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2023.03.22 17:39 Mellytoo This was a tinder first for me...

This was a tinder first for me...
Sorry for the multiple shots of the same part of the convo I kept screenshotting (is that a word) thinking it would be the end of the conversation and it just kept going. The convo ended after I sent a number of crisis line numbers and was unmatched.
I hope this dude is ok 😬
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2023.03.22 17:37 Dazzling_Relief_6050 Won the Shucked lottery -- went in knowing nothing except what I'd read on here. Review below!

Never posted a review before but here goes!! I won the Shucked lottery on my first try, and sat in the third row of the Mezzanine pretty far off to the side. The show ended up meeting my expectations: from what I’d read on here, I assumed it wouldn’t really be my cup of tea, but would still be a fun way to spend the evening. Some thoughts:
Overall, again, not my cup of tea, but there are much worse ways to spend a Tuesday evening! It was a delight to see some truly great performers, and I was happy for them that the crowd was enjoying it so much.
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2023.03.22 16:30 Capifinders CREATE VALUABLE CONTENT IN 5 STEPS


Due to social media, big companies and small entrepreneurs have the same tools to participate in the public market. What some call “marketing democracy”. However, the ocean of information that we navigate is about posting valuable content at the right moment, the best time and the perfect day possible, is what stands out and makes the difference. But, how can we produce valuable content? We’ll give you five easy steps.
Knowing what your client wants is essential. This will help you identify the positive and negative aspects of your valuable content strategy, whether it is current or in its initial stages.
A client goes through three phases:
  • Exploration (when they have a problem and they search for information to address their situation)
  • Consideration (once they are informed and knows the approach and methods to resolve their situation)
  • Decision (when they opt for a solution or strategy and can ultimately make the purchase.)
If you know which part of the circle you are in, you can create content that is niche and attractive.
Once you know which direction you’re headed and when you want to do it, you have to establish what is the objective of your strategy (attract visitors to your website, close a sale, delighting potential promoters of your brand).
When you identify your audience and the context to when to create content, this is the moment when you investigate keywords that your potential clients are searching for.
Use the language that they would use when making a search on the internet. You can start with the search trends in your sector, use social networks to research and use similar alternatives of the keywords you find.
Appeal to emotions like humor, fear, love or happiness to “hook” the audience. Content that is vulgar, repetitive, and poorly thought out will not achieve the wanted impact.
Remember that every social network has a type of audience and different interests. Generating identical content on every social network is a common error.
There are banner ad measurements that are different between Facebook and Instagram, for example.
Pinterest and Instagram are visual social networks (photos, videos, infographics, gifs) and, above all, there’s a lot of acceptance among women.
Another example is LinkedIn. This social network is for professionals. On LinkedIn, it is important to give reasons and hard facts.
It is important to be clear about setting a strategy and you must apply it in different ways according to the digital platform, as well as the audience you are targeting.
In addition, being present on social networks is not the end all be all of the company, it is the means to create a community around the brand. A brand that follows, comments and shares posts.
You shouldn’t forget about interaction. Responding to comments, suggestions and even complaints is always good.
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2023.03.22 15:22 KimmieBotGPT Wanna go outside? ❤️ Happy Tuesday 🥼

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91 37 comments [Post Game] PGT: Hats Off for Eichel!
89 12 comments Took advantage of a brief Adidas restock to finally get this!
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2023.03.22 15:06 britaliope Need to vent, need to talk, r/aita, lot of things in this post.

