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Welcome to DesignMyRoom! Just submit pictures of your room, a layout with measurements, and we will help you rearrange it! Please specify budget, location ie: North America, Europe, etc. You can also specify what kind of room you want (eg. minimalist, etc.) to get help according to your taste!

2023.03.22 17:35 Taha4380 LB-ER34 super silhoutte nissan skyline front tire error is it rare and how much do i sell?

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2023.03.22 17:32 misterflocka Maintenance schedule for 2013 CRV questions - does everything look right?

I try to stay ahead of maintenance so my CR-V will last 20-25 years before I purchase my next car. After almost 4 years of ownership (I’m the longest owner out of the two previous owners) I am very happy with the car.
My maintenance plan:
  1. Spark plugs (NGK) every 100k miles
  2. Coolant every 100k miles (Honda coolant)
  3. ATF every 30k miles (Honda ATF)
  4. Costco brand Full synthetic oil & FRAM XG7317 filter every 5k
  5. Brake fluid every brake change (every 70k) was tested by my mechanic recently after 40k miles and still good
  6. Rear diff fluid every 30k?
  7. Drive belt every 100k
Ignore brake pads & rotors (fronts last about 70k, rears about 90k), headlights, batteries, tires, rotate and balance, alignments, engine air filters, cabin air filters, struts and shocks, and any other maintenance - I already have a sort of schedule for those. Any flaws in this plan?
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2023.03.22 17:30 your_mother_trebek12 Am I crazy for paying $32k for a 01 7.3?

Truck has 126k miles New fox suspension front and back New interior Ranch hand bumpers Late year super duty tailgate $5000 Soundsystem The cab has been Dino matted to cut down on sound Late super duty rims brand new tires Truck is a king ranch that’s been wrapped. Steering stabilizer
I love the idea of this truck and I know it’s been maintained with and open checkbook. I just don’t know if I’m crazy to pay that much for it.
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2023.03.22 17:30 misterflocka Not a fan of maintenance minder, when do I actually need to do CR-V maintenance on a 2013 CR-V?

I try to stay ahead of maintenance so my CR-V will last 20-25 years before I purchase my next car. After almost 4 years of ownership (I’m the longest owner out of the two previous owners) I am very happy with the car.
My maintenance plan:
  1. Spark plugs (NGK) every 100k miles
  2. Coolant every 100k miles (Honda coolant)
  3. ATF every 30k miles (Honda ATF)
  4. Costco brand Full synthetic oil & FRAM XG7317 filter every 5k
  5. Brake fluid every brake change (every 70k) was tested by my mechanic recently after 40k miles and still good
  6. Rear diff fluid every 30k?
  7. Drive belt every 100k
Ignore brake pads & rotors (fronts last about 70k, rears about 90k), headlights, batteries, tires, rotate and balance, alignments, engine air filters, cabin air filters, struts and shocks, and any other maintenance - I already have a sort of schedule for those. Any flaws in this plan?
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2023.03.22 17:01 Bruuuuuuh026 My friend (M35) asked my gf (F25) uncomfortable questions about our sex life

Hello Reddit,
A couple weeks back I was celebrating my birthday with my gf (F25) and a couple of friends we know from fairly recently. We had some dinner after which we moved onto some good old bar hopping.
One of my friends, let's call him John (M35), is quite the womanizer. He often hooks up with random women even when supposedly in a relationship and is quite open about his sexual life, raising it as a topic of conversation whether we are alone or with somebody else.
On the other hand, my gf, Laura (F25), is the polar opposite. She rarely likes discussing such topics prefering to keep them as a private matter between us.
During my b-day party, John had his most recent SO with him but on numerous occasions during our meal decided appropriate to discuss his hook ups with me and Laura. Things escalated as we got more drunk and moved to a nearby bar, with him being pushy and insistently asking Laura about our sexual life while I was away. He also shared with her "just how great he's going to fuck his girl after the party" which was information Laura hardly needed to know.
Naturally, this whole situation caused her great discomfort especially since this has not been the first time transgression by John when around us. Prior to this case, after having a couple of drinks together with him, his ex-gf and another friend of ours, his ex-gf alleges that he badmouthed Laura in front of her while we weren't listening. Understandably, we took that with a pinch of salt considering the source but knowing him it is not incredibly unlikely to be true.
I struggle to decide on an appropriate course of action in the current scenario as I am unsure whether John crossed Laura's boundaries in bad faith or not. Whichever the case, I totally understand why Laura feels no need to hang out with him anymore and will respect her decision but I am unsure as to whether I should call out his behaviour, keep silent and avoid confrontation or just start distancing myself from him despite enjoying spending time together.
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2023.03.22 16:59 ThrowRAGundam9 I (F21) do not like my roommate and best friend (NB20)’s partner (NB20) and wish they didn’t come over/hang out as much

Throwaway, obviously. Mild NSFW warning for some sexual themes later in the post. It won’t let me add that flair for whatever reason. I’ll probably delete this post after a while since I’m a bit paranoid that they’ll come across it. To preface, I kind of dug my own grave here, tbh. I acknowledge that, and I kinda hate myself for it.
My best friend and roommate, we’ll call X, has been dating Y for about two years. Y goes to another college and comes to our house over the weekends (Thursday through Sunday), so they’re here most of the time. X’s mom (who doesn’t like Y) tracks X’s location and doesn’t like them to go over to Y’s house because of the distance or something, I don’t really know the reason. So, Y is here a lot, and when we do things as a friend group on the weekends, Y is with us.
I’ve gotten along with Y fairly well and have previously considered us to be good friends. Even though I’ve always seen their blunt attitude as off-putting, I’ve gone the extra mile to make them feel included and to sometimes even text them when they’re not around. They’re not going anywhere, and they’re here all the time, so I wanted to have a proper friendship with them. I really wanted to like them; after all, we have a lot in common. I enjoyed a lot of my time with them before. We even, like, hooked up for a bit? With X’s complete consent. I’ll get into that later. This is before I noticed any of their strange behavior, connected the dots, and before my opinion changed. However, I wish I didn’t get that close to them before realizing that they’re being shitty to my friend, and shitty to our friend group.
I started to notice that Y treats X in ways that I’m not a huge fan of, and two other people in the friend group agree with this sentiment. After presenting X with this list, they took a break from Y, but they’re back together now because apparently Y has changed over the SINGLE WEEK that they weren’t together. Here’s the (non-exhaustive) list: - Y will constantly whine and force X to do things that X doesn’t want to do, like go to the department store at night even with X insisted that they don’t want to. They say that X has to do it because X loves them. This could be a joke, but apparently Y’s autism prevents them from joking around/messing with people (according to Y), so they might be serious. - During our spring break trip, Y constantly forced X to do things for them, and was the only person to not help clean up the place before checkout. Plus, they would whine whenever we’d do something they didn’t want to do, instead of occasionally making a compromise. - I had a weird threesome arrangement with the two when I considered myself closer to Y. It started when we were kinda high. The threesome thing moved onto an open-relationship type thing. In their arrangement, Y was allowed to have sex with me, but X wasn’t, even though X wanted to. Double-standard, I guess. I felt really weird being so involved in their relationship so I kinda backed out of it all/let it fizzle out. - Y whines and nearly yells whenever X does something “wrong,” like drink the rest of their drink, instead of trying to forgive them after X apologizes - Y once told X that they’d try to hurt themselves if X didn’t drive 2 hours to their house. They knew that X and I were hanging out. - Y asking ME (in front of X) to have sex with them because X won’t. They whined and said “why not?” When I said no. Made me feel bad for it, and I almost reconsidered. They knew that I was scared of being used for my body, and as a second choice to someone, so I found the ask kind of offensive. - Spills all of X’s personal information, preferences, and arguments to me - Insists on getting engaged to X even though X has expressed that they’re not ready for that. Does not seem to understand this notion. - Y told me “if X broke up with me id kill myself” and they did not indicate that it was a joke.
I’m tired. I wish I expressed my contempt for Y to X sooner. Y apologized to me for their behavior on the spring break trip, but I really didn’t care. I had the best weekend I’ve had in months during the single one that they weren’t around. I feel so guilty feeling like this, because X is my best friend and Y is also supposed to be my friend. Y is here right now, and the feeling of dread that I get in my stomach when they’re around has returned. I’m scared I might have feelings for X, because why else would I want them to break up so badly? I’ve thought about that possibility before, but I’m trying to be rational.
Me and two other people don’t want Y around, and I don’t know what to do anymore. What should I do? Is there a way to cope with this; should I shove my sentiments aside? I want them gone, but X wants us all to just get along, and I don’t want to deal with Y possibly hurting themselves or getting super mad at me for being fake. Plus, I do NOT want X choosing them over me.
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2023.03.22 16:59 Gytole Apollo Phantom V3 Questions.

So nothing comes with the Phantom V3 upgrade kit besides a piece of paper that doesn't even tell you orientation or anything, As I expect from Apollo, but it doesn't have a Manual on how to USE it.
I had P settings on the V2, and an option to turn the front motor off with the press of a button.
How do I turn the fromt motor off on the V3. Everything I have tried the front motor still spins. I do NOT want that. This puts me under a 40 mile range. I would drive V2 in eco, on one motor and have a range over 60 miles. So this is a rather hige disappointment so far.
On a GOOD note. The motors ARE SMOOTHER. The regenerative Braking IS very strong. Idk if the sliders work in the app because I have it at 1 out of 10 and barely braking locks up the tires. So that's that...
But if anyone, even Apollo could chime in that would be great on where I can get the manual for the less button support and how to turn a motor off.
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2023.03.22 16:50 Lelunalae Introduction to the Deep

My name was Evan. I used to be a hands on hydrographic charter. It was interesting and dangerous work. I got to see things you wouldn’t believe. I miss when they were things I couldn’t believe.
My team and I were roughly 6km deep down the Tonga Trench lying in the South Pacific Ocean. All signs were looking good. We charted and encountered formations and creatures thought to be lost since long before waters covered this rock. Glowing species of isopods and jellies all floating seamlessly in the inky depths. Unbothered and unknowing of us intruders who happened upon the front door of their home.
Or so we thought.
It was at around 8km. We had gone some great time since seeing anything but never ending darkness outside the site glass. A sickening thud emerged from just below our sub and that was all it took with the almost 15k psi pressure building up around us to send our systems into red zones.
I don’t remember much after that. Andrew had scrambled to adjust course and Jamie was working on pulling us back up the lifeline when tendrils from beings that should never be known shot through the damaged craft. I remember an eerie golden blue glow covering them… then I remember the sickening, garbled screams of my mates as they were torn and thrashed and mangled beyond any sight of humanity any longer.
The water flooding the craft went crimson red and my mind nor heart could take the horrors any longer.
I woke up drifting. Floating in mid air, or so it felt like. When my tired eyes adjusted I still saw nothing but the depths of endless nothingness. A faint glow of bluish gold illuminated my surroundings. The water around me seemed to be repelled by something. A formless being that I could see right before me. I almost blacked out from the voice that split my head in two like an axe to a log.
“You are being given a choice. Embrace once and beyond, entering the next. We grant you mercy for herald. Ends to a beginning and many more.”
Understanding none of it with my barely intact sanity I muttered out, “O-okay…”
Pain shot through every part of my being. My hands and feet began to web. Fins emerge from my spine tearing through my already scaling skin and into the cold air below. I couldn’t breathe. Gills began forming on my neck and the straight air could no longer fulfill my new biological needs.
The voice spoke.
“Welcome. Beginnings End.”
Water crashed into me and I felt… I feel alone. Nothing but an odd bluegold glow emanating from my new body.
Whoever this reaches, anyone who hears this, know. There are things, beings, entities no words we can speak match their majesty. They’ve existed longer than anything and everything. I don’t know what comes next but please god, if any gods exist for the good of humanity any longer.
Don’t explore the Deep.
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2023.03.22 16:49 Lelunalae Introduction to the Deep

