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2017.08.22 13:31 Powerledger_io Powerledger, blockchain peer to peer energy trading platform

Powerledger is a fast growing tech company that has developed a world-first blockchain enabled energy trading platform to make energy markets more efficient. Powerledger’s proprietary software is currently being used in multiple countries including Australia, Thailand, India, Japan and the United States. Collection of our latest media:

2023.03.22 16:20 closeartz Iman Gadzhi - The Agency Navigator (Actual Course)

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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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2023.03.22 16:19 DrTheRick Warrior Class will require a MASSIVE paradigm shift

If you review the six classes presented for One DnD, you can see patterns emerge. Simplifying, delaying front-loaded features, generally placing one feature per level, standardizing of subclasses levels and spellcasting, etc.
If you extrapolate these threads, things look pretty bleak for Martials. The Monk is buried in features (more than any class) and still isn't that great. Removing all but one or two per level would be a massive and unnecessary nuke.
I can easily envision a world where Action Surge gets moved off level 2 to discouraged dipping, but where would it go? Level 7 seems most likely. If so, what is a level 5 Fighter compared to other classes?
Ranger and Paladin got sizable boosts in power. They're going to have to give Martials something big.
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2023.03.22 16:19 loltank53 Warfare of Avallon #2: Tanks part 2

The primary imputes for the return of the Tank Destroyer (TD) is the miniaturization of the rail-gun. Most normal tanks don't have the engine/power core necessary to power such a weapon, and so the tank destroyer was reborn. Typically coming in one of three variants, light, heavy, and the aforementioned stealth, they're often seen supporting other tanks on the battlefield. It's worth noting that while rocket-based tank destroyers still do exist, but they rarely see the same media coverage as their rail-gun bearing brethren.
Perhaps the most absurd, and the rarest form of tank to be seen is the Super Heavy Tank (SHT). Whilst almost nonexistent on habitable worlds, such as Earth or Avallon, the super heaves (often times shortened to supers by soldiers) are massive beasts. Inspired by Halo's Elephant, Mammoth, and even the German Maus II, these tanks are meant to act as a mobile base for armored units on worlds without a breathable atmosphere. The idea being that they're a base where men can breath air, sleep, and repair their own tanks. They're rarely seen alone, with most units having both a command and engineering variant.
The command variant possesses's an absurd level of firepower, with many even mounting a rail-gun capable of damaging naval warships! As the name implies, their purpose is to lead their forces in battle and provide fire support; while the engineering variant does the opposite. The engineering variant fills the role of repairs and bridge-laying, with it's most prominent feature being that of a massive roof-mounted bridge. Besides the bridge, it also has many cranes and a few, primarily point-defense related, weapons.
Now that I've got all the primary tank classes settled, it's time to talk about some common variants. Nearly all light or amphibious tanks come with both Magnetized Tracks (M) and Gravity Well (GW) variants. These are self explanatory, they're built for launching assaults on space stations, asteroids, and, if one were feeling particularly daring, enemy vessels themselves. While the latter has never been tried, as one would have to be one hell of a jackass to even consider, these variants are essential for any Marine force.
That should cover it for tanks at the moment, if I think of anything else I'll put it in an addendum. I'm also planning on making a "super-cut" version of this, which'll probably be a PDF. I'm not sure what'll be next as I'm a bit tired of ground combat at the moment, but I'll be sure to post it here; and finally, Have a nice day!
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2023.03.22 16:19 helikoopter It’s Not The Young Guys