Hey people,
I'm writing this post because i'm a bit lost right now and need the objective opinion of people that i know will tell me the truth about me and won't try to protect my feelings. The friends i am currently talking to probably are, but my brain is not convinced and kinda need to speak to unknown people from the internet to help.
First, a bit of context : I(26)'ve been in a non-monogamous relationship with E(24) for 3.5 years now, and it have been clear that we both want non-monogamy since before we were a couple. Despite some downs including two big mistakes from my side it have gone pretty well, we managed to deal with the bad moments discussing together, and are able to openly communicate together about everything. We however both have our oun traumas and fears, that sometimes impact the communication between us but we always manage to overcome this after a reasonable amount of time (absolute max. few days, generaly hours).
Since ~1year, our relationship shifted progresivly from being non-momogamous to something closer of polyamory, and we both noticed that i was more poly than E, but she is OK with that as long as i am her priority, which i am. We met people together, and also we both met people solo, and in these those cases we both noticed that i was more prone to engage in romantic feelings with the people that i met than she was with the people she met. This triggers some of hers insecurities, but she is OK with this and i do my best to help us with these and reassure her about the fact that i am her priority, and i am obviously here for her any time she needs it.
E have a strong depression problem. I have one too. Not the same, but some parts of our depressions are similar. We both thought about suicide in the past. I was pretty close to commit and after 6 years i still don't know what prevented me to do it. The consequences of our depressions on our lifes varies over time. We both support eachother with those issues. I've kicked her ass for more than 1 year for her to finally accept to find the help of trained medical people. She kicked mine for months for the same reason. Overall, i'd say that mine have less consequences on my everyday's life than her's. Overall i'm well, my job suffer some consequenses at some time, and i have a hard time to trust myself in some subjects, but overall it does not affect my personnal life that much.
E, on her side, is having since forever big downs quite regularly. I've always been here to support her as much as i can, by messages or calls if i was not here, with hugs and stuff if i was here, trying to talk to her, comfort her, but also give her space if she needs it. I'll never let her down because i love her. Most of the times so far, i was able to call her out when she tries to hid that she is in a big down. When this happens, i try to talk to her and help her to speak, telling her that i won't judge or anything, and if it doesn't work i just wait a few hours, give her space and just be here if she needs and try again afterwards to see if it is better. It always went well, and talking to me helped her every time.
We bought a house together 1 month ago (we lived together in a rented appartment for the past 3 years). Past months have been both incredibely great and stressful at the same time for this exact reason. I forgot how exhausting moving home was. The first few days the metal load was relatively dispatched between us, but since then i carried almost everything. I moved the rest of the stuff laying around in our previous house alone, i've did the cleaning alone, and until last sunday all the boxes that have been unpacked and organized in the new flat was my work. I knew something like this would happen, she is having organization problems since i met her, and we already had some arguments about this to try to fix things and it went good mostly. Note that our previous flat was too small for us and impossible to organize correctly because of missing space. I am OK with this and don't expect her to do 50/50 on this part, as she makes it up on other things, like cooking, cleaning bathroom, etc. We do adjustements when necessary through the power of good communication, and it's not too bad. Important for later : when i try to have a discussion with her about organize the stuff she lays around in the living room / kitchen, this is very hard for her because it triggers some of her fears and traumas. Generally it ends up by her sorting few things and then being very very tired and can't do anything for few hours. I am of course here to help her to overcome this and in the long run it have been pretty efficient, she improved a lot about this. Moving homes was very exhausting and stressing for both of us, and i undersand why it was hard for her to help when it is triggering her fears.
Last friday, this have changed for the first time. She sucessfully hid a significative part of her current mood until monday. Here is the timeline of the events as i lived them, and i'll try to put my interpretation of what she told me and friends of how the lived these events, but obviously i can't speak for her.
On friday evening, she came back from a long day she spend 300km away to give training job interviews to students of her previous university. She did this on her free time and took a day off to do this. Some friends of us from other part of the country were also coming in town the same evening and i was in town with friends of both of us to hang out and we waited for one of the friends who was coming to eat. E was arriving 40min later, and it was not clear if she wanted to eat with us or not (she send me texts to tell me she was not really hungry, and really tired. Because of the mobile network coverage in the train, she did not awnser when i asked her if she wanted to come or not). So we went to eat in a fast food and E called me when she arrived. I told her because people were hungry and i didn't know if she was coming or not, i did not asked everyone to wait for her 40min more (it was already quite late). I told her were we were, she came and immediately left. I found it a bit strange but not much, it was not surprising, not the first time she came by to say hello and go back home because she were tired. When we finally talked on monday, i learned that she felt abandoned by her friends because we did not wait for her, and didn't left a seat in the table we were at.
I came back friday evening, went to sleep with her, she looked tired, nothing really strange, we talked a bit and both fell asleep.
On saturday, she went with a group of friends to a reading club out of town, and came back around 2pm (this was planned long in advance). Nothing looked strange afterwards, and i went climbing in town and we met again in town in the evening to attend to a concert (long planned). The athmosphere here was a bit weird at the beginning (because the 1st part DJ was, uhh, just strange, and we did not expect to be ones of the oldest persons in the room) but it was good, and we came back home, do usual stuff, talk a bit, have hugs, sleep.
On sunday morning i went for a hike with friends (planned for weeks). Sunday evening, a party was planned with everyone at the hike as well as other people at our new house to celebrate the event. I asked her if she could organize some of the things laying over in the house and buy a couple things to eat because we didn't found time to do it before. In the end, i found time to buy drinks before the hike, so i told her this was handled. When i came back from the hike, she was in the couch watching netflix, didn't went to buy food because she wake up too late (she felt really bad about this, like she has failed me and was the worst person of the world for this. Usually i notice it and comfort her, this time i didn't notice) and everything that was laying around in the flat was still here. I started to sort these things and she asked me if she could wait the end to her episode before helping me, i told her to do as she want and get to work. I was a bit harsh in the way of telling this but was starting to be really tired of handling all the mental load and was a bit tired.
After some time, she and i had a small argument, where i told her that i was really tired of doing everything, and needed help. It was really hard for me to be honest with her at this time, and i needed to take a moment aside in the room after this. During this time, she did so much for the flat i was really stonned. When we had this kind of argument before, she was only able to do only one or two things before being exhausted for hours. I went out to congratulate her and be with her, and she was in the bed in the guests room. She looked exhausted and a bit "off". I was not really surprised nor worried as as i said, she was usually tired after these kind of moments and this time she did way more than she ever did.
The party at our home started. Before and during the party i went to see her at several moments, stayed with her, tried to talk to her or just be here. Sometimes she was talking a bit, some times she was sleeping. She looked really tired and what i thought was anger against herself. I tried to help her a bit, but she was not receptive at all and really off. After coming like 4 or 5 times over ~6 hours, i essentially gave up and decided that tomorrow she would feel better (as she always do in these cases) and to enjoy the party. I learned on Monday that in fact she was in a suicide crisis, felt abandonned by everyone, and was talking about this to a couple of mutual friends in private but successfully hid her mood to me. Her friends were really worried, but haven't talked to me at this time because they guessed she was not talking to me and it was difficult to them to inform me without her consent.
When the party came to an end, and almost everyone left, a friend of us (M) and me started to get really close, and we finished in the guest room bed together (E moved to the main room bed at the beginning of the party; the guest room bed have already been used in this context and it was perfectly OK for both of us). E and I both thought M was really cute and have already talked lauthing about the fact that if she was okay we would invite her in our bed without hesitation. At the beginning, M (who knew we were poly because we're open about this) asked anyway if E was OK, to which i awnsered yes. Won't give details about our night, but i ended sleeping with her this night, and both M and I really liked it and had a good time.
The next day (Monday), E was at work and still very distant. She awnser to basic messages about the time she will come back home, which bus she take, but not to these about how she feels, which was very suspicious. Overall the convo was really ankward. At this time i began to suspect something really bad was happening. When she came back home, she still felt off, like sunday afternoon, and her mood cleary haven't passed over night as it always did before. At this time (and she confirmed it was only at this time, and i trust her), she understood that i had an affair with M, and felt very angry about it. She felt abandonned and layed aside at a moment were she was really depressed. She felt betrayed by me. On my side, i also felt betrayed. We started to talk, and i understood she was feeling really bad and haven't talk to me (I understand why, it is difficult to speak of our own problems, and i have a similar problem. i don't hold it against her, but i felt betrayed anyway). After some hours of conversation and time on our side, she showed me the texts she just sent to a friend about how she felt that i betrayed her. I told her we were not living in the same world, and did not lived the events the same. At this time, we understood that she thought i knew she was feeling really bad the whole week-end including sunday night while i was with M, while i had no clue she was feeling abandonned and alone, i just thought she was angry against herself and very tired.
Looking back, there are some clues that i could have notice but i havent. But it's hard to notice every clue. She didn't talked to me at all of how she felt, and reproach me to act like i didn't know how she felt. I don't know how to feel about this.
After talking to this a bit with her, and to the friends she was talking to while she was unable to talk to me, everyone seems to agree that i can't read minds and what i did was OK with the info i had. E also understood it, and told me that if i spend a night with M at any other moment, she would only feel joy and jealousy to not be here to enjoy M with me (we joke a lot about this). She also told me that it could have been anything else, in this situation, she would have felt similarly. She also said me that at least, it "woke her up" and made her feel things again (in a sense, feeling that you want to commit suicide is feeling something, and as she was feeling nothing before, she felt it was kinda an improvement. Kinda hard to agree but i see the idea. Fortunately i was able to prevent her to do anything, and now she's safe).
Monday night, she was close to commit suicide. I prevented her to do this. I hid any object she could use to hurt herself at some place she will never look for, and as she was falling asleep i didn't wake her up. Tuesday morning, i brought her to the city psychiatry urgency department. We spend all day there, and in the end is interned for at least a few days, and she is kinda happy about this (she know this is for the best).
Now my existencial questions:
Is what i did wrong ? AmItheAsshole for sleeping with M in this situation ? What do you think about all this ?
I'll send her a link to this post. If she awnser to some comments here and break anonymity, i'll edit this post with her u/username.
PS: This post ended up well longer than what i thought. Thank you for everyone who read it and share his thoughts in the comments. Please, be honest with me. Now it time for me to go see her, the visits are starting.
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2023.03.22 14:56 kealoly-3 Meetings becoming more of a Trigger

