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StarTribune: Readers weigh in on Denny Sanford and his billions

2023.03.11 16:44 lasocs StarTribune: Readers weigh in on Denny Sanford and his billions

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2023.03.11 16:43 lasocs StarTribune: Readers weigh in on Denny Sanford and his billions

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2023.02.26 20:26 lasocs StarTribune: 'Climate justice' would be taught under bill sponsored by senator-meteorologist

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2023.02.08 12:52 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Entertainment] - ‘Not Dead Yet’ review: Gina Rodriguez plays an obituary writer who sees ghosts Chicago Tribune

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2023.02.03 00:46 lasocs Federal judge John Tunheim clears way for new Minnesota vacancy with senior status (StarTribune)

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2023.01.27 16:50 jookco Death and Obituary News : Adeleke vs. Oyetola: Tribunal sacks Adeleke against 2022 electoral act.

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2023.01.19 16:30 GenealogyGuin lookip

Looking for a relative's obituary:
Tampa Tribune 4 dec 2010 Rose Ann Hines Wambles Goss. Billy Ray Wambles predeceased her as did her second husband, Warren Goss & son Billy Ray Jr.
Is a place of burial listed? Her find a grave is inaccurate, and she is not located in the cemetery listed there. (I checked this week)
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2023.01.17 02:03 Mycosymphonics_77 Charlene Maxwell (Née Lockwood) Obituary

Marisol leafs through the Thornwood Tribune and finally comes to the last page where she notices the name Charlene
Charlene died peacefully in her home at 3: 37 AM in Rosewater, with her butler, and firstborn son, Ambrose Weatherby by her side. She lived to be 56. Born to a small family in the local public broadcasting, Charlene Maxwell, was always destined for bigger things. Phillip and Charlene were childhood neighbors, though it wasn't until the death of his first wife, that they were able to be united in matrimony. Her lavish parties in her younger days made her both a prominent and divisive figure around town. After the love of her life, Phillip Maxwell's mysterious disappearance aboard the HMS Scarlet four years earlier, she took over the Maxwell estate and oil company. During this time she was inconsolable and developed a particular interest in the occult. She was known to host hours long seances and tarot readings which were the center of a number of paranormal investigations over the years. Apart from this, she became increasingly involved in the development anti-aging serums and so-called fountain of youths. She donated a substantial amount to charities as companies claiming to reverse aging, most notably Radiance Inc., a product that is primarily petroleum jelly based. She is survived by her now three children, Tatiana, Lucinda, and Ambrose and will be profoundly missed. A service will be held this Wednesday.
She cuts the obituary out and pins it to a cork board among a myriad of other newspaper clippings and bits of evidence. In the background music can be heard
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2023.01.15 17:17 lasocs StarTribune: Minnesota man freed after 'erroneous and incomplete evidence' imprisoned him for nearly 25 years

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2023.01.11 07:38 Intrepid_Wanderer #SayTheirNames: Emmeko Reed

29-year-old Emmeko Celine Reed was one of many maternal deaths at facilities run by FPA (Family Planning Associates). Others include but are not limited to Kenniah Epps, Susan Levy, 13-year-old Deanna Bell, Josefina Garcia, 17-year-old Laniece Dorsey, 16-year-old Patricia Chacon, Denise Holmes, 18-year-old Christine Mora, Joyce Ortenzio, Chanelle Bryant, Maria Rodriguez, Ta Tanisha Wesson, 16-year-old Nakia Jorden, 19-year-old Tami Suematsu and Kimberly K. Neil.
Emmeko underwent a “safe and legal” abortion at an FPA facility in San Diego. The abortionist scarred her uterus. The injury was 6 centimeters long and the myometrium in that area was scraped thin.
When Emmeko was pregnant again later, her uterus ruptured along the scar. Her son died and soon after, she did too. She was rushed to the hospital with abdominal pain and went into emergency surgery, where doctors discovered that her uterus was ruptured. Doctors performed an emergency C-section, but Emmeko and her son died on February 23, 2002.
The autopsy showed the damage done by the abortion and how a complication Emmeko had no idea about had killed her. Although Emmeko had a C-section scar, it had not ruptured or reopened. The strangely linear rupture in her uterus was the site of the abortion injury.
Her family sued the abortion facility.
Emmeko’s death was not included in CDC statistics on deaths from legal abortion because California does not submit abortion statistics to the FDA.
"United States, GenealogyBank Obituaries, Births, and Marriages 1980-2014," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 11 November 2022), Emmeko C Reed, California, United States, 23 Feb 2002; from "Recent Newspaper Obituaries (1977 - Today)," database, ( : 2014); citing San Diego Union-Tribune, The, born-digital text.
autopsy report (will be uploaded soon)
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2023.01.11 05:24 newswall-org Former King of Greece Constantine II dies at 82 (via Reuters)

