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It has been 23 years since Leah Roberts disappeared. What happened to her?

2023.03.22 17:46 PrimeVector19 It has been 23 years since Leah Roberts disappeared. What happened to her?

For the better part of the last 30 years, Heath and Kara Roberts, Leah Roberts’ older siblings, have been wondering daily about the ultimate fate of their little sister.
Leah embarked on what appeared to be a soul-searching excursion, all the way from her home town of Durham, North Carolina to Whatcom County, Washington.
Due to this case, being fairly prominent on this subreddit, I will not divulge the entire case; the sources I have provided will do that for you. Instead, I will discuss the most common theories on here.
Eventual suicide as a result of a manic episode, exacerbated by an early life with a lot of tragedy and trauma - Leah had become an orphan before she was even 23 years old, and she had been involved in a near-fatal car accident.
A lot of people suspect that Leah was in a manic state when she embarked on her cross-country road trip. Despite leaving behind a note that claimed she was not suicidal, her state of mind has piqued the curiosity of many who have followed her case - and many also feel that she may have even taken her own life right near a Jack Kerouac-inspired destination in Washington.
Death by misadventure - Leah’s 1993 white Jeep Cherokee was found wrecked and abandoned on a road off of Mount Baker Highway at the foot of the Cascade Mountains. There was no evidence of a robbery or struggle, and her cat, Bea, was also gone. Some suspect that Leah had died from exposure to the wilderness, or was even attacked by a wild animal.
Foul play - There has been a lot of speculation as to whether an unknown person had staged the car wreck, and had done harm to Leah. In 2006, it was discovered that a wire had been cut, which allowed the car to accelerate without anyone needing to put their foot on the gas pedal. The investigating detectives found a fingerprint under the hood, and some male DNA on an article of Leah’s clothing.
This discovery led the detectives back to the man who had claimed that Leah had left the Bellis Fair restaurant with a man named “Barry”; this man had worked as a mechanic, in addition to having a military background. This man has moved to Canada since - and though his fingerprint was not a match, detectives were still waiting on the DNA sample.
Disappeared deliberately to start a new life - I almost never put any stock into disappearing in order to start a new life. I think a lot of people severely underestimate the excruciating difficulty of such a maneuver.
To be able to pull this off, a person needs to have ample money, connections, resources, and not slip up even once. Leah was able to live off the money she received from her inheritance, and her state of mind is to be considered here, but her case is well-known, and she wouldn’t have been able to live off her inheritance money forever - in addition to having to forge an entirely new identity, and essentially become a new person.
At the end of the day, it is beyond tragic that Leah’s brother and sister still do not have closure to this day, nearly a quarter-century after the disappearance of their sister. I have my doubts about any resolutions for this case, but I can only hope that her siblings can find out the truth one day.
What do you believe happened to Leah Roberts?
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2023.03.22 17:44 autobuzzfeedbot 14 Times "SNL" Poked Fun At Celebs, And The Celebs Bit Back