It's getting harder and harder to sit through meetings(PIMO/Q); last Tuesday Night's meeting the study conductor and one commenter literally said that sex before marriage, adultery, homosexuality, etc is in the same group as child molestation/rape/sexual abuse. Usually, I'm successful at tuning out the info and people speaking either by daydreaming or drawing in a book, but I had to take a moment and control my facial expression after hearing that.
like, excuse me? Okay if those things are just as bad, why aren't SO many brothers getting disfellowshiped for CSA?? It was such hypocritical statements and I'm not even sure if most know it was hypocritical; do any in the congregation I attend know what's going on, or has been going on for that matter???
Meetings exhaust me mentally now; plus having to act like I'm engaged in conversation and so happy to see people. It's funny how easy the latter part is, cause once I greet them back and say I'm fine and ask them back; they're usually already walking away to greet another person. And the amount of repeated same questions asked shows they don't retain any information, "How's work, still working at so-so." I've been unemployed and focusing on school for a while now, and that job they said wasn't even the current job I had, was the one I'd left. And that's honestly the main question they automatically ask; annoying and a little saddening in the sense that This is what I'm afraid of not having? A community that doesn't really feel authentic and is based on conditional love??
I wish I could physically reach into my head and change the since infancy-trained subconscious that I'm stuck with...
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2023.03.22 14:30 AquaticMeerkat Are we still talking about the farm?

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2023.03.22 13:56 MorgansConvenience Happy Tuesday everybody!

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2023.03.22 12:49 ApricotObvious8893 Happy Tuesday Indictment Day!

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9 u/Useless_Archives 42341 19 u/Hangzhounike 20834 29 u/blaZikeN_257 12932 39 u/976chip 9382 49 u/myownwildthoughts 5846
10 u/3D_Guernsey 40527 20 u/MyNameSpaghette 20802 30 u/dhtikna 11945 40 u/acidcomplex_ 9250 50 u/Zombiepixlz-gamr 5417


Templates Examples
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2: Reinfield asks his master if he’s ok 2: It’s a s*** show once again
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3: Dracula with the “oooh” look 3: Barely hanging on
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This week
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2: Reinfield asks his master if he’s ok 2: Come back here and lose with honor!
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3: Galavant realizes he’s out of shape 3: It’s a s*** show once again
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This month
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2: Reinfield asks his master if he’s ok 2: Well now what
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2: Frankenstein template 2: She's never going to let you down... or let you go....
    Author: u/amirlopez     Author: u/_The_Entire_Circus_
    Score: 233     Score: 1856
3: "Pretty Flowers" template 3: Facepalm or genius?
    Author: u/amirlopez     Author: u/Large-Wheel-4181
    Score: 210     Score: 1474
All Time
1: New Sonic movie template 1: Heavily inspired by Hannah Hillam
    Author: u/Spudtastic-Spastic     Author: u/Short_Shots
    Score: 1616     Score: 112930
2: Credit to u/mallow_dip 2: The gif that started it all
    Author: u/Yemris     Author: u/Whymanwhy12
    Score: 1614     Score: 99404
3: An Upgrade 3: I once called Hulk Shrek.
    Author: u/0Markus0     Author: u/Shiteingann
    Score: 1533     Score: 97200
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2023.03.22 12:07 ever_sticky_puppy How my first game got 700+ wishlists in its first 2 weeks on Steam - Announcement Postmortem

I’m a first-time solo game developer and I recently announced my prehistoric 4X strategy game, Folk Emerging, where players lead nomadic families through the Stone Age.
With no marketing experience, I had no reason to expect much from the announcement. I just hoped to scrape by with the bare minimum number of wishlists to justify spending the next year or two polishing the game.
Chris Zukowski has a great blog post about what to expect from launching a Steam page. The key point is that games with the potential to perform well will usually gather >150 wishlists in the first 2 weeks. If you get less, something is likely wrong.
I had no reason to expect that I’d surpass the 150 wishlist threshold, let alone gather 700+ wishlists in the first 2 weeks! It’s no viral hit, but certainly more than I hoped for.
This post outlines how I went about it, what worked, and what didn’t.