Is It The Young Guys Hitting the Wall?
A lot of people continually point to this team being “young” and that they are subsequently hitting the wall. While there is no denying that this is a youthful team, the idea that their youth is somehow negatively affecting their results is what bothers me. From my vantage point, the youth is mostly doing their job, or at the very least, they are not entirely responsible for the Sabres defensive demise.
The last couple of weeks have been an absolute trainwreck, anyone who has been watching the games can agree. While there have been moments of something, it’s been a lot more terrible than okay. I decided to look at the last four games where the team’s defensive play was abysmal (5v5 4+ goals allowed - which excludes the games against the Rangers, Leafs, and Capitals). Admittedly, this is a pretty random 4 game sample, but we’ll look at a bigger picture after.
I’m using Quinn, Peterka, Krebs, and Power as my focus as those are the young guys (rookies, or near rookies). I’ve left out Samuelsson, although we can add him in later if necessary.
March 9 vs Dallas - 9 Goals Allowed 5v5 (45 skater goals allowed) Quinn - 3, Peterka - 2, Krebs, 2, and Power - 3 Not great, but far from the problem. That adds up to 10 goals out of 45, less than 25%.
March 17 vs Philadelphia - 4 Goals Allowed (20 skater GA) Quinn - 1, Peterka - DNP, Krebs - 0, and Power - 0 Wow, 1 out of 20 goals. Not at all the problem.
March 19 vs Boston - 6 Goals Allowed (30 skater GA) Quinn - 2, Peterka - 2, Krebs - 1, and Power - 2 Not great, but again, far from the problem sitting at less than 25%.
Last night vs Nashville - 6 Goals Allowed (30 skater GA) Quinn - 0, Peterka - 0, Krebs - 1, and Power - 1 That’s 2 out of 30. Yea, that’s not the issue either.
So in this admittedly small and random sample we have 2 games where the young guys were about average, and 2 games where they weren’t at all responsible for the defensive lapses (at least compared to their teammates).
As I said, this is a very small sample, it’s more pointing to the fact that the young guys haven’t been responsible for the poor defensive play recently - at least not enough that has created negative results.
So let’s look at a larger sample, say, since Feb 1 (I haven’t, but I’m sure you can roll the dates and things wouldn’t change significantly). Looking at rate stats (per 60) and 5v5 let’s see where the young guys rank at Goals Allowed.
Quinn - 18, Peterka - 12, Krebs - 19, and Power - 20.
I mean, that’s incredible. Not “hitting the wall” in the least bit.
The collapse we have seen in the second half (.40 pt%) of the season has not been due to the youth and inexperience of this team. There’s something much more significant at play. I’ve made my opinion known on multiple occasions. Let’s just stop pinning the blame on the young guys.
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2023.03.22 16:19 RROD93 My Grandmother Used To Say ...

"Secret tip - The first step in learning how to pick big stock market winners is to examine leaders of the past (...). From these observations, you will be able to recognize the types of price and earnings patterns these stocks developed before their spectacular price advances."

William O'Neil

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.
The future is hocus pocus and there is nothing we can learn from history rather than that it is not indicative of what might be about to happen.
How intriguing! I wonder what we learn from after all. Future events? Theory? What's our experience worth after all? How can you tell the sun is rising tomorrow? How can you tell that you'll get smashed into pieces if you jump off a cliff?
I understand that since a few centuries ago, building our collective knowledge, brick by brick, on top of scientifically proven hypothesis has been paramount.
I understand that in the realm of exact sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology … universal truths are achievable. 1+1=2, applying a force x to a body with y mass, under isolated environments, in a specific way, will always produce the same movement, apples, just like you, me or any other body, are subject to the forces of gravity, just like we'll be tomorrow under the same circumstances, and so forth.
I understand that economics, human decision making, psychology and other non-exact sciences should not abide by the same rules and are not so prone to yield undisputed, universal laws.
Trading is not considered a science by any means, but should that be the case then it would certainly not be included in the exact-sciences basket.
Past this introductive reminiscence, allow me to put some well known aphorisms in front of you:
Can you really disagree with these common sense pieces of wisdom heritage? How many of these did you hear from your grandparents?
Perhaps a more important question: would it be wise for you to act systematically against the advice of these aphorisms?
Still … Can you label these as scientifical, universal truths? Nope.
Does that mean these should not be regarded as important pieces of knowledge, built from centuries, perhaps even millennia of experience, passed on from generation to generation? What do you think rituals and traditions really are, by the way?
All I'm saying is that there is more knowledge out there outside of the scope of science. Things you can not even articulate, things you might not even be consciously aware of. Things who don't even have been allocated with words to qualify or quantify them. Trading lives in that realm.
The history of speculation and financial markets, which has walked hand in hand with the history of civilization and human nature, has laid patterns, rules of thumb, aphorisms behind it. Knowledge which you can't really argue it's science, knowledge which is not as precise as you'd like it to be, knowledge that cannot even be qualified as such by an enlightened class of thinkers (who tend not to be doers).
This type of knowledge cannot tell you what a stock will be doing next week, next year or whatsoever … However, this type of knowledge is more than qualified, by its survival and proliferation throughout the centuries, to tell you what works more often than it does not.
What am I saying? For you who wants to be a trader. Study the charts, study financial history, study the history of speculation.
Ruben / Tenacious Tribe
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2023.03.22 16:19 Kasai0404 The Irony of Riot Games and their Punishment System