  1. THE CONTEXT: The 2023 Academy Awards were a big night for Irish actors, largely due to the critical success of The Banshees of Inisherin. A quarter of the acting nominees were Irish.
  2. THE SKETCH: In 2015, the "Democratic Debate Cold Open" sketch had several of SNL's most iconic political impersonations, such as Kate McKinnon as former first lady Hillary Clinton and Larry David as Sen. Bernie Sanders. Jon Rudnitsky played Anderson Cooper.
  3. THE SKETCH: When Ariana Grande hosted SNL in 2016, she played a Tidal intern who impersonated several famous singers to save the streaming service during a glitch. She started by singing a rendition of "...Baby One More Time" in her "best Britney Spears voice."
  4. THE CONTEXT: Earlier in her career, Jennifer Lawrence was praised for being "relatable" and seemingly "normal" compared to other celebrities. However, this "cool girl" persona later became something she was mocked for.
  5. THE CONTEXT: Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin criticized Netflix's hit docuseries Tiger King, which she said was originally pitched to her as an exposé on the exploitation and abuse of big cats in zoos. On her sanctuary's website, she wrote, "There are not words for how disappointing it is to see that the docuseries not only does not do any of that, but has had the sole goal of being as salacious and sensational as possible to draw viewers."
  6. THE CONTEXT: David A. Paterson was governor of New York from 2008–2010. He is legally blind, and, according to the New York Times, he was "well-known for making light of his vision problems" while in office.
  7. THE SKETCH: Similarly, in a 2018 "Weekend Update" bit, Pete Davidson mocked Dan Crenshaw, a congressman-elect who wears an eyepatch, as one of the "really gross people running for office this year."
  8. THE SKETCH: A 2014 Fox and Friends parody mocked the way the show discussed climate change and Obamacare. Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson, played by Kenan Thompson, appeared as a guest and tried to convince the hosts that climate change is real.
  9. THE SKETCH: During SNL's inaugural 1976 season, Gilda Radner did an exaggerated impression of Barbara Walters called "Barbara Wawa." She spoke in an Elmer Fudd–like voice.
  10. THE SKETCH: In a 2021 "Weekend Update," Bowen Yang and Kyle Mooney portrayed Pretend It's a City costars Fran Lebowitz and Martin Scorsese.
  11. THE SKETCH: In a series of 2009 Today parodies, Kristen Wiig donned a blonde wig to play host Kathie Lee Gifford. She portrayed her as ditzy and cringey.
  12. THE SKETCH: When Jennifer Lopez hosted SNL in 2019, Melissa Villaseñor pitched an idea for a sketch where she did her J.Lo impression. She told AV Club, "I was telling her, 'Oh, maybe I can imitate you in a sketch. You know, I could walk around your house and pretend I'm like J.Lo and be like, 'My favorite color's blue.'"
  13. THE SKETCH: During her tenure on SNL, Maya Rudolph played Donatella Versace as a recurring character.
  14. And finally, THE CONTEXT: Former SNL cast member Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly are good friends.
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2023.03.22 17:39 shynailgirl Doja Cat Recovering After Undergoing Breast Reduction & Liposuction: ‘I’m Healing Really Fast’

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2023.03.22 16:57 CrimsonWolf0422 My house is a monster hive...

A while back, I posted a story about my brother waking me up at 3 am. Through some research, I discovered a more permanent way to keep the monster out. Little did I know that I did more harm than good. At 3 am, I can hear crawling on my roof and scratching under my bed. Food started going missing, and the trash can emptied out on the floor.
At first my family and I believed we have another stray cat situation since this isn't the first time this happens, however that theory was quickly discarded when we found egg shells the size of my chest laying around in random dark corners.
Now I'm a fairly tall person so seeing the shells made my skin crawl.Soon we started hearing the sound of skittering from large insect like creatures on the tile floor and by the sound of it whatever it was, was in a rush. I tried running to where I believe the sound to be coming from, but by the time I get their it was quiet, so quiet in fact that you get the feeling that something is seriously wrong.
As a group we searched the house from top to bottom. The creatures were smart, only moving when we weren't close and taking little bits of food at a time. Occasionally we would hear insect chirps but it would echo so we couldn't tell where it was coming from.
My dad getting restless he placed rat traps everywhere. We would hear the trap go off but with nothing inside it as if we were being taunnted. Until we heard a loud agonising screech shattering the kitchen windows. In the trap was... something unexplainable... it was the size of my brother and its head... it's head haunts my nightmares.
This was no insect, it had a face like it was a person but with the body of a cockroach... it had no eyes nor teeth but some how it saw me as I approach and its mouth unfolded revealing six mandibles and it screeched like a banshee making my ears bleed. I stomped on its head leaving black ooze all across the floor.
My mom, brother and sister rushed into the back yard while my dad and I was surrounded by dozens of these abominations as they appeared out of thin air. Quickly running out of energy we fended them off one by one until what seemed like the matriarch storming us from my room. It had the face of a woman but its body was as big as a door.
Stopping right infront of us almost sliding on the massacre of abominations it spoke in a voice that made a banshee sound like an opera singer. "Stop murdering my children!" My dad was out of breath so I replied "Leave our house you and your spawn are not welcome here !" It's expression was that of a child not getting its way and it tried to attack while screeching "My hive will feast on your remains!"
As it charged at me I angled the shovel, I was using as a weapon, in such a way that the momentum of the matriarch would split it in half. Lucky for me it worked perfectly. As the matriarch lay dead the whole house shook as thousands of insects screeched in an ear splitting harmony. Then there was nothing...
Took a pretty penny to repair the damage that was done and a full weak to clean every corner of the house but there was no sign of the abominations. However ever since then I have the feeling of something watching my every move and that this wasn't the last time something unnatural happens to me...
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2023.03.22 15:47 BlindGuyAndKarr Dungeon Corps Expansion - 21 - The Tomb