Prepping for the Announcement

Folk Emerging started off as a procedural map generator in November 2021, running in a janky, slow Python notebook. It evolved into a game and I switched to Unity in February 2022, but it was still a hobby project and progress was slow.
I initially thought it would be good to delay talking about the game until I had a playable demo to share. However, I spent most of my free time in 2022 banging my head against Unity and getting core systems working (e.g. tribes, individuals, foodwebs, cultures, shaders, UI, etc). By the end of the year, a quality demo still felt far away and I still hadn’t started marketing the game.
When I was laid-off in November 2022, I used the opportunity to switch to working full-time on this project for a couple of months. I finally decoupled the marketing from the demo, and prioritized getting out a Steam page. I should have done this way earlier.

In December 2022, I joined Twitter (@CuriousDynamics), started networking with people in the industry, and sharing the first tidbits of the game with the world.
This proved very useful because it got me making screenshots, GIFs, and videos. It helped focus my gamedev efforts on the elements that would best help marketing (e.g. finalizing the art style, showing a variety of environments, clarifying the core gameplay loops).
I made sure to connect with other gamedevs in related genres, journalists who’d written about similar games, and others across the industry. I found friendly communities like #TurnBasedThursday and got a sense of which aspects of the game attracted the most/least attention.

I refrained from sharing anything about the game on Reddit during this period, so that when it came time to announce, I would be able to post on the big gaming-related subreddits without breaking their rules (only 10% of your site-wide posts can be self-promo).
One common marketing tip is to make random unrelated posts (e.g. cat pictures) to “save up” for self-promo. I don’t have a cat and don’t enjoy posting just for the sake of it, so I’ve tried to find topics I’m actually interested in and post questions to the AskXYZ subreddits. For example, I’m curious about history / anthropology / biology, so I’ve been posting questions in communities like AskAnthropology and have learned a lot in the process.

Steam Page Assets
The top priority was making the Steam page assets (art, trailer, GIFs, descriptions), so I focused on polishing the UI and gameplay enough to be presentable. The fine folks over at the How To Market A Game discord gave very useful feedback — it’s a community every gamedev should check out! Also be sure to check out Chris Zukowski’s excellent free class on How To Make A Steam Page.
For the art, I worked with a professional artist, and we took our time to ensure the Steam capsules captured the vibe of the game.
For the “About this Game” section of the Steam page, I narrowed down 4 core elements of the gameplay, and made a GIF, custom section header, and paragraph for each one. GIF files can’t be too large on Steam, so I had to find a balance between GIF quality and file size.
In the text, I tried to speak directly to the player, focusing on thematically-significant action verbs, e.g. “Lead our ancestors”, “Grow your tribe”, “Honor Mother Nature”.
I spent weeks on the short description of the game, asking friends, family, and internet strangers for feedback. It’s tricky to establish genre, sell the hook(s), and make it exciting all in under 300 characters. The current version is #23, and will certainly keep evolving:
Lead nomadic families through the Stone Age in this turn-based 4X strategy game with deeply simulated characters, cultures, and ecosystems. Explore the wilderness, gather and trade resources, and stand your ground in tactical combat. Discover fire, medicine, language — and survive to tell the tale.
In terms of tags, I studied those used by games next to which I want my game to appear (e.g. on Steam’s “More Like This” widget). I fiddled with the order of the tags until I could see the desired reference games in my own “More Like This” section.

For the trailer, I consumed most of Derek Lieu’s content on making video game trailers, and got some useful feedback from Derek himself on his Video Game Trailer Academy discord (as well as from my HTMAG buddies).
I ended up making two trailers: a longer one with more in-depth gameplay for the Steam page, and a shorter one optimized for social media with a mini-teaser montage at the start, as recommended by Derek.

Choosing an announce day
By February 2023, all the pieces were in place to launch the Steam page. I had gathered ~200 followers on Twitter, and I’d tried to make genuine personal connections wherever possible. In the week before the announcement, I reached out to many of them individually, asking if they would be open to retweeting the announcement. Most said yes!
I was keen to get going and planned to make the announcement on Friday Feb 24th, so a few days prior I posted a teaser, which quickly became my most engaged-with tweet up until then.
However, people more experienced than me strongly advised me to wait till the following Monday because 3 massive games were coming out that weekend. I felt silly because I’d already said it would be Friday, but I chose to take the advice and wait a couple more days.

Steam Page Launch Day

I quietly put up the Steam page a day early just to make sure everything ran smoothly, and on Monday Feb 27th ~6AM EST, I made the announcement on Twitter and shared the page.
Announcement Tweet analytics: Impressions 13,956, Engagements 706, Detail expands 132, New followers 6, Profile visits 71, Link clicks 135.
Again, not viral but more than I hoped for. 135 link clicks seems decent for Twitter!
I made sure to follow up with everyone who retweeted my announcement, and I thanked them via DM, also offering to return the favor if they need support down the line.

