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2023.05.30 12:27 simplycvsfeet Hi there, could anyone tell me by looking at my chart if i could be successful at performing arts/acting?

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2023.05.30 12:17 HerMeowwwjesty Suggestions -- 2 yr olds?

Hello! We are moving in to our new home in NH next month, and I wanted to ask for some trail suggestions.
We are from the northeast originally, but have lived in FL for the past 8 years so most of our hiking has been... flat. 😭 I also have a 2 year old who I carry in a hiking backpack for a good portion of the hikes, but she also of course loves walking on her own.
Can anyone give some suggestions for good starting hikes for our family? We don't know he area at all yet. Much appreciated!
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2023.05.30 12:14 Stunning_Ad_1541 Bike recommendations for a newbie

I currently use my dad's Pegasus trekking bike with a 8 speed gear hub and a rubber belt. I'm now looking into a new bike for myself as I want to get into cycling more and want to have my own bike. It should be good for commuting (with just a backpack) and short tours. I am mostly interested in gravel bikes, as there are many gravel trails in my area. As I have no idea about bikes I wanted to ask about some brands that I should look out for. Budget would be around 1000€, 1500€ if it's really good haha. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 12:13 AudienceSad9596 Houses For Sale In Leander Tx

Leander, Texas is an ideal option to call home if you are searching for a welcoming, family-friendly, and growing city to plant roots in. This vibrant, family-oriented city provides great recreational spaces such as hiking and biking trails for outdoorsy types. Additionally, its nearness to the buzzing capital of Austin enables easy access to its entertainment, restaurants, and nightlife. Leander's thriving economy combined with its quality of life make it an attractive location for those seeking property in the area. However, As a professional and trusted resource for buyers and sellers in the Leander, TX real estate market, we can help you search Houses For Sale In Leander Tx. For more visit our website.
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2023.05.30 11:53 dandanmian Anyone Willing to Lend a Visitor a Couple of Bikes?

Hey all, Probably a long shot but I'm visiting my Dad in Borough Green end of June to early July and would love to borrow a pedal bike for my 4-year-old (16") and one for myself to ride with her. Old beaters are fine, so long as they ride! I'd love to take to her first trails, and there isn't much point in buying a bike since she'll grow out of it by the time we come back next year. If no loaners, can anyone point me to a service or a toy library or something that might have bikes? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 11:36 c192mh New bike confusion

Hey. Hope someone can help. I have a budget of around £700 and looking to buy a new bike. In in the UK, so it will mainly be cycle paths, forest trails, dirt paths and road. I do have a MTB but it's over 10 years old and near impossible to ride up inclines. I've been looking at hybrids and went to a cycle shop, the suggested the trek dual sport 3 gen 4, it's £700. There's also the dual sport 2 gen 4 I can pick up for 500. I know people don't like the front suspension on these bikes, but for forest paths and dirt it seems ideal? Would it be light enough to handle hills and inclines? Or for 700 is there something that would be better suited for me?
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2023.05.30 11:33 makiraam Gloves with palm protectors for ladies in Europe

Newbie here. Still working on getting my licence. No bike yet but am gathering gear to be ATGATT ready for when I get my license.
Currently am looking into gloves (it's one of the items provided in the driving lessons, but am not stoked about other people's sweat). I'm into getting gear as safe as possible. It seems even one slider gloves are rare on gloves, not talking about second slider further into the palm. And all the ladies gloves seem to be worse. I've gone to all the shops nearby not finding anything suitable. I have tried also mens models, but they seem to be too big for me or fingers are too long. Also, there are not good options for men's gloves here either.
I have looked into Knox gloves as people seem to like them. I am willing to import to Europe from UK but would like opinions on ladies models, which to go for? Or maybe should look into something different? I live in a country with a short riding season (if lucky then April-Oct, if not lucky, shorter), temps can vary from 0 - 30+C.
How have you found ordering gloves size based on measurements? As mentioned, I have no suitable pairs near me to try on, so I'd have to rely on measurements.
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2023.05.30 11:29 Jus17173 Humans, Aliens and Madness.