A/N: There could only ever be one song for this chapter and only one singer. I'd had this song in mind for this chapter from the very start and had a rather lot of fun writing this.
The battle across streets and buildings still raged. Midori couldn't afford to do more than just passively do what he could to direct the flow of traffic even as Damala's heir sent skeletons into the fray. He couldn't afford to ignore how coordinated they were, or that even though their magical units only knew one spell, they seemed terrifyingly inventive with it.

He could not afford to ignore the magi hurling witch-fire into his formations. Nor could he ignore the spiders that seemed intent on crisscrossing as much territory as their legs could cover with silk thread.

There was a moment where an ogre under his command lifted up a braided silk cable, leaving Midori to wonder what its purpose was, as it hadn't been placed to trip or entangle. If anything it had been placed to avoid these things happening.

Such ponderances were set aside, for Midori could not ignore, above all else,

The skeleton in his basement.

He saw Bonehead step out of the simple coffin that served as his spawner and look about the nearly pitch black room.

"Hello?" Bonehead called out. "Anyone else down here?"

A few murmurs from others that had been recently infected. Those damniable automita and armors that detonated themselves rather than turn mid-battle. All of them sat, huddled in small clusters. Trying to let their minds drift empty and formless, to buy themselves more time before they were fully under Midori's command.

What got their attention was Bonehead smashing his spawner to splinters. This drew Midori's attention more fully, having been unaware that creatures could do this.

One of the armors turned its head as disbelief rang through its hollow voice, "I... what? We can do that?"

"Well, I just did." Bonehead stated as he looked about. "Alright. I have a half-idea. Maybe a quarter thought really. We're all dead anyway."

That got several nods. Then a goblin spoke. The speaker was hairless and wore a work smock of rough fabric. "Whatcha got in mind?"

Bonehead gave a low chuckle. "We must proceed as if we are being watched. So understand that any retaliation will be swift."

As he said this Midori expended mana to rebuild his spawner. Which promptly got smashed again.

"That proves it. Midori. You are watching. You are listening." Bonehead's voice was calm. I want you to do both very carefully."

That i was addressed directly got the attention of others. Bonehead spoke again. "I need the majority of you with me at the door. Four or five of you need to stay to keep smashing spawners, and get any new arrivals on board. Then when you get replacements you join us."

Join? Midori's laughter reverberated through the room, echoing against high vaulted ceilings.

Bonehead joined in the laughter for a time. Even as more creatures appeared. Even as spawners were being smashed and remade. Midori's confusion grew. Why was this creature laughing?

"Genlemen. Ladies. Those that ascribe to neither." Bonehead's voice was calm even as Midori spent mana to try silencing him. Instead only causing his left hand to tremble slightly.

"We are all Dead. If not by what I am about to do, then by the thing that is eating away at our minds, eroding our will. Leaving us prisoners in our own bodies." He punctuated the statement by drawing his blade and slicing through a goblin's spawner.

"I have memories of being in this situation before." Again, Midori's attempt at making him stop were only rewarded by a tremor. "Oh the details weren't the same, and technically I failed because ..."

The skeletal archer waved a hand dismissively.

Midori tried to take control of one of the suits of armor, one of the big ones. There was a tremor as it stepped towards Bonehead. Then another step. There wasn't enough growth there for complete control.