Hello, my dear Riot Games enjoyers,
I am here to tell you a little story I encountered this week.
So the story is about Riot and their punishment system, as you have read in the title. To get into detail, Sunday I got my account banned for two weeks after a match, where I played Qiyana and we lost with me standing 1/14/0. For sure I ran it down a little, but it was a normal game and I did not troll. The game was lost in the 10th minute and my mate already went AFK in the 20th minute when, for some reason, we didn't surrender the game.
So far a normal day of League of Legends, but like 5 minutes after the game, I got banned for two weeks and I didn't know why.
I looked up the reason on the Riot Games Support website, but there was only an article that was written like I got banned for negative behavior and flaming. The classic shit.
I wanna mention, that my Team and All Chat is turned off basically since I started playing the game three years ago. So I never really flamed someone for anything in the chat.
So in this article is written down that I got reported for negative behavior and flaming too often, so I got banned for that.
I thought at that moment, that this is a mistake because I never do that or to be more clear I actually can't flame anyone in the chat because it is turned off for like 2.5 years now.
under that part of the article is a button that says: "REVIEW YOUR CHAT LOGS" so I clicked it.
And then I started laughing over the irony of the greatest indie company in the world. There it says: "Players have reported you 0 times in the past 20 games for negative or abusive behaviors in chat."
After I read that, I instantly made a ticket for the support, because I still thought it must be a mistake. I never saw so much Riot Games stuff at the same time.
So Yesterday I received an answer from Riot.
But in the answer, it says that there was no mistake and that I did not get banned for flaming in the chat, but for inting and getting reported for that multiple times.
At that point, I lost every hope that was left inside of me, for Riot Games.
On that account, I don't have any ranked games this season and in ranked games, I only tryhard and go for the win. In normal games, I obviously don't go for the win every time, because I play for fun. So if it's lost or I don't want to play the game anymore I die more than in other games and sometimes I get reported, but that's normal League stuff.
Sometimes I also leave the game because my team doesn't want to ff a lost game or just keeps us hostage. I know that's not good behavior, but I didn't get banned for that and it's in normal games. I sometimes have a Leaver Buster cause I left too many normal games. I accept that it is a fair punishment.
So if the Riot support guy/girl didn't lie to me, it has an impact on the system if you report someone for inting.
The point I want to make is, that the only thing I did was not tryhard every game and tried to win every game, because I play for fun, and if the game is for example lost and the score is 5-25 I don't just run it down mid or troll or anything that's near to that, but I just leave the game because I don't have any fun in playing this game until someone's Nexus explodes or just don't give a shit anymore about that game and get a little bit more deaths. My question is, what does Riot want from me when i don't have fun in the Game? Or when your Teammates just hold you hostage? When you take the amounts of punishment you get from each option, then Riot wants us to AFK.
But is AFKing so bad when you don't have fun in the game and you just wasting your time in it?
A funny thing is, my mate just left the game and watched Youtube, while I was playing out the game. And I got a ban, but he just got a
1-minute leaver buster...
Today I replayed to the answer, but I don't have another answer at this time, I will keep you updated if there is something new in this situation.
Stay safe and unbanned guys and girls
And have fun playing ranked :)
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2023.03.22 16:18 stanlemmon Folding Furniture Market Research report based on North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & South America

