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2023.03.22 15:52 daylight_stalker smoking after eating an edible high experience

What's your guy's experience with eating an edible then smoking 1 to 2 hours later for a boost after it kicks in?
Lastnight I took a 10 MG edible didn't feel super high but just good. Then I sparked up a pinner joint which was hard to hit. I think I rolled it too tight:/ but I managed to get about 6 baby hits off of it. I didn't think it was gonna do much but after 5 mins or so WOW I felt super high.
I think taking a small edible waiting for the effects to kick in then smoking a Lil bit as a booster is my new favorite thing to do! Not only will it get you blasted very easily but you will save on your supply of flower. Also I believe the high is more rounded.
For me the low dose edibles give you a nice warm body high but is lacking the full on head high. Smoking just a Lil bit will bring on the head high full force. The edibles actually amplifies the head high. So now it feels like a well rounded body and head high 😎 just like a hybrid!
(For reference I had sativa edible made by pinapple express and I also smoked a sativa strain called.. shit I totally forgot the name of it lmao) well anyways the combination still felt like a hybrid but a tad overly stimulating.
just a fair warning: I can see tho how this combo can become pretty powerful tho as a few hits off a pinner joint sent me floating a few feet off the ground. Any thing more and I would of been sky high! I think it could of became trippy and psychedelic-like. The euphoria was better than any other weed I've smoked so far
Thats my experience, has anyone else have experience with this combo? What was your guys experience and was the high different then just smoking a lot or eating a lot of edibles?
For me it felt different and not the same way as smoking a lot of weed or taking a lot of edible.
I think the edibles and the flower potientate each other in a nice way which makes for a rather awesome and more rounded high 😝
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2023.03.22 15:21 _DefiniteDefinition_ What’s the addon that uses the equipment manager design when hovering over gear in the character panel?

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2023.03.22 14:06 ModelThemes Enefti - NFT Marketplace Core by ModelTheme from $499 to $209 (60% off)
Key Features:
Discounted Themes on Envato March Sale Campaign Now Live – Save Up to 70% OFF on WordPress themes & plugins from ModelTheme. Multiple themes from our portfolio got selected.
Our March Sale campaign will be live between Monday 20 March 1am (UTC) and Friday 24 March 12:59pm (UTC) 2023.
This collection features only the most important deals of the Envato March Sale. Please see the full list of discounted themes here.
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2023.03.22 14:05 Lagsverse Does this happen to anyone else?

I've noticed rocket league somehow manages to put me in too many opposite situations as soon as me/my friends say them. This has happened so many times that it has become an unsaid rule amongst ourselves to not say what we are thinking as rocket league will immediately start doing the opposite.
Some examples, which have happened to me on multiple occasions:
I start lagging as soon as I say "wow no lag today."
Our party joins a match as soon as one guy says "how long is this going to take?"
The opponents somehow gain god tier teamwork and go to OT as soon as my friend said relax we won at 3 sec left.
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2023.03.22 13:53 ThaydEthna [Online][DnD5e][Paid $15][LFM][Homebrew Campaign][18+ Inclusive][7 PM EST Monday][Foundry VTT] Wintersong is looking for more players!

Cliffnotes at the top for people who don’t like wasting time!
System: DnD 5e
Campaign Style: Long-form Open-world Homebrew
Paid: Yes, 15$ USD per session via Paypal
Time: 7PM EST - 11 PM EST (End time is sometimes later if there’s a big fight!)
Days: Mondays!
Communications: Discord Voice Chat
Camera: Required
Slots Available: 2 slots currently remaining!
VTT Used: Foundry, with a plethora of addons!
If you're looking for a new Monday campaign to help you kick-start the week, then you're in luck, because we're starting a new campaign! The story is deceptively simplistic - a critically important package needs to be sent to its destination by the end of the year. The problem? There are massive apex predators, opportunistic NPCs and factions, personal character obligations and distractions, and territorial dragons, all of which threaten to take you off your path and towards failure!
The campaign will focus around survival and resource management, combat and strategy, and interactive choices that will massively influence how your journey develops! There will also be elements of exploration, espionage, and plenty of roleplaying opportunities. We will be starting this brand-new leg of the campaign at level 5, at the beginning of summer in this campaign setting. As a Homebrew setting, players will find themselves immersed in a unique world with several original concepts that directly influence gameplay. Wintersong also offers entirely original classes and subclasses for our players!
It’s difficult to navigate online gaming groups these days. With the wide variety of games, tables, and DM styles, players are going to undoubtedly have questions about what groups would best suit their playstyle - and, more importantly, make them feel welcome at the table.
The Wintersong community promises that your games will be administered by a professional Dungeon Master with over a decade of experience, surrounded by people who are patient and understanding of your personal needs. This is an 18+ community, so if you play in one of our campaigns, you’ll be with other adults who desire to maintain a positive, inclusive table. Bigotry and discrimination is not tolerated anywhere in the community!
We use the Session Zero and X-Card safety tools for our group. So, if you want to play a full 5e campaign with a group of people who won’t make you feel excluded or unwelcome, with an experienced DM, feel free to respond here or contact Restful Author#7556 on Discord!
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2023.03.22 12:35 Goonzoo Today I reached my crypto goal! And Iam somewhat lost

what now?.. I somehow want to buy more
Were you ever at this point and how did you handle it?

Thought I could chill now and enjoy life. Is it greed? And why even set a goal beforehand?
I've accumulated the amount of coins I've set myself 2 years ago and reached it earlier than expected (thanks to current market conditions)

Speaking of enjoying life.. to reach this goal I've gave up on smoking, drank way less and managed to save much money on food. Overall I've become a completely different person. In a positive way.
And to be honest I started to like my life. I enjoy the little things.