"Point is," Bonehead looked directly at the armor being puppeted, as if he were looking at Midori himself. "I know what this is. this is you thinking you've won. I'm in your carefully lain out trap, in a box with a poison that will kill me."

Several others, skeleton, elf, dwarf, and even another armor, got between the armor that was moving and Bonehead.

"Now here is the neat part." Bonehead bounced on his feet, clapping his hands together while walking towards the door. At a glance it looked like a solid metal door wit ha tiny barred window. He rapped a bony knuckle against it. peered through the window, and made a show of pulling at the bars.

The armor Midori had tried puppeting slumped. Next Midori attempted to take control of a goblin. This ended with a pair of armors picking the goblin up and holding it off the ground.

Bonehead nodded at the pair and smiled to the creature Midori took control of. "Yep that's a nice solid door. It's leading out into a hallway of Death the likes that would make even a kaizo mario run look like a walk in the park."

The Goblin sagged, and a skeleton grabbed Bonehead's shoulder. Midori spoke then. "Even if you could open that door, which you can't. It's been tested against the best thieves and picks. Let's say you can. You're still stuck here. Give up. You had your little victory by smashing the spawners."

That point was punctuated by more spawners being smashed in. This time by an Ogre. The giant's head was bowed, its shoulders slumped. Yet it had set about to ensuring death for everyone here would be final.

Laughter. It didn't come from Bonehead, who merely looked into the Skeleton's eye sockets. The laughter came from another there.

Shinji spoke then as he got to his feet. "Twice now have I died following this man. Once to a thing that wanted to eat and remake Creation in its own image. Now to a petty tyrant wanting to tie strings and make us dance to its tune."

Gently, almost tenderly, Shinji's skeletal fingers pulled the hand off of Bonehead's shoulder. "Sir. It's OK."

Bonehead tilted his head down, shoulders slumped. For that moment he could not meet Shinji's gaze. "Still. I'm sorry. You're my friend You'd been there to help me hold things together."

"I know," SHinji clasped forearms with Bonehead. "Let me do that here at the last. Do what you need to."

He glanced to the wider room before looking back to Bonehead. "I've got this."

A deep breath from Bonehead as he squared his shoulders. Vaguely in the background he could hear Shinji. Yet he could not afford to pay it any more attention than that. Nor could he pay attention to Midori's continued attempts at sending others to stop him. Shinji had his back, and Midori could not control everyone. Those that were not being directly controlled stopped those that were.

He pulled from his quiver an arrow. Most of his were plain affairs. Bleached wood polished to look like bone fletched with crow feathers with a variety of tips that varied from blunt to bodkin, though personally he preferred the simple elegance of the broadhead.

This arrow was gifted to him just before he fell, just after Lutz attacked him. It was a declaration of trust then. That she had trusted that nothing would ever make him use that arrow to hurt her or their friends.

Now, as he nocked the star-metal shaft, it was a promise. He could feel power gather. From where he could not say. From Her? No. There was no directionality to the tug. From himself? How? In the gifting did it decide he was its rightful holder?

Music Transition: []

In his hand was power Building. It was Waiting.

Unknown to him Midori's attempt to stop him intensified.

Unknown to him this caused Midori's advance on the library to falter, to allow allies space to breath and act.

His mind was focused on the singular point of infinity building in his hand. A swirling infinity that was yoked and shaped by will. He had all the magical potential of a stone. Yet, as Midori was the latest to find out, Will was something he had an overflowing abundance of.

"Here me now." His voice was a soft whisper. Something one would whisper in the ear of a lover.

"I have been made a liar." He breathed slow. Letting the roar of what was behind him fade away.

"I will die far from home surrounded by enemies." His stance widened as he took careful aim.

From somewhere. There was screaming. It was an unearthly wail that came from everywhere all at once. Perhaps it was the result of the power Bonehead held in his hand. Perhaps it was an attempt at taking the nerve from him or making his aim unsteady.

He did not notice as light was drunken by the arrow in his hand, its shaft turning from brilliant gleaming to vantablack dark.

Dimly Bonehead was aware of Shinji shouting to the others that when it was clear, go for Midori's spawners. Fan out. Cause as much mayhem as possible.