The latest report published by Profshare Market Research projects that Folding Furniture Market is expected to show an impressive between 2023-29. The study covers detailed market analysis, growth and forecast of the Folding Furniture Market. The report includes market analysis on global as well country-specific levels. Historical data analysis from 2017 to 2022 is very important to forecast the market for 2023 to 2029.
The report uses value chain analysis for each of the product segments. Value chain analysis offers in-depth information about value addition at each stage of the product development. Organization needs to reduce cost of the final product without compromising much on quality. If an organization receives correct value chain analysis information then it can ease the product manufacturing process to large extent. Seamless product delivery to the consumer has become more important than it ever was, proper value chain analysis exactly delivers the same.
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Major players in the Folding Furniture Market are identified through secondary research and their market revenues are determined through secondary research. Secondary research included the research of the annual and financial reports of the top manufacturers. The percentage splits, market shares, growth rate and breakdowns of the product markets are determined through using secondary sources .
Research process focuses on multiple factors affecting the industry such as competitive landscape, government policy, historical data, market current position, Folding Furniture Market trends, upcoming technologies & innovations as well as risks, rewards, opportunities and challenges. Study used a very precise top-down and bottom-up approach to validate market revenue, volume, manufacturers, regional analysis, product segments and end users/applications.
Access sample report @
Research report provides detailed analysis on drivers and restraints Folding Furniture Market along with their impact on demand during the forecast period. The study also provides key market indicators affecting the growth of the market. The research report includes in depth competitive analysis with shares of each player inside market, growth rate and market attractiveness in different end users/regions. Research study on Folding Furniture Market helps the user to make precise decisions to expand market presence and increase market share.
Regional analysis of Folding Furniture Market includes North America, Asia Pacific, Europe , Middle East & Africa as major region. These Major regions are further divided into countries like US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, England, France Italy, Netherlands, Spain, India, China, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea & Australia. Regional outlook is one of the most important aspects of research study. Research study delivers a clear picture of product market for various regions globally.
Some of the important aspects of the Folding Furniture Market study include:
· Report heavily focuses on major market aspects such as Volume, Revenue, market share, concentration rate, supply-demand scenario, growth & challenges.
· Market growth drivers, trends analysis, future scope, government policies as well as environmental aspects.
· Study uses many important analytical techniques to reach the highest level of data accuracy. These techniques include Secondary research, Porter's five analysis, SWOT analysis, Qualitative analysis, market sizing.
About Profshare:
Profshare Market Research is a full-service market research company that delivers in-depth market research globally. We operate within consumer and business-to-business markets offering both qualitative and quantitative research services. We work for private sector clients, along with public sector and voluntary organizations. Profshare Market Research publishes high-quality, in-depth market research studies, to help clients obtain granular level clarity on current business trends and expected future developments. We are committed to our client’s needs, providing custom solutions best fit for strategy development and implementation to extract tangible results.
Contact :
Jes J
Sales Manager
Profshare Market Research
US : +1 917 7225960
[email protected]
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2023.03.22 16:18 bexadotapp Where can I stream Paramount Network?