Becoming rich from my investment? Well maybe if it will be a good 50x
But a nice 5x to 10x will finally make my dream come true of studying informatics without to fear financial doom meanwhile.
At which point are you and how did Crypto change your life? In a negative or positive way?

Edit: Wow! didn't expect this flood of responses! You are all awesome!
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2023.03.22 11:46 rukiahayashi Sometimes I get worried that tech will displace us, till I see how chatgpt writes Dana

Sometimes I get worried that tech will displace us, till I see how chatgpt writes Dana submitted by rukiahayashi to ufc [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 11:43 sirkarrde Coming back after 15 years, class insight appreciated

Background, feel free to skip:
A couple weeks back my wife and I were talking about our formative teenage years. We had fun reminiscing about the dumb and the good, and it somehow came up that as nerdy and geeky as it is, one of my fondest memories from high school was spending months worth of DKP to be the first in my guild to get the T6 chest piece and the mace from Illidan in the same night. I explained to her how exhilarating it was to get that Illidan kill and how cool it was to go back to Orgrimmar and stand on top of that small building (you remember the one) and have dozens of people promptly gather around me to check out a full T6 shaman - something very rare on our realm at the time.
As I was further getting into things like how much coordination it took to clear Hyjal and BT, how we organized raid nights around school/work, what my duties as an officer and lead healer were, a wave of nostalgia and longing for those days took over me. While I haven't played since not long after the launch of Wrath due to life getting busier, I had a sudden urge to jump back into the game.
Sadly, I gave my account to a guild mate around 2009, so I couldn't recover my beloved troll shaman. As I didn't really expect to still have him, so after a moment of silence honoring Verdox, I went ahead and made a new account, bought Dragonflight and I jumped right back into the game. Here's where I'd appreciate some advice on class and role selection.
Onto the questions
So with a big dumb smile on my face I watched all the trailers, listened to lore videos for a couple weeks during my commute to work and made a brand new character (this time Ally; I do not like the new Orgrimmar and Sylvanas. I miss old Durotar, Barrens and Thrall already).
In the past, my main was Shaman. Restoration in raid, Elemental in arenas and battlegrounds. I loved that guy. Chain heal, chain lightning, ghost wolf, MANA TIDE saving the day more times than I can count. My alt was combat rogue, and while I couldn't utilize him raids, unless we had the rare alt night when they didn't need me healing, I liked him a lot in easier content; Kael'thas has died to my maces many times.
Today though I'm having some trouble commiting to a class. My partner in 2v2s and one of my best guildies was a frost mage, so started there (always wanted to play one, I love arcane magic lore). I leveled up my Draenei mage and I really liked it, but being a busy dad with 2 kids and a demanding job with long hours at times, I have concerns about being able to get into groups as a dps. Then again, I'm not convinced I have the extra time I need to put into learning all the dungeon routes to be an effective tank, so I once again may turn to healing. I have leveled a holy paladin and a holy priest: pally feels very nice, though AOE is a bit lacking, while the priest in general feels a little bit anemic in comparison, but it still plays just fine.
However, I'm very much concerned about the added stress of healing (or tanking). I'm an engineering manager in highly specialized field, meaning a buttload of stress I need to manage on a day to day basis. WoW for me this time around is a source of relaxation at the end of the day, or during a long pipe smoking session on the weekends. As such, even if I save queuing times by not playing dps, I have some reservations about playing heals due to the toll it may take on my mental health. Am I overthinking this? Should I stick with my mage or should I invest in a more sought after role? I'd appreciate y'all's thoughts on this. Thanks!
TL;DR: came back after 15 years. Stressful job with long hours, wonderful wife and 2 little kids. Playing to unwind in my beloved Azeroth and devour lore. Plan to do endgame. Prefer casters but concerned about queuing times. More concerned about how much stress healing or tanking might impose in 2023. Need insight from wonderful reddit people.
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2023.03.22 10:58 KungenSam Random 20-60sec freezes, even without addons

Since moving WoW to my new M.2 SSD, I have started getting random freezes that last from anywhere between 20 to 60 seconds. They happen even when all addons are disabled. Do I need to completely reinstall the game? Or could there be some other fix?
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2023.03.22 09:35 hunhades21 P servers on mac

Hi guys!
I'm planning to move to a mac due to work reasons and as far as I know, wow has mac support all the way. Will I be able to find all the different clients for mac and can I use addons?
Ty for answers.
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2023.03.22 07:23 gwarser uBlock Origin 1.48.* announcement thread


Visit GitHub releases page for more information.
Extension will be auto-updated after browser restart! (when available for your platform)
If you want to update manually:
  • Do not use links from release page "Assets" section - these are not signed.
  • Use add-on store or links in release description on GitHub releases page when they are available (basically - they will be add-on store links).
  • Turn off uBO (temporarily) from add-on manager - installation will be blocked otherwise. This is protection against accidental mid-session reloads Issue #717.
Q: Why no release for Firefox yet?
A: Review pending.
uBO is a recommended extension on AMO, and as such it must undergo a formal code review each time a new version is published.
Q: Why Chrome/Chromium is not updating uBlock Origin?
A: Submission pending.
Auto update will occur in stages - few percent every day - to spot and react on possible bugs.
Q: When Opera version will be updated?
A: Submission pending.
Usually it's submitted a week after bug-free version is published in AMO.
Q: When Edge Chromium version in the Microsoft Store will be updated?
A: 1.48.0 is available on Edge Add-ons as of March 22.
Microsoft Store submission is controlled by nikrolls.
This is official version and will be kept updated, see Issue #890 (comment) and following comments.
Warning: importing profile from Chrome may cause issues - you may need to reinstall uBO on Edge to fix this. You can transfer settings by saving them to file in uBO Dashboard -> bottom of the Settings tab.
Previous announcement thread
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2023.03.22 06:05 ProGoogler4answers It seems kinda boomer-ish to associate the idea of having a job with nuance of 'success' or 'independence'