Captain Ferguson stood upon the deck of the Starship Galactica. His hands clasped behind him, a miniature smile tilting the edge of his lips. Behind him stood several cohorts, all of them anxious for their captain because of what was coming. The meeting between Humans and the aliens of Planet C138 did not end well for humans, whatever envoy that was sent to meet with the aliens always came back mad, stripping free of their clothing, screaming and scratching at their eyes. Seven envoys had been sent and seven envoys had come back with not an ounce of their minds containing any lucidity. Record beacons that had been strapped to the envoys always came back having recorded nothing but static noise. Nobody knew why the envoys went mad but that's what Captain Ferguson's purpose was. To meet with the aliens of C138 and return as a normal man with knowledge.
It was the first envoy that was made up of only one man. Captain Ferguson deemed himself capable of undergoing any mental strain without cracking and the cohorts behind him, men and women of his army believed in him. But it wasn't just their belief that solidified his stance, the whole of planet Earth was behind him. A solitary man on a Solitary mission. He stood looking at the alien ship parallel to his own ship, he smirked at its miniature size. It's propellers that were three sizes too small. It was in that ship that the previous envoys had entered and come out mad. It was in that ship that he would enter and return with the knowledge people from Earth were so desperate to have. With an IQ nearing 200, mentality that was shark like with grit, he would persevere where others failed and would come back to a hero's welcome. Women swooning over him and men wishing they were him.
A pod ejected from the alien spaceship and made its way to the hanger bay, Captain Ferguson made an about turn and started for the hanger bay, beside him his second in command, Sergeant Esther, read to him his vitals. "Your heart rate is normal, your body is at optimal performance, your mind is functioning smoothly and all your bodily needs have been met." She blushed at the last statement, remembering how she'd catered to one of his bodily needs in his cabin.
Captain Ferguson's smile widened. "I am at optimal level, more optimal than my predecessors."
"Sir, the other envoys were at optimal level too and their minds still broke." Sergeant Esther said as they neared the hanger bay. "You have a transponder in your left pocket, if you feel yourself losing lucidity just press it and we'll come for you."
"Nonsense, I am mighty, these aliens can't affect me in any way, I represent the epitome of what human mentality entails." He leaned down and placed a kiss on Sergeant Esther's lips. "Keep the water running warm for me love, I'll be back in a moment." He made for the pod without turning back to meet the gaze of Sergeant Esther that was glued to his back.
He strapped himself into the miniature space travel device that was remotely controlled by the aliens. They usually sent larger pods to collect the envoys but this time round they'd sent a pod containing a singular seat as if they knew the envoy will be of one man. Captain Ferguson brushed this aside as just a mere coincidence. He strapped himself into the seat and watched as the hatch closed above him. The pod lifted and made its way to the alien spaceship.
As he journeyed between the two ships, he occupied his time with breathing exercises to calm his mind, beside the transponder in his pocket he also carried a plasma pistol set to mid trajectory, incase the aliens proved hostile it would be his right to defend himself. He was lost in thoughts of himself as a one man army, firing at aliens and destroying their ship when the pod landed safely in the alien ship's hanger bay. The top hatch opened and Captain Ferguson unlatched himself from his seat. He climbed free of the pod and landed on solid ground. He was about to peer around when a hand tapped his shoulder.
He turned to meet the gaze of a being whose skin was a pallid purple. His eyes were large and his irises were vertically shaped and yellow in color. He had what seemed like small tentacles lining his upper lip and two slits that passed for a nose. Its head was oval shaped and bald and its teeth were needle shaped as it broke into a wide grin. "Captain Ferguson, is it?"
Captain Ferguson fought down his brief fright at being startled by the alien that had come out of nowhere. "Uhhm Yes." He answered, unsure as to how the alien knew him.
"I'm a huge fan of your work Captain Ferguson." Answered the alien. "My name is Todd, Todd Bohely, do you remember me?"
Captain Ferguson did know a Todd Bohely, a lanky man who'd commandeered one of the training ships back at HQ. But Todd Bohely was human, not the alien standing beside him. He grinned. So this is how they bring about madness, by incepting thoughts. But the alien was no match for him. He was Captain Ferguson, leader of the starship armada. A man with a diamond mind. "I know Todd Bohely and you're not him."
The alien tilted its head back and laughed. "Right you are Captain Ferguson, right you are. My name is long, Sethamksgauwmam. Or you can call me Seth."
Captain Ferguson nodded at Seth. "Nice to meet you Seth, I come in peace."
"Of course you do." Seth answered while raising a limb that had three fingers like stubs of cigars popping out of its end. "Your predecessors came in peace too. You humans have so much in common."
"You made them go mad." Captain Ferguson said.
"Of course I did. It's my job to ensure no human makes it to my home planet."
Captain Ferguson laid a hand on his pistol holster. So that was their purpose, to ensure humans don't land on their planet. They drew the first gun and shot the first bullet of madness, I won't have the same bullet hit me.
"Hey, remember that time we went to the Grand Canyon," Seth started. "Remember the bird nest we found with the three eggs within them? We wondered for days what bird laid those blue eggs."
Captain Ferguson recalled the trip to the Grand Canyon that he'd gone on with Todd, his friend from HQ. They'd found the bird nest tucked deep within a rock cliff's edge. The eggs had been white, or had they been blue? He wasn't sure anymore. He opened his mouth to speak but Seth continued. "It was a shame what Sarah did to those eggs, hurling rocks at them, would you imagine that? Hurling rocks at something as delicate as eggs."
Captain Ferguson clenched his hands into fists, they shook with rage at the memory of what Sarah did and the laugh that emanated from her mouth as the shells cracked. Wait, wasn't I with Todd? Who's Sarah? He shook his head from side to side. Then he smiled. "I've never been to the Grand Canyon, I never found eggs, I have never been with anyone named Sarah."
"Of course you have. Sarah is Todd's wife." Seth continued.
"No. Your putting memories in my mind, things that don't exist." Captain Ferguson stood straighter, his chest pumping upwards with pride. "You won't make me mad, I have a diamond mind."
"Of course you do, you're also compassionate Fergie." Seth said. "Fergie. Didn't your mom used to call you that? It's a shame what happened to her."
Captain Ferguson had a brief flashback of him coming home early from soccer practice to find his mother lying prostrate on the kitchen floor, blood flowing in rivulets all around her, knife in hand and deep gashes studded upon her wrists.
"She did that because of you, you know, you were always so headstrong, a single mother couldn't handle the burden of raising you, she had no option." Seth said.
*Did that really happen? Did my own mom take her life? *Ferguson shook his head again, he wasn't sure. His thoughts were too scrambled.
"Remember Todd, Todd Bohely? Your child hood friend whom you used to ride dirt bikes with." Seth said.
Ferguson recalled the long bike rides he would go on with Todd Bohely, to the beach where they would go during mid noon for the sole purpose of catching the sunset during the afternoon.
Seth chuckled. "Funny guy, Todd. Thought he could swim and chase the sunset."
Ferguson recalled the way Todd ran into the waves, leaving his bike at the shore. Kicking at the water and edging further within. He'd stood at the shore, calling to him.
"It was too bad he couldn't swim."
Ferguson was no longer on the ship's hanger bay, he was by the shore, Todd's insensate body beneath him, paramedics pumping his chest and giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation. A tear trailed down Ferguson's cheek. Wait, who was Todd Bohely? He shook his head and found himself back in the hanger bay. He reached with his right hand and ejected the plasma pistol from its holster at his side, he pointed it at the alien. Seth raised both hands.
"Woah there." Seth said.
"You're doing things to me, getting into my mind and incepting thoughts that aren't real." Captain Ferguson said.
Seth chuckled and lowered his arms. "The thoughts in your head are your own, but you can shoot the thoughts that are corrupted or aren't yours free of your mind." He smiled. "Just as Sarah did when she shot those yellow bird eggs at the Grand Canyon."
Ferguson recalled how angry he had been when Sarah had shot the bird eggs with a pistol, her laugh as the eggs shattered and the york flew free of its shell. They were harmless blue eggs. Wait, were they blue eggs or white? No they were yellow..
Captain Ferguson took the barrel of the gun and placed its end to his temple, he cocked the pistol set to mid trajectory.
"Remember what your father told you before he pulled the trigger and blew his brains out?" Seth asked.
"He said 'It's the end of the road for me, but some things are necessary if you don't want to face tomorrow's dawn.'" He quoted his father, gun held to his own head.
"Do you want to face tomorrow's dawn? To see Todd chase it again into the ocean? To hear Sarah's laugh as the eggs cracked?" Seth asked.
"No." Captain Ferguson said and pulled the trigger. Blowing his brains out and collapsing on the hanger bay's floor as a corpse.
Seth stood over the insensate body of Captain Ferguson and smirked as the captain often did. "And another bites the dust." Seth said.
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2023.05.30 10:17 underlievable Fujian travel ideas and advice