Paramount Network has produced several popular movies and TV series. Here are some of the best movies and web series on Paramount Network:
Yellowstone - A modern-day Western drama series starring Kevin Costner, Yellowstone follows the lives of the Dutton family, who own the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. The series has been praised for its stunning cinematography and strong performances. To watch Yellowstone go to paramountnetwork.con/ and enter the code displayed on TV screen and follow the instructions.
Waco - A mini-series based on the true story of the 1993 Waco siege, Waco follows the standoff between the FBI and a religious cult led by David Koresh. The series stars Taylor Kitsch as Koresh and Michael Shannon as FBI negotiator Gary Noesner. To watch Waco visit paramount and enter the code displayed on the TV screen and follow the instructions.
Heathers - A dark comedy series based on the 1988 film of the same name, Heathers follows a group of high school students navigating the social hierarchy of their school. The series was praised for its irreverent humor and strong performances. To watch Heathers go to paramount and enter the code displayed on the TV screen and follow the instructions.
American Woman - A period drama set in the 1970s, American Woman follows Bonnie Nolan, a single mother who must navigate the challenges of raising her two daughters on her own. The series stars Alicia Silverstone as Bonnie and has been praised for its strong performances and emotional depth. If you want to watch American Woman go to paramount and enter the code displayed on the TV screen and follow the instructions.
The Haunting of Hill House - While not produced by Paramount Network, this horror series was picked up by the network for syndication. The Haunting of Hill House follows the lives of the Crain family, who are haunted by the memories of their time spent living in a haunted house. The series has been praised for its atmospheric visuals and strong performances.
These are just a few of the best movies and web series available on Paramount Network. Other notable titles include Lip Sync Battle, Bar Rescue, and Ink Master. To watch any of these visit paramountnetwork.con/ and enter the code displayed on TV screen and follow the instructions.
Paramount Network has also produced and distributed several award-winning shows. Here are some of the award-winning shows on Paramount Network:
Yellowstone - This modern-day Western drama series starring Kevin Costner has won multiple awards, including the Western Heritage Awards, Critics' Choice Television Awards, and the People's Choice Awards.
Waco - A mini-series based on the true story of the 1993 Waco siege, Waco has been nominated for several awards, including the Emmy Awards and the Critics' Choice Television Awards.
Lip Sync Battle - This popular reality competition series has won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Structured Reality Program.
Ink Master - A tattoo competition series, Ink Master has won two Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.
Bar Rescue - A reality series about bar and nightclub renovation, Bar Rescue has won two Telly Awards and been nominated for several Daytime Emmy Awards.
Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story - This docuseries about the killing of Trayvon Martin has won several awards, including a Peabody Award, an NAACP Image Award, and a Black Reel Award.
These are just a few examples of the award-winning shows on Paramount Network. The network has also been recognized for its production of movies, such as "The Accused" and "The Godfather." To watch go to paramountnetwork.con/ and enter the code displayed on TV screen and follow the instructions. For more go to www.espn.con
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2023.03.22 16:17 cfx_4188 Systemd Tragedy