Ive been outta work for a while, and got made fun of by a girl as she said no girl wants a jobless guy. And that girls have their own jobs now so why should they talk to me?
Which is kind of odd ( as myself having an MS finance, for whatever weight that may carry), because the accounting and math of employment in the far from reflective of efforts, merit, and most of all; is FAR more likely than not, to compensate with wages that are far, far, far below the idea of 'success', or even offer financial independence, let alone appreciable personal savings and goals. Even without that thought, I wouldn't see myself as anything to brag about if I didn't give someone a chance based on their legal employment basis or earnings. And if I did, Id only be fooling myself, because I'd be caught in so many fallacies.
Real world Example: At $12/hour, working full time, as a single person with no dependents, opting for pre-tax deductions of insurances, and then using the adjusted value accordingly to continue on with Federal/State/Local (in my case I dont even have local taxes).
One would net $687/Bi-weekly. That is $1,374/Month. You'd have a hard time finding a place to rent alone, for less than $1000. And that doesnt include utilities.
Okay, so you've managed to somehow pay the deposit , the activation costs of utilities, and I wont even include the costs of moving/furnishing/homecookware etc. You've popped the $1,000, and now have that $374 to spend on showing the world that you ARE succesful and independent! You work full time and work hard! Aha, wait. Even low-balling national median prices for a fraction of your other costs, will exceed this $374 quickly. Cell? $50. Domestic Supplies?( Laundry detergent, hygience/cleaning items) $50. Internet? $50/month...(these are comically low-ball prices btw) Electricity?$80 Food? Ah, well you only have $144 left...From a survival perspective, possible, but you wont feel very good or feel much like yourself. But, what about your car? its insurance? Easily $150-$400/Month. You're already tapped out, exhausted, surviving off rice and beans. But what about your water bill? What about $ to have even a dollar put into a savings account? What about student loans, credit cards, those teeth, your medical co-pays, your Rx costs? Hell, you don't even have $10 if you get a flat tire. You don't even have a few hundred for that rotten tooth in your mouth, to get a root canal and crown.
Ok, $12/hour Fulltime scenario is nothing short of a total delusion of financial independence. But, that just means I'm not good enough or smart enough to earn enough! *POOF* WOW! suddenly I am! I make $20/hour. Relative to the rest of the country's wages, this is a rarer wage, and higher than most people's wages in the US.
$20/Hour @ 40-Houweek
Pre-Tax deductions of Health($90/BiWeekly)/Dental($7.5/BiWeekly)/Vision($2.5/BiWeekly)
FICA: $2,754
FEDERAL: $4,114.38
TOTAL TAXES DUE: $8,058.38

A whopping $2,328.47 for the young stud who earns MORE THAN OVER 2/3 of the nation in wages. Ladies and gentleman give this special little boy a balloon!!
While median rent is reported to be $1,770/Month...Lets have some faith in this earner. But REMEMBER! He is earning a higher wage, its rare for areas with very low rents to commonly feature such jobs. So, lets see to it he still gets a 'good deal' at renting a musty apartment for $1,300/Month. Well, like before, bills come-a-knocking. Utilities of electricity, internet, water rack up to a modest $200. Hes got some basic prepaid service plan for $50, nothing fancy, hes a savy guy. Hes gonna need more than rice and beans to keep up that life of high pay, but still manages to get groceries down to $100/Week. $400/Month. Now, mind you that includes sales tax, so its less than what may come to mind! This guy is not getting a room that cheap in an area where he wouldn't also need a car, lets use some reason here. But hes savy as they come baby. He blew his savings for that $8,000 2003 Corolla. Insurance is pecking at him for $120/month, could be worse. Now, we've reached a point where he now has less than $300 across the month to fulfill: Medical Co-Pays, Auto Maintenance, Gasoline, Any form of eating out/entertainment, All clothing, Furniture, A phone, A computer, Student loans, credit cards, emergency health services, haircuts, and everything else that life demands of us even without a kid.
It would be nothing short of remarkable for this individual who is financially independent to save $10/month. Working 40 hours/week is exhausting too, doesnt leave much time for taking care of things yourself, which can be costly too.

So, $20/hour, at relatively low costs of living, isn't anything sustainable long term. Sure are alot of people on Reddit who claim "I make this and Im independent and Im fine!" Im sure their story of pulling up their bootstraps by themselves and maintaining any dignity of life are more so part of a narrative they hold; rather than real-world finance.
Call it all bullshit if you want. I go by the numbers. Job or no job, you're not in a fairy tale. You're in a loose labor market, where fiduciary duty to shareholders/company agents are law. Not owed to you, but to the investors/company agents. I haven't even touched on the fucked up realm of costs and income when having a kid is involved, a health condition, care taking, or any other situation which can wreck everything. SaaS has been offsetting jobs for a decade, AI is too, and there is not homogeneous opportunity across the US.
Its incredible to me, how unaware so many people are. They can't be bothered to comprehend that the majority of problems for people in the U.S. stem from inequity and lack of money. The mental health implications of having to accommodate the need for money to survive and stay out of prison, and the mental health implications from people who internalize these things as if it was their fault. As if they were born as the problem. As if their emotions and life were wrong and despicable. So much of posts here can be attributed to a lack of resources and the implications of it. Resources are sent to the dumpster en masse, not because they are truly unusable, but solely so that we cannot have it, without handing over enough money. Buried in the earth, just to make damn sure, those people dont get em.
So, before you even *suggest* that someone isn't trying, isn't worthy, doesn't care, because of not having a job, not having their own place, not having their own car, not getting the healthcare they need, not being able to afford participation in things, or even afford being a parent... Remember. You're more than likely, calculably wrong. And promoting the internalization of capitalism and the moral construct of poverty. You would fit right in, with the category of scum in society, what keeps it so horrible, and what holds humanity back.
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2023.03.22 05:37 littleeeloveee i read the clementine comic and kinda liked it.