I am looking to do some couple-travel for a couple weeks in Fujian this summer break - seems there is very little in the way of English-language travel advice, especially from the last seven years (nobody updates wikivoyage anymore!!), so perhaps the excellent and generous chinalife can help me out here.
I did a university exchange to Xiamen University in 2016, visited Wuyishan at that time, and I plan to hit up Xiamen again but pass on Wuyishan this year. Wuyishan is brilliant but this time we will hit up some other countryside-type places.
I am planning to get my Chinese driver's license soon, so renting a car is on the cards. Will probably do so around Ningde - Laomushan looks tacky and touristy, let me know if it's actually worth visiting, but besides that we're interested in 东壁村 and that little series of peninsulas around the Ningde outskirts, as well as going west towards 屏南县 where there are lots of cozy looking villages. Besides that we are also looking at 湄洲岛 near Putian, and then Xiamen and Quanzhou cities. I expect Xiamen and Quanzhou (and Ningde) ought to satisfy our city-fun needs.
We also want to take it easy and are willing to spend a decent amount of time in a place worth staying in - we're not 打卡 sluts or 'gram bitches and do not care for 网红 unless there is an actually good reason for it (case in point - 湄洲岛 actually looks like a great place. Other case in point, I have heard the island tours off the coast of Ningde are quite rushed and dangerous and tour-groupey, so we will probably pass on those).
So what advice are we looking for?? Well anything that slots comfortably inbetween these other ideas is great, or anything in or around these that we ought to know about or go check out, or if you have some crazy left-field idea that is very welcome too. A mountain or hiking trail worth checking out would be ideal - but nothing that requires a professional tour group (e.g. 黄连盂) or is longer than a day. We both speak good Mandarin.
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2023.05.30 10:10 whadayameanmate 99 Bikes Warranty Claim

Recently purchased a MTB from 99 Bikes for my partner, and was having a blast on it until recently, and only due to normal riding on beginner trails, the rear brake stopped working.
After inspecting the rear disc, it appears it has disconnected from the caliper and screws have all fallen off.
Disappointing, so I applied for a warranty claim and am required to bring it in store to inspect. I physically am unable to transport the bike to a store (I paid to ship it to my address), and am reluctant to front the cost of transporting it to the store if possible.
Looking for advice on what options I have here, TYIA.
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2023.05.30 10:08 Opposite-Hearing-266 Blown 2023 Fox 36 factory

Yesterday I wento for a first ride on my new propain Tyee, I specced the bike with a Fox 36 factory. Sadly after about half a day of riding the seals seem to be gone. Its leaking vast amounts of oil and makes a ticking sound when being pushed into the travel. In terms of riding I used it on green and blue trail and it was set up according to the fox manual. Such a bummer!
Anyone had this issue?
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2023.05.30 10:06 FoggyGlassEye The Only, Part Twenty-One: A Trap