Systemd Tragedy
Tragedy is "a form of drama based on human suffering that evokes an accompanying catharsis or pleasure in the audience. Benno Rice drew inspiration from this definition in his talk at the 2019 conference. His talk focused on the history of systemd, which has had its fair share of suffering. And the audience definitely enjoyed it, so it all adds up. All in all, it's a sympathetic and subtle look at one tumultuous chapter in the history of Linux systemd.
Rice was also inspired by an article by Aurynn Shaw on the so-called "culture of contempt." According to Shaw, people show contempt (for example, for developers who use a different programming language) as a social sign, a way of showing that they belong to the right group.
Certainly there is a culture in this story: large groups collectively show general contempt for systemd and for those who use it. Hence the concept of change or resistance. Yes, familiar things are convenient. But they are not necessarily good, especially if nothing has changed for years.
According to Rice, the origin of systemd stems from the roots of the Unix system itself, which was a "happy accident"-a reaction to the external complexity of earlier systems. Unix was radically simplified in every respect, including the loading of user space. An init subsystem took care of the whole "household", including the mount of file systems and the launching of daemons. Although these are quite different tasks, they were combined into a single process.
In those days the important daemons were few and far between: cron, update (whose job it was to occasionally write out file system superblocks), and the init process itself. By the time 4BSD came out, Unix had a proper getty daemon, network daemons like routed and telnetd, and the "super daemon" inetd. This is where things started to get interesting, but for a while it all worked quite well.
And then the Internet happened. Although inetd handled small amounts of traffic fine, it could not create a new process for each incoming connection. Meanwhile, websites had acquired databases and other stateful systems between connections. The notion of a daemon shifted toward "service", which is a different beast altogether. The old init could only start a service, but after that it became almost useless.
Part of the problem was combining services and configuration. Tasks such as mounting file systems are of the latter variety; they are usually performed once at boot time, after which they are forgotten. But this approach is not enough for automated service management, which requires constant attention. This is how service-oriented systems such as Upstart and systemd were born. Here Unix followed a path beaten by other operating systems. According to Rice, Windows NT had a strong service model from the beginning, and Mac OS still has it in the form of launchd. Other systems had to catch up.
Apple released launchd in the Tiger version, where it replaced a whole series of event processing daemons, including init, cron, and inetd. Thus, systemd was an attempt to borrow from the good ideas implemented in launchd. When Lennart Pöttering started to solve this problem, he first looked at Upstart, an event-driven system. It still worked on scripts, but Pöttering came to the conclusion that he could do better. In his article Rethinking PID 1, he lists launchd as one of the samples to work with. He thought about improving boot speed and the need to tune the init system to hardware and software changes in a running system. When init was created, systems were static, but today's environment is much more dynamic than it was then.
Classic Unix-like systems are divided into two main components: the kernel and the user space. But kernels have become more dynamic and changeable over time, adapting to the hardware on which they run. This led to the need for a new "service layer" between the kernel and the user space. This layer consists of components like udev and Network Manager, but systemd aims to provide a comprehensive service layer; that's why over time it has incorporated functionality from components like udev. The process was quite successful and was accepted by most (but not all) Linux distributions, although it was often accompanied by acrimony from the community.
The same arguments are often used against the systemd daemon: that it violates the Unix philosophy, for instance. Rice suggests that this argument is based on the notion that systemd is a single monolithic binary. In fact, systemd is structured differently: it is many separate binaries maintained within a single project. As a "BSD man" (he was one of the main developers of FreeBSD), Rice finds merit in this unification of related concepts. Systemd is not at all bloated and monolithic, as some critics believe.
They say that systemd has a lot of bugs. "It's software," of course it's going to have bugs, Rice said. The notion that, unlike any other system, systemd must be perfect raises the bar too high. At least systemd almost always has a reasonable failure mode, he said.
One complaint often repeated in one form or another can be summed up as, "I can't stand Lennart Pöttering." Rice refused to defend Pöttering's communication style, but said one couldn't help but admire Pöttering's strength of will and determination. Not everyone can go through all that. Systemd does not seek portability to systems other than Linux, which leads to a separate class of complaints. If systemd becomes the standard, there is a risk that operating systems outside of Linux will become even more isolated. Many people want systemd to stick to standard Unix interfaces, but Rice has a simple answer for them: "Unix is dead. Unix was once an exercise in ultimate portability and had real success. But now we live "in a Linux world with few rounding errors" (which it pains the FreeBSD man to say), and it makes no sense to stick to classic Unix interfaces. The current situation is a "pathological monoculture" where Linux can dictate the terms.
Systemd has gained a lot in such a situation. For example, control groups are a highly efficient and interesting process control mechanism, without them it would be much more difficult to solve these problems. They are much more powerful and detailed than the FreeBSD jailbreaks. Developers of systems like FreeBSD may see the intolerance of systemd as a threat. But this situation also gives them the freedom to work and find their own solutions to these problems.
So, what conclusions can be drawn from the history of systemd? One conclusion: the message transport should not be underestimated. Systemd makes heavy use of D-Bus, which gives it a lot of flexibility. Rice is not a supporter of D-Bus, but he is a big supporter of buses for messaging between processes. He used to lobby for such a native bus on BSD systems, preferably built into the kernel and with better security than D-Bus. On top of this you can make a proper remote procedure call system where kernel components and userland work at the same level. In a properly designed system, the process will simply send an API request without worrying about where and how that request will be handled.
Other lessons include the importance of maintaining a proper service lifecycle without having to install additional service management systems. It's important to set up service automation through APIs; and systemd provides much of this. Container support is also important: it is a useful way to encapsulate applications.
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2023.03.22 16:17 Apprehensive_Winner Milan Lab Workshop [LinkedIn]

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2023.03.22 16:17 SurprisedCabbage PSA: make sure you have at least 6100 gold for the lantern festival at the end of spring.

At the festival you can buy two very important items. One is Festive Orange Tree Seeds which grow unique festival oranges that increase your hp by a lot. 1800 for the two seeds. Each orange heals for 30 hp, 10 mana and gives a "huge" hp boost. Crazy powerful for a 1800 one time purchase.
Second is a pet for 2500 that will water some of your crops for you. Not as strong as the oranges but definitely nice to have.
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2023.03.22 16:17 paddlenorth12 Solar set up

I was looking for some help, figuring out the best short-term solar setup with room to grow in the long run.
In the short-term, I would like to power a water pump (to pump water up from the lake) and change devices (phones, computers, etc.).
In the long-term, I would like to switch over our propane stove, fridge and lights to electric power. This would have to be done further down the line.
What's the best way to set up an affordable solar system for my short-term needs while also being able to expand further down the line.,
Thanks for the advice.
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2023.03.22 16:16 anon177368375 Audio noob, question about sub wiring