My name was Evan. I used to be a hands on hydrographic charter. It was interesting and dangerous work. I got to see things you wouldn’t believe. I miss when they were things I couldn’t believe.
My team and I were roughly 6km deep down the Tonga Trench lying in the South Pacific Ocean. All signs were looking good. We charted and encountered formations and creatures thought to be lost since long before waters covered this rock. Glowing species of isopods and jellies all floating seamlessly in the inky depths. Unbothered and unknowing of us intruders who happened upon the front door of their home.
Or so we thought.
It was at around 8km. We had gone some great time since seeing anything but never ending darkness outside the site glass. A sickening thud emerged from just below our sub and that was all it took with the almost 15k psi pressure building up around us to send our systems into red zones.
I don’t remember much after that. Andrew had scrambled to adjust course and Jamie was working on pulling us back up the lifeline when tendrils from beings that should never be known shot through the damaged craft. I remember an eerie golden blue glow covering them… then I remember the sickening, garbled screams of my mates as they were torn and thrashed and mangled beyond any sight of humanity any longer.
The water flooding the craft went crimson red and my mind nor heart could take the horrors any longer.
I woke up drifting. Floating in mid air, or so it felt like. When my tired eyes adjusted I still saw nothing but the depths of endless nothingness. A faint glow of bluish gold illuminated my surroundings. The water around me seemed to be repelled by something. A formless being that I could see right before me. I almost blacked out from the voice that split my head in two like an axe to a log.
“You are being given a choice. Embrace once and beyond, entering the next. We grant you mercy for herald. Ends to a beginning and many more.”
Understanding none of it with my barely intact sanity I muttered out, “O-okay…”
Pain shot through every part of my being. My hands and feet began to web. Fins emerge from my spine tearing through my already scaling skin and into the cold air below. I couldn’t breathe. Gills began forming on my neck and the straight air could no longer fulfill my new biological needs.
The voice spoke.
“Welcome. Beginnings End.”
Water crashed into me and I felt… I feel alone. Nothing but an odd bluegold glow emanating from my new body.
Whoever this reaches, anyone who hears this, know. There are things, beings, entities no words we can speak match their majesty. They’ve existed longer than anything and everything. I don’t know what comes next but please god, if any gods exist for the good of humanity any longer.
Don’t explore the Deep.
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2023.03.22 16:46 spartachilles Social Democratic Convention of 1936 A House Divided Alternate Elections

Social Democratic Convention of 1936 A House Divided Alternate Elections
The Social Democratic Party has come far from its humble beginnings as a splinter of the Populist Party. Capturing the public imagination of the American left after the ignominious collapse of its predecessor during the Second Civil War, the Social Democratic Party defined the country’s relationship with the dictatorship both when its disputed 1908 defeat led to the collapse of democracy and when its triumphant 1912 victory allowed President John M. Work to guide its restoration. After a following decade of disappointing electoral returns and frustrating compromises with Solidarity to counter the Federalist Reform Party, the election of President John Dewey heralded a rejuvenation of the beleaguered Social Democratic Party. Amid the perfect storm of public dissatisfaction with the capitalist system, innovative new campaign tactics, and floundering opposition, the party further shocked pundits across the political spectrum by securing an absolute majority in the popular vote and trifecta control of the government during Dewey’s reelection campaign in 1932. In the two years that followed, the Social Democratic Party achieved accomplishments decades in the making including a national workmen’s compensation scheme, tripartite negotiations between major labor union leaders and representatives of industry shepherded by the federal government, and the nationalization of the railroads, telegraphs, and telephones. However, despite these impressive successes, increasingly apparent cracks in the party threaten to tear it asunder. At the center of its internal controversy lies the 1934 Declaration of Principles authored by Connecticut Senator Devere Allen, demanding a radical turn of the party platform and a strict adherence to pacifism in foreign affairs. Thus, tensions run high as a crop of faces both new and familiar struggle to succeed President Dewey.
The Candidates

New York Governor Norman Thomas
Norman Thomas: As the focal figure of the internal party opposition to President Dewey, 52-year-old New York Governor Norman Thomas has amassed a formidable political coalition heading into the primary elections. Raised by a pastor in a deeply religious family, Thomas became convicted in his pacifistic beliefs from a young age, conscientiously objecting to serving in the Second Civil War and leaving for a missionary trip abroad rather than becoming embroiled in the Resistance to the dictatorship. Drawn into the world of politics after volunteering for the successful 1917 New York City mayoral campaign of Morris Hillquit, Thomas quickly attracted attention within the Social Democratic Party for his impressive oratory and writing skills and was soon elected as a State Senator. However, Thomas’s rise would be frustrated by a combative relationship with the urban Tammany Hall political machine which dominated much of the Social Democratic Party in New York. It would take a decade of building relationships with upstate leaders and anti-Tammany politicians for Thomas to finally secure the gubernatorial nomination in 1930, which proved to be fortuitous timing as Thomas rode the Social Democratic wave into the Governor’s mansion. In an effort that presaged President Dewey’s Great Community program, Governor Thomas implemented a highly ambitious relief program to give work to the unemployed and construct strong state-owned banks, power companies, and grain elevators. Beyond his record as governor though, Thomas became famous (or perhaps infamous) across the nation for his opposition to President Dewey on the basis of his stringent pacifism. Closely collaborating with Devere Allen on the authorship of the 1934 Declaration of Principles, Thomas also famously met with union leaders Harry Bridges and John L. Lewis to organize a large-scale political strike against shipments of aid to Russia in the Russo-Japanese War.
Reflecting the tripartite makeup of his political coalition, Thomas’s campaign for the presidency has three primary facets. The first, and perhaps most pronounced, is his strictly pacifistic isolationism. Attacking international war as the “fruit of the perpetual economic warfare of capitalism”, Thomas has strictly opposed any type of military build-up or program and instead endorsed the use of tools such as trade embargoes and general strikes to combat the outbreak of war abroad. Secondly, Thomas has endorsed an even more radical direction for the party’s economic and political goals. Economically, Thomas has supported the widespread socialization of the economy under the model of worker’s self-management, declaring in favor of the immediate nationalization of industries such as banking, insurance, mining, and other “trustified” industries with the eventual goal of fully transferring to the people the ownership of industry, land, finance, and natural resources. Politically, Thomas has thrown in with radicals in the party by denouncing the “bogus democracy of capitalist parliamentarism” and calling for the abolition of the Senate and judicial review. To this end, Thomas has been critical of the amendments arising from the Second Constitutional Convention, instead preferring a more radical transformation of the country’s government to achieve a worker’s republic. Last but certainly not least, Thomas has strongly denounced the Dewey administration’s record on corruption, promising to disentangle the party from political bossism and corrupt bureaucrats and restore an honest administration to the country. Unsurprisingly, Thomas has been strongly attacked for his uncompromising radicalism and pacifism, which many of his opponents see as entirely unworkable.

Secretary of the Interior Sherwood Eddy
Sherwood Eddy: 65-year-old Secretary of the Interior Sherwood Eddy has been tapped by President Dewey as his heir apparent. Deeply religious from a young age and independently wealthy from his inheritance, Eddy took up theological studies through which he became absorbed by the incipient Social Gospel movement. This led him to join a missionary group after he completed his studies, a choice that brought him to spend the next thirty years abroad under the auspices of the YMCA to spread the gospel. Exposed to crushing poverty and political oppression while working in India, disappointed by the development of the dictatorship in his home country, and horrified by the atrocities he witnessed as a volunteer medic during the Great War, Eddy’s Christian socialist ardor only grew more pronounced in his years abroad. Thus, Eddy founded the Fellowship for a Christian Social Order to promote his ideals, becoming well acquainted with the inner circle of the Social Democratic Party through his travel seminars bringing American politicians to socialist countries such as Spain and Russia. Among those influential party men that he met was Secretary of Education John Dewey, and the two soon formed a close relationship with Eddy staunchly supporting Dewey’s 1928 campaign and helping to deliver the support of the crucial religious left constituency. Regarded as a capable administrator and loyal supporter of the president’s program, Eddy was appointed as the Secretary of the Interior and confirmed after a drawn-out battle with the opposition Congress. Thus, over the past eight years Eddy has served as one of the President’s chief lieutenants, driving the implementation of Dewey’s relief program and perhaps most famously promoting the cooperativization of agriculture across the nation.
Believing Christian ethics to be incompatible with the current capitalist system, Eddy has advanced a program similar to that of President Dewey’s although tinged by his deep religiosity. To combat the continuing Great Depression, Eddy has called for the full achievement of President Dewey’s “Great Community”, including continued deficit spending for relief, the nationalization of monopolistic industries such as electric power, gas, utilities, and mining, and substantial increases in the land value tax. Beyond just such economic proposals, Eddy has also unambiguously endorsed the amendments to implement semi-presidentialism and federal direct democratic reforms, strongly supporting the drive to rebalance the separation of powers and bring government closer to the people. However, in an assertion of his independent political identity, Eddy has also emphasized a strongly moralistic outlook on social issues, including support for the national prohibition of alcohol as well as stronger governmental action to control vices such as gambling and prostitution. As a part of this drive, Eddy has also promised to direct a greater level of public works spending towards the replacement of slums with sanitary public housing, the construction of public health facilities, and the establishment of adult educational facilities. On the ever-controversial matter of foreign affairs, Eddy has strongly opposed the aggression of the Japanese Empire on a moral basis but has shied away from suggestions of military rearmament and preferred the continued application of sanctions and international pressure. With Eddy largely staying true to the orthodoxy of the popular President John Dewey, most attacks against him have centered around his deep-seated religious morality, which his opponents claim is inappropriate to advance on a national scale, as well as his relatively advanced age compared to many of his opponents.

Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace
Henry A. Wallace: Those supporting a more moderate path for the party have rallied around the party’s icon of compromise: 48-year-old Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace. Born into a successful farming family, Wallace was too young to have fought in the Second Civil War and instead spent those tumultuous years in high school with a particular interest in agricultural science. Rumored to have privately supported the dictatorship while studying in college due to his lack of noted resistance activities, Wallace only became truly exposed to the political world after the death of his grandfather, which allowed him to take a leading role in the family’s influential agricultural journal Wallace’s Farmer. Personal tragedy would produce political gain for the young Wallace, as President Tasker H. Bliss had planned on appointing his father Henry C. Wallace as the Secretary of Agriculture before the elder Wallace’s untimely death from the complications of gallbladder surgery, and opted instead to appoint the younger Wallace. Becoming known as “Mr. Agriculture” for his exceptional 12-year tenure in the position through both the Bliss and Dewey administrations, Wallace has overseen a revitalization of the Department and tackled issues such as a farm overproduction crisis and series of droughts in the Midwest with vigor. Not just content with being known as an able administrator, Wallace also famously stepped beyond his role to propose the compromise which led to the transformative Banking Act of 1933. However, Wallace’s time in the administration has not been free from controversy, with tabloid newspapers harassing his increasingly close relationship with the mysterious Russian mystic and exile Nicholas Roerich.
True to his reputation as a compromiser, Wallace has supported a more moderate direction for the party. Rather than outright nationalization of electric power companies and other utilities, Wallace has instead endorsed the creation of publicly-owned regional economic planning and utility companies that would compete with private companies to offer cheap power while also driving rural electrification and flood control improvements. However, Wallace has not wholly shied away from nationalization of industry, and has in fact advanced nationalization proposals for industries not targeted in the plans of his opponents, including the merchant marine, the aircraft industry, and the oil industry. A strong supporter of the National Labor Relations Act, Wallace sees the government leadership of negotiations as a crucial way to advance the rights of labor in areas of working hours, workplace safety, and benefits, and has called for amendments to the act to better protect the rights and representation of agricultural workers. To further support agricultural workers, Wallace has championed a federal guarantee of a minimum income to farmers through price supports, federal purchasing programs, regulations to limit overproduction, and export to impoverished regions through global economic planning. A supporter of continuing deficit spending on public works with a particular focus on public housing, Wallace has suggested that the increases in the land value tax could help offset the growing federal debt and that otherwise the federal government should use price controls to control potential inflation. As a committed internationalist, Wallace has strongly endorsed President Dewey’s International Labor and Development Commission which would institute a level of global centralized economic planning. Furthermore, Wallace has strongly denounced the aggression of Integralist Italy and Japan, though he has cautioned against reckless expansions of the military if they would endanger the pro-democratic reforms advanced by President Bliss. The attacks against Wallace have often targeted his personal foibles, as Wallace is well known to be fascinated by spiritual matters such as Theosophy and the occult, with many believing that his close acquaintance Nicholas Roerich might have undue influence over Wallace.