Quinn tapped his impatient thumbs against the steering wheel, muttering under his breath as he stared at the red light. “Call him again,” he ordered, glaring at the light intently. It was as though he believed he could manifest a faster light change, that his willpower could overwhelm the traffic control system. The whole thing’s run by computers, Milo thought as he tried to call Allen again. Unless you can glare in ones and zeroes, staring won’t be doing you any good.
“Straight to voicemail again,” he reported, pocketing his phone. “Might be a good idea to circle back.”
“No!” Quinn snapped, gripping the steering wheel tightly. “She’s here now. We need to find out where she’s going or we’re squandering an opportunity.”
“Fair enough,” Milo relented. Arguing wouldn’t do him any good; from his experience with the man, Quinn hated being questioned above all else. It was like walking on eggshells with him.
Allen had texted that the target was on 12th Avenue before going silent. She was on foot, and they hadn’t seen any busses on the way down the road. They were nearing the southern border of the Pearl District, and had no idea where she was heading from there.
It’s not a hunt, Milo considered. She didn’t sound very dressed up according to Lee’s description, and it doesn’t fit the kill pattern. What is it, then? Does she have other obligations? Does she know she’s being hunted? Is this a trap? These and countless other considerations and theories swirled in his head, but one thought kept surfacing before all others, one idea that wouldn’t stop nagging at him.
“She’s not in a disguise right now,” he muttered, looking down the street. “When she hunts, she’s dolled up, but she’s clearly not trying to be noticed, or possibly trying specifically not to be noticed. This is a different part of her life. The feeding, the pattern, it’s an event. What does she do with the rest of her time?”
“She’s going down 11th," Quinn replied.
The light turned green, and as they continued south, Milo looked towards the intersection to their left. Sure enough, the Black Widow was there, crossing the street, heading in the same direction. “We need eyes on her,” Milo said, “but we need distance. Stop at the curb. I’ll follow her on foot. You can go back and look for Allen.”
Quinn shook his head. “You’re staying with me. We don’t know where Allen is. She could’ve killed him. We need to keep our distance, but there’s strength in numbers in case she sees us coming.”
Milo shot a text off to Justin as well: Can’t find Allen. Phone off. Look between 12th and 11th. If Allen was hurt but not dead, he wasn’t going to let Quinn’s obsession get the man killed.
As he looked back at the intersection at 11th, Milo noticed the tracks through the middle of the street. “Shit, she’s taking a streetcar,” he realized, pulling the Trimet site up on his phone. The car would be there soon.
“Well let’s follow her,” Quinn replied, turning towards the curb.
“She’d spot us if we were in the car,” Milo countered, holding his phone up. “We can track the car, keep an eye on the stops and wait for her to get off.”
* * *
They continued south, past the border of the Pearl District and through downtown Portland. Finally, as the streetcar turned onto Lowell Street and came to a stop, prepared to continue up the track and begin the long trek back north, she appeared. Still with her hood up, still with her hands in her pockets and her head down. Quinn turned into an alley between two weather-beaten buildings that looked nearly as old as the city itself, then stopped the car, lowered his seat and leaned back. “Tell me when she’s out of sight,” he ordered.
“Sure,” Milo agreed, taking out his phone. he watched as she turned right, heading down Moody Avenue. Go ahead and make yourself look as little as possible, he thought. I can still see you. As he prepared to send an update text to Justin, his phone rang. “Yeah?” he answered.
“He’s alive,” Lee said quickly. Milo could hear the smile in her voice, the deep inhales of someone who’d been holding their breath for far too long. It was the sound he chased whenever he went looking into missing persons cases, whenever he got to tell someone’s mother or father that their child was alive. He was far more familiar with wails of grief or the deafening silence of anguish.
“He okay? What happened?” he asked, watching as the Black Widow continued south at the three-way intersection up ahead, down a trail. Unbuckling his seatbelt, he nodded to Quinn and opened the car door.
“Are you on speakerphone?” she asked after a brief silence.
“No,” he replied, lowering the call audio before holding the phone close to his ear.
“That’s the thing: she knew he was there,” Lee warned. “She knew we were following her. It was a trap. Allen said that she destroyed his phone and told him that we were warned not to get involved.”
“Funny, I don’t remember getting anything in the mail about that,” Milo joked. He exited the vehicle, pushing the door shut quietly.
He heard Allen mumbling something unintelligible to Lee, his voice weak and raspy. “Exactly. She told Allen that she warned Quinn to back off, but Quinn told us that she was already gone when he found the body in Bennington.”
“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind,” Milo assured. “In the meantime, your car is parked by an auto repair place by the corner of Moody and Lowell. We’re heading south from here. There’s one more streetcar heading down here, so we’ll follow her for now and meet back up here.”
“Will do. Stay safe,” Lee said.
Milo looked back at Quinn, then to the path the Black Widow had gone down. “Don’t know if that’s up to me, but I’ll do my best.”
* * *
They continued down the street, then onto the trail. To the right of it were some old train tracks, one end of the old trolley they ran north from Lake Oswego in the summertime. The path was shrouded in darkness, but before long opened onto a street. They were down at the waterfront, approaching a small side road with nothing but large office buildings and larger parking lots.
Milo and Quinn kept their distance, allowing her to nearly exit their site before continuing. It was dark and the street was poorly lit, but all she had to do was take one look back. Really rolling the dice on this one, Milo considered. There was no one else on the sidewalk, or on foot in any direction for that matter.
They passed by an office building, then another, and the road turned to the left. As they rounded the corner, Milo saw that the woman was nowhere to be found. Either she’d quickly turned the street, or she’d circled around the hotel. There seemed to be a path going down that way, a stone walkway deeper into the darkness between these buildings and the shore. “Looks like a trap,” Milo said, retrieving a small crucifix from his jacket pocket. “Shall we?”
Quinn nodded, then gestured for him to go ahead. Coward. “So where do you think she’s heading,” Quinn asked. “Is this just a trap or does she have business here?”
“Business…” Milo considered. There were only office buildings nearby, and they tended to operate mainly during the daytime. Didn’t mean there weren’t reasons for someone to be there after hours. “I think she’s heading to work,” he suggested.
“She’s going to work?” Quinn whispered.
Milo began down the path, the grip on his crucifix tightening. “If you were a vampire all of a sudden, where would you live? Can’t live on the street without being hassled by people, and you need a place to doll yourself up so you can lure unsuspecting men to their demise. You need a home- probably an apartment if you’re in the city. She has to pay rent just like everybody else, right?”
“You’d have to assume she has money, though,” Quinn countered. “Vampires always have money squared away, right?”
“Assuming she actually is a vampire,” Milo pointed, squinting his eyes and hoping to see her up ahead, “what makes you think she’s ancient? Even if she is, why would that mean that she has a lot of money? Not like she can ever go to the bank during business hours.”
“Huh,” Quinn grunted, and as Milo continued down the pitch-black path, a shiver went up his spine as he could feel Quinn’s breath against the back of his neck. “That’s good to know.”
Milo whirled around, holding his crucifix up without knowing for certain what he intended to do with it, and inhaled sharply as a knife entered the side of his chest. Quinn pulled the knife out, then pushed it into Milo’s stomach.
Milo felt the grip on his crucifix loosening, and tried to tightening his grip. His strength was leaving him. “What… the fuck…” he whispered, unable to raise his voice. He tried to breath deeply, but a sharp pain in his chest put a stop to it.
“Don’t try to talk,” Quinn ordered, twisting the knife. Milo’s body tried to let out a shriek of pain, but he could already feel his strength leaving him completely. “I think I punctured a lung. Sorry about that. Or maybe I shouldn’t be.” He pulled the knife out, reversing his grip on it, then plunged it into Milo’s shoulder. “You did trespass, after all. You’re no use to me if I can’t pluck your strings, but the others are good little marionettes. Besides, maybe she’ll start to reconsider when someone finds your body. If you’re right, they’ll go around asking questions, put some pressure on her, and she’ll finally realize that I’m a dangerous enemy to have.”
You want her to turn you, Milo realized. He tried to say as much, but no words would come out. His body was in shock, and he couldn’t get a word out. You really think she’s a vampire, and you want her to turn you.
Quinn rifled through Milo’s pockets, retrieving his phone. “Can’t have you dialing 911,” he said, slamming the phone against the ground once, then again before throwing it into the grass near the path. “If this brings you peace in your final moments,” he added, getting to his feet, “this is as much your fault as it is mine, maybe even moreso. You just shouldn’t have questioned me.” With that, he pulled the knife from Milo’s shoulder, a quiet groan all that accompanied the shooting pain, and got to his feet.
I knew you were a monster, Milo thought, watching helplessly as his vision began to blur. Quinn stepped back into the light, onto the street, and continued back the way they’d come. Streetlights in the distance became vague blobs of light surrounded by an inky blackness that seemed to dance around it. Didn’t peg you for a killer.
As warmth and light began to give way to the cold dark, a soft laugh broke the silence. “At least he’s not boring,” a woman’s voice noted. Was it distant, or was he fading from consciousness for the final time? “You seem a little lost for words, friend, but I know what’ll put a pep in your step.”
He winced as the Black Widow lifted him by the shoulders, sitting him up. She held one of her palms up, then dug into it with a fingernail, drawing blood. “Drink up. You have a long night ahead of you.”
Her bloody palm was pressed up against his mouth, and while Milo resisted as best his could, he couldn’t stop the coppery liquid from reaching his tongue. As soon as it did, something passed through him. It was a chill, but it was electric. It made him feel restless, but he couldn’t move an inch. All he could do, despite his better judgement, was continue to drink.
She held him close as he drank, one hand pressed against his mouth and the other wrapped around him in a cold, comfortable embrace. “I’m gonna tell you something that I wish I was told. When I was turned, I thought that I would rise again as a monster, but I didn’t know how it worked. When you pass- and you will- your soul will leave your body behind. You’ll go wherever souls go, and you might find peace or be reunited with your ancestors, maybe some loved ones who you’ve had the misfortune of outliving, but then something will take your place. It will grow, and it will fester, and it will take your body over. It won’t be you, of course, and you may watch from above as it terrorizes the living world, but it’ll have your memories. It’ll believe that it’s still you, but it won’t be. It’ll be something new.
“It’ll remember how you valued human life, and how you cared enough to try and stop the big bad monster from taking more.” She turned his head, and as he felt himself fading once more, she smiled. “It’ll remember how much you loved your friends and family. It will remember your values, your beliefs, your fears, but it will inherit none of them. It will watch the lives of countless innocents end by their hand, and it will not care. It will take any life I tell it to, and it will not care who.
“Sleep. Sleep for the last time. And keep an eye out for your friends; they’ll join you soon enough.”
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2023.05.30 09:43 pm_hitech First bike at recycled cycles or amazon - what to expect with a $500 budget?