Visit article from Reuters (Grade: A+) or alternatively:
Source (Grade) Link to article
Associated Press (A) Constantine, the former and last king of Greece, dies at 82
Guardian (C+) Last king of Greece, Constantine II, dies aged 82
Chicago Tribune (A-) Constantine, the former and last king of Greece, dies at the age of 82
Mint (B-) [Constantine, the former and last king of Greece, dies at 82 \
More: Former King of Greece ... FAQ & Grades I'm a bot
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2023.01.05 12:25 damagedgoodz99824 Some more picture finds.

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2023.01.04 14:01 web_of_slime FULL STORY: Local Capitol riot suspect pleads guilty - Meadville Tribune

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2022.12.29 21:31 OSINTUkraine Sarajevo's agony echoes as Ukraine braces for a dark winter - Meadville Tribune

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2022.12.28 18:32 4blockhead SL Tribune, obituary: Arnie Ferrin (1925-2022) member of Univ. of Utah champion basketball teams, UofU athletic director

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2022.12.26 20:54 Redundantfridge Iron Four

"Dearest Elena,
As the war ends for me, I have no regrets. The horrors that transpired here have taken their toll on me. I hope fate has been more merciful to you. Our time among the stars is brief, and mine has been filled with so much joy, that I can only be thankful for how much I've been blessed. Most specially for the wonder you brought into my life.
This letter will be the last time I will speak to you. I've been found guilty by a military court for the death of an officer. I had to, or all of my men would've been butchered. Putting that man down was the sanest thing I have done amongst the madness. Though I failed the ones who have passed, I know my sacrifice has not been in vain. I fought for a far land under siege and my liberty, my honor is assured. Since it is the will of God to separate us even beyond the Earth, I hope we'll meet again in heaven. Keep me in your prayers.
Your loving Papa."
-Sergeant Gerald Gillibrand [42], 40 Commando Royal Marines.
"To the coward who shoots me dead,
Congratulations, you killed a man stripped down of his rank, dignity and probably blindfolded so I don't stare you down out of spite. My men kill glory-seeking hounds, sending us all through the meat grinder, and what do we get? Public execution.
I witnessed my parents get shot for sport by the Turkish Army. I nearly died a worm's death on the streets of Hakkâri. When I couldn't beat poverty, I ended up in the same military that destroyed my family. I thought you Xenos would be better than us, but as it turns out we're all the same.
I wanted to die with purpose, knowing that my life wasn't worthless. Now I see that it was fated that I die on the streets like a mangy mutt, because of a piece of shit Paper Tiger Chain of Command beyond the stars.
I hope the memory of my death haunts you. When you return to your family and pick up your first born, you will see my face. I was a fool to dream of my ultimate happiness.
Do you feel like a hero by shooting a dog?"
-Staff Sergeant Vildan Zurafa [28] Turkish 2nd Army, 4th Corps, 28th Mechanized Infantry Brigade.
"To whomever reads my obituary,
What am I doing here? How did I get here? I should be back home, continuing my studies and tending my family grave. I should be getting a therapy dog to cuddle with me at night, not hug my rifle every time I hear my Commanding Officer shout what sounds good to him.
Everything he has said was a lie or shortsighted, his immediate chain of command are too complacent or afraid to argue with him. That man ignored the complaints and recommendations of even our senior enlisted. We tried to tell him, many times, only to get guns pointed at us to move forward.
The last battle, it was charge forward and die trying, or move back to get shot for cowardice. It just so happened that my Commanding Officer was right there, he was close. Perfect range for my service rifle, even for me; even if he had men acting as his meat shields. The shot was clear as day. If I had to get my first confirmed kill, this man deserved it the most.
I turned to end this madness, but before I could fire, my battle buddy jammed his finger into my trigger guard and he pulled out his sidearm.
All hell broke loose even further, but it ultimately stopped our advance. I can at least be proud of that.
Mom. Dad. Everyone. I'm sorry. Our bloodline ends with me."
-Private Dietz Eisenkop [17] German 41st Panzergrenadier Brigade.
"I write this in honor of everyone I have put into the ground.
