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Restarting Ozempic

2023.05.30 11:32 Canneverchooseaname Restarting Ozempic

Hi everyone - I am after some people’s experiences here!
I had about 5 weeks off Ozempic (life, travel and not being able to refill my prescription) - I was at my goal weight of 65kg.
Went on vacation, all inclusive and probably a few too many cocktails later, I have gained 3kg. I feel like my appetite is returning, but also kind of feel like ‘oh well, I’m starting back on Ozempic this week anyways so I can go ahead and have that desert’ - ya know??
I restarted Ozempic yesterday at my prior dosage of 1mg.
My question is, at what point is it likely to be at peak effect? I’ve been on it for nearly one year, mostly at 0.5 and 1.0mg.
Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.30 11:29 __i_have_queries__ I am (28F) wondering if I should cancel travel plans with my Aunt (60F)

TL;DR: I am worried about going on an international vacation with my Aunt due to her mood swings. I don't know how to handle myself for a month of vacation as she has been quite rude & unpredictable with me.
Long story short, although my Aunt and I have been related for 28 years of my life so far, we have bonded closely over the last 3-4 years due to unfortunate events within the close families. While I am always grateful to her for being morally supportive to me in the beginning for about 2-3 months, I started getting frequently subjected to her patriarchal tantrums, biases, her disappointment in me for not earning equally or greater than some juniors in my industry, for not being feminine & submissive enough according to her to consider some of the proposals in her mind to get me married ASAP (Just one of the Indian things, not all Indians are like that though).
We do have our good moments, she definitely tries to be a well-wisher in specific situations depending on her mood. She is overall healthy except for hypertension & some body pains.
I love traveling, experiencing places, the culture, etc within my own safe & acceptable boundaries and I do travel a couple of times a year within India. I am quite introverted too, but I easily gel & open up with like-minded people. I have been planning to have an international vacation for over 6+ years now since I started my career. It was initially with my Dad, but now I am on my own after losing him abruptly 3 years ago.
About 5 years ago, we had a domestic vacation with all the family members, while it was mostly pleasant (Thanks to my Uncle's planning & my Dad's support), my Aunt got cranky at the end of the trip and also displayed rudeness without being clear on what was bothering her. I later got to know from my Uncle (whom we lost abruptly too) that she was agitated by a few in the family for them spending longer times at places. In the last 3 years too, I have had a good number of encounters with her mood swings. She is relatively well-behaved when my Cousin (32M) is around (currently residing offshore), but very aggressive & dominant with me, although my Cousin tries his best to alleviate the situation & calm her down for the most part.
Since I have been mutually bonding with my Aunt and Cousin for the last 3 years and given how inclusive I am of people I trust & love, I have been looking forward to having that vacation with my Aunt & my cousin (subject to his interest) for about a year now. I was also the one bringing up discussions around planning for the trip. I stopped checking on this after my Aunt told me to wait till my Cousin completes his graduation. She recently told me that we can start the process one month from now as my Cousin submitted his thesis. In the meanwhile, I started losing confidence in going on vacation with my Aunt as all of her calls recently made me feel low, I could also sense some jealousy in her tone when another Aunt of mine highlighted how organized I was while hosting them briefly. My Aunt portrays a very high image of my Cousin even when he doesn't meet her standards only to mock me or express disappointment in me, although I don't owe her anything except some respect, which isn't reciprocating for the most part from her end.
Her idea is to go on a 1-month trip & her suggestion to me was to WFH from there while availing whatever leaves I can get approved from my management (I work for an MNC that doesn't provide a sabbatical option in India).
Considering how frequently she has been projecting her mood swings & rudeness toward me, I am seriously having second thoughts about doing this trip with her, I am not sure about my Cousin who has also been distant in conversations with me recently, mostly due to his own graduation challenges. I am wondering how I should handle this as it has become challenging for me to even spend one day peacefully with her as I don't meet her expectations in weird ways (sometimes she doesn't like it when I do something better than her or my Cousin). Also, I don't want my cousin to undergo any further pressure to safeguard me or accommodate me in case it gets challenging, he's also dealing with ADHD.
I am afraid of how to go about this without hurting anybody & I am equally afraid of missing an opportunity of going on an international trip for the first time (although I think I can do it some other time too, not sure when that would happen).
Any helpful suggestions are welcome.
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2023.05.30 10:38 givemesomecheesecake Electronics, Furniture, Clothing, and More! Get a Commission If You Help Me Sell

General Info

Pickup Location: Bentley Park Subdivision, Antipolo City, Rizal
Mode of Payment: Gcash / Bank Transfer (UnionBank / BPI / Maya) / Cash
Available for Pickup or Shipping only. Please read more about the shipping details in the "Notes" section.
- - For shipping orders, you must pay first before receiving the item/s.
- - For pickup orders, we can meet at the said location and do the transaction there.



Here is the link to the list of items for sale:
Inside, you will see sheet tabs with the names of each category: Electronics, Furniture, Appliance, Clothing&Acc, General, Giveaways
By going through each tab, you will see items listed as follows:
Item Code / Item Name / Description / Status1 / Original Price2 / Current Market Price3 / Offer Price4 / Photo Link / Price Reference



Get a Commission if you help me sell5
Items that cost 100 - 500 Pesos: Fixed 50 Pesos Commission
Items that cost 501 - 1000 Pesos: Fixed 100 Pesos Commission
Items that cost greater than 1000 Pesos: Commission equivalent to 10% of Sell Price



1 Status will indicate whether the item is still available or is already sold.
2 Original Price: Items that have no value in their original price mean that I cannot remember the price or find the receipt anymore.
3 Current Market Price is aligned with the lowest market price being sold by the brand itself or by their authorized resellers based on my research.
- - If you find a much lower market price than what is listed, please post the link in the comments section so that everyone can verify it and then I can change the price accordingly.
- - If there is no value in the current market price, it might mean that the item is phased out, or is considered antique, or is listed in bulk.
4 Offer Price is exclusive of shipping fee. The buyer will shoulder the shipping fee (except for bulk-buy orders as stated in the "P.P.S." section below).
- - You can comment your counteroffer below. I will only accept reasonable and logical counteroffers.
5 Commissions can be stacked or accumulated. Commissions will be paid to the referrer once I receive the payment of the buyer.
Giveaways are only eligible for people who buy at least one item. This may change as the sale progresses.


Other Notes:

I will be updating the google sheet file to reflect which items have been already sold or if there are any other necessary changes.
You can check it every now and then because I'll be inputting more items each day and probably mark-down items randomly.
Please be patient if I take too long to reply to your inquiry because I'm also in the process of inputting more info about the items, taking pictures, and sorting out which items need to be disposed of.
Take note that the highest bidder and the first to make a deal will always win.


Reasons for selling:

- My mother and I recently transferred to a smaller apartment. We need to declutter to be able to live comfortably.
- We will use the proceeds to acquire the necessary equipment, ingredients, and packaging to kickstart our business of selling custard tarts.



It would be great if you upvote this post so that it will be more visible.
I'm hoping to sell/declutter all of these before June 30, 2023, as I plan to focus more on the business in July.
Once I dispose of everything, I will make a separate post about offering a free taste of my signature custard tart.
- - The custard tarts are not the traditional ones you see being sold in the Philippines or around the world.
- - Mine have a crispier crust and a creamier custard center (if you eat them hot) which is not too sweet but still full of flavor.
- - Another distinguishing factor is that my custarts (yes, I call them that) have a relatively low calorie count by weight compared to the traditional ones, or to other well-known snacks/desserts like donuts and cakes.
- - The quantity/scale of the free taste will depend on the proceeds of this sale. I'm looking to give away 100+ pieces of custard tarts if I am able to get 60k pesos or more from this sale this June.
- - This is my way to thank fellow redditors for helping me with this strenuous activity of mass decluttering.



Do you know someone who is willing to bulk buy 100+ unused, and preloved items for 80,000 pesos? (inclusive of free shipping!)
Get an 8,000-peso commission if you refer me to the person and we settle for a transaction.
The buyer also has the option to bulk-pick specific items and we'll just lower the special price and commission accordingly depending on how many he/she will get.
Take note that the said special price is inclusive of free shipping wherein the items are securely packed in new balikbayan boxes and are delivered to your home through a truck (for metro manila people or kung hanggang saan man kayang magdeliver yung truck).


For your reference, all of the items are cumulatively worth 200,000+ pesos (see the spreadsheet for proof. you can also countercheck the current market prices of brand-new items and compare them to the marked-down prices of my items.)
I am offering a special price of 80,000 pesos for all these items because it is much more convenient for me and would eliminate all of the burden of going through multiple transactions.
The buyer would ultimately save 120,000+ pesos.
Take note that the said special price may change depending on if some items are already bought or if I would put more items for sale.
Please just check the comments section and/or the spreadsheet for the updated prices.


You can offer this to a couple on a budget who recently acquired a home and are looking to buy well-kept furniture, appliances, electronics, and clothing with a huge discount.
You can also simply buy these wholesale and re-sell them individually for a higher price and ultimately make a profit.
There may be many more people you know who might need this bulk sale. Just don't be afraid to approach and offer these to them.
Isipin mo, may commission ka na, nakatulong ka pa (at syempre makakakuha ka rin ng free taste ng custard tarts ko - see the "P.S." section for more info).
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2023.05.30 10:30 glo75001 ​Valley of Flower Tour Package 2022

​Valley of Flower Tour Package 2022 from Haridwar - Rishikesh - Dehradun - Delhi 5 Nights 6 days from Dehradun -Haridwar_rishikesh 7 Nights 8 Days from Delhi NCR - chandigarh Inclusions - Meals - Camp / Hotel Stay - Guide - Vehicle - Entry Permit charges - all inclusive Package starting from
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2023.05.30 10:11 HatCompetitive7064 Enterprise Database Market Status Future Aspects With Top Players, Competitive Landscape, Regional Production 2023-2033

A research report on the "Global Enterprise Database Market 2023" is an in-depth introduction to the world market. The report also provides specific information about local and global specific market valuation along with regional trends. The market potential and volume along with the latest activities are also mentioned for segments and sub-segments. The Rival analysis among the potential players their financial activities, competition patterns, strategies, and policies are included in the research report. The Main kinetic sections of the report include factors like initiators, obstacles, trends, happening, orbits of opportunity, and challenges. These elements are analyzed with the help of BPS Points Analysis, PESTLE and PORTER’s Five force Analysis, and DR impact Analysis.
The Enterprise Database market research report deeply assesses each Part of the Market. The segmental analysis focuses on the report pinpoints and the right chance available in the market through leading segments. The Zonal study of the Enterprise Database market incorporated in the study offers Readers to gain a good understanding of the development of various regional markets in current years and also for the upcoming year. The Research Report enlights the operating and upcoming term of ten years which is from 2023 to 2033
Free sample pdf click HERE:

The Potential Entrants of the Enterprise Database market:
Microsoft Google Rackspace MongoLab EnterpriseDB Redis Labs SAP Caspio Oracle Amazon Web Services IBM Clustrix
-The Market Transformation and the Market status From 2023 to 2033
-The drivers and obstacles of the Market.
-The opportunities for growth within the market and the significant threats lying.
-Each submarket segment growth in the near future.
-The market value of each segment in 2033.
-The political, economic, social, and technological, legal, and environmental factors influence the submarkets and regional market.
-Individual leading national markets forecasted performance and their driver's restraints.
-The major developments of the leading national markets in recent years, leading to their current market status.
-The market shares of the regional and leading national markets evolve by 2033.
-The key players within the market, and their strategies for the future period.
-The Spectrum of the Enterprise Database Market:
The report appraises the highly Enterprise Database Market and its segmented nature. The factor such as the growth drivers, service providers, investors, stakeholders, and key market players are part of the report. The report gives a brief analysis of the market zones, value, size, and share. Whereas in addition, the report updates the threat factors that the market will likely encounter over a specific period of time. The report offers in-depth profile analysis and multi-scenario revenue projections for the key industry participants.
Have Any Inquiries? Ask here:
The Variety Based Enterprise Database Market Segments:
Type 1 Type 2
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North America
The Middle East & Africa
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Important chapters of the Enterprise Database Market report:
  1. Viewpoints of Expert analysts.
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  3. Regulatory and policy scenarios of the Market
  4. Component benchmarking
  5. Segmentation analysis
- PESTEL analysis
- Porter’s Five Forces analysis
- Technology landscape
- Key market issues
- Industry landscape and trends.
Here Market.Biz publisher of the report provided a detailed study on the expository dynamics of the Enterprise Database market, which is inclusive of the market influence and market effect factors, drivers, constraints, drivers, trends, and potential buyers or users. The research study also implies various analyses in terms of qualitative and quantitative.
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Contact Us:
Tel No: +1 (857) 445 0045
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2023.05.30 09:52 bradcooper112 Sweet Dreams Vineyard: Exploring the Delights of Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Cannabis Wine


As the world evolves, so do our preferences for beverages. We are increasingly mindful of our well-being and seeking alternatives that cater to our desires. Sweet Dreams Vineyard is at the forefront of this movement, offering a diverse catalog of extraordinary products that redefine the traditional drinking experience. From enticing non-alcoholic delights to innovative cannabis-infused wines, Sweet Dreams Vineyard is revolutionizing the way we indulge in libations. Join us on a captivating journey to discover the pleasures of non-alcoholic wonders and the unique euphoria of cannabis-infused experiences, without the unpleasant effects of alcohol or the dread of hangovers.