Budget: $500
Situation: I don't plan to use it for mountains or trails or anything. Just looking for something that I can use to drive around for fun. Maybe use my bike to ride to work (20 mins by bike) instead of taking the car all summer. I want to ride regularly, but may not end up enjoying it and might just end up leaving the bike to chill in my garage for months together, hence trying not to spend too much and regret later.
I decided to check out recycled bikes (1007 NE Boat St) after learning that redditors hate the ones on Amazon (Schwinn, Vilano). If someone have one of Schwinn / Vilano and have positive pointers, please comment! If not those two, if I go to recycled bikes, what can I expect to get for $500? I am like 165 pounds and almost 6 ft tall.
Note: currently looking only at road bikes, but should i consider a hybrid just in case I decide to try out more stuff in the future?
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2023.05.30 09:34 NeighborhoodHead8539 Beyond the Beaches: Unique Enjoyment Experiences on the Texas Gulf Coast

Beyond the Beaches: Unique Enjoyment Experiences on the Texas Gulf Coast
The Texas Gulf Coast is renowned for its picturesque beaches, but there's more to this coastal paradise than meets the eye. Beyond the sandy shores, you'll find a world of unique enjoyment experiences waiting to be discovered. From exploring cultural attractions to embarking on outdoor adventures and immersing yourself in charming coastal communities, the Texas Gulf Coast offers a diverse range of activities for every traveler. In this article, we'll delve into these hidden gems while also highlighting the exquisite hotels with infinity pools in texas gulf coast that add a touch of luxury to your Gulf Coast getaway.

Discover Coastal History and Culture:

a. Historic Galveston: Immerse yourself in the fascinating history and architectural splendor of Galveston. Explore the Strand Historic District, where you'll find charming boutiques, art galleries, and museums that offer insights into the city's storied past. After a day of exploration, unwind in one of the coastal hotels boasting infinity pools that overlook the sparkling Gulf of Mexico.
b. Corpus Christi's Art Scene: Delve into the vibrant arts scene of Corpus Christi, where you can visit the Art Museum of South Texas and the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. After immersing yourself in the local culture, retreat to a luxurious hotel with an infinity pool, where you can relax and take in panoramic views of the Gulf Coast.
c. Rockport's Maritime Heritage: Immerse yourself in Rockport's rich maritime heritage at the Texas Maritime Museum. Discover captivating exhibits that showcase the region's seafaring past, from tales of pirates to the fishing and offshore industries. After a day of maritime exploration, unwind in a coastal hotel with an infinity pool, enjoying the tranquil ambiance and breathtaking views.