This was a long time coming. I knew this day would come. There was already so much blood on my hands before I joined, but being here, those numbers increased exponentially.
I don't think most of the men quite realize that most of the soldiers we are up against are really young, and beyond fucked up on drugs. I know what that looks like. I know what that feels like. Putting them down is a mercy. If the battle doesn't kill them, the ramifications afterwards will, slowly.
Genuinely speaking, I already intended on shooting General Rovelle dead. He was supposed to be my last kill, but then I saw my friend Dietz raise his damn gun at him. That was basically a signal for a full-on mutiny boogaloo, because I actually saw other men start raising their guns directly at the General's group.
It's a Fiasco Brother, and not the fun type. I really wanted to be the only one to take the fall, but it is what it is. I still have no idea how Staff Sergeant Zurafa got dragged into the execution with us, even after the impromptu military court charges. The man wasn't even there.
To the 268 people I killed, I'm coming with you, even if you're looking down on me."
-Corporal Isaac Lecubarri [26] Spanish 12th Brigade "Guadarrama".
When the battlefield found peace after days of fighting, the tribunal found time to officially finish off the four humans.
On a particularly cold day, where snow began to stack higher than the pounded down rubble, four barely dressed humans were escorted to their final resting place.
Walking past rows upon rows of fellow soldiers, human or otherwise. A mixture of men who survived because of the General's death and the reinforcements were on standby to be witnesses.
As the four men walked by the columns, a multitude of the men either saluted or took off their helmets and rested it against their chest. In quiet solemn prayer or bitter discontent, the atmosphere grew morbidly volatile.
For a few of them, their trigger fingers were itching. Some, their hands quietly trembled on their holstered sidearms. A gentle shake of a head from the Staff Sergeant or the oldest of the four caused some to reconsider, but not all.
At the end of the line, four rotting posts were waiting for them. All of them were blindfolded and tied to the posts. Paper was placed against their chest, where their heart should be. While the four awaited death, a line of troops came forward and the officer in charge of the proceeding came up from behind.
"Ready!" The executioners presented arms. "Aim!"
A mix of human and xeno, all the same they shook, but not from the frigid cold. Even the ones who weren't part of the unit faltered in their conviction. From the most naive recruit to the densest officer, the shaking muzzles said it all.
The man in charge, in spite of giving the order, hesitated. He gave a regretful glance.
"F-" Even after preparing his mind, the officer couldn't announce the order. Staff Sergeant Zurafa's face grimaced and contorted in an unspeakable amount of wrath. His mouth opened, as far as physically conceivable.
"FIRE!" A command with such authority appropriate for warships glassing a planet was given to a firing squad. All the executioners fired simultaneously. The sounds of gunfire became lost in the frozen air and became a tragic echo even far across the broken cityscape. In spite of that, it did not reach the same dominating air as the Staff Sergeant's command.
All four men unceremoniously slumped to the ground, unmoving. While some of the executioners settled their firearms back down, a few others still trained their sights on the fallen. One even fell to his knees, as if he was the one who got shot.
The formation of troops were wordlessly dispersed, leaving behind the four corpses on a world far from home.
Their bodies were never properly returned back to earth. Only by the secret photographs taken within the formation, and eyewitness accounts of the soldiers who lived to see the end of the Siege of Rycher, did the truth ever come to light.
All four men were pardoned, and were given posthumous awards for their contributions and service. Though they found their honors in military cemeteries, only one family could truly remember their sacrifice.
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2022.12.10 13:00 DVDMoon This has Norm written all over it...

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2022.12.08 14:36 JacobOwl I love my Khan

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2022.12.04 00:39 FatimaMansioned 1993 Newspaper article by journalist Nat Hentoff, strongly criticizing the Frank Maco handling of the Woody Allen case

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2022.11.26 21:44 TylerbioRodriguez Kill your Darlings, how even your favorite books are sometimes wrong (featuring mostly the Eastland Disaster)