Embracing Non-Alcoholic Delights: A Sophisticated Journey

Sweet Dreams Vineyard invites you to a world where non-alcoholic beverages are celebrated for their exceptional flavors, elegance, and wellness benefits. Gone are the days of lackluster options. Each beverage is meticulously crafted to tantalize your senses and elevate your drinking experience. Introducing H2Whoa THC Infused Water, available in refreshing mango or lemon flavors. Through the use of nano-emulsion technology, cannabis is infused into this beverage, allowing it to take effect in as little as 15 minutes. Not only will you quench your thirst, but you'll also surprise your liver by choosing a healthier option. Made from real fruit, H2Whoa contains no artificial sweeteners, is non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free, ensuring inclusivity for all.

Cannabis Wine: A Fusion of Euphoria and Craftsmanship

Prepare to embark on a sensory journey where the euphoria of cannabis meets the artistry of winemaking. Sweet Dreams Vineyard's cannabis-infused wines represent a new era in cannabis products, offering a unique and indulgent experience. Discover the Cannabernet, a non-alcoholic wine-like beverage available in a 770mL bottle with 100mg of THC. Each bottle contains ten 10mg servings, with clear dosing instructions provided on the label. Crafted using the finest ingredients and utilizing the convenience of a dosing cap, Cannabernet delivers a consistent and uplifting experience that rivals alcohol. Treat yourself to a blissful nightcap that allows you to unwind without the drawbacks of traditional wine. By clicking "Order Now" on our website, you will be redirected to our partnered retailers for online ordering.

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Exciting things are on the horizon at Sweet Dreams Vineyard. Soon, you'll have the opportunity to experience Hi Tai and Sex on the Grass, two cannabis-infused beverages that transport you to a state of relaxation and bliss. Hi Tai will offer a vacation in a glass, evoking images of white-sand beaches and gentle ocean waves. Sex on the Grass, a unique twist on the classic cocktail, guarantees a refreshing and enjoyable experience without the hassle of sand. Stay tuned for the arrival of these new additions to the Sweet Dreams Vineyard family.


Sweet Dreams Vineyard is at the forefront of the evolving beverage landscape, catering to the changing preferences of enthusiasts. Their non-alcoholic delights and cannabis-infused wines offer a remarkable journey for the senses. Indulge in the sophistication of non-alcoholic beverages that surprise and delight your palate, or explore the euphoria of cannabis wine that blends craftsmanship with the therapeutic properties of cannabis. With Sweet Dreams Vineyard, you can enjoy guilt-free indulgence, knowing that every sip is carefully crafted to elevate your drinking experience. Open your mind to new possibilities, embark on a journey of exploration, and let Sweet Dreams Vineyard redefine your expectations of non-alcoholic beverages and cannabis-infused libations. To explore their product catalogue and make a purchase, visit the Sweet Dreams Vineyard website and be redirected to their partnered retailers. Cheers to a new era of delightful and conscious drinking!
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2023.05.30 09:30 glo75001 Andaman Tour Packages With Ross Island

Andaman Tour Package 2022
Luxury Andaman Tour
Inclusions - Flight from Mumbai/Delhi + Resort Stay + Buffet Meals + Vehicle and Ferry Charges
+ Havelock Island tour + All Taxes
Andaman Package starting from 51,900 Per Person
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2023.05.30 09:06 itn8 Do’s and Don’ts of ‘all inclusive’ vacations…

My lady and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in July. Being that we are both small business owners, taking ANY sort of time off is Uber rare… let alone a full on 4-5 day trip. She does not do watercraft so a cruise is right out of the question. Having said that, we’re considering Mexico and really want to relax, so we’re considering an all inclusive resort. This way we can plan what we want to spend and cut loose without watching pricing and budget etc. Some resorts have a single kitchen and room service VS some boast that they offer a dozen restaurant concepts and bars etc…. We are not cheap and also do not want to show up to find out we have unlimited LUBY’s or typical hotel or cafeteria food. Anyone have any awesome recommendations? Anything to look out foplan for? TIA!!
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2023.05.30 08:56 teller_of_tall_tales The lawless land of Lidoffad.

Helvark sprinted down the street, the two knife wielding thugs hot on his scaled tail. Commonly mistaken for Geknosians, the Zartani could expect little help from bystanders. However if anyone took one look at his keyhole shaped pupils they'd know he wasn't one of those Tyrannical slavers.
Helvark glanced behind him, seeing the vulpine one on the left gaining quickly. That was also when he ran into something he at first mistook for a statue and fell painfully backwards onto his tail.
Rubbing his head, the Zartani looked up in shock as a giant of lore slowly stood and turned around. the average sized black cat cradled in it's arms looking like a kitten.
"I'm sorry, am I in the way mr.lizard?"
The giant seemed confused, their words slow and thick from a slightly too large tongue.
Helvark shook his head in terror and surprise. Gesturing behind him at where he'd last seen his pursuers. But to his surprise, all that remained was a wet spot on the concrete and two abandoned knives. Helvark felt his mouth dry as he mumbled.
"I was being chased by some muggers... I'm new in town. Sorry for bumping into you sir."
The Zartani tourist was about to clamber to his feet when the giant simply picked him up by the shoulder and set Helvark back on his feet before asking.
"Where is your gun mr.lizard? Did you come to Lidoffad without one?"
The Tourist couldn't help but stand still as the giant roughly brushed the dust off of his clothing with their massive frying pan sized hands. Slowly Helvark shook his head, not understanding the question.
"A... A gun? Why would I have a gun?"
The giant nodded sagely and Beckoned for the tourist to follow as he set the cat down. Helvark quickly followed, more afraid of the towering example of human physique than he's like to admit
The giant however, didn't seem to notice or care as he introduced himself.
"My name's Bobby, mr.lizard. and you should have a gun because Lidoffad has no government or police. Everyone is responsible for their own safety, security and health. Needless to say, thieves, muggers and kidnappers do not have a long-"
Bobby was cut off by the sound of six rapid shots from an alleyway they passed. Morbidly curious, Helvark looked down the alleyway, surprised at what he saw.
A petite Mousian woman held a small Kelvian child to her stomach, covering their ears. A simple black handgun still pointed at the unmoving form of an insectoid species he didn't recognize. but even slumped against the wall, it was clearly taller and more massive than the woman and child combined. Brackish blood dripping from between it's mandibles.
Bobby stepped past Helvark, voice echoing down the alleyway as he called out to the woman.
"Ms.Shein, are you okay."
The Mousian woman, no, Ms.shein nodded curtly.
"I'm fine, kid's pretty shaken up though. I think she's a long way from home too, judging by the fact she's still struggling with the planet's gravity."
Bobby nodded and patted ms.shein on the shoulder.
"Take her to captain Leandra, she'll know what to do. What happened?"
Ms.shein's eyes hardened.
"It was a lure scheme. Heard the kid crying in the alleyway and went to investigate, this waste of oxygen tried kidnapping me too... So I shot him... Stupid fuck brought a replica to a gunfight."
Bobby nodded while Helvark's hand covered his gaping mouth. What was this place, he'd heard it was a top vacation spot but right now it seemed like a warzone.
Bobby noticed the Zartani's expression and simply stated.
"As I was saying before, thieves, muggers, kidnappers. Their life expectancy on Lidoffad is measured in days, sometimes hours depending on the nature of their... Chosen immorality. There's work to be done everywhere you look on Lidoffad, and for a liveable wage. You don't need to steal to support yourself."
Bobby stood and took the Zartani's shoulder in one hand, guiding him away from the dead insectoid. Leaving ms.shein behind to walk in relative silence.
After an hour or so of walking, Helvark was suddenly stopped by Bobby as the giant opened a building's steel reinforced door. The giant gestured Helvark inside and as soon. As the Zartani walked in, he smelled it.
The slight smell of burnt gunpowder hung in the air, intermingling with the surprisingly intoxicating smell of fine liquor, tobbaco and a sharp chemical smell he couldn't quite place.
The portly human behind the counter smiled as they looked up from their magazine.
"Welcome to the alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives superstore! We've got a special running on Plastique in case you need something to remove a troublesome Crimson jacket nest."
Helvark paused, looking around at the gleaming, new production firearms, the bottles of rich, dark brown alcohol, the humidors filled with cigars, bins of grenades and neatly wrapped blocks of plastic explosives. He was a little spooked, but he also had the sudden urge to buy one of everything. On his home planet you couldn't even get your hands on a certain wattage of laser pointer, much less the Colt M40 assault carbine he was currently ogling.
That was when he realized he probably didn't have enough money to buy the cheapest polymer handgun in the store. He deflated a bit until Bobby spoke up.
"I'll get the tab, just choose something you like that isn't too expensive."
Helvark couldn't believe his ear holes as his eyes slid onto the gun that he'd seen Ms.shein carrying. The tag said it cost about five hundred standard credits and came with two "magazines." Helvark immediately pointed at it.
"I'll take that one then please, that's the same kind Ms.shein was carrying right?"
The shop owner smiled widely sharing a glance with Bobby who gave him a nod of approval before he walked over and unlocked the glass cabinet to pull the handgun out, Explaining how to operate it.
"Okay, this one's just about as simple as they come son. It doesn't have any fancy bells or whistles but it can still put a tyrant bug in the dirt. It's chambered in nine millimeter HEP but you can fire standard, non High Explosive Propelled nine millimeter in it with just a top slide swap. Though, personally, I'd stick to the HEP barrel and top slide assembly. It's the best bang for the modern buck. It's got a trigger safety so make sure you keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to rock. To load it, slap a loaded magazine in the grip, pull the slide back and let it go."
Helvark slowly went through the motions getting a feel for the gun in his hand as he slipped a magazine loaded with dummy rounds into the grip before racking the slide back. In truth, it felt good to feel the weight of the firearm in his hand. It was like reconnecting with a friend you didn't know you'd lost.
Helvark looked up at the man behind the counter and calmly said.
"It's perfect, but I'll need some ammo as well if I'm gonna get it."
He glanced sheepishly at Bobby, the fear of the giant very much still there, but his current excitement momentarily overpowered it. Bobby just smiled and looked at the man behind the counter.
"I think our tourist is about ready to become a citizen Hank. Set him up with the starter package and I'll take him to the range tomorrow."
Helvark watched on with both mounting excitement and a little bit of disbelief as the two humans worked their way throughout the store. Gathering a small amount of everything from cigars to high explosives and blasting caps. Eventually he pulled his jaw off the floor and asked.
"Is this why Lidoffad is number one on most tourism brochures?"
The two humans paused and then began laughing like he'd just told a joke. Bobby's laugh made the bottles on the shelves rattle as he finally forced back his laughter.
"Oh, we're barely scratching the surface mr.lizard. wait until you catch a game of stratosphere."
Helvark frowned.
"What's stratosphere?"
The gun shop employee answered this time.
"You know that old human sport they talk about in textbooks to show how we're not sane? The one where they'd throw telephone poles. Stratosphere is that, but you're trying to launch a similarly sized metal rod as high as you can with homemade explosives. They have to be manufactured on festival grounds too, so no cheating with the manufactured stuff."
Helvark felt his heart rate pick up. Not because he was scared...
No, because he was a Zartani chemist and he was starting to think about which explosive he'd need to make to win that game.
"Where do I sign up?"
It was the humans turn to look a bit concerned at the Zartani's manic grin.
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2023.05.30 08:29 kenyatanzaniasafari Kenya Beach Resorts all inclusive

We at KenyaTanzaniasafari know how difficult and time-consuming it may be to organize a trip. This is why our kenya beach resorts all inclusive provide an all-inclusive option for our guests. Everything from lodging to food to beverages to excursions is covered in our packages. Our resorts provide an abundance of ways to unwind and explore, from morning yoga on the beach to evening cocktails at the poolside bar. Each resort features plush rooms and high-end amenities like spa treatments and access to watersports gear for rent, ensuring that guests can relax and recharge throughout their time away. Get away from it all with us on an all-inclusive vacation you won't soon forget!
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2023.05.30 08:13 gamertrub 3 year Westgate owner preview

I'm currently at Westgate Lakes Orlando Airbnb and had to attend a timeshare presentation, timeshares are a waste of money as far as I'm concerned but they gave me a very good offer for a 3 year "vacation package sample test drive".
From what I understand, I'd pay a total of $1195 over 3 years (paying monthly after sign up fee of $200) and in return get access to 5 weeks of vacation (max 7 days 8 nights, min 2 days 3 nights) at their resorts in a 1 bedroom suite (no blackout dates + no maintenance fees). I'd also be a "Westgate owner" during these 3 years and get all the benefits that come with it. They also threw in $1000 in Westgate travel credits to sweeten the deal. I think I'd probably still have to pay taxes for booking the vacations?
I'm very weary of getting roped into a scam and I feel like there's gonna be a catch, but this seems like a very good deal, I've been trying to get more info about this test drive or "passport "but can't seem to find much info about it, even on that tug website for timeshares.
Too good to be true or should I go for it? I appreciate any advice given! I'll attach the paper they gave me as well Offer details
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2023.05.30 08:00 jhanad123 Flight Booking Portal