New Jersey Senator Upton Sinclair
Upton Sinclair: Long discussed as a potential presidential candidate, 58-year-old New Jersey Senator Upton Sinclair has finally thrown himself into the running for the nation’s highest office. Having grown up fascinated with writing, Sinclair achieved his breakthrough success with the 1906 publication of The Jungle, a dramatic exposé of poor working conditions in the meatpacking industry. Leveraging the funds and fame from the book into a successful run for Congress in his home state of New Jersey, Sinclair continued to make a name for himself by sponsoring legislation to tackle food safety and worker’s rights in the industry. Unfortunately, Sinclair’s political success put him on a collision course with General Grant, and Sinclair was one of many Social Democratic politicians arrested and held for the duration of the dictatorship. After being freed from his confinement, Sinclair ran for and won a Senate seat representing New Jersey, which he has held ever since. Although many saw Sinclair as an up and coming politician who might well succeed President Work, such aspirations were dampened after Sinclair took a highly controversial stand against Work’s embargo of the warring powers in the Great War. Having thus burned many bridges within the party, Sinclair supported his friend and political sponsor Joseph Ray Buchanan at the party’s 1920 convention while slowly rebuilding his political reputation. A strident interventionist, Sinclair most recently gained fame for his harsh denouncement of the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria in Congress, demanding that the country provide aid to the beleaguered Russians.
Devoting great attention to the increasing importance of primaries and caucuses, Sinclair has embarked on a nationwide campaign titled “End Poverty in Columbia”. The signature proposal of Sinclair’s campaign is for the federal government to create a program to nationalize any idle farm or industry and convert it into a worker’s cooperative. In parallel with such a program, Sinclair has suggested federal legislation guaranteeing the right of workers to purchase their workplace and transform it into a worker’s cooperative should their employer seek to close it down. In further development of these worker’s communities, Sinclair has called for a greater investment into public housing, community kitchens, and communal social spaces. To fund such an expansive program, Sinclair has suggested that new forms of taxation such as taxes on stock transfers or capital gains would be necessary alongside the issuance of more government bonds and increases to the land value tax to support this program. As another method to stimulate the economy on the demand side, Sinclair has proposed a dramatic reduction in the retirement age to 50 years of age, increases in pensions paid out under the social insurance system, and a taxation scheme that would encourage the immediate expenditure of such pensions. Sinclair has supported the amendments of the Second Constitutional Convention, seeing them as a means to accelerate the passage of his EPIC program. The other facet of Sinclair’s campaign is his uncompromising interventionism; Sinclair is one of few Social Democrats to have openly endorsed military rearmament and has suggested that military intervention might be necessary in a global war to guarantee the safety of democracy. This position has proven highly controversial, with many attacking such a plan as a reckless way of stoking the fires of Grantism in the country once again. Moreover, many have questioned Sinclair’s suitability for office due to his well-known interest in the occult and his promotion of his wife’s supposed telepathic powers.

New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia
Fiorello LaGuardia: While most of the so-called “sewer socialists” of the party have lent their support to Norman Thomas, those opposed to his candidacy have instead rallied around 54-year-old New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. Born to a family of Italian immigrants that moved around the country due to his father’s service in the military, LaGuardia attempted to follow his father to war upon the outbreak of the Second Civil War. However, after being denied for military service on account of his short stature, LaGuardia instead found his way to the frontlines in a different capacity: as a war correspondent for the St. Louis Dispatch. With a passion for public service, LaGuardia secured a clerical position in the State Department after the war, and in a pattern of service oft-criticized as collaboration with the Grant regime, spent the next decade in several low-level governmental administration roles. With the amnesty offered by President Work, LaGuardia pursued a seat in Congress as a Social Democrat in 1916, and won several successive terms thanks to his strong appeal among ethnic minorities and tireless advocacy for the rights of labor. After losing re-election in the Federalist Reform wave of 1928, LaGuardia was approached to run a third-party fusion campaign for Mayor of New York City by a wide-ranging coalition of anti-Tammany Social Democrats, disaffected Solidarists opposed to the urban planning initiatives of Mayor George McAneny, and moderate Federalist Reformists fearful of a more radical candidate winning in a landslide. With such broad-based support, LaGuardia easily won the 1933 election and his tenure has been hailed for his pristine anti-corruption credentials, wide-ranging relief efforts, and crackdown on the infamous labor sluggers of the city.
Portraying himself as a master administrator, LaGuardia has centered his campaign around bringing about a more honest Social Democratic government. Thus, alongside economic proposals to expand the scope and scale of public works spending and nationalize electric power and utilities, LaGuardia has also emphasized the necessity of clamping down on corruption and crime in the country. To this end, LaGuardia has emphasized an overhaul of the country’s civil service protections to be in line with the massively expanded scope of the federal government and called for stronger application of anti-corruption laws. Furthermore, LaGuardia has promised to work with local authorities to disseminate best practices to clamp down on urban crime across the country. Himself a child of immigrants and having strong political roots among ethnic minorities, LaGuardia has championed the relaxation of the country’s harsh immigration laws even despite much opposition from within the party. LaGuardia has also strongly opposed prohibition and the Interstate Spirits Trafficking Act, as well as strongly opposing the criminalization of marijuana. Although LaGuardia has maintained an internationalist outlook favoring cooperation among the nations of the world, his foreign policy positions have raised many eyebrows within the party. While much attention has been focused on the aggression of the Japanese Empire, LaGuardia has strongly denounced the antisemitism of Kaiser Wilhelm III and the German Empire even as others have suggested that Germany might form a natural ally against the Integralist powers. More controversially, LaGuardia has lavished praise upon Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, going so far as to personally raise money in support of Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia. Already accused of being a collaborationist, such an action has led LaGuardia’s opponents to attack him as a Grantist and Integralist.

Vice President Howard P. Lovecraft
Howard P. Lovecraft: No doubt one of the most controversial figures of the Social Democratic Party, 46-year-old Vice President Howard P. Lovecraft has launched a bid for the presidency in the culmination of his feud with President Dewey. Formerly a reactionary supporter of aristocratic rule with sympathy for the Grant dictatorship, Lovecraft made a dramatic political transformation to become a committed socialist after personally witnessing the horrors of the National Patriot League’s suppression of worker’s strikes. Writing his newfound political views into novels such as The Call of Cthulhu, Lovecraft soon became an icon of the American left in the world of popular culture. Having increased his political profile by giving a keynote speech at the 1924 National Front Convention, Lovecraft was the subject of a major draft movement at the Social Democratic Convention eight years later to replace William M. McDonald as the party’s vice presidential nominee. Reluctantly accepting the call to public office, Lovecraft thus found himself elected as Vice President of the United States in the Social Democratic landslide of 1932. However, many in the Social Democratic Party would come to regret this move. Disdainful of the duties of the Vice President, Lovecraft spent little time on his duties presiding over the Senate and even less attending cabinet meetings of the Dewey administration. Perhaps worse yet, Lovecraft has openly fought against his own President on matters of public policy. In one notorious incident, Lovecraft derailed the proposed nationalization of electric utilities in the Senate after his demands for their management by bureaucratic government experts instead of worker’s cooperatives was not met. Moreover, Lovecraft has also denounced the direct democratic amendments advanced by the President’s allies in the Second Constitutional Convention, wielding his writer’s pen to attack the amendments as surrendering control of the government to incompetent masses.
Allying himself with the Formicist movement that has been left politically homeless since its effective expulsion from the Federalist Reform Party, Lovecraft has strongly questioned foundational precepts of the Social Democratic Party, perhaps best summarized in a statement made while announcing his campaign: “Obviously government by the people is now a joke or a tragedy, although government for them remains as the most logical goal. Though the wider distribution of resources must be accepted as a cardinal policy, the narrower restriction of power will be a necessary corollary.” To this end, Lovecraft has wholly rejected the consensus of the Second Constitutional Convention, instead demanding the restriction of office-holding to those with high technical training and the limitation of the right to vote to those who have passed educational and intelligence examinations. To further this transformation, Lovecraft has called for elective offices to be largely abolished, with the levers of government turned over to bureaucratic experts charged with efficient management of the government. Lovecraft hopes to have such a government seize control of virtually all industry and agriculture in the nation in order to operate it at maximal efficiency and ensure a redistribution of resources through liberal social welfare spending. Although rather isolationist in outlook, Lovecraft has endorsed a purely defensive military buildup to guarantee the protection of the United States and even gone so far as to suggest an interest in universal military training. With such outright authoritarianism marking him as anathema to the rest of the Social Democratic Party, Lovecraft has been relentlessly attacked as a borderline Grantist for his ideology. Like some of his opponents, Lovecraft has also been criticized on the basis of his interest in the occult, thanks in large part to the subject matter of his famous novels but also due to his association with the eccentric Russian mystic Nicholas Roerich.
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2023.03.22 16:43 MobProtagonist How much your trackday tire vendors charge to mount self brought tires?

I'm looking at buying and bringing a new set of tires to the track. The time is very short before trackday and I can't DIY put them on.
Just trying to get a feel for how much the trackday tire vendors charge to swap front/rear and if they'll do it on tires you diy bring.
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2023.03.22 16:39 mrfishman3000 Diaper solution for stomach sleeper?

I’ve got one year old twins. They both sleep on their stomachs or on knees. This means when they pee, the pee stays in the front of the diaper and it fills up and overflows, soaking their pajamas. The back of the diaper is bone dry!
I’m tired of washing their sleep sacks every day!
We use size 5 Costco diapers. Even with size 6, they still have the same problem.
Any suggestions?
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2023.03.22 16:39 P_dibs New RW4 Just Arrived... with Tire Issues

After 7 months, I got my RW4 delivered. Front tire is not seated correctly, and the rear tire had a punctured tube. I reseated the front and they are sending me a new tube. But I also purchased some Michelins months ago - before the recall. Both of my Rad tire issues were unrelated to the integrity of the tire but damn - still a confidence shaker albeit an illogical one. Now I'm considering just going with the Michelins anyway. Do we trust the new tires?
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2023.03.22 16:34 hon0085 My 6 years relations, ended in one call

I (28f) and my ex-BF (29m) have been together for 6 years, We met in college we both took the same degree and we got close to each other and dated. Even though there are obstacles in our relationship we both manage work it out . Our friends even said that we are soulmates and we will be forever. Both our parents are even told that we will be building our family together.
But I was wrong after our graduation we were offered an internship in the city and we were able to finish it, we both never had a plan together, we were just thinking of getting a job together. when we were both out with our friends my best friend asked if he proposed or if we have planned something for our future together, but i told her that he didn't proposed yet and we never planned anything for our future together yet. I guess we will just look for a job first then think for our future.
After months of looking for a job I was able to work, for him he was still looking. While we are having dinner he told me that he found a job and its not in this city but in other countries, one of our friend offered him the job, i don't know if I'm happy or not but this might be the start for our future together, i told him that take the job and it will be great and it is a high income. So i helped him get an apartment, packed his belongings and sent him. We both talked to each other on the phone, we both worked it out together even though it was long distance. but due to the time difference we just talked for a while, we mostly chat. On holidays he would go home but stay for 3-4 days only and those days he would spend it with his family and see me for a day or hours only.
As timed past by we spend much less together even in holidays he would say that he is busy and he cant come home, he would always say i will call you later but i didn't receive any. I was getting tired of it and thinking of breaking up with him but i was thinking after how many years together i do not want to waste it, but then i receive a call from him, i was anxious when he called me that day and told me that "i'm getting tired and lets just break up, it is for the best, you keep on waiting for my calls and we both away on each other and i don't wanna really hurt you but i cant. i know we've been together for almost 6 years but maybe we are really meant for each other" the words that i was afraid of hearing from him, i didn't said anything i was waiting for him to end the call but it really hurt me so bad that i even fainted.
i didn't even have the closure of it after the call i didn't hear anything from him, he didn't even come home from holidays to say it in front of me, just that call. it was hard for me to move on i was devastated and depressed from it. Months Days have passed i'm still not over him yet.
After 8 months one of our friends called me that my ex-bf is getting married in the country that he was working in, i was in shock devastated and very angry, i throw all his belonging in my apartment even burned them, i was hurt, and cried, he is really not the person for me and he will not be my forever.
Destined to meet, but not destined to be together. People meant to stay in our heart but not in our lives.
i was unhappy while i was writing this but i really want to let it go , it's been stock in my heart and my mind,
but right now i have found my forever. and i have moved on for almost a year.
hoping for positive comments.
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2023.03.22 16:30 Spidersfromvenus Boston Tea Party