i should probably preface this with its not only am i ridiculously and comedically easy to please with media but im also a huge lesbian and i like inhale any rep as long as it isnt straight out offensive. my opinion is very piased and i know. i feel like posting a mini opinion analysis of the comic because im a clown and pretend my opinion is invaluable (not really, just knew the sub virulently hated it when it dropped so figured it would be fun to see how ppl took my commentary). i have also been a fan of twdg since year of our lord 2012 when i was eight. and finally this will be an actual mess because its 12 am and im just spouting my opinions bc i need to talk about it with someone.
i think. okay i dont think this is a good Canon continuation. i will not be refering to it as canon when i look back on the series. obviously clem just straight up ditching aj is the most glaring issue here. why the fuck would they do that? its pretty baffling. i guess aj is a difficult character to write especially with the fandoms tendency to see kid characters as annoying... i feel like the worst way they fucked up here was the cold opening with her just ditching aj. i personally believe clem is a character who could DO some soul searching. like, shes been spending the last 6 years hardly living for herself but someone else! if she was like "yo ericsons i need a couple momths to go out there and fuck around while i know aj is safe" i would get that i think? but just her completely DITCHING THEM FOREVER.... BRO.
but viewing it, purely as just Another Wacky Clementine Adventure, taking place on some parallel timeline where she didnt have aj or maybe she found out aj was better off at the ranch or this is an au fanfic or SOMETHING... i think its okay. no literary masterpiece but i had my fun with it and i dont think its a massive disgrace to the series or anything. pretty compelling plot, What the fuck is up with this mountain. i enjoyed it mostly. i think the fact that i have read a lot of twdg fanfic in my day loosened me up, ive seen way worse plots than this.
i actually really liked the over all lighter tone in the book, it was a REALLY good change of pace honestly. like of course its the apocalypse people are dying its fucking HORRIBLE but we dont really get to see enough of them being human. and i guess its way harder to put in game form because youd need to devote a lot of time to working out all those scenes in different art forms when you can just draw them in a comic. just being able to see all the little things that wouldnt have been put into the game was very heartwarming. i think my favorite part was them reading the shitty romance novel but because they havent had schooling since 3rd grade ricca had to flip through the dictionary shit made me laugh way too hard unfortunately
since theyre the two capital M Main deuteragonists ill probably only talk abt amos and ricca. i dont have big opinions on right and left except damn twins are fucking cursed in this series arent they? also i wanna know more what was so unhinged about their family. why do they have a plane why are they rich why is there a bunch of people at their house whyyyyyy i would have put this in the things that bugged me but its probably book 2 material so ill forget that.
i think the best part about this book is amos. hes so funny. sunshine boy. i think him and clems spongebob and squidward dynamic at the beginning was so adorable i just enjoy seeing her LIVE you know? i lived for the fun and casual moments in s4 too. i miss him so much he was the best little amish boy ever. i think the tonal shift when he died was actually really fucking good. the real world hits for everyone like it just did for him except hes not around to see it anymore. im not a fan of the series "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST THE WEAK FUCKING DIE EAT SHIT IF YOU ARE SCARED OR A CHILD OR BOTH" (its not that bad i know im joking) sometimes though so im glad it wasnt so hammered in with amos. his death was something that could have happened to Anyone, you know? sure you can say he was on that mountain in the first place bc he was so innocent but so was clem.
ricca seems. very devisive aka people fucking hate her wow. im an annoying lesbian so like girl same i guess 😭 thats probably why i enjoyed her so much. look i think i get why people dont like her. i dont think there was enough to really set her apart from say violet as a romance option - dry sarcastic lesbian oh boy! but i think theres enough where its like, passable. you can tell theyre meant to be different. it was very funny to me how she just came in blasting oh she is GAY gay huh. but also definitely threw me off a good bit... keep the jokester part dial down the flirting a little. like louis' introduction. i think they definitely either should have been more subtle abt it for readability OR doubled down on the down catastrophic because it would have been funny but please never fucking call clem baby again girl you arent even dating yet.
there was definitely shit that bugged me though. first of all clementine just fucking throwing herself down the pit when ricca got pulled in by the generator. if you stretch the belief a little bit you could say oh yeah she knew the canyon wasnt you will fucking die deep bc they were lowering the generator which is like i guess but they were just talking about how deep it was like 3 seconds before? i thought for sure ricca was dead and clem just. DID THAT lmao. anyways how did they not hear the walkers at the bottom how did they not see the bottom how was it that dark.............
the second that kinda bugged me: okay i kind of get clem not knowing the zombies are underneath the snow and theyll come back when the mountain thaws but its weird that the story acts like she doesnt know walkers slow down in the cold. like this was a semi relevant plot point in season 2 wasnt it or am i just overly attached to these games and remember too much.
EDIT: okay i completely forgot about this part while writing this at first, but i was also super upset about the omg i left ericsons they thought i was a burden thing. like.... girl you are clementine they dont think that. it would be interesting if they took that idea and it turns out that was only clementine projecting - it finally sinks in that she can live and shes freaking out because of that so she leaves and tries to justify it to herself when its just her pushing others away again, and she tries to do it again later in the series but manages to break the cycle. i think going into clems traumatized brain is a very worth it thing to do, so i like the stark differences between her and the others at first because shes SEEN major shit. i hope they touch on it more later on
also speaking of things that bugged people but not me specifically -- apparently people read all the cannibalism hints as having been dropped at the end. that wasnt really how it clicked for me though maybe it went over my head? i just assumed cannibalism still happened on the mountain but olivia just isnt There yet in explaining all what happened and the other characters know prying is kinda fucked. ok EDIT END
im gonna say the ending kinda. left me wanting more. again not as a canon continuation but just something to have fun with? like i said about parallel universe timelines or whatever... make it like opt in canon. id be fine with that and seeing more of the story presented here in an isolated storyline. also plane holy shit PLANES. i wanna see more about post apocalyptic towns and societies too. anf baited me with that and i wanna know MOREEEEEEEEEEE. it also felt a little bit rushed as were the beginninv portions with amos and clem -- i wanna know more of the specifics!! flesh that shit out please especially if it involves them having fun.
sooo yeah thats my opinions on it i guess! you dont have to agree at all i just wondered if ppl were curious abt seeing the opinions of someone who enjoyed it. i know you guys avoid it like the plague and i think thats fair because again, bastardization of canon especially with clem and aj. i dont think you have to like it as a continuation to Like something you know? and a final apology for this being a soggy mess. i love mobile <3
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2023.03.22 04:42 doylerules70 Liu Flameheart bugged