I purchased a 12” JBL Bass Pro 12 on sale for my 2017 F150 XLT and a 4 AWG wiring kit I’m going to install this weekend. I’m going to leave the stock radio in place, so according to the subwoofer manual if I get the audio signal from splicing the speaker wires, I set the “auto turn on” to “on”, so it comes on with the radio.
I’ve been reading horror stories of these powered subs burning peoples cars to the ground, and I travel for work so I camp out in the back of my truck that I converted to a camper and would rather not risk that. Would it be advised, or a waste of time to install one of those master cut off switches for power going to the sub and put it by my dash so every night I can cut it off and cut it back on in the morning? Just not sure if it’s a waste of time or recommended even though the wiring kit comes with a fuse for some protection, thanks!!!
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2023.03.22 16:16 southernexposurefl Cabinet Sales & Installation Services Florida

Looking for high-quality cabinet sales and installation services in Florida? Look no further than our team of experts! We offer a wide range of options to suit your needs and budget, and our skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started on your project.
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2023.03.22 16:16 Andy_At_Syncro Syncro’s New Partnership - Proofpoint

We’re thrilled to announce Proofpoint as our newest partnership! Proofpoint is an industry leading email security provider whose solutions process 1 out of every 4 emails sent, including 87% of Fortune 100 companies. Now Syncro is bringing their small business and MSP-centric products to you.
We’ve leveraged our buying power to bring our partners significant savings on Proofpoint’s Essentials line, as well as their Security Awareness Training product.
For those already protecting their clients with Proofpoint, we’ll be able to quickly and easily migrate your Proofpoint billing over to Syncro to start saving you money within the coming weeks! You can be the first on our waitlist by emailing [email protected].
We are also launching with promotional pricing! To find out more, or to request Syncro provision you a new account or assist you in migrating over an existing account, please reach out to us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.03.22 16:16 Vijay_RAM Astrologer Vijay Ram is the top spiritual healer in Toronto and is available for consultations in person, over the phone, and online. He is a gifted spiritual healer and has the ability to tap into the power of the universe to help people heal. Read more about Spiritual Healing posted on Medium.

Astrologer Vijay Ram is the top spiritual healer in Toronto and is available for consultations in person, over the phone, and online. He is a gifted spiritual healer and has the ability to tap into the power of the universe to help people heal. Read more about Spiritual Healing posted on Medium. submitted by Vijay_RAM to u/Vijay_RAM [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:16 Wise_Field_8265 Using If-Then statements for conditional actions based on a computer's subnet?

I need some help with this one. I'm not an expert in PowerShell, but I can usually muddle my way through. This particular need is a bit more complex than I'm familiar with, and it's mainly the use of if-then statements.
I need to issue scripts out to my endpoints based on which subnet they're in. I can write individual scripts to perform these actions, and manually deploy to specific devices by their subnet, but putting this into a single script that checks the computer's IP and performs the action needed for that subnet would be much more efficient because it can just be globally applied.
Currently, my mostly manual solution is:
What I'd like to get to is a single script that will:
The main hurdle I need some guidance on is the use of the if-then statements and actually pulling the IP address. Any input would be awesome
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2023.03.22 16:16 Zendroid1 [US-CA] [H] GWP sets + others [W] PayPal or Local Cash
I'd prefer to sell this as a group, but if there's no interest in a group sale I'll open it up to other sales. All unopened and in good condition.
Qty 2 - 40580 Blacktron Cruiser
Qty 1 - 40585 World of Wonders
Qty 1 - 40521 Haunted Mansion
Qty 1 - 40519 New York Postcard
Qty 1 - 40605 Lunar New Year VIP addon pack
Asking $150 for the lot + actual shipping costs (shouldn't be much). Local is Los Angeles area.
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2023.03.22 16:15 Amzsallu USB C Fast Charger Block, [Apple MFi Certified] 2Pack Dual Port USB C Wall Charging Plug,Type C Apple Power Delivery Adapter Brick Cube Box for iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro Max/13 Pro/12 Mini/11 Pro/iPad, (Price $28). For USA. Interested DM me for Details