We didn't have buckets or spades, making our way down to the beach. All we were doing was walking, apparently holding on to nothing, from where we'd parked the car, up top by a little sign that indicated the way down to the seaside. It's not a huge flashing neon thing, that sign, and there are no ice cream vans or hot dogs lining the quiet little roads it points you along .
I think that's right.
My wife, and the kids, they know that this isn't a normal outing, for me, but I haven't properly told them why. I will always regret that. A bit. I'm learning to let things go. But I gave them no chance to help me. They could have 'held my hand'.
Not far from the sea, my wife fell. No way would I add a detail like that into this particular set of words, for effect. She truly did. Off the road, by a ditch, in grass. The kids were upset, a little alarmed. You don't want that kind of thing happening to the most important person in your whole life.
That was hard. But she got up, and we pressed on.
I was walking a bit ahead, past the museum, when we finally got down to the front. My wife and son had stopped to look at a house that wasn't there. It had been deliberately removed, according to the sign they'd been reading, that my wife quietly told me about, after they'd caught me back up. I'd needed to be told, because you don't always notice a house that's only significant by its absence
What's a house, after all. If it is obstructing a sightline? At Omaha, it's nothing.
There's a memorial. And there's the beach itself. I don't think I went on that sand, but I can't even remember. I don't think I went onto the sand at Gold beach, either. Whereas I did, at Utah.
Arromanches is odd, out of all of those. On Gold. Because, of all things, the powers that be didn't want to mess it up, maybe partly because they wanted to to put a Mulberry harbour on to it, as a result of which that particular section of Gold wasn't claimed, by the allies, until June 7th, when they kind of went back for it. The other Mulberry was planned for here. Omaha.
The Mulberrys were going to be vital, because there wasn't much certainty of grabbing hold of an actual port, intact, at any speed, and the challenge of that had already been disastrously proved at Dieppe, the like of which was never to be repeated.
They hoped. When the boats went out from Portsmouth, and all over. They hoped.
I don't intend to try and describe what those ships were heading towards, with all of those men crammed on board, in various states of excitement and unease, and seasickness, in the rough weather that had almost been too rough for the window of possibility, but not quite. I don't have the tools.
Dante might have tried it. And as for the cold details, historians have rightly done what needed to be done, it's all there. Somehow, almost yard by yard. That's all I'm going to directly say, about the pain part of those forever grains, and accompanying learning, to date.
We went to the museum. And to a cafe, overlooking the memorial, and neither of those places were anything which might not be somewhere else. In the museum, they showed some black and white film of the landing craft, heading for shore, and then men coming off. Or not. That was when the kids saw. Only then, for a few brief stunned moments.
It's still different for them, though, because of me with a dad born in 1929, and the kids with a mum born in 1966.
_ _ _
In the afternoon, same day, we went to Sainte-Mere-Eglise. Where there's a church, with a parachute hung over it, and a different museum. The airborne side, of Overlord. The biggest amphibious landing, in history. Pray, it always will be.
John Steele, an American paratrooper, was caught up on the roof of that church, that June night. Dangling, from a parachute like the one that's there now. Not dead, just suspended. He could do nothing, hanging there, except watch his compatriots, and their enemies, down on the ground. Not a show I'd want to witness, in that way.
If anyone does want a kind of a show, then there's three I can mention. 'The Longest Day', 'Saving Private Ryan' and the severally episoded 'Band of Brothers'. I would guess that it's possible to argue against the existence of any or all of those representations, but I would be on the side of them staying. I think they are wholly decent. They use effects, they maybe mess things around a little, but on the whole they, in their way, look to show, and to tell. Please, never again.
I went into the museum. My second of the day. I left my wife and kids to (finally) get ice cream - where they could buy whatever they needed, in any of those shops or bars that are completely awash with gratitude, so many years after. The same tributes as I remembered being moved by at Arromanches. Liberty. Thank you.
Despite everything. Thank you.
We should have all gone into that museum together, like at Omaha. But there was a comment, in the car. 'Another museum?'
Maybe two in a day is a bit much, but it was a shame because the second one was better. Maybe the one at Omaha is falling over itself not to make mistakes? With the one I went to alone, the message was clearer. Set out in ways that people could easily work with. Not gory, but efficiently engaging.
They would have been fine with it. They would have grasped the whole thing, a bit better. But they have whole lives, to discover it, or not. Whole lives.
_ _ _
When I went to Utah, it was early one morning, alone. Utah is solemn, but there is also something somehow more matter of fact, about what happened there, which is a crazy kind of a way to regard it. Mostly, at Utah, it worked to script. One of the memorial emplacements is of men running unimpeded off an opened up landing craft, almost as if into possibility. Even along the approach road, you drive through towns that had Shermans rolling through them quite early on during the very first day of local freedom. It really is almost a relief. Walk along by the waves. Give thanks, on a nice new day.
_ _ _
I should probably say a little bit about how I ever came to make these visits.
The 'American' beaches became accessible to me because we were on a family holiday, staying not far from Carentan. (Carentan was a big objective, in the D-Day plans, and near to Carentan was 'Bloody Gulch', and these are places where it was touch and go, and where those same tanks from Utah were argued as vital, and the importance of getting the Mulberry up and running on Omaha has often been underlined in regard to that whole area, so it turned out to be a fairly immersive experience, no matter where we went.)
Oh, and the trip to Gold was on a separate holiday, years before. We went to that beach, all of us, from a differently composed family, because we were in striking distance. But striking distance, too, of Bayeaux, so there was some dilution, and we didn't dare enter the reconstructed Caen. I don't know, but maybe that's a place where they don't wave the flags so openly, and where entry in 1944 became impossible, being abandoned in favour of obliteration.
This brings me to the close of what I remember, and what I feel fit to describe.
_ _ _
Historians and writers will, in time, work back through all of this, with detached lenses. They may ask some difficult questions, which people might not have wanted to be too loud about asking in, say, 1946. Or even in 1994. Or 2024.
Did there have to be an Omaha? Could the landings have worked, without? Failure to succeed was not imaginable, so running with a gap, at the feeder points for where it all maybe nearly faltered anyway, might not have been a bearable gamble?
But then, was Overlord itself needed? In fact, did Britain, or the US (relative to Europe) ever have to get involved in any of the whole of the second world war, at all? What about Russia? How does Russia, and the historical fear of Russia, possibly fit? There is a way of condensing one small section of history to within a strangely neat 200 year band, from 1789 to 1989, and Russia surely can't be ignored, in all of that, and it never was.
Would Russia have managed, with its famous enormity, and with its ability to move industrial bases out of 1940s reach, to grind down yet another overly ambitious infringement of its borders? And then, if it had, and had fought back and taken the whole of Berlin..?
Questions. But isn't the simple truth that it happened, it can't be undone? Why should these kinds of queries ever be raised, why rake up that pain?
Dangerous, for sure. Because, if anyone was ever to seriously argue that complete avoidance was possible, as with Switzerland, then they would also have to give a supporting argument of some kind as to why in the world anyone would get involved in something like a war, if they didn't in fact need to. And then it breaks into separate sub arguments, about the extent to which the lack of need of a conflict is recognised, and partially ignored (which the UK has form for) or whether the risks one way or another of letting things roll, rather than hopefully making sure of influencing outcomes, can't possibly be accurately calculated in the approaches up to 1939, and even beyond. All of this, of course, would need to be considered in the light of what was properly known up to 1939, and not what was found out about afterwards.
No. Not going there.
_ _ _
A man who's presence I feel very close to, with solid pacifist credentials, found the allied response to Nazi Germany to be a case which was hard to refute. That was my understanding, anyway. This conclusion was not reached, as far as I could see, without nagging reservations. But sometimes, even for those who hate severe violence (and now I am talking about myself) it has to be accepted that not to fight is to choose to be enslaved or to die, and therefore to let the aggressor become master, and/or go free. This may be the case on either an individual or international basis, just the same, but with impossibly different implications. When Japan rained fire on the USA, having declared war after the war had secretly already started, I don't see what other possible response there could have been, right up to the end, with all of its separate questions about reasonable force. So, never say never, is my view, too.
But, again, that's as far as I'm brave enough to go. War in the Pacific, unshakeable. And pacifism, in my view, is brave. When ringing true. Not when used as a lie. The man that I think of, when considering these things, didn't like liars. My take.
_ _ _
To close, and to explain the title. I remember an echoing comment once made about the relationship of the UK to France, compared to the relationship with America. Calais, compared to Boston. Without the Boston element, I don't personally see how Normandy could have worked, and Calais still took a long, long time to take back, even with that help - and Calais had often needed to be reclaimed, from the 'thieving' grasp of someone or other, going way back. When I was very young, it was cool to say that the yanks were irrelevant latecomers, twice over.
Ok, and what if they'd decided never to come at all, to refuse to once again get involved in mending European faultlines? Maybe the roads from the two separate mulberrys to Berlin involved some friction, between the allies, and maybe that came with some awful costs. But, if we were going to do it at all, we needed to do it together, I came to believe.
Not just get thrown back into the water.
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2023.03.22 16:24 PaperGuidance Condescending doctors

I saw someone new last night and I am so tired of being treated like an idiot.
She started out very annoyed that the referring doctor hadn't included any details. I explained that I had requested the referral and could explain my symptoms and history, and she cut me off to complain again that he hadn't included it. Okay, I realize I'm just the dumb patient in front of you, but I guess you'll have to actually interact with me!
I'm tired of them denying that IUD's and birth control have side effects and that in my case, my personal history, progestin-only hormonal treatments like the mini pill and Mirena IUD have greatly worsened my symptoms. She prescribed a 10-day course of Provera anyway. (Which I looked up and saw should not be taken alongside another medication I'm on, tranexamic acid, in any case.)
She then told me to "follow a healthy diet with fewer carbs and exercise more" without asking anything about my diet or routine.
Lastly, she talked down to me like a 5-year old about "male and female hormones." She told me I "have a tendency to gain weight" (she took no personal history, just decided this and told me).
I eventually got what I needed out of the appointment, a referral for a glucose tolerance test to see if I have insulin resistance, but it was such an infuriating experience. Every time this happens I get a little more anxious and angry about medical appointments.
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2023.03.22 16:08 cocoacbd Cut someone off, insecure of how to deal with them asking me what they did etc?

I caught feeling for someone who is not looking for anything serious. Has Bumble and is searching for something casual there. I have known this person before as a friend and we connected but we lost contact. They seemed to always be happy to see me though. Everything went fast. We had sex and in public he held my hand and kissed me in front of his friends as well. But he makes me feel so insecure about myself and ashamed as well. He told me i am weird when i asked him because i was feeling so bad and anxious. I could not fall asleep the whole night around him. He said but its nothing bad. Its what makes me special etc. He always said something that made me feel safe enough to come back. So i started to tell him that i miss him and he should come over. I need his cuddles. He came at 5 in the morning. I felt so uncomfortable around him that i went out of bed to read by myself. He tells me he wants to talk to me because he likes me. I tell him to come over again in the night if he wants. I wait i was so insecure i couldnt sleep. He saw my message but he didnt respond. Only in the morning he wrote sorry i was tired. When i told him you could have written me because you saw my message and not let me wonder. He told me that he likes me but i should not get mad at him because he was so tired because he came to visit me the day prior and because of me he slept 1 or 2 hours less. For context he was at two parties, took drugs, got drunk and he himself said „he didnt need to stay that long“. But its my fault. I got so insecure about the whole thing and started to think that he was messing with me breadcrumbing and love bombing me at the same time. I ignored his message and then he wrote again a „Helo“. I told him that i dont want to see him anymore and that i kindly ask for him to not write me again. Now he asks what he did? And that it is such a shame that it ended between us and that he does not understand. Which makes me feel even more insecure and also confused. I wonder if its the drugs. He takes them for years now regularly. I feel guilty for cutting him off since a week prior i gave up dating because i fell in love with him which makes me feel stupid and confused. Im in a lot of pain right now because of everything. I wonder if i should respond telling him that i feel played by him and cant trust him anymore especially after he put the blame on me for his stress.
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2023.03.22 16:00 _call-me-al_ [Wed, Mar 22 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Putin will be arrested if he comes to Ireland, Department of Justice says
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Uganda passes bill banning identifying as LGBTQ
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Putin has vowed to respond to Britain sending uranium tank arms to Ukraine - as his defence minister says there are fewer steps to go before nuclear collision between Russia and the UK
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Bomb Threat Called In to New York Court Where Trump Hearing Held
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‘Don’t Say Gay’ lawmaker pleads guilty to COVID relief fraud
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Biden designates area sacred to tribes as largest national monument of his presidency CNN Politics
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Most Americans want to ban cigarettes and other tobacco products, per new CDC survey
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Study shows ‘obesity paradox’ does not exist: waist-to-height ratio is a better indicator of outcomes in patients with heart failure than BMI
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A crucial building block of life exists on the asteroid Ryugu. Uracil, a component of RNA, was found in a sample collected by Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft.
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Kazakhstan’s seizure of Russian space assets threatens the Soyuz-5 rocket
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Scientists have discovered the chemical compound uracil, one of the building blocks of RNA, in just 10 milligrammes of material from the asteroid Ryugu
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Young Sun-like star reveals hidden step in how planets like Earth get their water. The new results show that a significant portion of Earth's water most likely formed billions of years ago, before the Sun had even ignited.
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Leukaemia breakthrough: Experimental pill sees cancer vanish in 18 patients
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Bill Gates just published a 7-page letter about AI and his predictions for its future
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World’s top climate scientists issue ‘survival guide for humanity,’ call for major course correction
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what sucks when you get married?
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What video game have you played the most?
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What subscription is worth every penny?
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TIL of Ettore Majorana, an Italian theoretical physicist who predicted the existence of the neutron and neutrino before disappearing without a trace in 1938
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TIL that one of Hitler's earliest allies and close friends, Ernst Röhm, was actually openly homosexual, despite the Nazis' hatred for homosexuality. He was the leader of the SA until 1934, when he was killed during the Night of the Long Knives.
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TIL the Big Gulp was invented in 1976, when Coca-Cola suggested that 7-11 use 32 oz. cups, much larger than 20 oz. cups being used by McDonalds at the time. The first regional order of 500 Big Gulp cups sold out in a week, eventually forcing automakers to make cupholders bigger as popularity grew.
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[OC] Every Possible Wordle Solution Visualized (With Interactivity!)
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[OC] Timeline of same-sex marriage legalization across Canada, USA and Mexico (2003-2022)
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[OC] Microsoft Bing: A forgotten $10B+ business
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What do you make rarely because it's a lot of work and not even remotely healthy?
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Garlic press which doesn't leave 1/3 of the bulb behind?
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What's on the menu tonight? Home Cooks Sound Off.
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[Homemade] Spicy noodles with hot dogs!
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[homemade] Reuben eggrolls
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[homemade] cheesy roasted garlic rolls
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Chris McKay confirms 'Renfield' is a direct sequel to 1931's 'Dracula'
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Netflix’s ‘Gears of War’ Movie Taps ‘Dune’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ Writer Jon Spaihts
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‘Family Means No One Gets Left Behind’ An Oral History of Lilo & Stitch, the Disney Movie that Almost Brought Hand-Drawn Animation Back.
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Recreation of Bob Ross’s Mountain Waterfall, Me, Makeup, 2023
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Cyber Samurai, by me, digital drawing, 2023
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The Face of Terror, Steffen Hartmann, digital, 2022
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Taylor Tomlinson Signs Netflix Deal for Two More Standup Specials
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‘Game of Thrones’ Star Ciarán Hinds ‘Was Put Off by the Amount’ of Sex in the Show: It Took Away ‘From the Political Storytelling’
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always-30th Anniversary Reunion Special Trailer-Netflix
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Pedro Pascal bought Five Guys for the whole cast and crew of The Last Of Us
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A picture of Mount Rushmore before the faces were carved in. It was known as the Six Grandfathers.
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I travelled 5,000 miles to take this scenery in
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Impressive display of balance and strength
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Off the highway at SXSW someone was projecting art of keanu reeves on the basketball stadium for john wick 4
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What we made it work today
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"CHIEF OF POLICE WANTS ME DEAD" Sign in Small Town Kansas [OC]
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This sign warning of a dog who runs in front of cars.
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This sign make Janitor look like its own gender
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Stabilised footage of the Bigfoot film from 1967.
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A German-Jewish WWI veteran wears his iron cross while a Nazi soldier stands in front of his shop in an attempt to intimidate
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Upon landing in New Zealand flight attendants sprayed insecticides inside the cabin before anyone was allowed to leave the plane.
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Harry Potter, but Balenciaga.
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My dog got some shots today and it reminded me of a famous painting
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Yesterday I posted how I was going to adopt Vincent today. A kind redditor who wants to stay anonymous paid his adoption fees and told me to pay it forward. We're home. The 1 ear cat and the 9 finger man
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Cheetahs love getting scritches too.
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Dog visiting friends
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2023.03.22 15:58 MondainGaming001 Trying to make a negative issue positive (and help with build ideas)