Hey everyone its been a while. Sorry, life keeps getting in the way. I do have something special, a deconstruction of my favorite book ever made and how your favorites are also never perfect.
Many people have favorite pieces of literature, sometimes its hard to pick one. Not for me, I've known my favorite book since my birthday in 2009. Its, The Sinking of the Eastland: Americas Forgotten Tragedy by Jay Bonansinga. Its from 2005 and its about the titular disaster on July 24th 1915, where a passengerliner rolled over in the Chicago River killing 844 people, most of whom were immigrants and worked at the Western Electric company.
Bonansinga isn't a historian, he's a novelist. He probably is best known for writing several Walking Dead novels for Robert Kirkman, but don't let that make it sound like its amateur when it comes to history. He interviewed every notable historian on the subject, from George W Hilton author of the 1997 book Eastland: Legacy of the Titanic to the Eastland Disaster Historical Society which was founded by descendants of survivors. He also interviewed the few remaining survivors, talked with relatives of survivors and went over about every unique newspaper article. The footnotes, citations and endnotes of this book is massive, one third the length even.
The book also incorporates period details of Chicago in 1915, the world as a whole, effect of ww1 on 1915 America, beginnings of ragtime and Jazz, great lakes history, shipping history, understandable engineering, and other relevant information. Its like the better parts of Devil in the White City when Erik Larson isn't quoting bs about HH Holmes.
Bonansinga uses his writing talents quite well to emphasize human stories and its done brutally effectively. Many passages make the heart weep and descriptions of the faces of deceased still contorted in ghastly expressions has stuck with me for over a decade.
It also features something I wish more historical works included. A list of what happened to all major historical figures, what lives they lived and how they died. I've done this in some of my writings as a nod to the book.
I could go on for hours, gushing about how much this book means to me and how much I adore it. Its a 10/10 in my opinion easy and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the Eastland. But enough of that, let's gut this sacred goose! Its not perfect and some of the errors it makes are fascinating due to how primary sources were written and preserved.
This book loves quoting the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times. Nothing wrong with that, a lot of primary accounts of the disaster showed up in those papers, Harlan E Babcock was a reporter at the scene and his descriptions are viseral. But this does lead to problems.
A minor example, in Sinking of the Eastland its written that a police officer had to babysit the children of families who went to morgue to find dead relatives. I checked the newspaper, it says there were two police officers not one, although the quality of the preserved paper is remarkably poor, so its likely the author couldn't tell.
Two more spectacular errors exist via this reliance on newspapers. When discussing the cleaning up of the picnic grounds the Eastland was meant to reach, it says the queen of the carnival, a miss Mary Clark, age 18, died in the disaster. I checked the New York Times page and it is correct, it says Mary Clark, voted prettiest girl at the company and queen of the parade, died in the sinking.
There's one problem, there is no Mary Clark listed as a victim of the sinking, and all victims were identified. There are some people who are claimed to be victims but cannot fully be confirmed, but even this list doesn't include a Mary Clark.
Now according to the Eastland Disaster Historical Society, there was a Mary Ceranek who was 17 and who died in the disaster. Its a fair assumption the NYT reporter was talking about Mary Ceranek and just made a mistake, no big deal.
Well... Mary Ceranek wasn't queen of the carnival. The New York Times claim was on July 26th two days after the sinking. About a month later in the Tribute, there's an obituary for a woman named Louise Radoll, age 26 who died on the Eastland. Its unusually long, comes with a photo of her, and says she was the queen of the carnival. This has been fact checked and confirmed by the Eastland Disaster Historical Society, although the newspaper was only recently digitized that featured this information.
So the book is half right, a woman named Mary who was 17 or 18 died and the queen of the parade died. They just happened to be two different people. But this is a person mentioned once in the book, its a minor detail. The next one isn't.
In the early chapters of the book two men are named quite frequently. Edward Bartlett and Leroy Bennett. They are called the Eastlands two bartenders, old 50 some boxers who fought at a place called George Kerwins Saloon in the 1890s and were the best of friends. They tried to save people when the ship capsized and were later found by divers when the bodies were being recovered. They died hugging each other and this was the last straw for some recovery divers who retired from the scene early.
If you check records, there is an Edward Bartlett and a Leroy Bennett listed as victims. So its correct right? Well... Bartlett is listed as the bartender and is 52. But Bennett.. is 21. He wasn't employed by the ship he was just a Western Electric worker, and his only sport was casually playing baseball. This humanly cannot be the same person mentioned in the book.