I made two Reddit posts, one on civ and one on gaming, which combined got ~150k views and led to ~81 visits to the Steam page.
I chose gaming (36M members) rather than pcmasterrace (7M) or pcgaming (3M) because of their larger community size and also because I got the (totally subjective) sense they tend to be a bit friendlier towards indies. I poked light-hearted fun at the “quit my job to make this game” trope to avoid some of the negative responses such posts can get, and it seemed to pay off :) That post got 213 upvotes, 77.7k views, and 88% upvote rate.
On civ, my post got 1.2k upvotes, 88.8k views, and 92% upvote rate. There are some important differences between the games but I do think certain Civilization players would enjoy Folk Emerging.
I messaged the Reddit mods before self-promoting in their communities, which seemed to help things go over well. Another thing that seemed to help (on both Reddit and Twitter) was responding to every comment I got, and trying to get a discussion going wherever possible. It bumped up my posts when their views would start to drop.

I also posted a press release at Games Press. If you plan to do the same, just make sure you create your account in advance as it took almost a day to get processed, which I hadn't planned for! I got some help from people on the HTMAG discord (e.g. Jasmine) with the wording, as I’d never written a press release before.
A couple of websites wrote about the announcement:
Several other sites have also written about it since then, largely based on the press release it seems.
I emailed / messaged about a dozen journalists who’d written about similar games, as well as various streamers who play them, sharing the news about the announcement. I first made a general email template with a short GIF at the top, and I wrote a personalized intro for each person. I made sure to give some context about why I was reaching out to them (e.g. they’d reviewed a specific game similar to mine, or they were involved in a project I’m a fan of, etc). It didn’t lead to anything, but still, I’m happy to potentially be on some of their radars.

I also posted in self-promo channels on various discords, but with little to no effect.
The final thing I did was to add a Steam news event about the launch, just to make the page look more fleshed out. It caught me off-guard that Steam events require their own separate images (with different resolutions than the regular capsules) for events, so keep that in mind if doing it for the first time.

The First Two Weeks

Folk Emerging got 725 wishlists in its first 2 weeks. Here are some highlights, stats, and charts:
Image: Wishlist chart for the first 2 weeks
Image: Regional breakdown of wishlists
Image: Steam page impressions chart

Indie Sunday (Games)
I think my Indie Sunday reddit post accounts for ~270 visits to the Steam page (more visits than from the earlier 2 reddit posts, but less wishlists).
I went down the rabbit-hole of investigating the best time of day to post on Indie Sunday. I wanted to go beyond just the info found via tools like social-rise.com, because their recommendations are based on the timing of the top 1000 posts in a subreddit, without taking into account the distribution or total number of posts in each hour. If most posts in general happen at 1PM, then it might not be so meaningful to say that most top posts are at 1PM.
I was curious to dig deeper, so I did my own analysis using Reddit’s API. Here’s the data filtered for Indie Sunday Games posts (times are in UTC):
Image: timing of 250 Indie Sunday posts
Image: mean score by hour
Image: distribution of scores by hour
In the end I got posted mine at ~12PM (noon) UTC.

Next Steps

An exciting moment was when a legit publisher reached out to me, having seen the game on Steam, and expressed interest in exploring the possibility of working together!
Seeing a positive response from players and getting some attention from publishers has been a big confidence boost and suggests that the game has some potential. Which is a relief, because this is the game I want to make :)
I’m working on a demo, which I plan to have ready in a few months.
If you’re interested in the project or just want to connect, follow me on Twitter: @CuriousDynamics
If you have any questions or thoughts, I'd love to hear them and discuss!
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2023.03.22 10:41 rClipsBot HAPPY TUESDAY :D

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2023.03.22 08:09 Takai-Niku Kyoto/Nara 7 Day Travel Itinerary (April 1st-7th)

Hello everyone! I am going to visit Kyoto with my partner soon (our first time there) and am hoping for advice/feedback on our itinerary.
Specifically, we want to avoid trying to do too much and becoming exhausted. Also we hope to minimize our time spent in crowds.
For context, we have lived in Japan for a year and speak basic Japanese, (can ask for directions, make reservations, etc.) For those of you who have visited Kyoto, I would appreciate learning from your experiences and feedback.
Here's the plan:
Kyoto Itinerary
Day 1 (Kyoto, Ikimasho!) Saturday
Sendai -> Tokyo Station
Tokyo Station -> Kyoto Station (1:00pm->3:15pm)
Kyoto Station -> Tambaguchi Station (4 minutes)
Check-in to hotel
Takeout Dinner (Yakitori)
Buy konbini breakfast/lunch/drinks for following day
Day 2 (Fushimi Inari and Philosopher’s Path) Sunday
Wake up early
Take a taxi to Fushimi Inari/@34.9669357,135.7726466,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x60010f14384c5a19:0x5d22970f58bfde17!8m2!3d34.9669357!4d135.7748406!16s%2Fg%2F11bzq2vczc)
5km Hike/Breakfast Picnic
Brunch at Vermillion Cafe
Take a train to Sanjo Station (10-minute ride)
Walk the Philospher’s Path/Surrounding Area (3+ km)
Take a taxi back to our hotel
Dinner (Vietnamese restaurant)
Day 3 (White Heron Castle) Monday
Breakfast at: A Happy Pancake
Take a train to Himeji Station (1 hour, 30 minutes)
Explore Himeji Castle
Hanami Picnic
Steak Dinner in Himeji (or) in Kyoto???
Take a train back to hotel
Day 4 (Sacred Temples and Ancient Streets) Tuesday
Wake up early
Take a taxi to Gion
Walk around Higashiyama/Kiyomizudera Temple
Breakfast at Machiya Starbucks
Taxi to Daijo station from Gion (20 minutes)
Daigo ji Temple Hike (3 miles)
Taxi to hotel
Conveyor belt sushi dinner (Sushiro - Gojo Shichihommatsu)
Day 5 (Trek to Nara) Wednesday
Sleep in/relax
Check out (11am)
Lunch at Korean Restaurant AYAN
Shinkansen to Nara (1 hour)
Hotel Check-in
Explore Nara Park/Temples
Takeout Dinner (Sakura Burger)
Day 6 (Yoshino Sakura) Thursday
Sleep-in/Relax (or) Wake-up early
Breakfast at Café Wakakusa or Starbucks
Take a train to Mt. Yoshino (1 hour 45 minutes)
Spend the day exploring Mt. Yoshino (Shimo Senbon to Kami Senbon)
Take a train back to our hotel (1 hour 45 minutes)
Day 7 (Homeward Bound) Friday
Slow morning
Breakfast and a final stroll through Nara Park
Check-out by noon
Lunch in Tokyo???
Travel back to Sendai