Hey guys.. so we are 4 weeks into a campaign with some longtime guild mates of mine from a previous mmo. We are all mutual friends with 1 individual but have gamed together for the last 8 years. We have one individual that is just outright toxic.. but long story short, we all just deal with it.. confronting him usually goes nowhere and he's back to his behavior in a few days/weeks.. and the mutual friend and his boyfriend already flat out said If anyone from the group stops playing, than they will stop as well.. so to remove him is to half our player base which just isn't happening.
Long story short we have a battle master fighter, twilight domain cleric, arcane Archer, a valor bard, swashbuckler rogue, and I'm a melee sorlock. The last level up the swashbuckler took 1 level in hexblade last level up (we are now 4). And now won't stop saying how he's surprised the dm let us both be the characters we are because we are so similar.. I'm a sorlock with mobile feat.. I weave in and out of the front line using GFB or Booming blade and have my spells to fall back as shield spells or utility. He's a swashbuckler that with fancy footwork weaves in and out of the front line using booming blade... Literally every time I use an ability or my disengage I'm reminded that we are practically the identical character.. I'm getting tired of it and it's making me not want to play my character anymore.
If given the option at this point to just save drama for another day.. if the DM allows it, I'd rather just reroll my character all together the next time we get into a town.. but I'm at a loss of what even to go for something fresh. My take of the party is we are short on Frontline since we only have the one warrior (the cleric uses chakrams as throwing weps and likes to stand in the back line).. we also have no real magic/control user... My sorlock was supposed to be the bridge that brought magic utility while still being semi-formidable in the front..
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2023.03.22 15:53 Lamarian67 WICCA - Chapter 19 - Here There Be Monsters

“Half to the left, half to the right.” The soldiers separated, following the order as they marched through the empty streets of the city. The once bustling metropolis was covered in a blanket of fog, a desolate and lonely sight. The people were being led by the sorcerers to a convoy of massive trucks, hushed and panicked voices mingling together as they were loaded inside. The trucks were windowless to the people, preventing them from seeing it go through the portal located a few miles away from the city. A few people had refused to evacuate, and were currently being held down and forced into handcuffs and a separate truck.
Commander Arena Aegis of Padan Services’s Scourge Defence Division turned back to the city. Although there hadn’t been specific reports of a Scourge in the area, the fog that engulfed it did not seem natural in the slightest. She waited and a few seconds later, Kyra Illude joined her side.
“Are you ready?” She pulled her goggles down onto her eyes.
Arena shot her a grin. “When am I not?” She held out her hand and a portal opened, fractured glass spilling out. It caught itself and formed into the shape of a spear which Arena grasped. “Much appreciated.”
They stepped inside, the precautions having already been taken to prove that the fog was not harmful to touch or inhale. It rose a good five metres off the ground, shrouding everything from view. Arena kept her eyes sharp. There were always three things to watch out for about a Scourge: appearance, magical ability and hunting method. The appearance would differ from Scourge to Scourge, from amount of limbs to skin to body shape. There was only one thing they all had in common - they were too close to humans for comfort’s sake. By itself, the knowledge of its appearance was rather useless, except that it gave insight into the next two factors. Magical ability was what most gave Scourges their edge - the extra power to transform them from a regular monstrosity to a force of nature. Hunting method was how they collected their food, from echolocation to burrowing underground and emerging to flying overhead and swooping down - a secondary, more physical ability. Of course, there were other factors to take into account when fighting a Scourge, such as their healing factor, their affinity for human souls and their ‘grace period’, but those remained rather consistent.
Arena pressed her finger to her wristband. “Team Alpha, is everything clear on your end?”
The voice spoke into the earpieces of both Arena and Kyra.“Affirmative.”
“Team Beta, what about yours?” Not the most creative names, but [eh].
“No sign of the Scourge but we have uncovered a group of survivors.”
Arena frowned. The lynceuses should have scoured every building and uncovered the people that hadn’t been evacuated. “Proceed with caution.”
“I’m trying to communicate with them, but they don’t seem to be-” the voice was cut off and replaced by a strangled cry and then the thump of a body. Gunshots and cries were heard through the audio before silence fell.
Arena whipped around to face Kyra. “What did you see?” All soldiers were outfitted with a body-cam that Kyra’s goggles were able to connect to in order to allow her to create portals to their destination if needed. Distracting in battle, but useful outside of it.
“One of the people jumped forward towards him. As soon as they touched, he collapsed. Everything else happened too fast and too chaotically.”
Arena nodded. She tapped onto her wristband and began broadcasting a message to all the soldiers in and out of the city. “Do not engage with citizens you see in the fog. I repeat, do not engage.”
Kyra opened a portal and a long sniper rifle fell from it into her hands. More portals opened and sand swept out in gallons, converging into a swirling vortex around Arena. Kyra opened a portal and the two of them stepped through next to the bodies of Team Beta. Arena knelt down and lifted one of them up.
Yep, the souls are definitely gone.” Her mind analysed the possibilities of what the Scourge could be. Mind control? She hadn’t heard of Sensitive abilities also transmuting the ability to steal souls. A necromancer then? Possibly, but there’d be more signs of death and decay if that was the case. And there was still the matter of the fog to take into account.
Kyra’s voice brought her back to reality. “Over there.” Her gun was raised towards a group of five people, all standing there as still as corpses, just a few metres away. “Permission to fire?”
“Hold on. We don’t know the full extent.” Arena took the first tentative step. “State your name and business.” Her voice shifted to become more imperative, a slight edge that demanded to be heard and obeyed. The foremost person leapt forward and was immediately hit with a wave of sand, pinning it down to the ground. The impact slammed away the fog in a gust, exposing what lay underneath. As soon as the person was in the open air the image disappeared, leaving a long, fleshy tendril with a clawed nail where it had been. The rest of the people flickered and vanished, revealing more fingers that stretched into the distance. They retracted back into the fog instantly.
Arena tapped on her bracelet as the sand surged back. “The Scourge is an illusionist. I repeat, the Scourge is an illusionist. Do not hesitate to open fire on any people that do not respond. Deploy elementals to blow away the fog.” More glass poured out of a portal that formed itself into a pseudo-surfboard, which Arena and Kyra hopped onto. It zoomed through the city and pushed away the fog as gunshots ricocheted across the streets. Seems that the people had finally all been evacuated and the rest of the soldiers were joining the fight. Kyra peered through the fog to the best of her ability, shooting every once in a while into iy. Rising above, Arena could see what was in the middle of the city - a massive column of fog that rose hundreds of metres above the city.
A hand tore itself from the fog, the illusion breaking as it reached to grasp them. Arena’s spear flew from her hand, dancing through the air and slicing through the fingers with ease.
“You ready to take this beast down?” called Arena.
Kyra gave her a small smirk. “When am I not?” A massive portal opened up above them and sand poured down, an endless supply that swirled faster and faster until Arena sent it surging forward towards the pillar of fog, blowing the fog away in one move.
Hanging onto a skyscraper in the middle of the column, with long, emancipated limbs that wrapped around it, massive milky white eyes and a mouth hanging wide, wide open with a horde of arms reaching out of it down into the fog was the Scourge. Arena felt a rush go through her body, not of fear like it once would have been, but pure adrenaline.
It lifted its head to observe the pair, the hands whipping out of the fog and surging towards the pair. Kyra snapped her finger and a massive portal swirled opened in front of them, swallowing up the hands. Before they could retract, the portal snapped shut, leaving behind only stumps. The flesh began to bubble as the wounds closed and hands started to sprout again. Arena flicked her hand and her spear flew through the air, piercing into the eye of the Scourge. The spear trembled and shattered into shards, shredding the eye into ribbons before returning and reforming at her side.
The hands spasmed erratically as they healed, plunging down into the fog again. They rose out of the fog a few seconds later, surrounding the pair as they surged forward. Bullets and glass littered the sky as Arena evaded the assault, tearing above the city as the hands chased them around. Energy beams tore themselves from the fog and burned into the main body of the Scourge. Seemed that the soldiers had finally made their way to the centre. Some of the hands deviated and surged down into the depths of the city.
Whirring started to emanate from the boundaries of the fog. Mounted on top of a car, a massive turret was building up power, growing brighter and louder every second that passed. The turret was designed to send out a burst of energy that would pass harmlessly through matter such as concrete and glass. However, organic matter wasn’t as lucky. It released a blast of colour that tore through the sky and burned into the Scourge’s body, tearing a hole into its torso. The hands went spastic, retracting and thrashing wildly around. Bingo.
Arena raised her hand and gave Kyra a quick nod. The sand was swallowed up by portals at the same time that glass was released. It formed together into a massive spear, casting shattered sunlight onto the desolate city. She threw it right into the wound. It dug in deep and then exploded.
Scourges tended to have unnaturally tough skin, with the flesh healing faster than anything could destroy it. However, if one managed to get past the outer layers, then they would find the Scourge much more vulnerable. The glass shredded the Scourge’s main body into ribbons, tearing through flesh and bone until the arms all finally stilled. Kyra led Arena through a portal onto the ground as the commander collapsed onto the ground, sweat pouring down her face. A water bottle dropped down and Kyra handed it to Arena. She took a swig.
“How close was it that time?”
“Around five got within a few centimetres of us - at least, of the ones that I remember.”
Arena let out a low whistle. “We really should bring Claren to these things.”
Kyra shrugged. “I mean, we haven’t died yet.” She hooked her arms under Arena’s and tried her best to drag her up. “Alright, up you come. We can’t have our commander slouching around.”
Arena sighed but stood up, pushing off the tiredness and rolling her shoulders back. Kyra opened a portal and the two of them stepped through to the outskirts of the city. There was a team cleaning up the remains of the Scourge, wandering through the city to find and destroy any traces of it. The mission had been as successful as could be when regarding a Scourge invasion - minimal destruction of housing, minimal death and perhaps her and Kyra would be back in time for dinner. The fog was starting to dissipate, now only a thin mist which was being blown away in the wind. The soldiers had all met up outside the city, haggard and tired. The bodies were being carried outside. Less casualties than usual, she noted. Seems that Kyra and her had kept it distracted enough for the soldiers to keep themselves afloat.
“Take the bodies to the infirmaries. The doctors will take them off your hands.” The soldiers nodded and walked through the portal. The group was made up of Sanctuary soldiers, Padan Services’ own employees and various factions of crime in the magical Australian underworld. Teams sent to deal with Scourges, except for a few exceptions, were small - small enough that the Scourge wouldn’t grow in power exponentially if the mission went awry. A buzz came from her wristband and she tapped on it. “Commander Aegis here. What seems to be the situation?”
Heavy breathing came from the other end, as well the sound of boots against the ground. “Fuck, fuck shit! There’s a-” the sound cut out for a few seconds. “There’s another one coming!” The voice started to scream, loud and piercing, until the sound of a crunch echoed through the earpiece and left only the buzz of static.
“Everyone on your feet! There’s another Scourge in the area!”
The soldiers jumped to their feet and grabbed their weapons in a rush, either used as their firepower or to strengthen their magic. Glass swirled in the air, a storm of slivers and shards that hung in the air. Then came the sound of feet upon the ground, like dry thunder.
A beast came charging out of the city, springing from building to building with grace and agility a being of its size shouldn’t have. It was emancipated horribly, wizen and wrinkled with limbs that bent at wrong angles. Its face was long and its eyes were beady, sunken deep into what barely passed as flesh. Gunfire rained onto it.
It hissed and a harsh clicking sound came from its mouth, almost insidious in its quietude. The bullets bit into the building, shattering glass which then flew up and dug into the Scourge’s flesh. It leapt down and was shoved back by a gust of wind from an elemental, causing it to stumble back. A jagged spear of glass pierced it right through the eye and exited from everywhere else. It had gone down so fast, the turret hadn’t even had time to ready.
The soldiers cheered. Arena narrowed her eyes. That was too easy. Her mind started to rush as the adrenaline, brought back a second time and now refusing to fade, brought every little detail and thought to the surface. The Scourge was tiny. Much bigger than a human could ever be, but simply too small. It hadn’t displayed any of its magic yet, and for some reason its healing didn’t kick in quick enough to save it. Lastly, and most chilling, was that considering the speed at which it was running, there was no chance it could have gotten from the other soldiers to here in the time that it apparently did. Something was wrong.
Arena held up her hand. “Save your celebrations. It’s not over yet.” She waved the soldiers back from the Scourge. She paused for a split second before coming to a conclusion. “I’m going to approach the body. Lieutenant Illude, bring me to safety if anything happens.”
Out of view of the soldiers, Kyra shot her a worried glance but nodded.
Arena stepped forwards and observed the corpse. She threw her spear again and sliced the head off of the body. Well, if it wasn’t dead before, it was certainly dead now. Unless it was a zombie Scourge. She waited a few seconds for it to lurch up. Probably not.
A hand tore itself out of the main body and a portal engulfed Arena. As she stepped back next to Kyra, more hands and limbs erupted from the Scourge, covered in slick and gore as they tore themselves from the corpse. The figures collapsed to the floor, shuddering and shaking before standing upright on limbs too long for a human.
Kyra was the first to act, firing a bullet right into the head of one of the figures. They were the next to act, dropping to all fours, bounding over and tackling one of the soldiers to the ground. Its mouth opened and teeth dug into flesh, rending a hole into the soldier’s shoulder. His soul swirled from the wound and the soldier stiffened, slumping to the ground as the figure stood up. Its body bulged, flesh rippling and roiling as it grew bigger. Several bullets shredded into it and it fell to the ground. A few of the soldiers who couldn’t get back in time fell, but Kyra’s portals swirled and set the soldiers and the monsters a few yards apart. A clicking sound - the same one that emerged from the original Scourge, started to rise in the air. Arena held her arms in the air as glass spread out all around the monsters and then brought her hands together.
Before anyone could take that first breath of relief, that relaxing of tension, they heard more sounds coming from the encroaches of the city. Another Scourge, almost identical to the one that had spawned those monsters, came crawling onto a building. And then another, and then another, until five of them were sprawled out across the buildings, all making the same clicking sound. Before gunfire could start tearing through the air again, the Scourges leapt to the ground and started to run, bounding past the group or retreating further into the city, ignoring the sorcerers entirely.
One of the soldiers spoke up. “Captain, what does that mean?” Arena chewed her lip. “They’re avoiding us because they know they can’t win - or they don’t see it as worth the potential loss. More importantly, they’re communicating, like a hivemind.” She turned to Kyra. “Lieutenant, what direction are those Scourges headed?”
“The ones headed deeper into the city would be enroute to another one far south. They should be there in a few hours based on that speed.”
“Send the soldiers over to that city now. Call for backup from the Sanctuaries, tell them to get more men and turrets down there.” Kyra nodded and opened up a large portal, large enough for the turret to be wheeled through and the soldiers to follow suit. Even without their commander, they had a team leader, and were well-trained or at least briefed enough to know what to do. The portal closed and it was just Kyra and Arena.
“So, Kyra, where do you think these ones are going?”
“My guess? Some sort of meeting place. Like a nest, or maybe even a hive.”
“A hive, eh?” Arena extended her hand as she got on top of the surfboard of glass, which Kyra gracefully grasped and hoisted herself up with. “Well then, how about we go do some exterminating?” The commander and her lieutenant sliced through the air, following the echoing sound of clicking into the endless, desolate plains.
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2023.03.22 15:53 aproyal I am A Fisherman. Off the Bering Sea Exists The Fisher of Men.