Boss remains active while the dragon is out and goes around hitting random party members. After dragon is down, boss is invulnerable and continues casting Jade Serpent Strike.
We did three attempts in a row and each pull was bugged.
Some say they manage to avoid the bug
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2023.03.22 03:43 kayillbegoodie My Assembly Notes Part Two

Warning ⚠️ long post
Here’s my notes from the recent assembly I went to:
My personal thoughts are in (brackets)
“Once baptized there will be many assignments and opportunities that will open up to you” (what? Pioneering? Wow so many opportunities… and what’s available if you’re a woman? All the ‘opportunities’ are there for men)
“Once you’re baptized, now you become a brother or sister”
“Jehovahs roadway has a destination-a peaceful friendship with Jehovah forever” (not the paradise they promise to the loyal members, because then it would only be selfish to follow Jehovah)
2 Corinthians 13:11 “continue to be readjusted. To think in agreement”
Throughout your trials, “Jehovah can relate”
“Biggest threat to peace is differing opinions”
And it was again pushed that if no bible principles are being broken, we need to consider other peoples opinions heavily before doing things that are a ‘conscience’ matter
“We are surrounded by the best of people”
It takes a village to raise a child, “we are already built into villages called congregations”
“Young ones need our support more than ever”
“Everyone can give their time to help young ones” (they sure can, but they’re never given the type of support they need)
Along Jehovahs road, as young ones go along, and start to stray off the road, all of our little congregation ‘villages’ are on the sidelines to “nudge them back to their lane and to their goals”
“Sadly today, the world doesn’t honour older ones”
Jehovah has never changed was reiterated of course.
Philippians 2:4- they focused on paying attention to the interests of others, but when you read the scripture it mentions to look out for yours as well
When you visit or get to know older ones ask them questions and then listed 3-5 questions that sounded like you’re interviewing someone for your tv show or school report, and not just trying to get to know someone
The elders need to discuss the needs of the elderly in the congregation, but there was no mention of actually talking to the elderly to see what they need. Just assume what they need
“The bible is so rich that we zoom in on 3 words and talk about it for a whole day”
“We aren’t pacifists because we believe in the war of Armageddon and the war of Jehovah”(“because pacifists hate all war”)
“The bible- the historic struggle between good vs evil”
So you know how plastic bottles are made, hot liquid plastics are poured into a mould to make the bottle (actual example used) well, “in the world, their minds are plastic and are getting moulded by the system of things”
“We have a powerful reasoning tool” talking about the ‘Was it Designed?’ Series
“Jehovah doesn’t want us to view ourselves as nothing” (that’s good, but yet the org constantly pushes you to your limit because you aren’t good enough)
“David had to ‘man up’ to conquer evil” in reference to Goliath
“Sound kind- knows the difference between superior and inferior”
“The elders will counsel if needed because they know how how to do it the proper way”
“Don’t think too much about yourself or have lofty goals”
People isolate e themselves out of perceived offended, it’s a satanic attack”
“Don’t try to predict the future yourself” but it used to be given to people directly way back in bible times
In reference to letter writing “it really strengthens our faith to write prophecies out”
“Always say you’re a witness if you’ve done a good deed because it could open a door”
“Relief and disaster work is a type of ministry”
“Teaching at the meetings is amazing, people really benefit from it”
“Presiding overseer is a scriptural term”
“It was good for us to go to lots of funerals/memorials during Covid because we got to see and appreciate another life that was committed to Jehovah”
“Flirting is typically done by people who are already in relationships or who aren’t in a position to be in a relationship, its hypocritical love” (they were really trying to push how bad flirting is, like don’t do it, it’s hurtful and wrong. I could tell they were trying to say not to flirt no matter what)
“Satan creates situations that are horrible, like what happened in Germany. Yet the brothers continue on and comfort each other”
“The organization does what it can for those affected by tragedy, like allowing the congregation in Germany to zoom in on the gilead grad”
“It’s a real blessing in have Ukrainian refugees in your congregation”
A story was told about a family who fled the Ukraine and how they had to clothes shopping. The wife really liked a lot of things at a store, but couldn’t afford it, and neither could the sponsor family, so the sponsor wife went and talked to the manager who then allowed them to come into the storage room and get a whole box of clothes that fit her perfectly. Which was a blessing from Jehovah. (Not like the manager was just a good person and wanted to help someone in need. Also isn’t it amazing how when someone mentions a problem to others that people will come together to help)
“Satan has always used terror tactics. You can fight back with love”
“Jehovah is the only judge, the righteous judge, but of course he appointed Jesus to judge us” (so Jehovah isn’t the only judge?)
“Bearing a grudge is presumptuous”
“We must be fighters in the war of peace”
“We can be modern day soldiers for Jehovah” (but you need to hate violence and war still)
“Persecutors are just satans tools”
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2023.03.22 02:54 azzkikr11 Recruiting (US) Horde or Alliance - Use my link or send me a PM, and let's chat!