Flight Booking Portal

A flight booking portal is a website that enables businesses to sell tickets to their customers. This is instead of selling tickets through agents or travel agencies. The main benefit of using a flight booking portal is that you can reach a larger audience than you would if you were selling tickets through a separate agent.
BookingXML also can work like long-term earning making system. Our flight booking portal supports clients in online book flights whether they are looking to book Domestic or International.
Flight Booking Portal Development Company
The online portals have decreased the worries related to booking a flight and spending money on it. BookingXML is a web portal development company that will help you in building such platforms for ticket or flight booking. You can establish such a portal with us and make your customers comfortable by offering them a convenient solution. They don’t require to visit the nearest airline ticketing office.
Today, they can get things online and book accordingly. The portals are available well and ready to book your next flight with all the need details. Travel bookings have now become more than just available. The best options are here in the full feature B2B B2C flight booking portal.
Flight ticket booking portal development provides comfort to the customers. If you are an owner of a flight ticket company, developing a portal can support you in growing. Flight booking portal development will improve the worth of your business among competent people. Flight booking portal will add competence to your business and will support it stand in the competitive market.
How is Flight Booking Portal beneficial for Travel Agent in Travel Industry?
BookingXML Flight Booking Portal or Flight Booking Software comes with developed flight booking quotation system which becomes strong Flight Booking IT Solution to establish Flight booking engine for travel agent business. It will be customized Flight Booking Portal with developed flight module features like Flight Reservation, Modification, Flight Booking Quotation, Flight API Integration and more.
With this Flight API Integration, Flight booking software allows all flight-related searches in online travel portal of travel agent. Flight booking software allow travel agent to offer clients with best travel deals like hotels, flights, vacation packages, transfers and other services. With Flight booking IT Solutions, travel agents can provide dynamic packages like Flight + Holiday, Flight + Hotel, more for clients with best flight search and book functionality.
Why Flight booking Portal is important for travel business Providers?
An online flight booking portal is extremely important for travel business providers specially those who only sell flight tickets because an online portal not only let’s travel representatives and tour operators make purchases instant but also supports them to book or purchase bulk flight seats at the cheapest rates.
A fully integrated flight B2B Airline booking engine not only takes care of the end-to-end booking procedure but also offers them instant tickets and booking confirmation. A b2B travel booking system is all about buying and selling tickets to Travel representatives or travel providers. It is also about clarifying their average transaction and clarifying the procedure.
At BookingXML our web-based travel booking engine is designed for all travel companies, travel management companies, and travel consolidators, with capabilities that they recommend.
If you are a travel service wholesaler or flight ticket service wholesaler, we always recommend a B2B web-based flight booking portal to our guests as it clarifies the business procedure. The portal is a search-based system, where the travel representatives and tour operators can select the type of flights, number of seats and select a payment method from the several options. Most importantly all these tasks can be completed anytime and anywhere from both sides the service provider and the service taker.
Flight Booking Portal Advantage
· Flight Tickets Booking Software developed and is meant under the standards of professionalism.
· Flight booking engine provides quick and bug-free online booking capacity to the consumers.
· Ticket bookings, cancellation, flight stalled, etc.
· Banners that are appealing are available for the purpose of advertisement.
· API integrated booking solution.
· Trustworthy and Dependable from all respects.
· Payment service is existing for the booking makers.
Flight Booking Software
As the leading travel technology company in the industry, BookingXML gives dynamic yet dependable flight booking software. The top-notch cost of software aids in the simple and hassle-free booking of flights for B2B and B2C customers. You can definitely rely on BookingXML to deliver excellent flight booking services.
Air ticket Booking Software is generally software that aids in collecting, storing, and managing air travel transactions. You can use the system to reserve particular flight seats online from various airlines seamlessly. Though it was originally generated to help the airlines, it is now frequently used in the travel industry. The flight booking software is linked to extensive GDS systems globally, which aid in the automation of flight seat reservations.
It comes with a wide range of developed features, making it one of a kind. Here, you will come across several third-party integrations, quotation management systems, inventory management systems, reservation management systems, advanced search options, and more!
With the assistance of a team of professionals, we develop the best flight booking engine that serves the B2B and B2C travel market smoothly. It implements travel service providers, agents, and tour operators to manage the selling of flight tickets with relative ease. The contact to real-time availability and cost rates of flights makes the booking process hassle-free.
Why People Choose Us for Flight Booking Software Development?
We are a broad-based business service provider that serves organisations in every segment of travelling industry. BookingXML is a global distribution system business that operates globally and combines Galileo Reservation Systems and internationally recognised world span.
Our Galileo System holds a grand position in airline software and has connections with all best airlines. With this 24x7 availability system the efficiency of the travel enterprises will improve. One can access this system at any point of time for booking tickets. See how our Airline Reservation System is several from others:
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· 24x7 Customer Support through both calls and chats
· Provide automated tickets to customers through mail
· Smooth and hassle-free refund policies
· Available for both International and Domestic Airlines
Flight Booking Software- Features
· B2B/B2C travel booking system
· Worldwide flight search filter
· Real-time flight booking interface
· Flight fares and schedules
· Various flight search options
· Flight fares search filter
· With stop/without stop flight search
· One /return trip search filter
· Multi-city search option
· Third-Party API Integration.
· Flight quotation booking software
Benefits of a Flight booking portal
· The intuitive point-and-click interface helps simplify ticket search
· Saves a lot of time and money
· Air tickets include various travel packages
· Include customer margin rates to your flight tickets according to the market
· Easily change or make cancellations
· Automatic follow up emails
· The track sold tickets and list of passengers
For more details, Pls visit our website:
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2023.05.30 06:30 Educational-Nose223 BioFit Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - BioFit supplement Review - BioFit supplement Does Work?

BioFit Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - BioFit supplement Review - BioFit supplement Does Work?

BioFit Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - BioFit supplement Review - BioFit supplement Does Work?

The newest weight loss supplement on the market is BioFit, which contains beneficial gut bacteria strains that help boost weight loss. Your digestive system will have a healthier balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria after taking the supplement, and you'll have more energy and fewer cravings for unhealthy foods, thanks to BioFit.
BioFit supplement Review
When people go to the doctor, weight gain is one of the most common problems they bring up. It can be hard to break bad eating habits, leading to people gaining weight without even realizing it. So many things, like genes, stress, not getting enough sleep, and strict diets, can make you gain weight that you don't want to. If you notice that your waistband is getting tighter or that you are gaining weight more quickly than you would like, it is time to take action.
The newest weight loss supplement on the market is BioFit, which contains beneficial gut bacteria strains that help boost weight loss. Your digestive system will have a healthier balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria after taking the supplement, and you'll have more energy and fewer cravings for unhealthy foods, thanks to BioFit.
This review of BioFit is based not only on the author's experience with the product but also on our analysis of some reviews and information provided by other customers. Therefore, we have covered everything you need to know before purchasing BioFit. On the list of topics up for discussion are:
• BioFit Weight Loss Supplement - Introduction
• What is BioFit and how does it compare to other probiotics?
• Science Behind BioFit
• BioFit Reviews - How Much Weight Can You Lose?
• BioFit Ingredients and How They Help
• The accreditations and certifications of BioFit
• BioFit vs other Probiotic supplements
• BioFit Pills - Pricing and Availability
• BioFit Refund Policy
• BioFit Reviews Closing Remarks

BioFit: Supplement Overview
• Brand: BioFit Nature's Formulas
• BioFit Creator: Chrissie Miller
• Item Form: Capsule
• Flavor: Unflavored
• Product Benefits: Weight Loss, Digestion, Immunity
• Special Ingredients: Bacillus Subtilis, Bifidobacterium Longum, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Breve, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Plantarium, Lactobacillus Acidophilus.
• Serving Quantity: 1 capsule per day
• Accreditations: GMP approved & Non-GMO
• Age Range (Description): Adult
• Unit Count: 30 Count/ Bottle
• Money Back Guarantee: Yes
• Refund Period: 180 days
• Pricing: $39-$59 per bottle

What is BioFit and how does it compare to other probiotics?

BioFit is designed to deliver some benefits that are comparable to those provided by other probiotic supplements, such as improved digestion and support for the function of the immune system. However, BioFit goes one step further than its competitors thanks to the patented DE111 strain and potent dosage amounts of the appropriate ingredients.

What Is Bacillus subtilis DE111?

DE111 is a clinically tested strain of Bacillus subtilis that supports digestive and immune health. Clinical studies show the strain can control microbial populations, aid digestion, and maintain health. Genome sequencing confirmed the strain lacked plasmids, antibiotic-resistant, or deleterious genes. DE111 protects microbes from harsh conditions until they reach the GI tract. DE111's spore-forming ability makes it ideal for supplements, food, and beverages.

BioFit advantages vs other probiotic supplements

Chrissie Miller and the company Nature's Formulas promote advantages not commonly seen with other probiotic supplements, such as the potential to lose up to 80 pounds of fat while taking BioFit without altering your diet or exercise routine. In addition to the author's confident assertion, the entire video presentation is crammed full of testimonials from actual BioFit customers praising the product's efficacy.

BioFit asserts that it can facilitate weight loss and improved digestion in a variety of ways. It turns your digestive tract into a calorie-burning machine. By taking only one capsule of BioFit daily, you can experience all of its advantages:
• Lose 80 pounds without changing diet or exercise.
• Reduce bloating, aid digestion, and more.
• Drop pounds without dieting or exercise
• Boost immunity.
• Eat whatever you want without affecting gut health.

How do the probiotics that are included in BioFit work?

BioFit contains a whopping 5.75 billion CFUs (colony forming units) of seven different strains of probiotic bacteria in each capsule. There are no additional components. BioFit's seven clinically studied probiotics are responsible for its many health benefits. One of these, the patented spore-based Bacillus subtilis DE111 strain, has been shown to support and improve digestive health in both children and adults, as well as support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, promote the development of healthy gastrointestinal flora, and lower total blood cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

Also, that's not all of it. However, the next logical question to ask is, "What exactly are probiotics?" In what ways do probiotics accomplish their goals of promoting healthy digestion, boosting the immune system, and decreasing abdominal bloating? Helpful bacteria in the gut are called probiotics, and they provide a number of health benefits. Many probiotics work by gleaning essential nutrients from the food you eat. Some help your body deal with toxins, while others are toxins themselves. Some can separate the active from the inactive chemicals in the foods you eat. In addition, the immune system appears to interact with other probiotic strains.

Some individuals choose to improve their digestive health by taking a probiotic supplement like BioFit. Some individuals consume probiotic-filled foods such as yogurt, kefir, or fermented foods. The colony forming units (CFUs) of probiotic bacteria found in an average probiotic yogurt is approximately 1 billion, whereas the CFU count found in a typical probiotic supplement can range anywhere from 5 billion to 100 billion. The primary ingredient in BioFit is the spore-based Bacillus subtilis DE111 strain, which is protected by a natural shell so that it does not get damaged by stomach acids (in comparison, the survival rate of most probiotic strains is only about 5%). Each serving of BioFit contains a potent 5.75 billion CFUs, and the Bacillus subtilis DE111 strain is the primary active ingredient.

Science Behind BioFit

The creators of BioFit have not yet published their formula in a peer-reviewed journal, and the supplement has not undergone any formal clinical trials. No need to panic or report this to the BioFit scam squad just yet. Chrissie Miller and the rest of the team at Nature's Formulas put a lot of emphasis on the research done on the separate components of BioFit, such as the strains of probiotics used in the product.

For instance, in this particular research study, the researchers recommended that healthy adults take a probiotic supplement that contained strains of both lactobacillus and bifidobacteria (the same two strain families in BioFit). When compared to a group that received a placebo instead of the supplement for the same amount of time, researchers discovered that the supplemented group lost an additional three pounds of body weight over the course of the study. Over the course of a period of six months, the average amount of weight lost by adults was somewhere around three pounds. Some adults lost more weight than others, while others lost less weight than others.

When you compare different probiotic supplements online, you'll find that many supplements have a higher number of colony forming units (CFUs) than BioFit does. Nevertheless, CFUs do not provide the whole picture. Even though the dosages of certain supplements can reach as high as 100 billion CFUs, this does not mean that they are inherently more effective than probiotics that contain only 5 billion CFUs. According to the findings of these researchers, having a higher CFU count is not always a positive thing.

It's possible that the active ingredients in BioFit will be preserved by the medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) as they make their way through your digestive system. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are digestible fatty molecules. BioFit's MCTs serve to shield the probiotic bacteria inside, ensuring that more of the supplement's beneficial ingredients make it to where they're needed. This research shows that medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) can prevent the digestion of active ingredients by stomach acid, allowing more probiotics to enter the small intestine.
Overall, there is evidence to support the use of probiotic supplements for enhancing immune function, reducing body fat, and other health and wellness benefits. But there isn't much proof that BioFit can help you lose 80 pounds or more without changing your diet or exercising. If you watch the video, though, you'll hear a lot of positive feedback and real-life customer success stories.

BioFit Ingredients and How They Help?

BioFit has two different groups of active ingredients: the probiotic matrix and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which hold the formula together.

First Group Of Active Ingredients:
The first group of active ingredients that BioFit has is called the probiotic matrix, and it has seven different strains in it. The different strains contained in BioFit each contribute in their own unique way to the overall improvement of digestion and weight loss. By taking BioFit on a daily basis, you can support the health of your digestive tract, as well as your weight loss efforts, immunity, and other functions. There is a correlation between certain strains and the functioning of the immune system. Others are associated with the functioning of the digestive system or the metabolism. The seven different strains that are included in the formula of BioFit each contain 5.75 billion colony forming units (CFUs). The majority of probiotic supplements have between three and five strains, but BioFit has seven strains for maximum effectiveness.

Second Group Of Active Ingredients:
BioFit contains a second class of active ingredients known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). BioFit's inclusion of MCTs is meant to boost the effectiveness of the probiotics already mentioned. Even though these ingredients are listed on the BioFit label as inactive ingredients, they may in fact lend support to the active effects that the supplement produces in a variety of different ways. When compared to longer types of fatty acids, MCTs are much simpler for your body to digest. BioFit ensures that the maximum dosage of probiotic ingredients reaches your digestive tract by wrapping the probiotic strains in a layer of fatty molecules and then delivering them to your digestive system. Even though BioFit contains a lower dose of probiotics than the majority of the other supplements on the market, the MCTs could protect the probiotics, ensuring that more CFUs reach your digestive tract in the end.
The two active blends of ingredients that are found in BioFit work together to provide an advanced and very helpful dose of probiotics to your gut. This is accomplished by shielding the ingredients from the acidic environment of your stomach and ensuring that the maximum number of CFUs are delivered to your gut rather than being thrown away by your metabolism.