The citation is the Chicago Tribune listed July 25th 1915 and it has all the details plus Bennett having a waiter brother named George. There is no George Bennett listed as dying. I also cannot find a George Kerwin Saloon listed anywhere in the United States in the 1890s. But the divers did report seeing two people embracing each other in death in the bar room of the Eastland. I believe Edward Bartlett had been a former boxer who died embracing someone in the disaster, but the other person was misidentified and since this is the only source on the man at all beyond a grave marker, Bonansinga just went with it over nothing. Its unfortunate.
These are all related to the problem of reporting a big disaster correctly in the days after it occurs. Doubtless some people were reported dead or misidentified in the wake of Pearl Harbor or 9/11. Its just a truth of life, reporting up to the minute just isn't always accurate.
There's another error in the book and this isn't minor at all. The timeline of events, the Eastland sank at 7:30 AM this is reported by dozens of witnesses and double checked by historians as fact. Its also reported the ship reached full capacity at 7:10 AM, survivors of the ships crew reported this. But Sinking of the Eastland said it was at 7:20 AM that capacity of passengers was hit. No other book or documentary has ever claimed this and even I wrote it wrong when making my project on the ship.
But I see what happened. Capacity was reached at 7:10, but the gangway planks were not pulled back until 7:20. This was mentioned in the ships long court trial but said trial is a general mess so its easily misheard. Still it makes following the timeline a bit harder and that is a pain.
There's also an unfortunate angle thats used in one chapter that has led to the Eastland being used as a crudel by libertarians. Let me explain. One major cause of the disaster is that lifeboats were added to the ship after the Titanic due to Congress passing the Seamens Act of 1915. This bill made it that all ships operating under US law had to have lifeboats for all lives. This meant the ship was now far heavier. It definitely contributed to the sinking, and some people including Bonansinga has labeled the policy "an example of political correctness". This has led some naval libertarians to use the Eastland as a reason government regulation is bad.
Well the problem with that argument is that countless nations passed similars laws post 1912 and yet the Eastland is the only major shio disaster cited as being caused by it. Its because one, the Eastland was a terribly designed ship for about 20 reasons beginning the day it slid dwlowm the ramp and this law was more a last kick into the grave, and the US law made it that all ships had to make changes, compared to say Britain, which was all ships made post 1912. Its very infuriating to see 844 deaths used to say don't regulation pollution, and I wish the author hadn't said the Seamens Act was political correctness. The bill did good things include raise minimum pay and even made it harder to arrest a sailor for protesting or going on strike.
Lastly there's some general issues with material becoming outdated. George W Hiltons book and its conclusion on the Titanic causing Eastland is hardly discredited. But other theories have risen that disagree with it. Such as the 2015 book Ashes Under Water which puts more blame on company corruption and lack of safety features and less a government law. I find the book okay and the argument less then persuasive beyond making it clear multiple factors are at fault, but I know plenty of people trust it more then the Hilton book so its worth noting.
So... there's some dents in my favorite book and some to an extent that I recommend reading other books alongside it. Does this mean I'm gonna email Jay Bonansinga with a list of corrections and complaints? No, he's not a historian and I'm be an asshole. Am I gonna burn the book or recommend it less? No, hell I'm fine with people still using it as a major source of information.
Over the past few months, Ask a Mortician and Part Time Explorer have made documentaries on the Eastland and both quote Sinking of the Eastland, Ask a Mortician I think used it as her primary source even. Jay Bonansinga appears and his work is quoted in the 2019 documentary Eastland: Chicago's Deadliest Day and its the best documentary on the subject far as I care.
I just think its best to not be dogmatic when it comes to books. I at first assumed everyone was wrong, because of how much I trusted this book. I was naïve, nobody is 100 percent accurate. Hell I've made some embarrassing errors. Just, when writing or researching, always double check primary sources, citations, or other historians. Mistakes are much like life, inevitable, but it can be temporary, mistakes can be fixed or learned from.
The Sinking of the Eastland: Americas Forgotten Tragedy, Jay Bonansinga.
Eastland: Chicagos Deadliest Day, Moshman Productions.
Eastland: Legacy of the Titanic, George W Hilton.
Ashes Under Water: Eastland and the Shipwreck that Shook America, Michael McCarthy.
The Eastland Disaster Historical Society and specifically Todd Wackholz for the Tribune and New York Times papers.
Postsinthegraveyard and Findagrave for burial information.
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2022.11.19 16:27 MugShots Alleged stolen gas can baby wipes lead to homicide arrest - Meadville Tribune

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2022.11.08 21:25 jookco Death - Obituary News : RIP CONDOLENCES TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE 🙏✝️🙏✝️💙💙💙Hero Down: Jackson Police Department Cpl. Michael Tarrio Dies In Motorcycle Crash - The Police Tribune Click link below to read more..

Death - Obituary News : RIP CONDOLENCES TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE 🙏✝️🙏✝️💙💙💙Hero Down: Jackson Police Department Cpl. Michael Tarrio Dies In Motorcycle Crash - The Police Tribune Click link below to read more.. submitted by jookco to DeathObituaries [link] [comments]