I've been playing the game since the initial launch, i've managed a mythic raiding guild for years, and I have quite a lot of free time on my hands to play! I play both Horde and Alliance, and now with crossfaction play, it doesn't matter what you choose, pick your own faction and we can still group! Shoot me a DM on reddit, or post here and I'll get back to you, let's talk! You get all the NEW RAF benefits as well as rewards from my side for using my link.
RAF Link:
Add me on my Battle.Net ID: bwolfman#1562
I can offer you:
RAF Link:
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2023.03.22 02:46 markfickett What will I need to install to get started? InfluxDb, Grafana, UI? Have Ubuntu server with Java, Mosquitto.

I'm interested in trying out OpenHab. Docs, configs, plugin architecture are all appealing. But I can't figure out what I actually will need to get going, and I'm not sure how big a project I'm signing up for.
I think the Linux install with apt fits my use case best. I have an Ubuntu home server already, and I have Mosquitto running from trying out HomeAssistant. (Easy to get started, a tangle to configure!) I don't have a Pi 4 to just use the openHABian install. And ideally I'd like to manage my configs and services through Ansible so I'm resisting containers, but we'll see.
But what else is needed?
My first use case is energy monitoring, pulling in electric meter readings using rtlamr2mqtt, which I already have going with Mosquitto. I also have my OpenEVSE publishing MQTT, and tried out HA's SolarEdge API integration. It sounds like OpenHAB's MQTT integration should be easy, but I'm uncertain how I'll see the data.
Thanks in advance for some help understanding the automatic / add-on pieces!
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2023.03.22 01:33 Sparcrypt [HELP] Replacement for VuhDo Buff Panel (WoTLK)

I've been using VuhDo for years and love it, but unfortunately in the last few months it has begun lagging horrendously in 25 man raids. I've tried every possible fix but it's persisting across two different installs and the only thing I've found that works is disabling the addon.
Anyway, I've been slowly recreating my frames in Grid2 which is going OK, but I haven't found a replacement for the VuhDo buff panel.
For anyone not familiar it displays all the buffs you have to apply to yourself or your group, how long they have left, and lets you reapply any of them with one click. It's perfect!
Any standalone addons that do this? The ones I've found just by searching for "buff", "buff manage", etc don't really seem to do the same thing.
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2023.03.22 01:22 Cherry_Winter [A] [US] [Moon Guard] Friendly, casual, active guild looking for players for normal progression raiding, M+, and more (accepting all roles!)

Who We Are: We are a fun and active Alliance guild on Moon Guard US. We enjoy the social aspect of WoW and getting to spend time with friends. We aren’t the fastest raiders and we don’t do the highest keys, but we try our best and have fun along the way.
What We Do: We do all sorts of things together, from questing to running dungeons to raiding. We don’t have many PvPers in the guild at the moment. We also have a regular group of Classic players.
Right now we consistently get together on Fridays and weekends for raiding and mythics. The rest of the week is open for just about anything. We offer cauldrons, feasts, potions, and all other mats necessary for running. We’re also an alt-friendly guild, and we use the Guild Roster Manager and Astral Keys add-ons to help keep track of things.
What To Expect: We’re pretty casual and we take things at our own pace. We’ve got a lot of working adults in the guild, so our play time isn’t always long or constant. We enjoy gearing up and progressing through content, but it doesn’t always happen quickly. Our primary goal is having fun together with a great group of people.
We use Discord for raiding and mythics and grouping. Discord is necessary for voice chat during raids, but you don’t need to talk.
What We Need: We’re accepting all roles and classes, veteran and new players alike. Mostly just bring whoever you like and who you have the most fun with. We’re flexible!
If you’re interested, please search for Skye in the in-game guild finder, or message the GM/one of our officers. If you message me on reddit there might be a delay as I don't always get notifications for some reason.
Community (for X-faction grouping):
Muse#12893 (BNet) / Muse#1111 (Discord)
Sae#11813 (BNet)
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2023.03.22 01:09 BruhMomentGEE The Tale of E'vil No'bell

Thanks to Pizzaulostin, Death-Is-Mortal, HollowShel, and fun-part.
“The Villain”
European Sector - Copenhagen, Denmark
Two and a Half Earth Years Post Liberation