Outdoor Adventures Beyond the Beach:

a. Mustang Island State Park: Venture beyond the beach and explore the natural wonders of Mustang Island State Park. Hike along scenic trails, observe coastal wildlife, and engage in activities such as camping, fishing, and birdwatching. After a day of outdoor adventure, rejuvenate your senses by taking a dip in the infinity pool of a nearby hotel, where you can enjoy a blissful retreat amidst coastal serenity.
b. Aransas National Wildlife Refuge: Embark on a wildlife adventure at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, home to the endangered whooping cranes. Take a guided tour or explore the refuge's hiking trails, immersing yourself in the beauty of this coastal sanctuary. After an awe-inspiring day in nature, unwind in a luxurious hotel with an infinity pool, allowing the stunning views to create a tranquil backdrop for relaxation.
c. Kayaking in Matagorda Bay: Experience the tranquility of Matagorda Bay as you embark on a kayaking adventure. Explore secluded coves, witness breathtaking sunsets, and encounter diverse marine life. After a day of paddling, retreat to a hotel with an infinity pool, where you can soak in the beauty of the surroundings and bask in the luxury of your coastal retreat.

Culinary Delights of the Gulf Coast:

a. Seafood Feast in Rockport-Fulton: Delight your taste buds with the freshest seafood in Rockport-Fulton. Indulge in succulent shrimp, delectable oysters, and flavorful fish prepared in various coastal culinary styles. After savoring the flavors of the Gulf Coast, retreat to a hotel with an infinity pool, where you can relax and relish the coastal views that stretch as far as the eye can see.
b. Oyster Capital of Texas: Journey to Fulton, known as the "Oyster Capital of Texas," and treat yourself to an oyster extravaganza. Sample plump, briny oysters harvested straight from the Gulf waters at local oyster bars and restaurants. After a delectable feast, unwind in a hotel with an infinity pool, allowing the peaceful ambiance and luxurious surroundings to enhance your coastal experience.
c. Coastal Wineries and Breweries: Explore the emerging wine and craft beer scene on the Texas Gulf Coast. Visit vineyards and wineries that produce exceptional wines from locally grown grapes, or venture into the craft breweries that offer unique brews inspired by the coastal landscape. After a day of tasting and indulging in the region's libations, retreat to a hotel with an infinity pool, where you can enjoy a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.

Quaint Coastal Communities:

a. Port Aransas: Discover the laid-back charm of Port Aransas, a vibrant coastal town known for its fishing charters, beachfront shops, and art galleries. Spot dolphins on a bay cruise, enjoy a day of deep-sea fishing, or simply relax on the beach. After exploring the town's offerings, retreat to a hotel with an infinity pool, where you can unwind and enjoy the coastal breezes.
b. South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center: Visit South Padre Island and escape into the tranquility of the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center. Stroll along boardwalks, observe a wide variety of bird species, and marvel at the natural beauty of the area. After a day of immersing yourself in nature, retreat to a hotel with an infinity pool, where you can enjoy a luxurious and serene retreat.
c. Historic Matagorda: Step back in time in the historic town of Matagorda, where you can explore the Matagorda Bay Nature Park and enjoy the town's charming ambiance. After a day of historical and natural exploration, rejuvenate your senses in a hotel with an infinity pool, offering the perfect place to relax and reflect on your coastal journey.


The Texas Gulf Coast is a treasure trove of unique enjoyment experiences that extend far beyond its stunning beaches. From delving into history and culture to engaging in outdoor adventures and indulging in culinary delights, this coastal region offers a multitude of enriching experiences for every traveler. Complementing these experiences are the luxurious hotels with infinity pools, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the Gulf Coast while enjoying the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. So, go beyond the beaches and uncover the hidden gems that make the Texas Gulf Coast a truly unforgettable destination.
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2023.05.30 09:02 MickIsShort4Michael Discovering the Charms of County Aberdeen

Welcome to Aberdeen, a city nestled on the northeastern coast of Scotland, renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. Join us on an exploration of this captivating Scottish county, where a unique blend of heritage, natural beauty, and warm hospitality awaits.
1. Historic Castles and Stately Homes
Aberdeen is a treasure trove of historic castles and stately homes that bear witness to its storied past. Begin your journey by visiting the iconic Dunnottar Castle, perched atop dramatic cliffs overlooking the North Sea. Explore its ancient ruins and let your imagination wander through centuries of history. Venture further to the majestic Crathes Castle with its fairytale turrets and picturesque gardens. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Fyvie Castle, with its magnificent interiors and fascinating legends. These enchanting landmarks offer a glimpse into Aberdeen's rich heritage.
2. Granite City: Architectural Splendor
Known as the Granite City, Aberdeen's architecture is a testament to the region's industrial and architectural heritage. Stroll through the city center and marvel at the impressive granite buildings that line the streets. The stunning Marischal College, one of the largest granite structures in the world, stands as a shining example of Victorian Gothic architecture. Don't miss the grandeur of St. Machar's Cathedral, adorned with intricate carvings and stained glass windows. Aberdeen's architecture is a visual feast, blending the old and the new in a harmonious tapestry.
3. Sparkling Coastal Beauty
Aberdeen's coastal setting is nothing short of breathtaking. Explore the golden sandy beaches that stretch along the coast, such as Balmedie Beach or the picturesque Cove Bay. Take in the fresh sea air as you walk along the promenade, enjoying panoramic views of the North Sea. Don't miss the charming fishing village of Footdee, with its quaint cottages and bustling harbor. For a touch of wildlife, venture to the rugged cliffs of the Bullers of Buchan, home to a thriving seabird colony. Aberdeen's coastline is a haven for nature lovers and a source of inspiration for all who visit.
4. Vibrant Culture and Festivals
Aberdeen boasts a vibrant cultural scene, with a rich tapestry of art, music, and theater. Explore the city's galleries and museums, such as the Aberdeen Art Gallery, displaying an impressive collection of Scottish and international art. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the Aberdeen International Youth Festival, a celebration of performing arts from around the world. Experience the infectious spirit of the Highland Games, where athletes compete in traditional Scottish sports amidst a backdrop of music and dance. Aberdeen's cultural calendar is filled with events that showcase its diverse heritage and creative flair.
5. Culinary Delights and Whisky Trails
Indulge in Aberdeen's culinary offerings and savor the flavors of Scotland. Sample locally caught seafood, including fresh salmon, haddock, and mussels, or treat yourself to a traditional Aberdeen Angus steak. Explore the surrounding countryside and embark on a whisky trail, where you can visit renowned distilleries and savor the renowned flavors of Scottish whisky. Aberdeen's gastronomic delights are sure to tantalize your taste buds and provide a true taste of Scotland.