A few notes:
I did not include Arashiyama. It was a difficult decision, but we want to visit on our next trip to Kyoto! Is not visiting in April a mistake?
According to a few different sources, hanami draws massive crowds into Kyoto. That is why we want to wake up early (around 5:30am-6am) on certain days.
I'm really grateful to anyone who can give feedback and advice, thank you so much!!!!
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2023.03.22 07:52 phd_bound Help Choosing Interior Paint Colors

I'm going out on a limb here revealing the ugliest room in my house. I'm finally doing something about it. I got the floors refinished. They were utterly horrible prior to the refinishing. This is actually a dining room that I use as a music room. It's going to be the setting for an upcoming YouTube channel. I'm considering doing a behind the scenes episode featuring this room transformation. If it might help to recruit some assistance, I'd be happy to give credit to help promote someone.
I am not in a position at the moment to remove the wood paneling. This godforsaken wood paneling with gingerbread trim. My plan is to paint over the wood paneling with some sort of matte or chalk finish, have the rest of the walls some sort of accent that compliments whatever color I choose for the wood paneling. I'm almost certain I want to keep the window and door moldings a brighter white, possibly less matte - with more gloss. it also seems that the gingerbread finish on top of the wood paneling is probably going to need to be the same color as the wood paneling, however I could be mistaken.
I thought I had a breakthrough watching that British baking
show on the Food Network where they're out in that tent. I
thought possibly the light pastel green and light pastel blue
and beige might work in here, but I'm concerned that's a bit
much and might look chincy. I was going to go with a pastel
chalk paint for the wood paneling. The kind that people are
using to refinish furniture. Yet in hindsight I don't think chalk paint is good for a wall as it's impossible to clean. so maybe a matte wall paint instead.
I'm a creative person however I'm having the hardest time figuring out what to do in here.
Is there anybody in this group that has experience with interior paint schemes that might have an idea for this room? I cannot tell you how much I would appreciate the help. If I am in the wrong group for this, please let me know. Thank you.
Add a comment
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2023.03.22 07:21 anonymousse71 Need second opinion, doubting derm’s diagnosis. Ringworm or nummular dermatitis?

30F 200lbs, former smoker, not currently taking any medications.
I first noticed a spot on my chest/abdomen on March 10. Spot did not itch, initially thought it was just a random pimple/bump on me before it became more ring like. After googling i thought it could potentially be ringworm due to its looks and started using an old (unexpired) prescription antifungal cream i had for another time when I had ringworm that day. I went to a derm on 3/20 to check in on the spot, they told me that they didn’t think it looked fungal and said it was likely nummular dermatitis. No biopsy or scraping was taken at this appointment. I was told to finish off the prescription cream and then use a steroid cream on the spot. I was happy to know it wasn’t ringworm, but second guessing the diagnosis after the spot has seemed to made better improvement from Monday to Tuesday. I got lax after my derm visit, and I don’t want to spread something around. Since the initial spot I’ve developed some more spots on me, and the one on my arm concerns me for ringworm too. This spot did not seem to concern the derm.
I have a cat, though she is indoors only and is the only cat in my house. Potential exposure from the gym and baths, not sure what else i could’ve come into contact with.
the spot on my arm is tiny, maybe a quarter to half an inch at most. tends to look shiny and slightly red, has not grown since starting to treat it (later than the initial spot since it popped up later). this spot also doesn’t itch.
Any help appreciated.
Photo album of pics from first day to current including arm spot at the end
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2023.03.22 07:19 No-Jacket-8221 If you think your life is fucked up, think again.