Waltzing up to the podium, E’vil No’bell grinned with sadistic glee at the amassed crowd of Humans. She had sent out an edict for all citizens to gather here under the threat of death if they failed to comply. It was such a perfect way to build resentment. She could only imagine how many Humans had resisted, just to meet an untimely demise.
Behind her, the large tarp covering her masterpiece fluttered in the wind, reminding E’vil of her purpose. There would be time for gloating later, she still had a ceremony to perform.
But, looking out into the crowd, she couldn’t resist the urge to take her time. Knowing full well that her foot dragging was causing the citizens to suffer, she toyed with the microphone she had been provided, moving it from place to place, relishing in the screeching noise it made with each slight shift.
“Is everything alright miss?” one Human in the front row politely asked.
Good, they were suffering. Why else would they ask her such an asinine question? They merely wanted her to put an end to their torment. But she would never be moved so easily. Twisting the mic until it let out an ear splitting screech, E’vil paused, then returned it to its original position.
“Yes,” she replied dismissively, “Everything is just fine.”
Turning to the crowd, she coughed into the microphone to pretend like she was clearing her throat, before beginning. Gesturing to the large object covered by a tarp, she began, “Hear me, ignorant citizens of the Imperium. It has been two years since we Shil’vati, led by our infallible Empress, graciously liberated you from yourselves.”
Listening to the crowd, E’vil was disappointed to not hear any jeering. No matter, once she revealed her creation, the Humans were sure to hate her.
“To honor our wise Empress’s decision to destroy your backwards civilization, I have dedicated the past eleven months of your tax money to personally design this!”
Waving her hand, the tarp was removed, revealing a twenty foot tall statue of the Empress in all her magnificence. E’vil smiled up at the creation. It had taken her months of work to design it. Add on the week of her researching the most costly materials on Earth, and this statue had shaped up to being the longest she had ever spent working on something.
E’vil could have ordered her servants to do it, but that wasn’t the point. It had to be her. She had to personally see that the Humans suffered at her hands.
For how else was she to be the villain in some self-righteous Human’s story?
Oh how she longed for their angry monologues about her. She could see it now. The chroniclers would be recording pages upon pages of angry rantings, all directed at her! With her blatant disrespect of all things Human, she was sure to live rent free in the minds of her inevitable Human rival until their demise at her hands!
Glancing back to the crowd, she saw a Human in the middle of it with his hand raised. Ignoring him, she daydreamed of the discomfort he must be feeling. Oh how he must hate her right now. With every moment she dragged this on, he must have been adding a new paragraph to his manifesto against her.
Finally, just as he was starting to lower his hand, she pointed to him and called out, “You! Citizen! What is it?”
The man perked up, no doubt enraged at having to reorganize his thoughts. The very notion caused E’vil to giggle.
“Um, you said you made this yourself?” the man questioned.
Striking a proud pose, E’vil closed her eyes and answered, “Of course! I wouldn’t let someone else do a real woman’s work. I designed every aspect of this statue, from the Empress’s visage to her glorious bosom.”
“Oh! It’s very impressive,” he congratulated. “You did a wonderful job.”
“Thank you-What?!” E’vil shouted, her eyes shooting open. Grasping onto the podium, she leaned over it and gazed out into the crowd. To her horror, she didn’t see a single angry visage. There was no discontent, no booing, not even a single raised eyebrow. This was a disaster! The Humans were enjoying her creation.
“Yes,” another concurred from somewhere with the masses, “It’s clearly a true labor of love. It must have taken months to design.”
“And weeks to find all the materials!” a third added.
“NO!” E’vil shouted into the microphone, desperate to destroy the Human’s budding adoration of her. “I made it in a single night! I didn’t put any thought into this at all!”
The Humans silently stared at her, each one refusing to make a sound. That was good, just how E’vil wanted it. She couldn’t let praise of her spread, it would ruin everything! People don’t care about lovable nobles. They want someone to hate. Someone who they can cheer for the demise of!
Finally, a Human spoke up. “Wow! You made that all in one night? You must be an artistic genius!”
That was not the response E’vil wanted.
The crowd murmured their concurrence, then, to E’vil’s horror started to dissipate before her eyes. One at a time, or in pairs, the Humans would gaze up at her creation, nod, then walk away.
It was horrible! Where were the cries of protests? Where were the professions of unending hatred for her and her species?
Where were the manifestos?!
Soon it was just E’vil, her servants, and a few Human teenagers. Looking at them, E’vil felt her hopes start to blossom. Perhaps the older generations were simply too apathetic to act. It would be the youths who wrote tales of her misdeeds, who etched her name into the annals of history.
“Dude…” one of them began slowly. Pointing up at the statue, he cried, “Look at her boobs!”
Staring out at the city from her lion skin chair, E’vil assured herself of imminent success.
Her first attempt at garnering the hatred of the masses had ended in failure, but that was clearly due to a failure of understanding on her part. She simply hadn’t considered how best to enrage these Humans. One couldn’t simply anger them through creating symbols of oppression, the Humans would just see it as an expression of her creativity.
What she had to do was destroy. To ruin what they already had. She would pervert their arts to such an extent that critics and historians alike would curse her name. And the masses, oh the masses! They would hate her for the destruction of their barbaric culture.
Spinning around, E’vil came face to face with the most infamous critics of the Human world. It was through them that word of her evil would spread across the globe. Soon, all Humans from every sector of this miserable world would curse the name E’vil No’bell!
“Most un-esteemed citizens,” she began, “I have gathered you here for a most important announcement.”
Snapping her fingers, a screen descended from the ceiling. As it covered the wall to the right of her, E’vil rose from her chair. Waltzing across the room, she made her way to a projector which she had dramatically placed in a shadowy corner of the room.
Flipping the device on, she grinned deviously as the title Swan Lake appeared on the screen. As the music started to swell, she grinned at her captive audience.
A Human male, fully in the nude, danced across the screen. She took the opportunity to purposefully buffer the film, making sure the critics saw the full naked form of the dancer. Soon the music began to roar, and as it reached its triumphal climax, a Shil’vati woman appeared.