"I entrust everything to you now." Bonehead's eyes wouldh ave closed were he able to. "As I send forward my Black Lance."

The arrow loosed. Power that had been stored there released and was shaped by willpower. There was no sound.

The door vanished. Gone. The traps. Gone. The shaped charge of all consuming destruction burrowed deeply into Midori's sanctum fortress. The core of his holdings.

As Bonehead steadied himself. The horrors from Midori's tomb boiled out into his very heart.

As Bonehead began hunting for his quarry he could hear Shinji's laughter. "Come oe you Apes! Do you want to live forever?"
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2023.03.22 15:31 celebrity_nt Doja Cat responds to critics over surgery, suggests they find better things to do

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2023.03.22 15:29 jobsinanywhere Doja Cat responds to critics over surgery, suggests they find better things to do

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2023.03.22 14:51 47uw1mdmdg Doja Cat reveals she had surgery on her breasts and liposuction

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2023.03.22 14:50 EPCOT_Is_My_Favorite Artist of the Day (3/22/2023): ANNE-MARIE

Top lists provided by Facebook group:
Anne-Marie (can be selected by PLUS members) 100%
Doja Cat (3) 5.7%
2010's Hit Artists: A (5) 4.95%
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2023.03.22 14:48 gud-story Dumisani Dlamini: Wiki, Bio, Family, Career, Love Life, Net Worth & More

Dumisani Dlamini: Wiki, Bio, Family, Career, Love Life, Net Worth & More
Dumisani Dlamini, born on October 23, 1963, is an actor, producer, and filmmaker from South Africa. People know her mainly as the father of the American rapper, singer, and songwriter Miss Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini aka Doja Cat.
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2023.03.22 14:05 Several_Holiday3579 How do you guys discover new music ever since the DMCA strikes on Twitch?

I, like many others, didn't like DMCA when it happened and I remember there was a huge discussion about it. I'm an artist so I can understand copyright. But my issue is understanding the reasonings behind the degree of it because nowadays I never find any new music. I got rid of my Spotify years ago when it happened because it kept recycling the same songs over and over again and I had nobody to recommend me any new songs. I think I hear more songs from complete strangers than I ever hear about a new Taylor Swift song. I also stopped watching fellow artists' streams because the background got very quiet. For me, it's complete silence on the music front and it makes my life more boring. I remember discovering Panic At The Disco through a Twitch streamer years ago, I started listening to it, and then after DMCA I completely forgot the band even existed until today (because a Twitch streamer decided to play it).
My stance on this has not changed for years, and if you're a musician reading this I would appreciate it if you took the time to understand my perspective. I truly believe that it's easier to discover new music that isn't copyrighted in this manner. If you have any ideas on how to discover music I would be happy to hear them.
  1. I don't have any real-life friends, and I never go out. Twitch is my social outlet, so the only way I can communicate with people is through Twitch because that's where all my friends are. This means that I can't discover music through friends, parties, or real-life events because nobody is there to suggest anything to me. The ONLY person to share music with me is my boyfriend, and even he recycles the same songs on his Spotify.
  2. Youtube only recycles songs that I've previously looked up, so if I want to listen to music on Youtube, there is basically 0 discoverability or I'm just doing everything wrong. I'm not sure which.
  3. I don't watch TV and I don't listen to the radio. Mostly because these services always recycled the same songs and I got sick of hearing them over and over again (and the ads).
  4. Spotify became too expensive for me when I didn't have anyone recommending any songs to add to my playlists, so after about 10 years of using it, I unsubscribed and haven't found a reason to use it again since. I got sick of it recycling the same songs. But I did like the "current top list" type playlists they had available to browse through. This made me feel like I could imagine what a group of friends would listen to (if I had any).
  5. The Pretzelrocks website throws me off because it doesn't allow you to browse much without paying. I will give it to Pretzelrocks though for allowing this kind of music on streams, as this is currently the only source of music discoverability I've had. The problem is that nobody really cares about most of these songs and the streamer only has it in the background because there is nothing else to use, which means they are unlikely to recommend the songs and I only write them down if it stands out from the rest.
  6. If a very new musician tells a streamer they are allowed to use their songs on their streams, I note this down and remember them. I praise these people above Taylor Swift level singers because the DMCA is strong, believe it or not. You're awesome, and you should know it.
TLDR; Twitch was my only source of music and I forget bands exist until a Twitch streamer reminds me of it, which makes it hard to justify things like a Spotify subscription. My life is more boring without music and I need a way to discover some more, I don't have any IRL friends and never go out. I dislike DMCA because it made it harder. Any tips?
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2023.03.22 13:53 wacowillie3281 [FLASH] 10316 LOTR Rivendell - 320 spots at $2/ea