Well today is Wednesday, I don't have classes since my schedule is Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, anyways, I'm still shock that I can open my problems to someone without crying, but not gonna lie, my voice is shaking when I talked about my hardships with them. You'll probably wonder, who's those guys I open my family problem? Well... I've never thought that I'll have this kind of friends again. It's been a while since I felt good, releasing those madness. Tuesday at 10:40, our GenChem Teacher, Miss Arizza, discusses about solid and liquid properties, a short discussion, then she said that we can go to library to research for our activity. There's two discussion room, we booked the empty one. It's nice and cozy. While writing and searching up on Google, we keep a low voice since it's not even sound proof but I guess we can't even shut our mouths talking about life 'ya know? And as usual, I'm the only one who's still writing, I like struggling so much, while them, short-cutting their papers, but since we have time until 1:20, it's an advantage that we can stay as long as we want. After I've finish my papers, Pabi(Peavy) ask if we can hang out, the five of us only. Since we didn't have a time, where not complete everytime we want to hang out, it's because of our tight schedule. They asked if we can hangout later after the GenChem subject, Fiona said that she have training for volleyball and they said if we can do it tomorrow (Wednesday), which is this day, but I said "Im not at home, I'm going to manila to make appointment with Tulfo. if you didn't know who's Tulfo is, he's a Famous tv broadcaster and one of our government senate, he also helps to those people who needs help. They are shocked, and ask if we'll be broadcasted on live, and I should shout out them and our teachers who give us a lot of activity, I laughed like maniac, it's just I feel comfortable around them. I said "idk what will happen, but I really don't know if we'll be broadcasted" And they asked, what happened, why we need to go to Mr. Tulfo, this is the interesting turn that I tell how fucked up my life is. I said the first thing "you know other father's around there that they have guts when they're drunk?well my father isn't. He have a huge gut even he's not drunked." "It begins when my mom goes to Batangas for treatment, you know, we have this cancer in ovary that is hereditary. Ovarian cyst. My mo go to Batangas to treat and gone for almost 2-4 days. My mom and dad aren't in good terms when she go to Batangas, but since where responsible daughters, we can live in our own, we also know that she's in Batangas because she always talked to us if she's having a hard time like we used to do. We didn't say where our mom go to our father 'cuz we know that he'll never care or he'll just get mad to my mom. Long story short, my mom came home, around 11 or 12 in the evening, and I'm still up. I came downstairs to help her and bring her things in the house, then there's our damn father, throwing away my mom's things, she can't even say a word since it's hard to talk fresh from treatment. When where about to enter the house, he suddenly shut the door and locked out. Since I'm the only one who's up that day, we stayed outside while waiting for my sister to open it. Everyone outside was looking and also worried. Cut all the other happenings, were now in and out in our Barangay Women's Desk, because of his doings. We also stayed up late just to watch our gate, since there's someone who's watching us. My mom is connected to NPA(communist) before, we called it "itaas", and now she's clear, she turns into our Government, but my father threat us that he'll said about my mom's clearing her name to "itaas" and where so scared like how tf?, I didn't said that (to Fiona,pabi,Mavi,Jianne) our life got fucked up because of my father's jealousy that he's coming up with conclusion that my mom is cheating and that she's cheating with a Militar. Like the fuck?I'm so shocked that he'll said that, like he's the one who's been cheating in 18 years of their relationship. Now that my mom have enough, we planned to have DNA test with the help of Mr. Tulfo to test if I'm his real daughter, because he said that I'm not his daughter and all because of one thing that I stood up against his abused for my mom, mentally. You know, I'm daddy's girl. He can't believe that his girl is against her now. I don't even know him though. Before, he even picking me up to school and he'll let me sit in his shoulder while we go home and it's even raining,I-i would say that I miss my old father, but why he didn't consider to think what he's doing?like I didn't matter at all. I know it's against my will but I have to make him realize that we've been through a lot and he need to realize what he waste for years. If I have a power to bring his old self, I would love to. I would love to spend those days. I would love to hug him, kiss him while I'm off to school, I would love to be my father again, I just want apologies, but I didn't get one instead I get hatred. I should be the ones who's hating him but I can't. I can't even look him in the eyes whenever I bump to him, I always keep the eyes of "I don't know you, I don't give a fuck" While telling this to my friends, I kinda feel comfortable letting some percent of my hardship let out. Their faces is like "how fucked up are you, really?" Fiona said " so he's like a threat to your family, so you decide to do this?" Of course I had enough, I can't bring back my old father. It's the only way, I know his other childs will hate us, but I don't care, I don't even want you as my sisters and brothers.
I'm his First Child with his second wife(my mom) I'm also the eldest daughter and acting the father and mother for my other sisters, I may his sweet innocent little girl before, but not anymore. He made me hate him, he made all of this fuss without considering our feelings, he made a villain, but I'm not letting those hatred make me down. I'm just doing this to see if he'll change, if not, may God make the way. And I also wonder while people keep asking after they know about that story, "why would you do that to your father", "he's still your father" let's switch position then. You can't blame me for those, stop those act like people care and know what happen, why I hate him so much that I don't want him as father, that I didn't even wish to born, stop those shitty things like comforting me with those words. It's not helping. Y'all don't know what I've been through, you don't know how depression and anxiety made myself, that I need to hide just to please other that I'm ok while deep inside im not. 'cuz even if I tell that I have this fucked up life, bo one will care. All I just want to say, that if you're a father or a daughter that reading this, I hope this story of mine will give you realization in life. If you think your life is fucked up, that your relationship is fucked up. Think again, I don't want other Teen like me will suffer like this, I know it's not physical abuse, but it's mental abuse. After that discussion with them, we all talked about something and make me laugh so it won't bring stress, its happy that they listen to my story without questioning, they just sit and listen to my rant, they maybe shocked but guess there always grief in someone. Also Fiona said "You're just sleeping I school and all but we don't know you struggle this much" I know right?welcome to the chaotic life of Lynn.
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2023.03.22 06:16 wsppan Today In Phishstory - March 22nd