Letting the scene progress, she addressed the captive critics. “Citizens, I present to you a new and improved Swan Lake! I have painstakingly rewritten this ballet in its entirety! All of your precious actors shall now perform in the nude, and there will be multiple sex scenes.”
Raising a hand, she held their inevitable protests at bay. “But that’s not all! Soon, I will have rewritten every one of your great dances and plays until they are all just as spectacular as this one!”
Sneering at the small assembly, she waited for the cries of anguish. They would suffer, knowing that she had defiled their wondrous arts. She, E’vil No’bell, would be the bane of all Human culture!
Slowly, one of the critics began to clap. “Brilliant, just brilliant,” he said with genuine passion. “What a wonderful work of art. You’ve truly made a statement here today.”
Melancholy took hold of E’vil’s heart. “What… What do you mean?”
“This,” he loudly proclaimed, “Is the most definitive statement against the state of our Human society today.” Pointing directly at the male dancer’s genitals, the critic continued, “The blatant mockery of our prudish ways by having all the dancers be so free!”
Another rose and gestured to the Shil’vati woman. “And to have the Shil’vati be the evil sorceress! What a brilliant way to depict the horrible relations between Humanity and the Imperial elite.”
“No,” E’vil attempted to argue back. “That’s not my intent at-”
“This ballet may have a real impact on how people view Humanities current treatment in the Empire!” a critic called from the back. “This will be something for the history books!”
The first critic looked back at her. “You said you would be making more of these, Correct?”
Sensing her imminent failure, E’vil attempted to change course. “No-”
“Yes, she did mention that!” a critic rudely interrupted.
To her immense dismay, the room erupted into a series of cheers and congratulations. Some of the Human critics summoned the audacity to come forward to her, extending their palms and attempting to shake her hands.
Horrified by the display, E’vil bravely ran away from the assembly, locking the doors behind her as she sprinted away from her office.
Wandering the streets of her domain, E’vil found herself in the grips of a horrible crisis. Her attempts at earning the ire of her subjects had failed, and she couldn’t figure out why. They had loved her statue of the Empress, not caring that it was an effigy of their subjugator. They had cheered for her defacement of their culture, even having the audacity to ask for more.
What was she doing wrong? Why was she not being scorned? All she wanted was for the revilement of her subjects, for them to write essays decrying her name, for Humans to band together in pathetic attempts to strike her down. Was that really so much to ask for?
As she strolled past an open bar, the patrons inside took notice. Waving, they raised their glasses and cheered.
“Fuck you, assholes!” she shouted through the glass separating her from them. At the very least, she’d be able to start a drunk brawl. Perhaps the whole city would-.
Laughing, they refilled their glasses and clinked them against each other. The bartender even gestured for her to come in, offering a filled glass.
“AGH!” Raging at the Goddess, she stormed off, leaving the Humans to enjoy their liquor.
Wandering into an open park, E’vil fell into a wooden bench and let the world collapse around her. For the first time since her arrival to Earth, E’vil felt truly defeated. Her contemporaries got entire manifestos written about their misdeeds. Some even still had people complaining about them years after their demise.
What did she have? Nothing. Not even a citation of misdeed. Where were the Humans that irrationally complained for hours about the mere existence of her race? Why weren’t they writing about her? She was E’vil No’bell! She built shrines to the heroes of the Imperium! She defiled cultural icons! What did she need to do for someone to notice her?
‘Woof! Woof!’
Shooting up, E’vil noticed a small mutt on the far side of the park. It couldn’t be more than a few months old, and it looked to be starving. It salivated at the sight of nothing, and it spasmed with every few steps.
“Mommy, look! Mommy!” a little human boy cried with joy. “It’s a puppy!”
Slowly rising from the bench, E’vil rubbed her eyes in disbelief. Could it be? Was this a gift from the Goddess? Looking at the defenseless mutt, and the happy child now running towards it, she knew it had to be.
Bursting into a full blown sprint, E’vil made it her mission to beat the child in their race to the puppy. It wasn’t hard. She was a full grown woman, and her opponent was so young he probably couldn’t even spell his own name. With each stride she grew closer and closer towards her goal, and with each imprint she made in the ground she felt her heart swell with joy.
In one final, graceful, jump, she landed directly in front of the puppy. It barked at her, then began scrambling to get closer.
Watching the mutt with delightful glee, E’vil pulled her leg back, took a second to sneer, then kicked the puppy with all the force her leg could muster. It flew through the air, drool flying haphazardly out of its mouth, before finally impacting the stone wall of the pub with a crack.
As the boy began to cry, E’vil basked in triumph. She had done it. She had managed to traumatize an innocent child for the rest of his life. Not only would the people hate her, but she had just made a permanent enemy of this little Human. One day he would grow up, and swear her as his ultimate nemesis! Whenever he went to therapy, whenever he wrote a rant on the internet, whenever he was constipated from bad food, he’d be thinking of her!
The mother of the child rushed up to her, no doubt ready to unleash a verbal tirade at E’vil. She was ready for it. As the woman began to open her mouth, E’vil smiled. She had been waiting so long for this moment, she couldn’t believe it was actually happening.
“Oh thank goodness!” the mother exclaimed. Stepping forward, she gave E’vil a hug. “He got away from me so fast, I was certain that thing was going to bite him.”
E’vil felt cracks begin to form in her chest. “What?”
As the patrons of the pub began to filter out, the mother loudly exclaimed, “That rabies filled mutt almost bit my baby!” Grasping onto E’vil again, she tearfully said, “Thank you E’vil No’bell!”
“N-No,” E’vil stammered, pushing the Human away.
“Hero, Hero, Hero!” the bar patrons chanted.
Falling to her knees, E’vil murmured, “No…”
The little boy, the one meant to be her future sworn enemy, wiped away his tears and walked up to her. Hugging her side with his tiny arms, he sputtered, “Thank you for saving me E’vil No’bell.”
Looking up to the stars, E’vil cursed the Goddess, before giving into defeat and roaring, “NOOO!”
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2023.03.22 01:03 EK_Raiding This week's Featurettes including Hermess, Vyragosa, and Varda!

This week's Featurettes including Hermess, Vyragosa, and Varda! submitted by EK_Raiding to EKRaiding [link] [comments]