night. I got off at 6 and went to sleep. I had my phone on DND partly because I was angry at her and because I wanted to get some rest without.. you know being disturbed. I'm knocked out, and suddenly our roommate knocks on the door, says my gf was in an accident. After getting a lyft to the hospital and checking on her, she was okay. She swerved off the road and hit tree, airbags deployed and she broke her ankle somehow, idk I've never been in an accident that bad. She was so scared, she's a very fragile girl. She's very small, only 4'11" she had to have heart surgery when she was born, so she has a weak heart. She can't remember how it happened. She said she didn't drink at all before she left, and she didn't drink enough the night before to have still been intoxicated. I trust her, she doesn't drink alot. She has really bad ADHD, and I think she may have spaced out while driving. She seriously says she can't remember, and she was fully conscious. I just feel so guilty and stupid, I ignored her because I was upset about something not even that serious and I know she's okay now but I could help but dwell on "what if she died" and my dumb ass was asleep with my phone on silent. I feel so stupid.. I'm just glad she's alive.
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2023.05.30 13:54 Gilette2000 How to sleep ? (Looking for help from fellow sleepy dwarves of Verkal Dromak)

How to play as Verkal Dromak ? We all now that we have to start as rajnadhaga and get the event to play as the adventurer in the tree of stone. Travel toward the command border, and then somehow conquer Verkal Dromak and make it your home ! But I seems to miss a step or two, and I would need help on how to reach the my goal of forming Verkal Dromak and finaly get some sleep !
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2023.05.30 13:54 astongroup How to Get a Successful Business in Dubai - Aston Advisory Group

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