The BioFit probiotic diet pills are produced in an FDA-approved facility in the USA, where they are made in strict accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. In addition to this, they go above and beyond to ensure that every single BioFit weight loss formula is tested by impartial third-party labs. These tests ensure that the dosages, potency, and purity match what is stated on the nutritional label for the supplement, and that the formulas are free of fillers, preservatives, and any artificial contaminants.

Which Specific Kinds of Probiotics Bacteria Can Be Found in BioFit?

There are seven different probiotic bacterial strains packed into each serving of BioFit. In the same way that other organisms do, probiotic bacteria can be found in a variety of species and strains. While some strains have been associated with weight loss and improved immunity, others have been associated with other aspects of gut function. The amounts of each strain that are included in BioFit are variable. There is a total dose of 16.58mg 5.75 billion CFUs; however, individual strains have different dosages that are determined by the effects that are desired. Because BioFit is primarily marketed as a supplement for weight loss, the manufacturers of BioFit have placed a strong emphasis on strains that have been specifically linked to weight loss.

Biofit Probiotics Bacteria are:

• Bacillus Subtilis 8.89mg
• Bifidobacterium Longum 1.56mg
• Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 1.25mg
• Bifidobacterium Breve 0.63mg
• Lactobacillus Casei 0.83mg
• Lactobacillus Plantarium 2.5mg
• Lactobacillus Acidophilus 0.83mg

Bacillus Subtilis
BioFit employs Bacillus subtilis strain DE111. It makes sense that this probiotic strain would make up the bulk of BioFit given its demonstrated ability to aid in weight loss. In addition to promoting weight loss, probiotic strains boost digestive health. Some probiotic strains aid in weight loss by improving intestinal function, digestion, or the elimination of waste products. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, this BioFit probiotic strain is also notable for its credibility and published medical data, which place it among the most effective probiotic strains for natural fat burning and weight loss.

Bifidobacterium Longum
BioFit contains Bifidobacterium longum, which is just one of 32 different species of Bifidobacteria. B. longum's effects on humans have been the subject of extensive research. It's one of the most significant probiotic strains passed from mothers to their infants through breast milk, and it seems to play a crucial role in human development in early life.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
BioFit includes Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a beneficial probiotic strain. BioFit contains multiple strains of Lactobacillus. The benefits of L. rhamnosus for the digestive tract are multifaceted. Yogurt and other foods contain L. rhamnosus.

Bifidobacterium Breve
Numerous studies have found a connection between Bifidobacterium breve and good gut health, which is why it is frequently found in digestive health supplements. Researchers have found that this strain can aid in the digestion of a wide variety of molecules, which suggests that it may help digestion along more than one pathway

Lactobacillus Casei
The beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus casei thrives in the intestines, where it produces numerous offspring and exerts its effects. Research indicates that L. casei can thrive in a broader range of acidity and temperature than other probiotic strains. For instance, it has a better chance of thriving in the digestive tract and surviving stomach acid. Researchers have found that L. casei and L. acidophilus, another component of BioFit, work together synergistically.

Lactobacillus Plantarium
When compared to other lactic acid bacteria, the genome of Lactobacillus plantarum is one of the largest. It is more resistant to other strains than others because, like Lactobacillus Casei, it can withstand a wide range of acidity levels as well as temperatures. L. plantarum is one of the strains that has been researched the most in the food and supplement industries, and there is a significant body of evidence that connects L. plantarum to healthy gut function.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus
The seventh and final strain of Lactobacillus found in BioFit, Lactobacillus acidophilus, has been specifically linked to weight loss. According to a number of studies, Lactobacillus acidophilus is involved in the manufacturing of the enzyme amylase. Amylase is a digestive enzyme that helps break down carbohydrates in the gut and the digestive tract. If you don't have enough of this digestive enzyme, you may experience bloating after eating foods high in carbohydrates. According to the manufacturer, Lactobacillus acidophilus promotes weight loss and overall gut health.

There are seven different probiotic strains included in BioFit. It's not uncommon to find only one or two varieties of a supplement or food item. BioFit's comprehensive solution to gut health and microbial optimization of good versus bad bacteria means that it may support extra gastrointestinal tract and weight loss benefits competing with other supplements despite using a lower dosage of CFUs than many of them.

BioFit Reviews Closing Remarks

Many users of the probiotic supplement claim that it assisted them in losing a significant amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time, which has led them to be generally optimistic about the product. After we examine the BioFit reviews that are linked to on the product's main website.

  • Jenny Hawkins of Florida says..."BioFit saves lives." I thought I'd never beach again. I can tan without shame. I'm eating more than ever and losing weight faster than I expected. Almost didn't buy it. I would have missed my best weight-loss chance...”

BioFit Pills - Pricing and Availability

You can purchase BioFit from the website that is officially associated with it. If you purchase BioFit from its official website , you will eliminate any risk of being a victim of a scam. The company offers free shipping as well as a money-back guarantee on empty bottles for a period of 180 days.
There are currently three distinct BioFit packages available for purchase. Here is a rundown of the specifics:
• One Bottle of BioFit (30-day serving): $59 + $9.99 Shipping
• Three bottles of BioFit (90-day serving): $49 Each + Free US Shipping
• Six Bottles of BioFit (180-day serving): $39 Each + Free US Shipping
Click Here to Buy BioFit From The Official Website with 180 Days Money Back Guarantee

BioFit Bonuses

The manufacturer, Natures Formula, has also included several bonuses to further enhance the BioFit experience for their clients. Here are the three bonuses that come with all your BioFit purchases through the official site:
The Truth About Dieting – A bonus ebook that shows users how they can manage to achieve massive weight loss while still enjoying their favorite delicious foods. It is all about how BioFit works and how it can help you attain and maintain that ideal weight while enjoying the process and not giving up your favorite foods.
Favorite Recipes: A bonus ebook that showcases top-notch recipes that taste great but will not make you gain weight. These recipes will augment your weight loss process as you will still eat tasty foods while losing weight.
Private Members Area: The final bonus is that all buyers are given access to the private, exclusive member’s area. You can find multiple great resources in the member’s area including recipes, guides, meal plans and other helpful information from your peers.

BioFit Refund Policy

BioFit provides a generous refund policy for its customers. Unlike the manufacturers of competing weight loss pills, those behind BioFit are positive about their product's efficacy. Each purchase of BioFit is backed by a 180-day, empty-bottle money-back guarantee.
Customers can request a refund if they are unsatisfied with the product's performance. Customers can get a full refund by sending an email to customer support at the following address, regardless of whether the product is unopened or used.
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Phone: 001-866-450-0608
Returns Address: Biofit 19655 E 35th Dr #100, Aurora, CO 80011, USA

BioFit Probiotic FAQs

Here are some of the common questions that most consumers have about BioFit:

Does BioFit cause side effects?
Nature’s Formulas has listed on its website that the BioFit supplement is made with safe and natural ingredients. They made this probiotic product with safety in mind, and it has undergone independent testing for purity, quality and safety by third party firms. Nevertheless, it is recommended to consult a doctor before you start taking any supplements, especially if you are also taking other prescription medications. Furthermore, nursing mothers and pregnant women should also discuss with physicians about taking this supplement.

How long should you take BioFit?
You should take one pill daily for at least six months to see good results. Sticking to that easy to follow schedule will give the probiotics enough space and time to work their magic on your gut.

How should you store BioFit?
BioFit clients are advised to store this supplement in its container in a cool and dry place. Although exposing these pills to moisture may make them a bit harder, Nature’s Formulas says that even moisture cannot affect the integrity and quality of this product.

How long does each bottle of BioFit last?
A bottle of BioFit comes with 30 pills to last you one month or 30 days. The recommended option for those interested in buying is the three months’ supply as it addresses severe gut issues and is convenient to use.

Does BioFit have an expiry date?
BioFit capsules are only valid for the first two years after the packaging date. You can easily see the expiry date prominently displayed on the bottle. If you can’t see that date on your order, you should contact customer service immediately.

Is BioFit vegan-friendly?
BioFit is made using water and hypromellose. These two ingredients are vegan-friendly.

How long does it take to get your BioFit order?
After placing your order on the Nature’s Formulas website, the company processes and ships your BioFit supplements within three or two days. You can expect to receive your order within five or seven business days. Nevertheless, BioFit availability is limited to Canada and U.S. clients only. Therefore, if you live outside these two regions then you won’t be able to get BioFit.
Click Here to Buy BioFit From The Official Website with 180 Days Money Back Guarantee
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2023.05.30 04:52 Sumif Our recent timeshare / HGV presentation experience.

A few weeks ago, my wife and I sat through a timeshare pitch and stayed at a 3-night hotel for like $170. Prior, I did research on the timeshare system, and some of the reading I did came from here, so I thought I’d share.
We stayed in Orlando, FL, and had a 10am appointment.
Due to some parking issues, we actually walked in at like 10:01am. There were a lot of people inside. It was a very diverse group of people two. We checked in, showed ID, and they showed us to the snacks and asked that we just wait for a moment. Then, these doors opened, and a dozen guys in suits all walked out and started finding their assigned couples. Our guy found us, made some small talk, and straight up said, “just know this is a low-pressure and laid back experience. Just enjoy your time, and if you like it, great, and if not, then no worries”.
We then went into a room with 7 other couples and watched a 25 minute presentation. It was well-done and triggered some emotions which was the point. There was some math that showed if you spent $150 per day, 14 days per year, paid a 15% sales tax, with inflation you’d spend like $90k in vacations over 25 years. I don’t know the inflation rate they used. My math at 3% showed much less, but the inflation for lodging may be higher.
Then, we went with our guy and he showed us the 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom demos. Obviously, all very nice units. At this point, it was about 11am.
Then, we went into a room with like 30+ tables and at each one was a salesperson and the prospects. It had a big built-in touch screen with Chrome or some other browser. He asked us some questions about our traveling plans and got more information. He was then like, “it doesn’t seem like you travel a lot, and if you do it seems kinda spontaneous. With kids and such, you seem to just take short trips for now. I’m not sure this program is the best fit for you”. So then he shows us this “last minute” booking thing, and I forget what it’s called. It pulls up stuff that’s available within 60 days. It had nothing to do with points, it was all cash prices. For example, he showed us that a 7-day stay near Disney was $309 for the week and it was a nice hotel. Then there was a hotel in Colorado with the same duration and price. He said that this is very popular because you can’t beat the prices. Of course, this is only available with a timeshare ownership. It actually seemed like a good deal if it weren’t for needing to purchase ownership.
We never felt any pressure at all until the very end. He showed us the last-minute bookings and would ask “is this something that looks good to you?” It’s the sales-y way of asking a question. He started asking these questions that obviously invoked a “yes”. “forget the price, would this help you achieve your dream vacation”? I knew this, working in sales, and once I sensed this, I said that we are not interested. Then, he turned to my wife and asked her a bit more point blank, “does this all sound good to you” and she just said “we aren’t interested at this time”. His whole demeanor changed, but he was still nice. But you can sense the shift from him being all likeable to him just making short comments and not acknowledging us. So he concluded the meeting and showed us to the post-presentation room, wished us well, and he was on his way.
Afterward, they asked us if he was professional, overall experience, etc. Then, the guy was like “well our last offer is this package for any 7-day stay at any of these locations for $1800, but you can open a AMEX, get interest-free for 12 months plus all these points. We declined, the guy was nice, and we were on our way.
Overall, it was fine. Only when he started asking those questions did we sense the pressure was starting to build, so we quickly shut it down. We were done in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Not purchase. No Credit card. Nothing at all. We showed ID, but at no point did we have to provide our SSN.
Honestly, I think it was worth the hassle of going to the presentation to get a good deal.
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2023.05.30 04:27 Acceptable-Friend-92 The most comprehensive Bollywood gossips and controversies post ever: The Scandals, Love Triangles, Casting Couch, Rumours and Gossips over the Years.