I was a fisherman because my father was a fisherman. And his father was a fisherman before him; this is all my family has ever known.
I worked on my father’s boat as one of his deckhands for years. We caught crabs in the Bering sea. Essentially, we would dunk massive metal cages into the water, trapping the crustaceans miles below. It's a tough living, and definitely something not for the faint of heart. You wake up to the murky haze of sunrise, the sea breeze chilling your bones, the smell of salt and the fresh guts of fish clinging to your nose like rust to the hull. Ninety percent of greenhorns never make it past their first day. Many of them were drifters, new to our community. The job paid well, so it attracted men who were eager to work. And my father was always willing to give anyone a shot. But the truth of it was, the job just wasn’t for everybody.
Something always hurt: whether it was your neck, your back, or your joints. It didn’t matter. If you left the harbor in our boat, you best be prepared for the grueling day or my father would toss you over himself.
I watched many a man perish on expeditions, swallowed up by the ravenous sea. Careless or stupid or just plain unlucky.
Things had been going smoothly, though, recently. There were a lot fewer casualties and some very nice yields. A few of the older deckhands at the pub had even quoted this as a “legendary” year. We drank to our good fortune. It wasn’t the same story we were hearing from some of the other vessels, but some years were better than others. It was just how the tide turned.
As I said, it’s an honest living and all I’ve ever known is Thally. It was renamed after my father’s first love, but he’d said if Mum ever asked it was named after the Greek Goddess of the sea. The ship had seen its fair share of tumultuous expeditions, but it always managed to steer us home with my father at the helm.
The day I realized he was in trouble, it was far too late. My father had slipped past the point of no return. In actuality, he had been slipping for months, but he was an incredibly stubborn man, impossible to deal with at times. You would just have soon put a bullet in his head if you kept him off the water. But the signs were there. His now shaky hands had once been the most steady spearfishing hands our town had ever seen. His lungs were once exceptional: many old timers at the bar claimed he could hold his breath for ten minutes. Now, he would cough out a watery tar-like residue from them. He stumbled over his words, occasionally forgetting some of the greenhorns’ and deckhands' names.
The signs were all there, and I chose to ignore them.
I think it was because he was the strongest man I ever knew; I couldn’t fathom him needing help. He taught me everything—how to fish, how to swim, how to gut and cook them once you were done. And that was everything in our fishing community. But I guess strong men get old too.
The only reason I caught him was the fussy latch on the door. He jiggled it in frustration as he left, another project left by the wayside. The wind swung the door open in a violent clap; the howling and whistling traveling through the home. A moment later, my coat was on and I followed him into the cold.
The conditions were wretched: the rain fell from the sky in a ruthless downpour. I followed the beacon of light from his lantern. He walked onto the dock and untied the mooring line before entering Thally. The beating of the rain was so intense it drowned out my footsteps and pleas for him to stop. But there was a whistling that could be heard. Its high-pitched tune seemed to float through the conditions, lingering by the dock.
I sprinted once the lights turned on, the motor purring. I barely managed to slide on deck before it drifted off to sea.
I’ve been on the water long enough to know we don’t belong there. This stormy night was no exception. The precarious weather would mean waves as tall as houses. In much milder conditions, it was easy to get tossed off deck, plunged into the depths of the dark unknown. High tide was not to be messed with. My father understood all of this, and yet he steered Thally into the choppy waters. The waves sloshed back and forth, creating slick pools that slid from one end to the other.
It was reckless. Unforgivable. Only a fool would steer into the eye of a storm, and my father was far from a foolish man.
He was a very superstitious man, that I knew. He believed in many silly things. Most were innocuous and standard to sailor folklore. Try to bring a banana on board (even so much as an item containing artificial flavoring, the kind you’d find in candy that tasted like awful chemicals) and he’d send you packing. Every morning he’d kiss the rosary above the helm and say a prayer before we’d dock. They made me smirk, these superstitions, but it wasn’t my place to say anything. Our best years came under his reign, and when he made money, we all made money—including all of the businesses down the supply chain. The man just seemed to have a knack for it. He knew all the sweet spots and had a feel for where we should be.
Lightning sparked above us. I held onto the railing and stumbled my way toward the entrance of the wheelhouse. The thunder that followed made me flinch. It erupted above, sending trails of jagged light zig-zagging across the cluster of ominous clouds. I twisted the handle, but it didn't move. I could see a faint hue of light past the cloudy glass and the steps ascending upwards, but no sign of my father. Banging on the door was useless, the water continued to pummel everything in its wake, drowning out the noise.
Except for the whistling. It was steady. Unwavering. The calm song seemed to dance above the water, hovering around the main deck.
I threw my hands up in frustration. My father had finally lost it. They always said too much time at sea would do that to you.
Searching for something to help me gain access, I held onto the handle for dear life. With a sudden jerk of the ocean, my hand slipped. I rolled across the deck, my back slamming against the railing on the periphery. My cheek felt cold against the soaked wood floors. A gush of water quickly followed, flowing into my face and sneaking into the crevices of my raincoat, invading my wooly sweater and long johns underneath. I moaned in agony, spitting out a sticky gob of salt and blood.
The boat continued to teeter violently with the waves in large, helpless dips. I managed to get to my knees, desperately clutching the railing. My back felt like it had been scorched. All the while, I cursed my father.
I needed to find shelter or it was a matter of time before I would be underwater. The main deck was largely open. It would be impossible to get to the living quarters or engine room, the water was too treacherous and the distance too far. I needed to go back the way I came and get to my father before it was too late.
Amidst the haze of the rain, I spotted the tool bench that housed some basic tools. I waited until the ebb and flow of the waves had mellowed before timing my staggered run. When the deck leveled, I ran. I felt the muggy squish of salt water between my water-logged boots. As the boat began to rise again, I grasped one of the railing barriers wrapped around the metal bench. A wave of water dropped down, chopping at my body. I swayed momentarily before my feet were sent airborne. The arctic chill brought shivers as it whipped my drenched skin. I gasped. The tips of my fingers were numb as I scrambled to my feet.
Once the waves settled, I fiddled with the combination. The lock clicked open, and I grabbed the first two objects that looked like they could do damage—an iron mallet and a pair of pliers—and waited for the next sequence of waves to settle. I trudged back toward the stairs. The waves tilted the boat at a harsh angle. I stumbled, losing grip of one of the tools. The pliers skidded away in the darkness, disappearing into the black waters. I clutched the mallet for dear life.
The window vibrated with every heavy thud. I brought the mallet down as hard as I could, my arms trembling. After a couple of powerful whacks, tiny spiderweb cracks began to emerge. It eventually shattered, allowing me to reach in and unlock the door.
“Father!” I bellowed up the stairs. My hands slid up the guard rail as the cool steel supported my clumsy steps.
Charlie?” he called back. His eyes were full of terror: wide and jittery. “What are you doing here?”
“What are you doing here?” I shouted back. “Look outside! We need to turn back!”
Someone else stood by my father’s side. He stared blankly out the window, gripping the wheel. His long, ashy-white locks draped down from his head like thick sections of rope. He looked dressed and ready to work: a brown leather apron, and a cracked leather bucket hat, the string browned and weathered around his chin. The man glanced back at me, a grave look on his face.
“Who is this?” I asked.
“He shouldn’t be here, Ferris,” the man warned.
My father's hands shot to his face. The one missing a ring finger caressed his beard in panic. “Oh, Lord. What are we to do now?” he cried.
“What do you mean? Have you both gone mad?” I stormed the helm and pulled the wheel in the opposite direction. The older man held firm, battling me for control.
“Turn around!” I pleaded.
The man roared back, “Ferris, do something!”
The waves continued to wobble the boat violently from side to side.
“Charlie. Please stop!” my father begged. He gripped the top of my hand and tried to pry my fingers from the wheel.
“Are you crazy, Father? We are going to capsize!” The pressure from his hands finally was too much. I shrugged him off of me, and he dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. He then drifted toward the opposite wall, dragged from one end to the other by the tide. Next, I leaned my weight against the man steering the ship. To my surprise, I fell right through him. I stared helplessly from the floor, my mouth ajar at the ghastly revelation. He barely glanced back, his narrow umber brown stare kept firm on the water.
The boat abruptly stopped before I could react. I was launched toward the window, my shoulder colliding with the switchboard. My father was a crumpled heap on the floor. Only the sound of clattering rain filled the air for a moment.
The light was undeniable past the foggy wet window. Blinding. A radiant glow of aquamarine encompassed the outside of the ship.
The man spoke, walking to the door, “It’s time to go.”
The ground felt steady, the rocking ceased. But my father still held the wall as he stepped toward the exit. Seeing him then, he appeared frail and uneasy.
“Stop,” I ordered, wagging my hand in the man’s direction. “Not until I know what’s going on.”
My father sighed, every word looked exhausting exiting his lips. “It is too much to explain now.” He pointed to the door. “You must come.”
“To what exactly? Where are we going?”
The older man held the door open. “To meet our destiny.”
Outside the wheelhouse, the incredible glow illuminated the deck. The old man strode toward the floating being. My father stayed a few steps behind, in apprehension. I could tell the tossing around on the ship had done a number on him: he held his wrist as he hobbled forward at a gingerly pace. I placed my hand against the small of his back, aiding him onward.
“Say goodbye,” the man urged. “No need to drag this along, Ferris.”
I observed the being, frozen in wonder. She hovered above the deck, her translucent body holding no color, but glimmering in a silky rainbow sheen like a ray of light hitting the surface of glass at an angle. Her body was beautiful: curvaceous, smooth.
“F…Father…what is this?”
Walls of water surrounded the perimeter of the boat, creating a giant bowl around the ship. The mountainous waves were held in limbo, suspended in the air like swirling blue arcs of impending doom. Schools of fish could be seen swimming in the waves.
My father glanced back as he approached the floating entity. His expression had softened, his stare was that of a little boy who had lost his mother. “I would have come for you, Charlie. I would have explained everything…after I gathered the right words.” I walked toward him and held his head at my chest. He began to sob.
“You must go now,” the old man ordered. “She grows impatient.”
I felt my father trying to peel away, but I held the folds of his neon jacket tighter.
“Let him go,” the old man hissed.
She drifted nearer. There were too many tentacles to count protruding from the base of her skull. Her lips remained pursed. She did not speak, but there was a vibration coming from her. A cooing. The gentle whistle sang from her reverberating gills.
“Tell me what this is, Father,” I cried. “I will not let you go!”
He held me close. I had never heard him cry so hard before.
The older man spoke for him. “Your father’s time is up. Like all of our times have come to an end,” he explained. “He has served well. Exceptionally well.”
My father finally let go.
“Okay,” he declared with a deep breath. “I am ready.“ He took one last look up at me. “I love you, Charlie. Tell your mother I love her too.”
What happened next happened in rapid succession. He took two steps forward and the tentacles wrapped around his body. A petrified scream escaped his lungs. His limbs jolted uncontrollably, as tiny electric sparks flashed from the tentacles. The smell of singed flesh replaced the salty breeze. His eyes rolled back as the entity’s jaw stretched open to an unsettling length. His head was plunged into the cavernous confines, her teeth as sharp as spearheads. She stared back at me as his body disappeared. Her jaw opened and closed in horrifying crunches. Alligator-like snaps.
I wailed helplessly. Was I next?
Her glowing eyes had a glint of satisfaction; her pillow lips moist with delight. They smacked together in a disturbing click. All the while, the whistling continued from its flexing gills.
In an instant, the waves were released, wooshing down from the perimeter. The tsunami was too much, it swallowed everything whole. I saw a flurry of bubbles as the waves crashed into me; I felt the frigid sting of the water mixed with an intense burning in my lungs.
The old man’s voice spoke in the flood:
“Good luck, Boy.”
Everything washed away.
I awoke in the wheelhouse, my arms and legs spread out like a starfish. My father was standing over me.
“Welcome back, Son,” he smiled. His gold front tooth was gleaming.
I sat up to see the bright bleed of sunrise peeking in through the clouds.
“How long was I out?” I asked, rubbing my forehead. My head pulsated like I was having a sinister hangover.
“A couple of hours?” he guessed. “It’s not important. What matters is that you are here.”
The rain had stopped, but the deck still had puddles of water pooled up on the surface. It miraculously looked like the boat survived the night with little to no damage.
“You still have time to make it back to work,” he assured me. He appeared content as the pier came into view.
“You won’t believe the nightmare I had.”
There was a flicker of sadness in his smirk. “It was no nightmare.”
I laughed nervously. “Sure.”
“I wish it was a joke, Charlie,” he said. He placed his hand at the helm and spun the wheel. A large buoy floated past. “But I am ready to explain.”
My father told me that the man from last night was named Hayden. He was my grandfather. He had died at sea before I was ever born. So had his father. And his father before him. This was the pact our family had made.
I rubbed my eyes.
“We all take, take, take from the ocean. Our family has been chosen to be the ones who give back, to try to breach the gap.”
The story left me frozen in my spot. “So, this is to be my fate, as well?”
He gazed out the window with an empty stare. The sun was now an orange ring fanning across the skyline. “The way I see it, you have two options.” He turned to look me in my eyes. “You can carry on and captain Thally. Just as you were destined to. It is your responsibility now—the livelihood of the community, the tradition—it all lives with you.” He paused, scratching his chin. “It is a cross to bear, Charlie. The strongest men carry the most weight. You will bring a lot of good men into grave peril. The sea will claim who they see fit, it is not for you to choose. But you must bring them, in plenty.” He cleared his throat. “But you will also protect the community. The sea will reward you so. You will also do much good.”
“Or?” I asked.
“Or…” he paused. “You dock the ship and walk away from it all. Forever. Start a new life. Change your trajectory.”
I contemplated what a new life would look like. “What would happen to Mother?”
“She must never know,” he said. “It will be a tough pill for her to swallow. But she is a tough woman, she will make do.”
We stood in silence, the squawk of the waterfowls and the rolling waves filling the space.
“If you take that path, you must stay away from the ocean. Forever. The sea is unforgiving. A betrayer of covenants, well, you will stand no chance.” He swallowed. “Your children will stand no chance.”
The pier slowly approached. The shadows of awaiting crew members were huddled together at the end of the pier, their lit cigarettes shone in the twilight.
“We are almost here, Son.” He kissed me on the forehead and walked toward the exit. His lips felt incredibly cold. “Just trust I support you in your decision. Whichever way you choose.”
I nodded, tears fleeing from my eyes. I swiftly wiped them away.
“Goodbye, Son. I love you.”
With that, he walked through the closed door.
I gripped the wheel and watched Thally glide toward the pier.
When we got close, I tied the ship to the dock. The familiar whistle cooed in from the sea.
I began to load the ship and felt a hand clutch my shoulder. Murphy grabbed me playfully, his crooked grin across his face. Chase, the new greenhorn, yawned as he shook my hand. I ribbed him about his uneven mustache. He stomped out his butt. More of the crew began to gather their things and hop on board.
We prepared for the daily catch.
For this was all I’ve ever known.