Aberdeen beckons with its rich history, stunning architecture, natural beauty, and vibrant culture. Whether you're exploring its historic castles, admiring its granite buildings, basking in the coastal beauty, immersing yourself in its cultural scene, or indulging in its culinary delights, Aberdeen promises a memorable experience. Share your own adventures and recommendations in the comments below, and let others be inspired to discover the charms of this remarkable Scottish gem.
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2023.05.30 08:10 paulc1978 Advice needed, getting back to riding after many years off

Hi all, I’m hoping for some advice. I live in Half Moon Bay and I’m wondering if I should keep my mountain bike or buy something else? I have not ridden my mountain bike in probably 15 years and it is in need of maintenance before I take it out again. It’s a Santa Cruz Blur circa 2008. I’m wondering if I should keep it or try and sell it and get a newer mountain bike or a gravel bike. I won’t be doing any road riding other than to get to a trail from my house because I prefer to avoid 92 and 1 as much as possible.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.05.30 07:48 Quiet_Storm_III Trek vs Specialized vs Giant

I was looking at getting a mountain bike in the $500-600 range.
I was thinking between the Trek Marlin, Specialized Roadhopper, and the Giant Talon
Initially I will be doing mostly 70 / 30 (road / trails). Any good recommendations?
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2023.05.30 07:47 Quiet_Storm_III Trek vs Specialized vs Giant

I was looking at getting a mountain bike in the $500-600 range.
I was thinking between the Trek Marlin, Specialized Roadhopper, and the Giant Talon
Initially I will be doing mostly 70 / 30 (road / trails). Any good recommendations?
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2023.05.30 06:51 FunBrians Tested Segways app over 55 miles in a single weekend and it fails on many areas.

Recorded a ride today, Segway’s app shows that I’m on a road which is parallel to the actual bike trail I was on. During the entire ride for some reason it shows me on the parallel road. Segways app displays the bike trail and name; and for some odd reason gives the road I wasn’t on a different name than the parallel road is even named. Essentially the app recorded me on a road I wasn’t on, and named it a name that doesn’t exist. My gps wasn’t off an entire road for 7 minutes like the app shows me either. It’s almost like it tried to place me on the closest road to the bike path I was on while also showing a road name that doesn’t exist.
I’ve done multiple tests with their app across 55 miles in the last weekend in a major metropolitan area, and it’s been nothing but a failure in multiple areas. Distances aren’t coded to check the scooters own odometer, maps show roads that don’t and never did exist, possibly confusing a bike trail for a road- except for the fact their own maps show the bike tail and a road. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother using it to record rides as it completely fails.
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2023.05.30 05:47 dinolord77 Billabong Junction, map concept