Peeling back the curtain to take an exhaustive look at the scandals, love triangles, and controversies that have rocked our favorite industry over the years. Let me know in comments which ones were you most moved by and which ones you hadn't heard before. Please feel free to add more context or new gossips that you know of, in the comments.
I. Epic Love Triangles
1. Salman Khan - Aishwarya Rai - Vivek Oberoi: This tale begins with Salman and Aishwarya's sparkling chemistry on the sets of "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam" in 1999. Their real-life romance soon hit rocky grounds with allegations of Salman's abusive behavior. Enter Vivek Oberoi, who offered Aishwarya emotional support during this difficult time. This resulted in Salman allegedly making threatening calls to Vivek, leading to a heated press conference by Vivek, and a chilly relationship between the two actors ever since.
2. Hrithik Roshan - Sussanne Khan - Barbara Mori: The industry was left reeling when rumors of Hrithik Roshan's alleged affair with his "Kites" co-star Barbara Mori started making the rounds in 2010. This reportedly led to a temporary separation between Hrithik and his wife Sussanne Khan. The couple later reconciled, only to eventually divorce in 2014.
3. Raveena Tandon - Akshay Kumar - Shilpa Shetty: In the late 90s, Akshay Kumar was romantically involved with Raveena Tandon, only to reportedly two-time her with her friend Shilpa Shetty. This led to a feud between the two actresses, though they later buried the hatchet.
II. Feuds and Fallouts
1. Shah Rukh Khan - Salman Khan: Their brotherly love soured at Katrina Kaif's birthday party in 2008, where a heated argument turned their friendship into a rivalry. Their relations have since been turbulent, though they seem to be on better terms now.
2. Karan Johar - Kajol: This iconic friendship hit a roadblock over a film release clash between Kajol's husband Ajay Devgn's "Shivaay" and Karan's "Ae Dil Hai Mushkil." It took them years to mend their strained relationship.
3. Kangana Ranaut's Feuds: Her spats with industry veterans from Hrithik Roshan to Karan Johar have been public and often bitter, leading to an ongoing dialogue about insider-outsider dynamics in Bollywood.
III. Controversies That Shaped the Conversation
1. The Nepotism Debate: The conversation around nepotism in Bollywood took center stage after Kangana Ranaut called Karan Johar the "flagbearer of nepotism" on his talk show. This stirred a heated debate about privilege and opportunities in the industry.
2. The Sushant Singh Rajput Case: Sushant's untimely demise in 2020 led to conversations about mental health, the cutthroat nature of the industry, and sparked an ongoing investigation into his death.
3. Deepika Padukone’s "Cleavage Controversy": When TOI published an inappropriate article objectifying Deepika, it ignited a much-needed dialogue about the dignity and respect of women in the entertainment industry.
IV. The Casting Couch Phenomenon
1. Shakti Kapoor Sting Operation: In 2005, India TV carried out a sting operation on Shakti Kapoor, where he was caught on camera offering work to an undercover reporter in exchange for sexual favors. The incident exposed the seedy underbelly of the casting couch in Bollywood.
2. Tanushree Dutta - Nana Patekar Incident: In 2018, Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment during a 2008 film shoot, marking the advent of the #MeToo movement in Bollywood.
V. Turbulent Relationships and Breakups
1. Abhishek Bachchan - Karisma Kapoor Breakup: This engagement had the makings of a Bollywood fairy tale until it abruptly ended in 2003, amid various speculations, including family disagreements.
2. Amitabh Bachchan - Rekha Affair: This controversial affair in the 70s between Amitabh, who was married to Jaya Bhaduri, and Rekha, the sultry siren of Bollywood, is still discussed today. Their alleged love story ended after the shooting of 'Silsila', which ironically depicted a similar love triangle.
VI. Sensational Controversies
1. The Underworld Connection: From extortion threats to film financing, the connection between Bollywood and the underworld has been an open secret. The incident of producer Gulshan Kumar's assassination in 1997 sent shockwaves through the industry.
2. Sanjay Dutt's Arms Act Case: Sanjay Dutt's arrest in 1993, under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act for possessing illegal weapons, was a major controversy. His involvement strained his career and personal life significantly.
3. The Blackbuck Poaching Case: Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam, and Sonali Bendre were accused of hunting blackbucks during the shooting of 'Hum Saath Saath Hain' in 1998. Salman Khan was sentenced to 5 years in prison in 2018 but is currently out on bail.
VII. Scandals that Made Headlines
1. Shahrukh Khan vs. Shirish Kunder: SRK allegedly slapped Farah Khan's husband Shirish Kunder at Sanjay Dutt's party in 2012 for his derogatory tweets.
2. The AIB Roast Case: The 2015 AIB Knockout featuring Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh, and Arjun Kapoor drew significant criticism and legal trouble for its explicit content, questioning the limits of freedom of expression.
3. Priyanka Chopra-Nirav Modi Controversy: Priyanka Chopra landed in controversy when she endorsed Nirav Modi's jewelry brand, which came under the scanner during the Punjab National Bank fraud case.
VIII. Unfortunate Tragedies and Mysteries
1. Parveen Babi's Mental Health: This yesteryear actress struggled with mental health issues, including schizophrenia. The glamour queen's tragic life ended in isolation, her body discovered in her apartment days after her death.
2. Jiah Khan Suicide Case: This case from 2013 shocked Bollywood when the young actress took her own life. Her then-boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi was charged with abetting her suicide, and the case is still ongoing.
3. Sushant Singh Rajput's Death: Sushant's death in June 2020 caused a national uproar and brought attention to mental health, nepotism, and drug use in Bollywood. The case is under investigation by various national agencies.
IX. Controversial Remarks and Public Outbursts
1. Salman Khan's "Raped Woman" Comment: Salman Khan faced public wrath for comparing his physical exhaustion during the filming of 'Sultan' to a "raped woman". His remark was widely criticized for being insensitive.
2. Kangana Ranaut's Confrontations: Kangana Ranaut has been at the center of several controversies, from her public feud with Hrithik Roshan to her claims of rampant nepotism in Bollywood, causing a storm in the industry.
3. Swara Bhaskar's "Vagina Monologue": Swara faced backlash for criticizing the portrayal of women in 'Padmaavat', especially her comment that she felt reduced to a "vagina" after watching the movie.
X. The Drug Controversy
The 2020 NCB investigation into drug use in Bollywood, which began following the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, has been a significant recent controversy. Several top actors, including Deepika Padukone and Shraddha Kapoor, were summoned by the agency.
XI. The Casting Couch Controversy
Casting couch allegations have been rampant in Bollywood, echoing the broader global issue faced by Hollywood in the form of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Many actors and actresses have reported facing such situations, adding a layer of disgrace to the industry's glamour.
1. Ranveer Singh: Even male actors like Ranveer Singh weren't immune to this ugly side of Bollywood. Singh has admitted that during his struggling days, he was approached with casting couch offers.
2. Ayushmann Khurrana: The versatile actor has also spoken out about casting couch experiences in his early career, highlighting that this isn't just an issue faced by actresses.
XII. The Age-Gap Issue
Bollywood has often faced criticism for casting significantly younger actresses opposite older actors, furthering the stereotype and raising questions about the representation of women.
1. Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt in 'Dear Zindagi': Despite the film's critical acclaim, it was criticised for the glaring age difference between Shahrukh, who was 51 at the time, and Alia, who was 23.
2. Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani in 'Laxmii': This film also faced similar backlash due to the age gap between Akshay (53) and Kiara (28).
XIII. Wage Gap Controversy
Pay disparity between male and female actors has been a significant concern in Bollywood. This inequality reflects the systemic sexism within the industry.
1. Kareena Kapoor Khan: Kareena highlighted this issue, revealing that she was paid less than her male co-stars in several movies.
2. Priyanka Chopra: Priyanka also addressed this issue, stating that she was paid significantly less than her male counterparts for the same amount of work.
XIV. The MeToo Movement in Bollywood
The MeToo wave hit Bollywood in 2018, shaking the foundations of the industry. Several prominent names were called out for sexual misconduct.
1. Nana Patekar and Tanushree Dutta: Tanushree Dutta revived a decade-old case of alleged sexual harassment by Nana Patekar on a movie set. This case marked the beginning of the MeToo movement in Bollywood.
2. Vikas Bahl: The 'Queen' director was accused of sexual harassment by a former employee at Phantom Films, leading to his temporary removal from the 'Super 30' project.
3. Alok Nath: The veteran actor, known for his 'sanskaari' image on-screen, was accused of rape by writer-producer Vinta Nanda, sending shockwaves through the industry.
XV. The Trouble with Award Shows
Award shows in Bollywood have often been under scrutiny for their lack of transparency and allegations of bias. Several stars have boycotted these events, expressing their discontent.
1. Aamir Khan: Notoriously known for boycotting award shows, Aamir has stated that he doesn't believe in them as he finds them to be biased.
2. Akshay Kumar: Akshay too has expressed his mistrust in award shows, mentioning that he was once told he would win an award if he performed at the ceremony.
XVI. The Nepotism Debate
Nepotism in Bollywood came under severe criticism after the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Accusations were rife that the industry's preferential treatment of star kids was a contributing factor.
1. Kangana Ranaut: Kangana sparked the nepotism debate on Karan Johar's talk show when she accused him of being the "flag-bearer of nepotism".
2. Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan: These star kids have repeatedly faced flak for getting easy entries into Bollywood because of their family connections.
XVII. Tax Evasion and Money Laundering Allegations
Several Bollywood celebrities have been involved in tax evasion and money laundering cases, tarnishing the industry's image.
1. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas: The couple reportedly faced allegations of illegal construction at their Mumbai residence.
2. Shah Rukh Khan: King Khan had faced a case of alleged irregularities regarding the foreign exchange rule violation for his IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders.
XVIII. The Drug Controversy
Drug use in Bollywood came into the spotlight after the tragic demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. Many industry insiders were interrogated by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).
1. Rhea Chakraborty: Rhea was arrested by the NCB for allegedly procuring drugs for Sushant. She spent nearly a month in prison before being granted bail.
2. Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, and Shraddha Kapoor: These A-list actresses were summoned by the NCB for questioning regarding the drug nexus in Bollywood.
XIX. Accusations of Plagiarism
Bollywood has frequently been accused of plagiarising content from Hollywood and other industries without proper credits or rights.
1. 'Barfi': Anurag Basu's acclaimed film faced criticism for allegedly lifting scenes from various international films.
2. 'Ra.One': Shah Rukh Khan's ambitious project was accused of being a rip-off of the video game character, G.One.
XX. Casting Couch Allegations
One of the darker aspects of Bollywood, and indeed many film industries worldwide, is the infamous casting couch phenomenon.
1. Tanushree Dutta: She accused Nana Patekar of behaving inappropriately during a film shoot, which led to the #MeToo movement in India.
2. Kangana Ranaut: Kangana too has spoken out about her experiences with the casting couch early in her career.
XXI. Censorship Issues and Political Controversies
Bollywood movies have often been at the center of political controversies, resulting in bans, protests, and even violent threats.
1. 'Padmaavat': This film faced extreme backlash from certain groups who alleged that it distorted historical facts. Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and actress Deepika Padukone received death threats.
2. 'Udta Punjab': This film highlighting the drug menace in Punjab faced numerous cuts from the Central Board of Film Certification, leading to a public outcry about censorship.
XXII. Actor Feuds and Professional Rivalries
There have been numerous instances of feuds and fall-outs between Bollywood actors, sometimes even resulting in professional rivalries.
1. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan: Although they have patched up now, these two superstars had a notorious feud that lasted for several years.
2. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Priyanka Chopra Jonas: Rumours of a rivalry between these two leading ladies have often made headlines.
XXIII. Social Media Controversies
Social media has often been a platform where controversies erupt, from insensitive tweets to online feuds.
1. Sonam Kapoor: Sonam was trolled for her comment on a meat ban in Mumbai, where she called the ban "misogynistic."
2. Abhijeet Bhattacharya: The singer has been involved in numerous Twitter controversies, from making derogatory comments about women to getting suspended from the platform multiple times.
XXIV. Controversial Statements and Interviews
Controversial statements made by actors during interviews have often sparked debates and backlash.
1. Salman Khan: Salman faced criticism for his comment where he compared his physical exertion in 'Sultan' to that of a "raped woman".
2. Ranveer Singh: Ranveer's statement about fantasizing about Kareena Kapoor Khan received backlash for being inappropriate.
XXV. Alleged Affairs and Love Triangles
Bollywood's rumor mills are always buzzing with whispers of secret affairs and complicated love triangles.
1. Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha: This alleged affair remains one of Bollywood's biggest unsolved mysteries. While neither has confirmed the rumors, their off-screen chemistry has always sparked speculation.
2. Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra: There were rumors of a close relationship between the two during the shooting of 'Don 2,' although both actors have consistently denied any affair.
XXVI. Plastic Surgery Rumors
It's common for celebrities to face rumors of cosmetic procedures, and Bollywood is no exception.
1. Anushka Sharma: The actress faced immense criticism and trolling when she appeared on 'Koffee With Karan' with what looked like a fuller lip. Anushka later clarified that she used a temporary lip enhancing tool and not surgery.
2. Priyanka Chopra Jonas: She faced similar rumors early in her career. While she has admitted to a botched surgery, she denies undergoing procedures for cosmetic purposes.
XXVII. Scandalous Photoshoots and Wardrobe Malfunctions
These can lead to a storm of criticism, comments, and rumors for the stars involved.
1. Deepika Padukone: Her 'Cleavage Show' controversy sparked a debate on sexism in media when a leading newspaper tweeted a derogatory comment about her outfit.
2. Alia Bhatt: She faced a wardrobe malfunction during the promotion of 'Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania,' leading to unwarranted media attention.
XXVIII. Controversial Remarks and Public Spats
When celebrities voice their opinions, it sometimes leads to public spats and controversies.
1. Sonakshi Sinha and Mallika Dua: Sonakshi's comment on an episode of 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' didn't sit well with Mallika Dua, leading to a Twitter spat between the two.
2. Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh: Their spat over farmer protests in India became a hot topic on social media.
XXIX. Rumoured Relationships
There have been numerous relationships in Bollywood that have been kept under wraps, with only whispers and hints to keep the gossip mills churning.
1. Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif: This duo never officially confirmed their relationship, but their vacation pictures somehow found their way to the public, fueling rumors.
2. Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt: Their chemistry in 'Student of the Year' sparked rumors of a budding relationship. However, they both have remained tight-lipped about their relationship status.
XXX. Controversial Interviews and Statements
Sometimes, the words of these celebrities can stir a controversy.
1. Alia Bhatt's GK Gaffe: Her infamous blunder on 'Koffee With Karan' made headlines and led to her being trolled on social media.
2. Sara Ali Khan on 'Colorism': Sara's comment on preferring a 'fair and handsome' man led to a backlash, with critics accusing her of endorsing colorism.
XXXII. Pay Disparity Controversies
Pay disparity in Bollywood has been a point of controversy and a source of debate.
1. Kareena Kapoor Khan: She openly talked about the pay disparity in Bollywood, stating that she doesn't see her contemporaries being paid as much as their male co-stars.
2. Deepika Padukone: She called out the pay disparity in Bollywood in several interviews, stating that she was paid less than her male co-stars despite having a substantial role.
XXXIII. Allegations of Cheating
Even stars aren't immune to the pain and scandal of cheating allegations.
1. Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut: This controversy took the industry by storm when Kangana alleged that Hrithik had cheated on his wife with her. The ensuing legal battle and mudslinging was all over the news.
2. Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha: This is one of the oldest controversies in Bollywood. Though never confirmed, it's widely speculated that Amitabh had an extramarital affair with Rekha during the peak of his career.
XXXIV. Nepotism Debates
Nepotism has been a long-standing issue in Bollywood, causing major debates and controversies.
1. Karan Johar: Known to launch star kids, Karan has been at the center of the nepotism debate. The controversy escalated after Kangana Ranaut called him out on his own chat show.
2. Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan: Their debut in 'Student of the Year', produced by Karan Johar, led to allegations of nepotism, creating quite a stir in the industry.
XXXV. Alleged Link-ups
Sometimes rumors of link-ups between stars become a hot topic of discussion.
1. Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan: Rumors swirled about a possible affair between Priyanka and Shah Rukh during the filming of 'Don 2'. However, nothing was ever confirmed.
2. Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur: Their sizzling on-screen chemistry in 'Aashiqui 2' sparked rumors of a real-life romance, although they have denied these claims.
XXXVI. Film Set Controversies
Bollywood isn't all glitz and glamour; sometimes things can get heated behind the scenes.
1. Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu: The two actresses reportedly had a major fallout during the filming of 'Ajnabee' (2001), which escalated during 'Aitraaz' (2004). They only patched things up years later.
2. Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh: During the making of 'Padmaavat', rumours suggested that there was tension between Shahid and Ranveer due to the allocation of screen time. Both, however, have denied these claims.