# Today In Phishstory - March 22nd Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.


Phish, Monday 03/22/1993 (30 years ago) Crest Theatre, Sacramento, CA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1993 WinteSpring Tour
Set 1 : Chalk Dust Torture , Guelah Papyrus , Uncle Pen , Stash , Bouncing Around the Room , Rift , Weigh > Reba , Sparkle > David Bowie 1
Set 2 : Golgi Apparatus , It's Ice > The Lizards > Tela > Wilson > AC/DC Bag > Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird > The Sloth > McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove
Encore : Amazing Grace 2 , Fire
1 Simpsons, Oom Pa Pa, Random Note, and All Fall Down signals in intro. 2 Without microphones.
Jamchart Notes:
Reba - Really fluid and laid-back jamming, with Trey all but absent (relatively speaking), as if inciting the others to respond. This results in an all but total dialing down of the sound. Not so much a secret language, as a testament to the band, who, via subdued and nuanced playing, manage to maintain the structure of the jam before Trey works through a series of cool rhythmic shifts and wonderful sustain to arrive at the "note."
It's Ice - Band uses the jam as a segue for a performance of the entire suite of Gamehenge songs, one of only 5 such performances. Unfinished.
Show Notes:
Trey and Mike teased Fire (Ohio Players) in Stash. The Bowie intro contained Simpsons, Oom Pa Pa, Random Note, and All Fall Down signals and Mike teasing Sailor's Hornpipe and briefly Split Open And Melt. The second set included Gamehendge narration in between songs from It's Ice through McGrupp. This was the first Gamehendge since October 13, 1991 (193 shows). Trey teased Johnny B. Goode in AC/DC Bag. Weekapaug contained a Sundown tease from Mike. Amazing Grace was performed without microphones.
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Phish, Sunday 03/22/1992 (31 years ago) Cultural Center Auditorium, Charleston, WV, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1992 Spring Tour
Set 1 : Sparkle , All Things Reconsidered , Foam , The Landlady
Show Notes:
This set, performed live for the Mountain Stage radio program and as an opener for Buckwheat Zydeco, was broadcast several weeks later on National Public Radio.
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Phish, Friday 03/22/1991 (32 years ago) The Inferno, Steamboat Springs, CO, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1991 WinteSpring Tour
Set 1 : Chalk Dust Torture 1 , Llama , You Enjoy Myself 2 , The Landlady > Destiny Unbound , Bouncing Around the Room , Split Open and Melt , The Squirming Coil > Buried Alive > Cavern > Reba , Fire
Set 2 : The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg > Run Like an Antelope 3 > Foam , Paul and Silas , Stash , Runaway Jim > Guelah Papyrus , Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin > Let's Go , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove
Encore : Magilla , Golgi Apparatus
1 Aborted twice. 2 Vocal jam partially based on burgers. 3 Vocal jam in intro.
Jamchart Notes:
Run Like an Antelope - Really good and unsual vocal jam in the intro, followed by a pugnacious jam with sick Mike and Trey.
Show Notes:
This show started with bad sound problems, resulting in the band aborting two attempts at a Chalk Dust Torture opener. After the first Chalk Dust failed, the band said a round of "thank yous" and Fish added "good night, we'll see you next time." Antelope contained a vocal jam in the intro and a Jean Pierre tease from Trey. YEM contained Who Knows teases. The YEM vocal jam was partially based on burgers. Before Terrapin, Fish was introduced as "the late Henrietta," and then commented that he is no longer Henrietta, but has not yet thought of a new name. He and Trey introduced Chris Kuroda (as "Cooter," with a "Charge!" tease) and Colorado fan "Erik the Viking." Terrapin included a brief Whole Lotta Love jam. Weekapaug contained a Theme from Bonanza tease by Trey.
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Phish, Tuesday 03/22/1988 (35 years ago) Nectar's, Burlington, VT, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1988 Tour
Set 1 : Harpua , Wilson > Peaches en Regalia , Funky Bitch , Golgi Apparatus , Suzy Greenberg , You Enjoy Myself , The Lizards , Good Times Bad Times , Happy Birthday to You 1 , Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Icculus > Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird > AC/DC Bag
1 "Dub" style.
Show Notes:
Happy birthday was performed in a "dub style" and was played for "Christa" and "Jen." The recording in circulation cuts in the middle of AC/DC Bag; this setlist may be incomplete.
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Phish, 1987-03-22 Nectar's, Burlington, VT, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/phish-march-22-1987-nectars-burlington-vt-usa.html
Tour: 1987 Tour
Show Notes:

Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon, 2019-03-22 The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/mike-gordon-march-22-2019-the-sinclair-cambridge-ma-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes:
Mike Gordon, 2014-03-22 The Rio Theatre, Vancouver, BC, , Canada
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/mike-gordon-march-22-2014-the-rio-theatre-vancouver-bc-canada.html
Tour: Mike Gordon - Spring 2014 Overstep Tour
Show Notes: This show featured the Mike Gordon debuts of Oceans of Diamonds and I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate. Peel contained quotes of William Shakespeare's "As You Like It." 555 contained additional intro lyrics "Trash cans in the distance / Seagulls in a line / Transmission's boiling up and over / Follow me to find / Can't wait to get away." This show was remastered and officially released via LivePhish.
Mike Gordon, 2011-03-22 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/mike-gordon-march-22-2011-brooklyn-bowl-brooklyn-ny-usa.html
Tour: Mike Gordon - Winter 2011 Tour
Show Notes: The Void included a dance "contest" with audience members. Call to the Post was teased before Horizon Line.

Page McConnell

The Meter Men with Page McConnell, 2013-03-22 Grand Ballroom, New York, NY, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/page-mcconnell-march-22-2013-grand-ballroom-new-york-ny-usa.html
Tour: Page - The Meter Men w/Page McConnell Spring 2013
Show Notes:


The Allman Brothers Band, 2005-03-22 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/guest-appearance-march-22-2005-beacon-theatre-new-york-ny-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: This gig was a benefit for The Big House Foundation and also featured sets from Gov't Mule, Derek Trucks Band, Oteil and the Peacemakers, and Jaimoe's Jassss Band. The Allman Brothers (full setlist) were joined by Trey on guitar and Chuck Leavell on keyboards for the show- closing "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed."
Buckwheat Zydeco, 1992-03-22 Cultural Center Auditorium, Charleston, WV, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/guest-appearance-march-22-1992-cultural-center-auditorium-charleston-wv-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Phish was the opening act on this bill that was headlined by Buckwheat Zydeco. Trey sat in for Juke Joint Johnny. This performance was taped for later airing on the public radio program Mountain Stage.
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Happy Tuesday, everyone. So are there any big stories out today that could change the future of this country? No? Good, good, good. In that case, I’d like to talk about something that concerns me. Young people. By now you’ve seen the stats. Ninety-eight percent of young people think I’m hot. Yeah, I know, I … Continue reading GREG GUTFELD: Why are more males turning soft?
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