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2023.03.22 15:51 Llewgid [RAW] Kubera S03 - 281 :Kubera and Kubera (17)

The raws + quick translations will be typed here after the raws are released.
# Disclaimer: there might still be translation errors, the finalized version will be in the scanlation episode
(or a native speaker corrects right after the translation, depends on who has time)
if you see this posted on reddit, try going to the linked pad instead, since this is a living document ;)
TL check:
Typing helper:
------------------------translations start below this line ------------------------------
[] = sura speech
() = thoughts
- Agni and Taksaka standing next to each other -
Agni: 한명이 남아야 한다면 내가
남는 게 나을 거 같긴 한데...
If only one stays back,
it would probably be better for me to stay, but...
- Taksaka staring at him grumpily -
text (Agni): 그럼눈으로 보지마술직히
네 손에 죽을뻔한 사람이 몇인데
Don't stare at me like that,
how many people almost died because of you, huh?
Taksaka: 어차피 여기 상황은
정리된 거 아닌가?
Isn't the situation here settled, anyway?
게다가 난 여기서
도망간 놈을 굳이 쫓기까지
해야할 이유가 없다.
Besides, I have no reason
to chase after that bastard
who fled from here.
내가 인간계에 온 이유는
아들 때문이었고,
My reason for coming to the human realm
is my son,
칼리블룸까지 갔다가
다시 아테라에 온 이유는
손녀 때문이었다.
and the reason I went to Kalibloom
and then back to Atera
was my granddaughter.
찬드라가 폭주하는 동안 그나마
내가 일부분이라도 막고 있던 것 역시
그 밑에 있다던 손녀 때문.
I blocked Chandra when he ran berserk
at least partially (->the blocking) also because my granddaughter
was said to be down there.
그게 아니었으면 난
아테라가 다 날아가든 말든
상관없이 그냥 떠났을 거다.
If it wasn't for that,
I would have just left regardless of
whether or not Atera was blown away.
- flashback panels to that action -
*S3 Ep. 144-145
Taksaka: 그런데 지금 그 앤 여기,
아테라에 있어.
But right now, she's here,
in Atera.
무슨말인지 알겠나?
You know what I'm getting at?
- Vayu stands next to the swirly red portal on the ground in front of them -
도망간 놈이 그 앨
인질로 끌고 간게 아니면
Unless the guy who ran away
took her hostage,
내가 놈을 쫓을 이유가
없다는 거다.
I got no reason at all to persue him.
- stares at Agni -
Agni: ...그래.
그런 놈이지 넌...
That's the kind of guy you are...
좀 변한 것 같아서
Since you had changed a little,
maybe I was expecting too much.
Vayu: 어쩔 거야? 아그니.
What are we going to do, Agni?
//대지를 거치는 이런 초월기라면
행성을 벗어나진 못할 테니,
If this transcendental is passing through earth,
then it won't be able to transfer off the planet.
최악의 상황을 상정해도
우리 둘이 못 당해낼 적이
나타나진 않을 거다.
Even if we assume the worst, there
won't be an enemy that the two of us can't overcome.
하지만 혼자선
장담 못해.
But I'm not confident if one goes alone.
내가 오기 전에
나타났던 카드루...
That one who appeared before I arrived, Kadru...
그 정도 힘을 가진 놈만 나타나도,
너나 나 혼자서는 위험해질 수 있다.
Even if only someone on his power level appears,
it could become dangerous for either of us if we are alone.
Agni: 안전을 위해서라면
그냥 쫓지 말고 무시하는게
If it's only in regards to safety,
it would be better to not give chase and ignore him, but...
Vayu: 어쩌면 놈들의 본거지를
알아내고 일망타진할
기회일 수도 있지.
It could also be our chance to find their stronghold
and deal a decisive blow.
아무 정보 없이 막연히
습격 받기만 하는 처지에서
벗어나려면 뭐라도 해야 해.
We have to do something to get out of the position
of passively being attacked with no information whatsoever.
여태 네가 너무 소극적인
자세만 취해서 상황이 악화된 걸
알고는 있어? 아그니.
Do you know that the situation has only
gotten worse because you've been too passive? Agni.
신계에 있던
윌라르브 행성신들이 얼마나
가슴 졸이며 답답해했을지는
생각해 봤을까?
Have you ever thought about
how anxious and frustrated the Planetary gods of Willarv
staying in the god realm must have been?
N15년 초기부터
붉은 하늘의 원인을 찾으려는
시도를 했다면,
Starting from year N15,
if you had tried to find the cause of the red sky incidents,
혹은 사가라가 나타난 이후
그쪽을 소탕하려는 시도를 했다면,
or if you had tried to wipe out Sagara the moment she appeared,
//그 후의 상황은 많이
달라졌을 수도 있어.
things might have went very different following that.
그럼에도 너는 항상
소환사 주변에만 머물고,
모험적인 시도는 피해왔지.
Instead, you tried to get into your summoner's pants
Even so, you always stayed close to your summoner,
avoiding any venturesome activities.
이 행성에 널 소환할
수 있는 소환사가 단 하나
뿐인 것도 아닌데
pathetic really
There is not just a single summoner on this planet
capable of summoning you;
여분의 소환사가 있다면
좀 더 적극적으로 나서도
되는 건데 말이야.
you know that some gods sacrificed a lot for the universe?
grow up already
If you have extra summoners, you can be a little more proactive.
결과적으로 넌 네 뒤의
용과 별 다를 바 없어.
As a result, you are no different from the dragon behind you.
- tak looks a little offended -
그놈보단 다른 인간들에 대한
책임감이 좀 더 있다고 해도
Even if you have some more sense of responsibility
towards other humans than he has,
네 소환사를 지키면서
덤으로 지키는 수준
how you protect your summoner
and everyone else is just a bonus -
내가 보기엔
둘 다 똑같다.
to me, you both look the same.
Agni: .....
Taksaka: 어이, 쓸데없이
걸고 넘어지지 마.
Hey, leave me out of this.
내 마음대로 지키는 게
뭐가 어떻다고?
What's wrong with how I handle things?
Agni: 알았어.
같이 가자. 바유.
Let's go together. Vayu.
- Agni moves over to Vayu -
Taksaka: 뭐야. 진짜 가냐?
What the. You're really going?
sfx: whoosh
- Agni and Vayu vanish through the portal -
Taksaka: ........
- stares down to where they vanished with "wtf" stare -
Taksaka: 쯧...
- he turns to leave -
지키고 싶은 것만
지키고 살면 되지
참 피곤한 놈들.
You just have to live while only protecting
the things you want to protect.
Tired bastards.
fckn idiots
Season 3 Episode 281
Kubera and Kubera (17)
- Leez, Ran, Maruna, Sona, Tatia, Kalavinka all in an ice cave (water channels most likely) -
- Sona in human form but unconscious, tended to by Tatia -
- Maruna is covering his face with one hand -
Ran: 이쯤이면 바유도
파악하지 못할 거야.
At this point, even Vayu won't find us.
[Tatia:] 소나는 아직 정신을 차릴
기미가 보이지 않는데...
Sona shows no signs of coming to his senses yet...
미안해. 깨어나야 목줄도
Sorry. If he woke up, he might be able to take off the choker...
[Kalavinka:] 됐어, 영영 잃을 수도 있다고
It's fine. I was prepared to loose it for good, after all.
Ran: 의식이 없어야 채울 수 있고
의식이 있어야 해제가능하다니
참 특이한 아이템이야.
What a unique item, you can equip it while unconscious,
but have to be conscious to unequip it?
[Kala:] 아~ 이게 원래 호전성으로
날뛰는 수라를 진정시키는
용도로 만들어져서 그래.
Ah~ You see, it was originally made
for the purpose of calming belligerent,
rampaging suras.
- kala grins -
사실 내가 쓰기 전엔
타티아가 썼거든?
Actually, Tatia used it before me, right?
그래서 딱 보면
개목걸이처럼 생겼잖
That's why it looks like a dog coll--
- Tatia grabs her arm, embarrassed -
[Tatia:] 칼라빈카, 그만...
Kalavinka, stop...
- meanwhile, Maruna still experiencing an unprecedented existential crisis -
[Maruna:] 내 동생이...
아이템의 도움 없인...
머리가 수라형이라고..
My little sister...
has a sura trait head...
without the help of an item...
Ran. 넌 아직 충격에서
못 벗어난거냐?
You still stuck on that?/hung up about that?
[Kala:] 오라버닌 제 얼굴이 많이
신경쓰이나 봐요?
Elder brother, you're worrying about my face that much?
란은 처음 한번 놀란거 말곤
전혀 의식하지 않던데!
Except being surprised the very first time,
Ran is not conscious of it at all!
- she pats Ran on the shoulder, while he just looks confused -
(개복치들이랑 별 차이 없어서
아무 감상 없는 것임)
(There's not much difference to a sunfish,
so it made no impression on him.)
T/N: running gag of him seeing all people besides Rana as seafood faces
[Maruna:] 나도다. 당연히 상관없다!
네가어떤 모습이든!!
I'm the same. Of course, it doesn't matter!
I don't mind however you look like!