XXXVII. Money Matters
When big bucks are involved, controversies aren't far behind.
1. Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi: Salman reportedly threatened Vivek for getting close to Aishwarya Rai. Vivek called a press conference to disclose this, but the controversy adversely affected his career.
2. Kangana Ranaut and the producers of 'Manikarnika': There were rumours of budget overruns and Kangana taking over the director's chair, creating quite a stir in the industry.
XXXVIII. Career Controversies
Certain career decisions can also lead to controversy.
1. Deepika Padukone and 'Padmaavat': Deepika's portrayal of Rani Padmavati sparked controversy over the film's historical accuracy. Despite protests and threats, the film was a box office success.
2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and 'Heroine': Aishwarya was originally cast in 'Heroine', but after falling pregnant, she was replaced by Kareena Kapoor, causing a buzz in the industry.
XIX. The Tinseltown Tales of Southern Cinema
While Bollywood takes the centre stage in Indian film gossip, let's not forget the South Indian film industry, brimming with its own share of drama.
1. Prabhas and Anushka Shetty: Post 'Baahubali', rumours started swirling about the lead actors' off-screen chemistry. Despite the consistent denial, fans continue to speculate.
2. Nayanthara and Prabhudheva: Their love story caught everyone's attention, but their relationship ended amidst rumours of a secret wedding.
XL. Tollywood's Sensational Stories
The Bengali film industry, known as Tollywood, is no stranger to controversies either.
1. Rituparna Sengupta and Prosenjit Chatterjee: Once a popular on-screen pair, their professional relationship allegedly soured due to undisclosed reasons. The duo avoided working together for over a decade.
2. Subhashree Ganguly and Dev: Their reported break-up became the talk of Tollywood, as the duo decided to keep mum about the details.
XLI. The Mysterious Marathi Movie World
The Marathi film industry has seen its fair share of controversies.
1. Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve: Rumours of an affair started during their hit series 'Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta', but both vehemently denied any romantic involvement.
2. Sai Tamhankar and Amey Wagh: The rumour mill churned when the duo shared the screen in 'Girlfriend'. Both denied any off-screen romance.
XLII. Punjabi Cinema's Spicy Stories
The Punjabi film industry has had its fair share of controversies too.
1. Neeru Bajwa and Amit Sadh: They reportedly grew close during the shooting of 'Bikkar Bai Sentimental'. Though they never confirmed a relationship, the gossip remained rife for quite some time.
2. Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa: Fans have long speculated about the duo's chemistry beyond the screen. However, both have always maintained their stance as 'just friends'.
XLIII. The Turbulent Tunes of Bollywood Singers
Even the crooning voices of Bollywood have been caught in webs of controversy and gossip.
1. Sonu Nigam's Tweet Storm: His tweets on the use of loudspeakers for Azaan (Islamic call to prayer) sparked outrage, leading to public debates and backlash.
2. Mika Singh's Public Disputes: His infamous slapping incident at a concert and the Rakhi Sawant kissing controversy kept him in the public eye for all the wrong reasons.
3. Ankit Tiwari's Legal Battle: The 'Aashiqui 2' singer was embroiled in a serious legal battle when he was accused of rape by a woman.
XLIV. The Dark Drama of Bollywood Directors and Producers
1. Karan Johar's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Controversy: The film's release coincided with heightened tensions between India and Pakistan, leading to controversy due to the casting of Pakistani actor Fawad Khan.
2. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat Debacle: The historical drama stirred massive protests due to its alleged distortion of Rajput history. Bhansali faced physical attacks and massive public outcry.
3*. Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi's Controversial Relationship:* Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt's relationship with late actress Parveen Babi was the subject of controversy and gossip. Their tumultuous affair, coupled with Parveen's battle with mental health issues, made headlines and created a buzz in the industry.
4*. Anurag Kashyap's Marital Woes:* Director Anurag Kashyap's marriage to actress Kalki Koechlin attracted media attention. The couple separated in 2013, and their relationship struggles and subsequent divorce were discussed in the public domain.
XLV. Priyanka Chopra's Reddit AMA Fall-Out
Priyanka Chopra's Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session became controversial when she failed to address certain sensitive questions, leading to disappointment and backlash from the Reddit community.
XLVI. Bollywood’s Less Than Starry Behaviour
1. Salman Khan's Media Misadventures: His scuffles with the media have been well-documented, including an infamous incident where he allegedly snatched a reporter's phone.
2. Kareena Kapoor Khan's Fan Fiasco: A video of her allegedly snapping at fans asking for selfies caused a stir online.
3. Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone's Fallout: Post their break-up, they reportedly gave each other the cold shoulder at public events, fuelling the gossip mill.
XLVII. The Other Side of the Playback Singers
1. Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi's Feud: One of the oldest controversies that rocked Bollywood was the fallout between these two legendary singers over royalty rights.
2. Abhijeet Bhattacharya's Controversial Remarks: Known for his controversial comments on various issues, Abhijeet often found himself at the receiving end of public backlash.
3*. Sonu Nigam's Azaan Controversy:* In 2017, singer Sonu Nigam sparked controversy when he expressed his displeasure on Twitter over being woken up by the sound of Azaan (Islamic call to prayer). His comments led to a heated debate on religious tolerance and freedom of expression.
4*. Anu Malik's #MeToo Allegations:* Renowned music composer and singer Anu Malik faced allegations of sexual harassment during the #MeToo movement in 2018. Several women accused him of inappropriate behavior, leading to his removal as a judge from a popular singing reality show.
XLVIII. The Many Shades of the Indian Film Industry
1. Dravidian Drama - Tamil & Telugu Cinema: The south Indian film industry isn't free from controversies either. The rift between the late Tamil Nadu CMs, MGR and Karunanidhi, both of whom were from the film fraternity, impacted the politics of the state for decades. Similarly, the Telugu industry saw the tragic fallout between renowned actors Chiranjeevi and Rajasekhar.
2. Bengali Cinema's Intellectual Ire: The Bengali film industry, known for its intellectual and artistic cinema, was hit by controversy when the veteran director Rituparno Ghosh's sexual orientation came under public scrutiny.
3*. Tamil Film Industry's Caste-based Controversies:* The Tamil film industry has witnessed controversies related to caste-based issues. Actors and filmmakers have faced criticism for allegedly promoting caste discrimination through their films or making controversial statements.
4*. Malayalam Film Industry's #MeToo Movement:* The Malayalam film industry witnessed its own version of the #MeToo movement, with several actresses coming forward to share their experiences of harassment and misconduct. The movement brought to light the dark side of the industry and led to discussions about the need for safer work environments.
XLIX. Unraveling Layers of Love Triangles
Apart from the ones mentioned earlier, love triangles have been a common theme in Bollywood. Some of the real-life instances that became fodder for gossip include:
1. The Madhubala-Dilip Kumar-Raj Kapoor Saga: In the Golden Era of Bollywood, the Madhubala-Dilip Kumar-Raj Kapoor triangle kept gossip columns busy, especially after the infamous court case during the filming of 'Naya Daur.'
2. The Shilpa Shetty-Akshay Kumar-Twinkle Khanna Triangle: Akshay Kumar was linked with Shilpa Shetty while he was reportedly in a relationship with Twinkle Khanna. This resulted in much speculation until he eventually married Twinkle.
L. Bollywood's Cheating Scandals
1. Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut: The alleged affair between Hrithik and Kangana, while he was married to Suzanne Khan, created one of the most publicized controversies in Bollywood.
2. Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha: The much-speculated affair between Amitabh and Rekha during his marriage with Jaya Bachchan remains one of Bollywood's most enduring rumors.
3. Govinda's Extramarital Affair: Actor Govinda faced public scrutiny when news of his extramarital affair with actress Rani Mukerji surfaced. The affair reportedly caused strain in his marriage and led to widespread gossip.
Indeed, the Indian film industry isn't just about glitz and glamour, but also about human flaws and frailties that often come to light, adding another dimension to our understanding of it.
Here are a few more controversies and rumors that I might have not covered yet (Apologies for any repetitions):
  1. The mysterious disappearance of Divya Bharti: In 1993, actress Divya Bharti tragically fell from the balcony of her apartment at the age of 19. Her sudden death sparked numerous conspiracy theories and rumors surrounding the circumstances of her demise, including speculation about foul play and possible suicide.
  2. The alleged black magic practices of Tantrik Chandraswami: Tantrik Chandraswami, a self-proclaimed spiritual guru with connections to several Bollywood celebrities, was accused of practicing black magic and having undue influence over prominent personalities. His alleged involvement in the political and entertainment spheres sparked controversy and speculation.
  3. The secret wedding of Juhi Chawla: Rumors circulated in the late '90s suggesting that actress Juhi Chawla had secretly married a British businessman. Although Juhi Chawla never publicly confirmed or denied the rumors, they persisted for a considerable period, adding an air of mystery to her personal life.
  4. The supposed curse of the film "Raaz" (2002): It was rumored that the horror film "Raaz" brought a curse upon its cast and crew. Alleged incidents of supernatural occurrences and mishaps during the film's production led to speculation about a supernatural influence affecting those involved.
  5. The controversy surrounding the film "Water" (2005): Deepa Mehta's film "Water" faced significant opposition during its production due to its sensitive subject matter and depiction of the treatment of widows in India. Protests, threats, and acts of vandalism occurred on the film's sets, leading to the relocation of the shooting to another country.
  6. The alleged rivalry between Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi: There were rumors of a rivalry between two Bollywood icons, Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi, during the '90s. Reports suggested that their competition for top actress status led to tensions and strained relations.
  7. The controversial casting of Sanjay Dutt in the film "Lage Raho Munna Bhai" (2006): Sanjay Dutt's inclusion in the film "Lage Raho Munna Bhai" created controversy due to his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case. The decision to cast him sparked debates about ethics and the rehabilitation of individuals with criminal backgrounds.
  8. The alleged love triangle between Aamir Khan, Reena Dutta, and Kiran Rao: Speculation emerged about a love triangle involving actor Aamir Khan, his ex-wife Reena Dutta, and his second wife Kiran Rao. Reports suggested that the dynamics of their relationships overlapped, leading to rumors and discussions in the media.
  9. The controversy surrounding the film "Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love" (1996): Director Mira Nair's film "Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love" faced controversy and censorship challenges due to its explicit content and portrayal of sexuality. The film's release was met with mixed reactions and debates about artistic freedom.
  10. The alleged involvement of Bollywood celebrities in the IPL spot-fixing scandal: During the Indian Premier League (IPL) spot-fixing scandal in 2013, rumors swirled about the involvement of certain Bollywood celebrities in illegal betting and match-fixing activities. Although no substantial evidence was found to support these rumors, they generated significant speculation and discussion.
  11. Govinda and David Dhawan's fallout: Govinda, known for his comedic roles, had a fallout with director David Dhawan, with whom he had collaborated on several successful films. Reports suggested that their relationship deteriorated due to creative differences and personal issues, leading to a strained professional relationship.
  12. Aditya Pancholi and Kangana Ranaut's legal battle: Kangana Ranaut accused actor Aditya Pancholi of physical and emotional abuse during their alleged relationship. The legal battle between them attracted significant media coverage, with both parties presenting their sides and filing counter-allegations.
  13. The alleged love affair between Rani Mukerji and Abhishek Bachchan: Rumors circulated about a romantic relationship between actors Rani Mukerji and Abhishek Bachchan during the shooting of their film "Yuva" (2004). Speculation about their relationship and its impact on Abhishek's engagement to Aishwarya Rai was a subject of gossip in the industry.
  14. The alleged feud between Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor: Reports suggested that Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor had a strained relationship stemming from a comment Sonam made about Aishwarya's fashion choices at the Cannes Film Festival. The alleged tension between the two actresses garnered attention in the media.
  15. The controversy surrounding the film "Fiza" (2000): Actress Karisma Kapoor faced backlash for her portrayal of a Muslim character in the film "Fiza." The film's depiction of communal violence led to accusations of misrepresentation and insensitivity, resulting in protests and debates.
  16. The controversy surrounding the film "Rahul" (2001): Director Prakash Jha's film "Rahul" faced objections from the National Commission for Women (NCW) for its portrayal of a teacher-student relationship. The NCW raised concerns about the film's potential to promote inappropriate relationships and demanded cuts or a ban.
  17. The controversy surrounding the film "Mohalla Assi": Starring Sunny Deol, the film "Mohalla Assi" faced censorship issues and remained unreleased for several years. The CBFC objected to its content, which included explicit language and the portrayal of religious figures, leading to legal battles and delays.
  18. The alleged rivalry between Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan: Rumors of a rivalry between two of Bollywood's biggest superstars, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, have circulated for years. Reports suggest that there is an underlying competitiveness between them, with occasional subtle digs and comparisons made in the media.
  19. The alleged tiff between Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone: Reports of a rivalry between actresses Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone have made headlines. While both have denied any animosity, occasional comments and indirect references in interviews have fueled speculation about a cold war between them.
  20. The mysterious disappearance of actor Nadia: Nadia, the first female stunt actress and action heroine of Indian cinema in the 1930s and 1940s, vanished under mysterious circumstances in the 1940s. Her sudden disappearance left the industry and her fans bewildered, and her fate remains unknown to this day.
  21. The controversial love triangle involving Guru Dutt, Geeta Dutt, and Waheeda Rehman: There were rumors of a complex love triangle between legendary filmmaker Guru Dutt, his wife, playback singer Geeta Dutt, and actress Waheeda Rehman during the making of the film "Pyaasa" (1957). While the exact nature of their relationships remains speculative, it added an intriguing layer of mystery to their personal lives.
  22. The unsolved murder of director Bimal Roy's cinematographer Subrata Mitra: Subrata Mitra, the acclaimed cinematographer known for his work with director Bimal Roy, was found dead under mysterious circumstances in 1997. The case remains unsolved, leaving behind unanswered questions and speculations.
  23. The alleged paranormal occurrences during the filming of the horror film "Mahal" (1949): During the shooting of the iconic film "Mahal," there were numerous reports of eerie happenings on set. Actors and crew members claimed to have witnessed strange phenomena and experienced unexplained incidents, adding a supernatural element to the film's legacy.
  24. The enigmatic persona of actor Guru Dutt: Guru Dutt, the iconic actor-director of the 1950s and 1960s, was known for his introspective and melancholic on-screen persona. His tragic death in 1964, attributed to an overdose of sleeping pills, continues to be shrouded in mystery, with debates about whether it was an accident or suicide.
  25. The controversy surrounding the film "Bandit Queen" (1994): Director Shekhar Kapur's film "Bandit Queen," based on the life of Phoolan Devi, faced legal challenges and controversies for its explicit content and portrayal of violence. The film's release was delayed, and it sparked debates on artistic freedom and the depiction of real-life incidents.
  26. The alleged black magic practices in the film industry: Over the years, there have been rumors and claims of certain individuals in the film industry practicing black magic or being involved in occult practices. These rumors have fueled speculation and added an element of mystery to the industry.
  27. The alleged rivalry between Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar: Two legendary actors of the Indian film industry, Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar, were rumored to have a rivalry during their heyday. Reports suggested that their professional competition and different acting styles fueled tensions and strained relations between them.
  28. The controversial relationship between Kamal Haasan and Sarika: Actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika were in a live-in relationship for many years and had two children together. However, their relationship was marked by rumors of infidelity and personal differences, leading to a tumultuous and publicized separation.
  29. The controversy surrounding the film "Sins" (2005): Director Vinod Pande's film "Sins" faced severe criticism and opposition due to its explicit content and portrayal of taboo subjects like sex and religion. The film's release was marred by protests, bans, and legal battles, igniting debates on artistic freedom and censorship.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is based on available public sources, media reports, and general knowledge. While we strive to ensure accuracy and reliability, we cannot guarantee the completeness or authenticity of the information. The content presented here is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered as factual or verified. Any views, opinions, or statements expressed in this post are those of the respective individuals or sources mentioned and do not necessarily reflect our views. We encourage readers to conduct further research and exercise their own judgment when interpreting the information provided. We shall not be held liable for any errors, omissions, or damages arising from the use of this post.
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2023.05.30 04:22 IndigoBluePC901 Advice on cheaper end of Caribbean all inclusives?