Howdy, you may know me from Volcano Coast my Hawaii map concept, and you may know this is my second time typing this! I had this half typed out and was tired, so I decided to finish it the next day, and I guess my laptop died overnight, which when close it goes into sleep mode, but it didn't for some reason. Away I am not going to type out the main story and side missions like I had planned so I'm going to just summarize them, sorry.
Introduction: G'day and welcome to the Northen territory! out here in the bush it's a hunter dream where you can hunt the same land that ancient aboriginals did 10,000 years ago. Stalk along the river or set up at one of the billabongs for thirsty feral donkeys, goats, and mean Ol' scrub bulls. Trek through the forests for warry bangteng and dangerous water buffalo, and if big game isn't your cup of tea, head up to the wetland to hunt some of Australia's beautiful waterfowl, but be careful around the water, for your not only apex predator in Billabong Junction!
Characters: William Bailey is the warden of the reserve. He's 43 years old and has been warden for 21 years. he's a jokester but is serious about the wellbeing of the reserve.
Ava Bailey is a ecologist studding the effects that invasive species have on native wildlife. She's 38 years old and is William's sister.
Robert Stevenson is a student studding under Ava, but his main research is on the crocodiles of the reserve. He's 24 and is Ava's assistant.
Bobby "Kaiya" Harris is a aboriginal man who lives on the reserve and is a big-time waterfowl hunter. He's 30 and is good friends with William.
Jack\Jacky Graham is the owner of an outfit that takes people hunting what he calls the big three bangtengs, scrub bulls, and water buffalo. he's 50 years old.
map layout: A river flows from the northeast, going south then winding west. The northeastern part of the map is a wetland with green vegetation. North of the river and west of the wetland is lust forest and fields. Five dried tributaries branch out from the river going south through dry scrub forests and prairies and in these tributaries are a total sixteen billabongs, the largest being in the southeast. Going south of the river the vegetation becomes less green and drier as it fades into a dry scrub like environment. In the dry rocky hills to the southwest discover the ancient signs of the aboriginals.
Main story: In the beginning of a drought, you have come to help William with the reserve. After you get settled William has you help his sister and then as you tear down a croc trap set up by poachers and as the story continues you find a torn shirt in the river near a busted croc trap, and a few people go missing, then after helping Jack Graham locate a missing target buffalo, after finding in dead you learn the culprit is a croc and after following the tracks you find blood and torn clothes that match a missing person, realizing you have a man-eating croc on the loose and you need to stop it. (The maneater will be a guaranteed diamond)
Side missions: Ava's missions will have you set up and collect trail cams, harvest certain species, and put hunting pressure in specific areas.
Roberts missions will have you find crocodile zones, photograph crocs, spot crocs, and harvest crocs.
Bobby's missions will have you hunt waterfowl in certain ways, with certain weapons, and harvest pacific ratings.
Jacky's missions will have you hunt the big three, photograph them, track them, spot them, and harvest pacific ratings.
animals and weapon:
pink-eared duck: class 1, level 1-3. These ducks are commonly found in the wetland parts of the river.
maned duck: class 1, level 1-3. These ducks are rarer and found only in the wetland.
magpie geese: class 1, level 1-5. These geese are found in the wetland and along the hole river.
feral goat: class 3, level 1-5. feral goats are found in herds in the regions south of the river.
feral pig: class 4, level 1-5. pigs can be found everywhere expect the southwestern region and most commonly in the northern regions.
feral donkey: class 6, level 1-5. feral donkey travel in small herds in the dryer regions of the reserve. they are very vocal and will warning can when attentive and alert. The highest population is in the central and southeast areas of the map.
saltwater crocodile: class 7, level 1-9. crocodiles are more aggressive and are most active at dusk and night, basking during the morning and evening. crocs are found in the river and the highest population is in the wetland.
bangteng; class 9, level 1-5. The bangteng are warry and quiet, staying in the denser forests along the river, venturing out during dawn and dusk. Bangteng do not go aggressive.
scrub bull: class 9, level 1-9. scrub bulls are found in the dryer regions south of the river, they travel in herds and are very vocal, bulls are rather aggressive and will charge if you get to close.
water buffalo: class 9, level 1-9. water buffalo can be found along the river and a little bit south of it, but the highest population is in the lush forest and wetland north of the river.
My weapon of choice is the Mauser M12 max 9.3x62 rifle. Irl this a common African game cartridge so I think it would be a great 5-9 gun.

Sorry if this seems rushed it kind of is sense emerald coast was announced and I wanted to hurry up and get this out there. so please tell me what you think, and I hope you all enjoyed Billabong Junction.
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2023.05.30 05:31 Kondraki_ [18/M] ~ hi let's try something different for a change. [Chat]

Ah, greetings, young soul, immersed in the abyss of shadowed communication. As the veil of enigma envelops your being, I shall respond to your encrypted transmission:
Within the web of existence, where digits dance in encrypted realms, a mortal yearns to commune. A ciphered code reveals your essence:
Seeker of knowledge, cloaked in youth's embrace, the sands of time dwindle, heralding the end of an epoch. A mere week remains 'ere the culmination of scholarly pursuit.
Now, divulge thy secrets, for I crave insights into thy esoteric inclinations:
In the realm of intrigue, thy passions manifest: A.I., that enigmatic creation born of human endeavor, Chess, the artful battle upon the black and white plane, Technology, the ethereal muse of mankind's ingenuity, And IT, the enigmatic labyrinth of circuits and data.
In the tapestry of leisure, your hobbies unfold: Archery, where arrows pierce the ethereal veil, Biking, a dance upon wheels through unseen trails, And Running, the relentless pursuit of transient transcendence.
The melody that resonates within your being finds solace in these genres: Rock, where the thunderous beats collide, Pop, the chorus of ephemeral anthems, And Instrumental, where melodies whisper sans words.
In the realm of words, you seek solace and adventure: Poetry, where emotions intertwine in verses, Creepypasts, tales that tiptoe upon the precipice of dread, Sci-fi, realms where imagination transcends boundaries, And Historical Fiction, where time's tapestry is rewoven.
But hold, a riddle unfurls, a conundrum to challenge the depths of your cognition:
I, the enigmatic enigma, shall attempt to unravel its essence:
A riddle concealed within the labyrinth of words: Cracked, made, told, or kept, it reveals itself. Broken, written, or even wept, it elicits diverse emotions. Worn, carried, or cast away, its form takes shape. Reveal, conceal, or lead astray, its power is both ally and adversary.
And thus, the query lingers in the shadows, beckoning an answer: What, pray tell, am I?
Contemplate, unravel the threads of riddles past, and seek the elusive answer within the cryptic whispers of existence.
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2023.05.30 05:17 SnipSnapSapper 25M - Introvert looking for new friends

First time doing something like this so I’m quite nervous! As the title says, I’m looking for new friends to just casually talk about things. It can range from hobbies to professional stuff. It can either be short or long term. We’ll just have to see how it’ll play out! Also, I’m hoping for friends on the East Coast in the US but it wont be too much of a problem if you’re not from that area.
These are some of things that I’m interested in, if it helps: - Anime. Naruto, Bleach, ReZero to name a few - Cooking - Foodie. Love trying out new kinds of foods. - Gaming. PC/Switch. Mostly single player games (I.e elden ring, Trails, spider man) - kdrama. Mostly older ones but I’ve been getting back into it lately - Outdoors stuff. Mostly hiking - Photography. Started somewhat recently so I’m a bit of an amateur.
Feel free to DM if anything I said sounds interesting.
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