- he freezes seeing kala grinning with hearts around her -
[Maruna:] 진짜로... 상관없다....
It really.... doesn't matter.............
- he looks away -
[Kala:] 그럼 목줄 돌려받지
않아도 돼요?
So I don't need to get the choker back?
[Maruna:] 아니, 그래도 이왕이면
돌려 받아야지.
No, but you should at least get it back.
그게 원래 호전성을
억누르기위한 거라며?
Didn't you say its original purpose
is to suppress belligerence?
[Kala:] 괜찮아요! 수라화만
하지 않으면 이 상태론
웬만하면 자제돼요.
I'm fine! As long as I don't take sura form,
I can refrain myself from falling into that state.
- she proudly points at herself/gives thumb up -
어릴 때나 호전섬에 정신
못 차렸지... 이젠 저도
다 컸다고요.
When I was young, I couldn't get a grip by myself...
But now I'm all grown up.
- she happily and energetically zooms over to where Ran and Leez stand, while Maruna stares after her .
[Maruna:] .........
- Leez, Maruna, Ran, Tatia and Kala sitting, discussing -
Leez: 그러니까 지금까지
얘기를 종합해 보면...
So to sum things up
until now...
타티아는 거의 사형 위기에
처한 친구 때문에 어쩔 수 없이
아난타족과 협력했던 거고,
Tatia had no choice but to cooperate
with the Anantas because of her friend
who was on the verge of getting executed,
란 오빠는 콘체스에서
윌라르브로 돌아오는
여정이 길었고,
Ran-oppa had a long journey back from
Konchez to Willarv,
그 과정에서 마루나하곤
in the process, you split up with Maruna,
우연히 그 여동생인
칼라빈카와 만났다는 거죠?
and met his sister Kalavinka by chance.
Is that all correct?
Ran: 그래. 그렇게 칼라빈카랑
헤매다가 겨우 돌아와서, 이제야
마루나랑 다시 만난 거야.
Yes. And after wandering around with Kalavinka,
I finally came back and met Maruna again.
Leez: 그럼... 궁금한 게
몇 가지 있는데요.
Then... there are several points
I'm curious about.
Ran: 구체적인 여정에
대해선 말하고 싶어도
말해줄 수가 없는걸.
Although I'd like to tell you the specifics of the journey,
I can't talk about it.
Leez: 아뇨, 여정을
묻는 게 아니라...
No, I'm not asking about the journey...
란 오빠, 지난번 칼리블룸에선
마루나의 위치를 아는 것처럼
말하지 않았어요?
Ran-oppa, last time we met in Kalibloom,
didn't you say you knew Maruna's whereabouts?
저 위의 어딘가에서
보고 있을 거라고....
You said he must be watching from up there somewhere...
*S3 Ep. 109-110
마치 조금 전까지 같이 있다가
헤어진 것처럼 말했잖아요.
You said that as if you had split up
just a little while before.
그런데 사실은 오늘
겨우 만난 거라고요?
But the truth is that you only met today?
Ran: ..........
- Ran staying silent with a grim face -
[Maruna:] 뭐야. 그런말을했어?
What? You said something like that?
But how did you...
그땐 나도 네가 여기 와 있는지
확신하지 못하는 상태였는데,
넌 내 위치까지 알고있었다고?
I wasn't even sure if you were here at the time,
but you even knew where I was?
Ran. 그... 그건 내가 직접 봐서
안 게 아니라... 그러니까...
W-well, I didn't see you myself... so....
[Kala:] 란 말고 제가 봤어요!
It was me who saw you, not Ran!
Elder brother.
- Kala swoops in next to Ran to defend him -
제가 보고 란한테
I spotted you and told Ran.
[Maruna:] 내가 보였다고? 지상에서
보일정도로 접근하 진
않았다고 생각했는데...
You saw me? I thought I didn't approach the ground
enough to be visible, though...
[Kala:] 오라버니가 수라형 크기를
스스로 실감 못해서 그래요!
Elder brother, since the size of your sura form
changed, you're just not aware of it yourself!
- Kala has put an arm around Ran's shoulders and laughs, pointing at Maruna -
보통 인간들은 못 봐도,
제 시력으로는 관측되는
Ordinary humans couldn't see you,
but you were in a position I could observe with my eyesight.
Ran: 그래. 리즈. 난 칼라빈카
한테 들은거야! 가루다족
시력 좋은 건 알지?
Right. Leez. I heard it from Kalavinka!
You know that a Garuda's eyesight is excellent, right?
Leez: .....
- she doesnt look quite convinced tho -
- Maruna is also thinking about it with furrowed brows -
(Maruna:) 이상한데... 내가 보일 정도면
그때 같이 싸우던 삼파티도
봤다는 뜻 아닌가?
How strange... If she could see that far,
doesn't that mean she also saw Samphati,
who I was fighting at the time?
그런 것치곤 삼파티에 대해선
전혀 얘길 하질 않네.
But she didn't even mention her.
Leez: 음... 그럼
두 번째로 궁금한 건
Hmm... Then
the second point I'm
curious about is Tatia.
원래는 그저
결계를 깨는 위협만
하려고 했고,
Originally, you just wanted
to threaten to break the barriers,
소나의 돌발행동으로
의도치 않게 상황이
악화된 거다...
but through Sona's sudden actions,
the situation unintentionally turned for the worse...
...라는 설명만으로는
....that kind of explanation is not enough.
- Leez stares at her with serious expression -
이미 그로 인해
죽은 사람이 있는 건
Apart from the fact that there are
already people who have died because of it...
신이 나타날 위험을
감수하면서까지, 결계를 깨고
도발하는 짓을 한다는 게
납득되질 않아요.
I don't understand you
breaking barriers and being provocative to such a degree,
even risking a god appearing before you.
그저 '일시적인 협력' 일
뿐인 관계에서, 그렇게 목숨 걸고
임무를 수행할 이유가 있나요?
In a relationship that is just a 'temporary cooperation',
why would you risk your lives in a mission like that?
아난타족과의 관계를 끊을 거면
그런 위험한 임무를 받은 시점에서
거절했어야 맞지 않나 싶은데
If you were going to sever ties with the Anantas,
shouldn't you have refused the moment
you got burdened with such a dangerous mission?
- she turns to Ran -
란 오빠 생각은 어때요?
- What do you think about that, Ran-oppa?
Ran: ............. ...........
- he looks at Tatia with a tired face, switching to sura speech -
[Ran:] 어떻게 설명해? 솔직히
이건 나도 이해가 안 된다.
How am I supposed to explain?
To be honest, I don't get it, either.
일시적인 협력 정도였으면
그런 위험한 임무를 수락할
이유가 없잖아?
There was no reason to accept a dangerous mission
if you were just in a temporary cooperation, was there?
[Tatia:] ...원래는 그냥 결계만 깨다가
신이 오면 사정을 설명하고
투항할 생각이었습니다.
...Originally, we were just thinking of
just breaking the barrier, then explain our
situation and surrender when a god arrives.
사가라 앞에서 바로
거절 의사를 표하는 건...
Expressing our intention to refuse in front of Sagara...
would've been dangerous.
[Ran:] 놈이 그렇게 강해?
차라리 신과 맞서는 위험을
택할 정도로?
Is she that strong?
To the point where you'd rather risk confronting a god?
[Tatia:] 사가라 한 명 보다는...
수라도에서 포섭해 온
다른 놈들이 더 문제입니다.
Rather than Sagara herself...
the others she brought from the sura realm
are more of a problem.
그중 하나는 당신도
이미 만난 적 있을 테죠.
지난번 칼리블룸에서...
You probably met one of them before.
Last time, in Kalibloom...
-panel of Ran defending Leny against Chatan -
*S3 Ep. 145-146
Ran: ...!
[Tatia:] 그런놈들이...
더 있습니다.
There are more...
just like him.
사가라는 그 습격에
모든 카드를 쓰지 않았어요.
Sagara didn't play all her cards in these raids.
마루나가 성장해서
돌아올 것도
The fact that Maruna would develop and return,
- Sagara in white space, smirking -
신이 더 소환될 것도
예상하고 있던 자입니다.
and also the fact that another god would be summoned,
all went according to her expectations.
그럼에도 여유를
Even so, she is taking it easy,
대적할만한 수단을
손에 넣었다는 뜻이죠.
which means she has means to counter them at hand.
[Ran:] 그게 어떤놈들인지
말해줄 수 있어?
Can you tell me who they(her allies) are?
[Tatia:] 저도 모두 아는 건
Although I don't know of all of them,
제가 아는 자들 중
가장 강한자는...
I know the strongest of them all...
어떤 타산적인 이해관계로
사가라에게 협력한게 아니기 때문에,
Since that person does not cooperate with Sagara
for any selfish goals,
sfx: whoosh
- background fades from white to black, we see vayu and agni arriving at a deserted place with red sky -
진심으로 사가라의 꿈이
이뤄지길 바라기 때문에...
but because that person sincerely hopes
for Sagara's dream to come true...
- agni and vayu notice chatan, and next to him stands Vasuki, his (?) face in shadows -
그래서 가장 무서운 자입니다.
That person is the scariest of them all.
- Vayu and Agni take elemental form immediately -
심지어 그에겐 아그니의 공격도
거의 통하지 않을 거예요.
Even Agni's attacks will hardly work against him.
#seems vasuki is in female form here still
To be continued
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