We've never stayed at an all inclusive before and it sounds perfect after all this wedding planning. We are kinda tight on budget, hoping to keep it around 2k, including a flight from the north east. We do have access to miles and points, and hoping to use them.
I've looked at waaay to many resorts and companies to keep anything straight. In consideration to some family health issues, we might not be able to go after the wedding, around mid august. I am okay to wait a few weeks or months though, not tied to any particular month. I know hurricane season lasts until Nov, and would prefer to avoid the hurricane zones.
We've been looking at Saint Lucia, Jamaica, and Dominican republic but not picky. Sandals looks tempting, even their cheaper rooms look nice. Quality of room (good bathroom, good bed, AC a must) and food is probably our top priority. We're not club people, and not that athletic either lol. I usually plan big city vacations with a billion things to do, see, and eat - but kinda looking forward to not putting in all that work this time.
Anyone have any must do or must avoids?
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2023.05.30 04:08 No_Key_2289 On the fence… [SRPD59]

On the fence… [SRPD59]
What do you guys think? Originally came on a bracelet but was not feeling it. Threw it on an orange FKM strap. I like it a lot but know it will only get wear during the summer, maybe once a week. I’ll take it with me as one of my two watches when I go on my all inclusive vacations twice a year. This is my only colourful or fun watch dial. I have 4 other dive watches that are black dials. If I don’t keep this I was thinking of the green urban safari mini tuna SRPF83.
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2023.05.30 03:01 gamertrub Westgate 3 year vacation sample test drive

I'm currently at Westgate Lakes Orlando Airbnb and had to attend a timeshare presentation, timeshares are a waste of money as far as I'm concerned but they gave me a very good offer for a 3 year "vacation package sample test drive".
From what I understand, I'd pay a total of $1195 over 3 years (paying monthly after sign up fee of $200) and in return get access to 5 weeks of vacation (max 7 days 8 nights, min 2 days 3 nights) at their resorts in a 1 bedroom suite (no blackout dates). I'd also be a "Westgate owner" during these 3 years and get all the benefits that come with it. They also threw in $1000 in Westgate travel credits to sweeten the deal. I think I'd probably still have to pay taxes for booking maybe?
I'm very weary of getting roped into a scam and I feel like there's gonna be a catch, but this seems like a very good deal, I've been trying to get more info about this test drive or "passport "but can't seem to find much info about it, even on that rug website for timeshares.
Too good to be true or should I go for it? I appreciate any advice given! I'll attach the paper they gave me as well Offer details
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2023.05.30 02:46 BumperBabyAngel What are some good beach reads for men?

I (40M) am going on an all-inclusive beach vacation in a few weeks. I'm looking for recommendations on a good beach read preferably something light and humorous. I've been reading a lot of Stephen King but want something less intense for vacation.
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2023.05.30 02:40 lonestartexan84 why i left pactiv/evergreen corp

i wanna say sorry for my bad grammar. English isn't my first language
I am writing this so no one can go through what I went through at pactiv/evergreen corp. It is a good job but it has its issues of how this company is run. there is no communication, lack of training, stressful manual labor, management isn't their or not doing the rightful things that a manager supposed to do, injuries that could been prevented, too many favoritism and sexual favoritism, lying about pay and bonuses, and last rudeful and disrespectful of race and homosexuality behavior.
I have worked here at pactiv/evergreen for sixteen years and stayed at a OP-B+ position for the last ten years and was trying to step up another job position (OP-C). I was lied to and cheated when they posted a listing for a job I tried to apply for but lied too and was given to another employee who didn't fit or have the skill set for that position. It also goes to apply for vacation. I have applied for vacation two to three months ahead of their 24-36 hour applying period to be approved by team leaders. and once it does get approved, a few days before i start getting ready for my vacation. i got a notice from my team leader that my vacation has been removed due to someone "already submitting" before me which is a lie. while that person who apply that same day i request for vacation would be approve the day before then it 24-36 hours approved period which they scratch me off the list even if i had a form that been written and document. and when going to H.R. I still can't get my vacation even if I show them the paper that my team leaders sign off for. they would say to me "WE WILL TALK ABOUT THIS SOON WITH YOUR TEAM LEADER AND TRY TO FIX THIS ISSUE". By the time they do that I am forced to idle call in or cancel my plans for vacation which half of the time i had to call my hotel to cancel my room or idle cancel my plane tickets because of this.
As far as the training process that we do at my job when we get a new hire, we are supposed to train them until they're finished and recognize their duties and package sign off of the position they will be doing. and the training would last about three to four weeks on their first package, but! We are not able to do that because once they know the basics they would get pulled off from me or anybody else that isn't finished with their training and get thrown on a line without being told what to do. expecting them to learn fast as they go, which at the end of the day or middle of the day they would idle or quit or we will be faced with a recall of the product that is being made (which is the team leader's fault not the new hire). and this happens most of the time. and that is how injuries happen too.
Team Leaders and Management do and do not work on the duties that they are supposed to do. most of the time they would disrespect you because in their eyes, you're only a number then a person. I was called and judged about my abilities when working on my line. they would tell me to pick up the pace, why are you slow, quit messing around and work, you don't need a break yet, you can't do this or that kinda crap. yet if i do good at my job it isn't enough. It breaks my heart when you do the job duties you are supposed to do yet with someone else who isn't on the team leader or manager hate list would get a better response and let them do light or small work duties. and never get questioned about their abilities because half of the time it is a flavosexual flavor with the team leader or manager which isn't right. and they are the ones who get the pay rise to upper job positions benefits then the person who deserves it more then them but you're fighting against a group then one person. I had the opportunity to move up because of the skill set I have learned and earned from the years I work here but when someone does a flavor for that team leader or manager. I get put aside and give an excuse why I can't move up or the position is filled by someone who is fit for the job then you. All the while that person who took that job position doesn't know what they are doing and i also be told to "help" (which is another way to say i am doing their job but you won't get paid for it), all while they take a hour long break or be on their cell phone. And they get all the credit then me who did their job for them.
Back in march of 2023, when the company had to cut staff down due to over staffing of employees in my group and the issue of the drawback of companies dropping pactiv/evergreen due to demand being slow and inflation, we lost three companies due to that issue. I was pick out and i knew why. The years and the things I did and do was going to be an issue for me. Also I was the only one who was reporting stuff like this not to management, team leaders, safety guy, and H.R. personal. But the big headquarters. They would respond to my emails and tell me
what was wrong and what wasn’t right. And they will be the ones to fix this issue which they did.
So instead of sending them an email to the headquarters of pactiv/evergreen corp of why i left before they can fix what is already too late. I am going to post it online on social media so everyone knows how bad this company is and how they treat temp workers and full time employees in the hands of who they put in charge of that company. They are the ones who are getting higher pay, time to be at home with family, exotic vacation trips, bonuses pay that we earn but they are taken away from us employees. All while they sit in their office do nothing but complain of how those lines are not running full time when the workers are tired and hurt while being verbally abused by their own team leaders who are in the same scam with the managers. And that is why I am leaving that place.
I know I am starting all over again since I am working with a different company. But I hope I do well with them. Funny things about it, the company I am working for already knows how bad that place is when they took a tour of pactiv/evergreen. And told me that place is a huge OSHA nightmare waiting to be called on if something bad ever happens and get shut down for it. What I am going to miss is the people who I used to work with. I feel kinda bad leaving but i had too since my heart isn’t in the right place. And they knew it too since that was what we were going through from this shit hole of a company. I gotta start over on my pay, benefits, and 401k. (which i was close to my twenty year mark which woulda been good on my retirement). But my goal is to work at this new place and get hired on and be pushed to do better than what pactiv/evergreen didn’t see in me. And in the year 2024 of spring time I will go to school for solar technician and have a great career path in that field. I hope I meet my goals and be happy again with my life. And now since ya see what i have to go through with pactiv/evergreen in temple,tx. At least ya know what to expect if you get hired on as a temp with them.
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2023.05.30 01:48 Dramatic-but-Aware Tales of a Bridezilla aka. my story on becoming a Bridezilla against my will