Approved by u/lukemfrank
Item: 10316 LOTR Rivendell
Lego Price: $500 + 7% VA Tax = $535
Shipping: 24x20x10, 20lb, 23185 to 98597 = $85
Raffle Total/Spots: +20 subfund = $640 / 320 @ $2
Price justification:
Call spots: Y
Spot limit per person: 10
Duration of spot limit: 1 Hour, wait for the announcement, over the limit requests before then will be ignored
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international: N
Timestamp pics:
Description: Elf. Home.
Payment required w/in 10 minutes of raffle filling. 5 for drama
Payments should have NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban.

*PayPal Info: PM for details - NO COMMENTS *
Cash App Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
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2023.03.22 13:35 wavyaye_ Where to start my GTO studies?

So a little background, i’ve been playing cards for 10+ years for fun and have always loved the game. This year in January i took down a WSOP mystery bounty ring event and won a seat in the Global Champions Tournament in Vegas in May.
i’ve watched countless streams and videos on youtube but have been wanting to take a deeper dive into GTO and tournament strategy. I’m looking to be at my best element poker in Vegas here in a couple months and need help finding where to start my in depth GTO journey 🙏 I’ve seen many of the pros have classes but there’s so many of them and i just don’t know where to start.
submitted by wavyaye_ to poker [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 13:21 Pretend-Adeptness-96 I have been a PreCog all my life