USB C Fast Charger Block, [Apple MFi Certified] 2Pack Dual Port USB C Wall Charging Plug,Type C Apple Power Delivery Adapter Brick Cube Box for iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro Max/13 Pro/12 Mini/11 Pro/iPad, (Price $28). For USA. Interested DM me for Details submitted by Amzsallu to ReviewRequests [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:15 Special_Narwhal_181 Merrily ticket prices

Hi! Does anyone have any idea or guesstimate of what the range of ticket prices might be when tickets for Merrily go on pre-sale tomorrow? Just hoping to get a sense of what to expect before trying to buy!
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2023.03.22 16:15 Amzsallu USB C Fast Charger Block, [Apple MFi Certified] 2Pack Dual Port USB C Wall Charging Plug,Type C Apple Power Delivery Adapter Brick Cube Box for iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro Max/13 Pro/12 Mini/11 Pro/iPad, (Price $28). For USA. Interested DM me for Details

USB C Fast Charger Block, [Apple MFi Certified] 2Pack Dual Port USB C Wall Charging Plug,Type C Apple Power Delivery Adapter Brick Cube Box for iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro Max/13 Pro/12 Mini/11 Pro/iPad, (Price $28). For USA. Interested DM me for Details submitted by Amzsallu to AMZreviewTrader [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:15 tse_guy Get more value out of your loyalty data with the mParticle Paytronix integration

Get more value out of your loyalty data with the mParticle Paytronix integration
The Paytronix all-in-one digital guest engagement platform can now be easily connected to the mParticle Customer Data Platform.
More than 20 years ago, Paytronix helped pioneer restaurant loyalty. Today the company is innovating across online ordering, messaging, CRM, gift cards, marketplace management, and mobile apps to help restaurants and convenience stores set a gold standard for digital customer engagement programs.
With the new mParticle Paytronix integration, brands can extend the reach of their digital guest engagement programs by connecting guest data in Paytronix to mParticle, where it can be activated across numerous customer engagement channels via mParticle’s integration network.

mParticle and Paytronix

Paytronix is a digital guest engagement platform that offers a suite of solutions to restaurants, convenience stores, and other retailers building fast, frictionless, and personalized guest experiences. Paytronix continually advances digital guest engagement by developing technologies that uncover new insights about guest attitudes and behaviors that create brand preferences.
mParticle is an AI-powered Customer Data Platform that helps brands turn customer data into insights, and insights into action. By collecting data from across sources, creating a 360° customer view, and streaming data to downstream tools through 300+ productized integrations, mParticle enables teams to deliver real-time, personalized experiences that are consistent across channels.
By connecting data from Paytronix to mParticle, brands can unify all their guest data on 360-degree customer profiles, derive insights, and deliver hyper-personalized experiences across every consumer touchpoint with little-to-no development work.


With a complete view of guest engagement, data-driven teams are empowered to unlock more value from their first-party data set.
360-degree view of the customer
Loyalty and CRM data is a brand’s most valuable customer dataset. Unifying loyalty data with data from other sources (digital products, other martech vendors, 3rd party data, etc) is difficult for many brands.
The mParticle Paytronix integration enables brands to unify guest data across sources and automatically resolve cross-device data to 360-degree customer profiles—including data types that often do not reside in Paytronix, such as unauthenticated/anonymous user interactions on digital products. By unifying loyalty data from Paytronix to holistic customer profiles in mParticle, teams can eliminate time spent trying to stitch profiles together and focus on analyzing the customer journey, delivering tailored experiences to all guests, and building loyalty.
Expand the reach of Paytronix’s digital guest engagement platform
Using the integration, brands can easily connect data, insights, and targeting strategies set in Paytronix to mParticle, from where they can then be activated across mParticle’s 300+ integrations in real-time. This dramatically expands the ways in which brands can use the data available Paytronix, making it possible to inform experiences that live beyond the company’s core channels (loyalty, online ordering, messaging, CRM, gift cards, marketplace management, and mobile apps).
We are beyond excited to announce this new partnership, combining two incredibly powerful platforms. To learn more about how to get started with mParticle and Paytronix, schedule a custom demo here.
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