I saw a post in here asking if Bridezillas are born or made and I thought I'd share my story. I am on mobile so apologies for any formatting errors. Apologies, its super long...
For context me and my FH are getting married in August. We really debated on having a big wedding and reception vs eloping for a number of reasons:
1) My grandma died 6 months before my engagement and I could not fathom the idea of planning and having a wedding without her. 2) My dad is an abusive alcoholic and our whole family crashed and burned like 1 month before my engagement and I went super LC. So no support from my dad, a lot of tension and hurt, plus no daddy daughter dance. 3) I work a very demanding job that I am very passionate about so I did not want to spend a lot of time and energy planning a wedding.
We ended up having a wedding and reception because my FH really wanted a wedding and reception, and in a way I did too, just the whole idea of planning was super overwhelming and I was / still am not in the best place mentally and emotionally, having experienced a lot of loss recently. Plus my mom was really excited about it and knowing she too had experienced a lot of loss and trauma way worse than me, I wanted to do anything I could to make her feel better. However there were 2 conditions that I had:
A) I was very clear with my FH that this was not MY wedding it was OUR wedding so we would both equally participate in the wedding planning and decision making. B) We would plan over a long period of time so it would not get to crazy (1 year and a half).
It is also important to note that I am the first niece, grandchild and cousin to get married on both sides of the family, plus I am the first person to get married in my friend group, so everyone is excited x10 for my wedding, which will come into play later.
Now on to every single incident that has happened:
First incident: booking a wedding company
The shitstorm started almost as soon as planning started. We decided to seek wedding packages were many things were included along with the venue to limit the number of vendors we would have to deal with. So I contacted a bunch of comoanies seeking a quote, the thing is we had a very clear budget that we would not compromise on because we did not want to put ourselfs in a bad spot financially because of a wedding. Well let me tell you getting an actual number from venues is next to impossible, they all want you to tour the venue, check their ig, tell them all about the wedding, etc. I tried to be polite at first but then had to simply draw the line and tell them that I do not want to waste my time and theirs if they are not within our budget. But it did not end there, once I got a quote and told them they were too expensive for us, they would not let it go, it was a bunch of calls, text, e-mails trying to convience me to book them, some would be polite and just hype themselves, but others even resorted to shaming me for not caring about the biggest day of my life, telling me money comes and goes, etc.
After a 3 month search we ended up booking a company we both liked that worked with out budget, and once I got to tell these people I had already booked someone else, most of the pushing stopped, but one company continued to contact me speaking ill of the company we booked.
Second Incident: Save the Date
As soon as the venue / company was booked we sent the Save The Dates literally one whole year before the wedding. Well, 3 weeks after we sent the Save the Date, I get a temper tantrum form a family member because she had a trip planned and she wanted me to change the wedding. She told me how I always said my wedding would be in the fall, and I was prioritizing my FH's family, etc. Yes I had always said I'd get married in October like my parents, but with my parents separating under the worse conditions, and since SIL, who lived in the other side of the world could only come over the summer I was more than happy to send October to the curve. And I was not prioritizing FH's family we were prioritizing immediate family over extended family.
Now I have no issue with them missing the wedding but to actually complain about me not asking her about their availability was so absurd to me. Plus they had a whole year of heads up to rearrage the vacation if they wanted to, which they ended up doing.
Third Incident: Wedding Attire Shopping
This is more a series of incidents but I am putting them all here because they relate to finding my wedding dress / outfit.
Dress shopping was aweful, I am convinced that if I ever go to hell I'm going to be trying on dress after dress for all eternity.
For context I am currently struggling with hormonal issues and went from 125 pounds to 165 pounds in 6 months so trying on clothes in general, but specially wedding dresses was super triggering.
Originally I wanted an second hand dress since it is more eco and budget friendly. I serched for a couple of months and found nothing I was at that weird midsize range in which I am to big for the average sizes but too small for plus size, so I had to buy new.
I went in with what I thought was a pretty good budget, the equivalent in my currency of US$1.5-2k... boy was I wrong. They kept offering me dresses that were too expensive for me like 2.5k, 3k, etc. As I kept turning them down, because again I was sticking to my budget, the lady helping me kept getting more and more rude, ro the point she undressed me with the door open in front of all of the staff, my mom and friends (including men). I almost cried.
I also had to spend all day being body shamed by everyone and hearing how I had to lose weight when I knew I wouldn't / couldn't because there is something wrong with my body. Plus my biggest worry is not how I fill my wedding dress, but actually how this affects my reproductive health and fertility.
Eventually I found a dress I could afford at another store. Everything was good until the first dress fitting rolled around, they informed me for the 1st time that the fittings could not be done on the weekend (once the dress was fully paid mind you). This was very upsetting because I could not / did not want to miss work, and make my life super comolicated and stressful at work. This is the first time I went full bridezilla on anyone... I told them it was very unprofessional to not include this policy on their store, their website nor my contract, if they had actually informed me this beforehand as they are legally required to, I would not have purchased my dress with them. I told them either they see me on a saturday (within the hours listed) or they can issue a refund. They agreed to see me on a saturday.
Shoe shopping was also a nightmare since the person I bought my shoes from would ghost me for weeks.
Fourth Incident: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
This is also a series of incidents that all fall into one category.
My FH is not very good at decorations so when picking the color scheme of the wedding I came up with 3 or 4 options I liked and he chose his favorite. When my mom found out she called me on a rant about how my wedding had to be pink since I loved pink and this was MY day. I calmly told her this is the colors WE picked for OUR day and I liked them. Mind you I love pink but I never ever wanted a pink wedding, I always thought pink felt too bride centric and I did not like the feeling thst a cotton candy cupcake monster had just swallowed me.
Then the vendor nightmare, although we hired a company that offered a very inclusive package, they still had people in charge of different aspects, i.e. they had a catering person, set up person, flower person, etc. Plus there were some vendors we hired on our own, like the photographer. So FH as I decided to split the vendors so he would deal with some people and I would deal with others, for some of the more important stuff we asked them to send all communications to the group chat since we did not want to risk me not seeing it and delaying anything.
I kid you not most vendors time and time again would text me in private, even after me asking them to text the group chat or FH, as applicable. Plus they would text me to confirm the desicions y FH was making. I understand that this is how some people might want things done, but I have told them time and time again that I trust FH, that this is his wedding too and that this is our agreement... in one ear and out the other. I am so tempted to tell them for the 5th time that FH is in charge of this and just block them.
It is soo inportant to note that I am super busy with work, have ADHD, my hormones are crazy, and I am not in the best headspace going through 2 griving processes, I simply do not have the brain capacity to keep track of all this stuff. On the other hand FH was moved to a different role with less time sensitive work and claims to be in the best mental health shape ever, thanks to me, so he is really happy to take on the heavier load of wedding planning. Plus we are really good at communicating and reaching solutions that work for the both of us, it is aweful that wedding vendors simply cannot be empathetic to our situation and respect the agreements we have as a couple.
Fifth Incident: The Last Staw were we went full bridezilla / groomzilla
Background: there were some things the package we got did not include and had been asking for recomendations for months, plus other things that were not included and the company we hired required, like lighting, however we were not aware of this extras.
So like 3 months before the wedding we get a text from our wedding planner with a quote of all of the extras which would increase our budger 20%. We were shocked and very upset. We rejected all of the extras we could and only kept the barre minimum that was absolutely necessary.
Shortly theteafter we get a text from the sales person of thr company letting us know they would be opening a hotel next to out venue and we could either book it or let other people go through our wedding to get to the hotel.
The issue: We had already booked a different hotel with them further away, and we were required to book the whole hotel and if our guest did not use the rooms, we'd still have to pay for them.
I was very upset because: A) My other grandma and my FH's uncle are very sick and having a room to lay down really close to the wedding venue would be perfect. B) Having other people constantly going through our wedding seemed like a nightmare specially since as per our contract we were liable for any damages to the venue caused during the wedding.
So I called the sales person to try to negotiate a solution, I had a bunch of proposals including: granting a release for the damages caused during the wedding or letting us release the other hotel and book the new one. He was having none of it he was super rude and condescending, not letting me talk, not hearing my proposals and trying to mansplain contract law to me (a lawyer whose practice includes contract law). I kept raising my voice since he would not let me talk (wrong on my part) but eventually told me he would make a different proposal. I told him I would not hang up until I had it in writing, but he hung up on us.
Both my boyfriend and I sent vn to the groupchat and to the director of the company. He was as mad as I have ever seen him, I was in tears.
FH told them he could not believe how disrespectful the sales person had been and how he would not tolerate this level of disrespect to his future wife.
I told them that they had constantly disregarded our wishes and failed to inform us many things in a timely manner including the hotel, which made me think they did not care about our wedding. So I asked them to confirm they actually cared or if they wanted to they would refund us all the money paid and we could go our "marry" way.
One of the higher ups called later that day apologized profusely and agreed to let us release the other hotel and book the new one, which worked for us. And things have been looking up.
Other minor things that happened
My invites included some hotels that offered a discounted rate to our guests. A family member called me to complain about the hotel rates and sent the link to a motel demanding I include it in the invitation. Mind you this is not a destination wedding, we are getting married in a venue one town over 1 hour or 1.5 hours away from were we live which is a common vacation spot for the people in our city. Kind of like the hamptons and NYC, but closer. Guests are not required to stay at any of the hotels listed. Many of them have rest homes there, many are choosing to get an AirBnB and some are even driving back the same day.
A family member sent a picture of a white dress with a black trim asking if it was okay to wear. Idc about standing out in my wedding, but why whould she want to wear white is beyond me. I said its okay because I wanted to avoid drama and I don't cate too much, but it definelty rubbed me the wrong way, I feel like I should not have to be answering this kinds of questions.
Another family memeber demanded I resend my STD one week before the invites were to be delivered because some people had forgotten and if I did not remind then they would not come to the wedding. She was offended when I told her the wedding was still almost 4 months away and I understood if some people could not make it, but it was on them if they did not save the date when they got the save the date.
Another thing that happened was that everyone was very excited for my wedding being the first pf my generation getting married so they all wanted to throw me an event or something, a bachelorette, a bridal shower, an engagement party, etc. The issue was that they offered to throw a party I very easily could live with out and then expected me to pay for it / plan it.
Not everyone, some people actually did threw awesome parties with little involvement from me and I apareciste them soo much.
If you made it this far, thank you for reading.
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2023.05.29 23:04 howtallareyou-67 The Perfect 2023 Blazers Offseason Revised

A couple of days ago, I outlined my perfect 2023 Blazers Offseason, and while the general reception was positive, there were a few valid criticisms that were made. These were focused on 1) Orlando giving up too much in the trade, 2) either Phoenix giving up too much or not liking the Ayton inclusion all together, and 3) some final criticism about how much Toronto was getting back for Siakam and #13.
Outside of what each team was getting, there was also some concern about our lack of wing depth after the trades, and I've addressed some of my own concerns about venturing too far into the luxury tax and avoiding the worst of the new penalties in the CBA.
So, here is the revised trade proposal:
Portland gets: Pascal Siakam, Royce O'Neale, Pick 11
Orlando gets: Anfernee Simons
Toronto gets: Dorian Finney-Smith, Jalen Suggs, Nassir Little, Keon Johnson, Pick 3
Brooklyn gets: Kevin Knox, Pick 13
With the #11 pick, Portland selects Derrick Lively, the massive (and mobile) defensive center out of Duke as their eventual Nurk replacement. They also add some cheap depth by taking French wing Rayan Rupert at #23 and Virginia point guard Reece Beekman at #43. All three would likely be out of the rotation on day one, but you'd want to see Lively pushing for backup minutes by at least the All-Star break.
In free agency, they re-sign Matisse to a three-year deal starting at $7.5 million, and Eubanks to a two-year deal starting at $2.8. In order to stay under the first luxury tax apron, they don't use their MLE and consider O'Neale as better than any MLE signing they could have made.
After free agency, our lineup looks like this:
Yes, our only major upgrade is Siakam, but the jump I think we all expect from Shaedon is roughly the equivalent of adding another high-level talent. Don't short change O'Neale, either. He's proven in Utah and last year in Brooklyn that he can be a playoff ready rotation piece that can make shots and defend 2-4. He'd be a great wing to have as a 7th man.
Keeping Nurk allows for a few things: 1) we get to see if he can anchor a defense that has legit defensive options on the wings, rather than the sieves he's had to deal with, 2) it keeps his playmaking/screen setting, which are his underrated offensive skills, 3) we see if his three-point shooting continues to be an added weapon, which could really open up our offense, 4) it allows us to audition Nurk the first part of the season, and if he ups his trade value we can decide to either package him with O'Neale or Matisse, along with a couple firsts for an upgrade, or ride out the increased output ourselves, and, finally 5) it, along with the other moves outlined, keeps us under the first luxury tax apron, which is a huge deal with all of the restrictions that are triggered as soon as you're over. We also draft Lively with the lottery pick, with the intention of him eventually taking over and being the rim-running, shot-blocking big that Nurk will never be. He even has some potential upside as a distance shooter, which should be developed.
While some view Ayton as an upgrade over Nurk, and, therefore, will find this trade as less of a clear cut win for the Blazers, it's not as straightforward as one may think at first glance, especially when you factor in Ayton's salary. Ayton also struggles to finish around the rim at times, is not as great of a shot blocker or rebounder as his size/frame would suggest, can be moody and not give full effort, and isn't nearly the playmaker or shooter that Nurk has shown he can be.
Overall, with the trades, free agent signings, and draft pickups, it's a lineup that gives Dame what he wants and what we all want, which is a chance to compete. Is it a no doubt Finals contender? No. But, I think with some luck regarding team chemistry and injuries, along with the West not having a true superior team, we'd have a real chance of making a run in the playoffs.
There's also still some long term upside with Sharpe and Lively forming a wing/big building block, plus whatever you could get in return for Dame, Siakam, and Grant, if you decided to go full rebuild.
As for the other sides of the trade, let's start with Orlando. They're no longer giving up Harris in the deal, and keep him as a serviceable veteran rotation piece for their young roster, or someone who could easily be traded at the deadline. So, #11 and Suggs for Anfernee feels about right to me, unless you drastically undervalue Anfernee, which I don't. If Orlando wanted one of our fifty 2nd rounders, then you'd willingly give up one or two to make the deal go through.
On Toronto's side, they gain a valuable wing in Finney-Smith, along with the #3 pick, and take the chance on one of Suggs, Little, or Keon hitting their upside. I'd personally hold the line at that, but if they wanted a future first, outside of the Chicago commitment window, than that could be included to get the deal done.
Brooklyn gets some significant cap savings, a flier on Knox, and a lottery pick to help them continue to rebuild from the mess they got themselves into by betting on the wrong horses.
I just removed the whole Phoenix/Ayton piece, all together. As it seemed to be the bright dividing line for everyone, and I don't think Ayton is a big enough upgrade to be worth trying to find a common ground amongst the opposing factions.
Anyhow, what say you? Is this revised version better than the previous one? I appreciate all the back and forth, if nothing else, it helps to fill the time between now and June 22nd. Clearly I've got to much time on my hands this holiday weekend.
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