As I have been saying, I am a 55m and I have been a PreCog all my life, this is my attempt to save people besides myself. My safety is never in question.
I revealed to my family and friends in June of 2022 that I was a time traveler via documents, FB messages, etc... After that I started posting in reddit timetravel but I didn't know about removing posts so that was some chaos I had to smooth out.
In my third post I announced:
There is a time traveler who I will call “J” and she is disrupting the normal state of time and space.
J has the ability to communicate to us all. I am not special in that regard. She communicates via dreams/visions and I can tell the difference.
I am sorry if this is disjointed, if it helps think of the movie Memento).
J does not see time like I do, so she may not present things in order from our perspective... we good, things make sense at the end.
J is constantly trying to make this easier to understand for everyone to understand and she is constantly fine tuning things to get enough to understand. Her plan is for our descendants get to the stars. She keeps jumping back to her train station, making changes to try to get you to understand.
As near as I can tell she needs the help of our descendants, but I do not know how true that is, as I do not trust her.
This was how I started it my very first try....
If you do not have a physics background that is fine. I will not get into a physics lesson. But, I do have one ask.
If you do know someone with a physics background, ask them if what I am describing is possible if the MWI theory was true. What it would mean if there actually was an infinite number of timelines and you had the ability to move between them.
How many are thinking LOL?
This was the issue with a previous timeline… we had trouble with this part.
Nobody got it in time, so things went dark.
That is ok my timeline fam, hopefully infinite universes get widely understood this go around as J uses the infinite part to try to make it easier to understand…
Now I don’t have to spend much time on MWI.
Adapt, learn and repeat.
I will use movies as examples as much as possible to make it as easy to understand for as many as possible.
Infinity of universes examples are in the the awesome movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There is also the awesome movie Everything, Everywhere All at Once, and how they represented the infinite of universes.
The only thing I want you to focus on is universes and the infinity of the choices.
That part is so true(infinity). J claims that there are no sausage universes, we are never rocks, we are never paint, or any of the other things. It is an infinity of different versions of us all slightly different. She literally has infinite number of possibilities, but the light makes it easier. I have not looked at them all, it takes me forever to peer into one.
I have been calling the timelines but others want to call them universes, multiverse, etc...
We are talking about the same thing. The universe is affected by the flow of time, and I can be outside the boundaries of this universe projected into the Yeoh Dimension which lets me 'turn around' and look at the infinite of universes, they all move evenly, steadily following the march of time... so I call them timelines.
A timeline is a single universe from the HumanVerse.
The HumanVerse is a subset of the infinity of universes, to be part of the HumanVerse the timeline must contain human life.
I am a human and give 0F about timelines that do not have us.
If you see me use the word timelines, if you want to think universe, multiverse, whateverse... we good. It is the infinity part I need you to be thinking about, the infinity of options J has.
Now I want you to think what it would mean if there actually was an infinite number of timelines AND you had the ability to move between them.
I figured out how to jump between timelines, jumping from a flesh suit body on one timeline and jumping to my body on another timeline.
I have had the ability since I was 9 when I fell face first into a bonfire and quickly left that timeline/universe.
The last timeline it was at this point in time when I started to get into the cat theory, I found out he was a pedo (I do not know what I do not know).
So I jumped back and created my Mötley Cat Theory to avoid carrying that name into the future.
The Mötley Cat Theory
This theory is like a certain quantum cat theory put forth by a known pedophile, with some important differences. The cat is not in the box with a device that has a 50% chance of killing it. The cat is in a box with a device that can affect the cat in an infinite number of ways, setting an infinite number of states that the cat can be in.
Obeying quantum theory, the cat is every state until the box is opened and the state of the cat is known. The state of the cat when it is put in the box is not in question, it is set, constant and establishes the direction of the flow of time… from the known state of the cat to the unknown infinite states of the cat.
The box that the Mötley Cat is put in is what I was taught to call a “Black Box”. In science and engineering, the term black box refers to any complex device for which we know the inputs and outputs, but we do not know the how of the black box, as the inner workings of the black box is unknown.
The output of the black box are the timelines that come out, and I illuminate the ones we want. J bundles them and I am on the timeline heading towards the light.
I hope enough people can understand the Mötley Cat theory and hope my blatant theft of this theory from the pedo doesn't ruffle too many feathers. Mi scusi!
The first crossroads is the upcoming debt ceiling and the Quantum Outcomes that result from setting that cat's state. I am just looking at the lit timelines and seeing the easiest path.
I humbly propose we just raise the debt ceiling now to avoid any issues.
The second crossroads is the upcoming election fight between Biden and Trump in 2024.
I am trying to avoid chaos, and to try to keep everyone calm. I think my proposal will do that.
Welp, time to see what spawns from this as we all travel forward in time.
I would suggest before making big decisions you should sleep on it and see what J sends you.
I am hoping to use Reddit to communicate.
If you find me as you go down the rabbit hole and think I want to meet anyone, you are wrong.
I am asking to be left alone, just like I said months ago. I am a 55m with heart troubles.
It is a paradox, I want to be left alone, yet I had to talk.
Grrrr. Damn you irony! Please respect my wishes.
submitted by Pretend-Adeptness-96 to ThePublicPreCog [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 12:08 0x7d3mt2dt Doja Cat reveals she had surgery on her breasts and liposuction

Doja Cat reveals she had surgery on her breasts and liposuction submitted by 0x7d3mt2dt to trendinaustralia [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 12:08 0x7d3mt2dt Doja Cat reveals she had surgery on her breasts and liposuction

Doja Cat reveals she had surgery on her breasts and liposuction submitted by 0x7d3mt2dt to u/0x7d3mt2dt [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 11:19 Unlucky_Spare733 If LO characters had Spotify what'd you think they'd listen to?

I'll go first
Aphrodite (I mainly chose songs I think she'd vibe with or dance too)
Modern Primadonna girl- marina,All your love- kat graham,Fancy- iggy Azalea, Pretty girl rock- Keri Hilson,Say so- Doja cat,Dj got us falling in love again- usher ft pitbull, who's that chick- Rihanna, LoveGame- Lady Gaga,if you had my love -Jennifer Lopez,Where them girls at - David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida, beautiful girl- Sean Kingston, Don't cha- the pussycat dolls and Is it you- Cassie,gives you hell- all American rejects,we are never getting back together- Taylor swift,used to love you- Gwen Stefani,So what- P!nk and you lost me- Christina Aguilera
Others (I'll admit I'm not confident with this one): come and get your love- redbone,Wannabe- spice girls,I want it that way- backstreet boys, need you tonight- inxs,groove is in the heart- deee lite, da ya think I'm sexy- rod Stewart,dim all the lights- Donna summer, September- earth,wind and fire,I was made for lovin you- kiss,lovin' you- Minnie riperton,I only want to be with you- Bay City rollers, isn't she lovely- Stevie wonder and oh,pretty woman- Roy Orbison
Artemis the only song I can think of is Ready for combat- Icon for hire.
submitted by Unlucky_Spare733 to UnpopularLoreOlympus [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 11:12 Munmochi [TOMT] [SONG] [Late 90s - Early 2000s] A japanese song by either Gackt or Hyde whose lyrics, translated translate to something like "even as the seasons pass we/you are still the same".

As the title says, I was (and still am) a huge fan of Jpop and Jrock, of course, I would fall for Gackt and Hyde and everything in between. The thing about this song is, I cannot find it for the life of me and I only remember the video and the translation.
The video I got was in Dailymotion (I've never found it anywhere else), it was a live performance by either Gackt or Hyde (almost sure it was Hyde because I remember the singer having long hair with dreadlocks but Gackt also had long hair for a while and I might be misremembering something) singing in a black background on a live concert, and the song was very calm and romantic, at least I remember my angsty ass crying when I heard it, I believe the start was acoustic, but I cannot remember it properly.
But I remember the translated lyrics as "even as the seasons pass, we/you are still the same". I have found it twice in my life, the first when I was a teen, the second like 8 years ago, I downloaded it into an old computer but that poor thing died when I move and I haven't been able to find it ever again.
This song could also be closer to the sound Hyde had on L'arc~en~Ciel than Gackt's Malize Miler, but then again, I don't know.
Thanks for all your help!
P.S. Season's Call is not the song, just in case, yes is a very famous Hyde song, but not really the "romantic" type lol
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2023.03.22 10:59 014754 Possible reason why Andrew left abruptly

I grew up close to Doncaster around the time that Andrew went missing.
At this time I was bullied but had lots of friends. I was not lonely and had no reason to but I (f26) would spend hours talking to strangers online every night when I came home from school. They would often pretend to be teenage boys in our secondary school but I would later find out they were middle aged men. This happened more times than I can count.
They often drew me in initially by talking about emo music and common interests but as conversation faded they would tell me they was suicidal and wanted to die. This would guilt me into staying online and talking for hours on end to 'save them'. I now know this was manipulation and was a lie. I spoke to my friends about this over the years and have discovered that every single one of my friends did the exact same thing step by step as I did over several years.
Could Andrew have been manipulated by someone that he urgently had to go to London because they was going to kill themselves and he had to go to 'save them'. It would explain being grumpy in the morning, leaving the charger at home, frantically saying no to the return ticket and only bringing enough money for a day trip. He wanted to come home later but he didn't know how long he would need to be. He had to deal with the consequences later because saving someone's life is more important than getting into trouble.
If I remember right kerrang magazines had numbers in for people interested in music to message and hang out. Could there have been a secret phone that he messaged on? I was always followed home by middle aged men, watched and cat called as was my friends. I also hung out with older guys as part of our friendship group (maybe early 20's) If someone I liked had offered me a old phone I would have taken it no problem and wouldn't have thought anything of it other than this was person wanted to talk to me and was kind enough to hand me an old phone that they wasn't using anymore. I might have been embarrassed and not said anything to my parents because talking about having a crush etc was embarrassing.
I know from experience of being a teenager around the emo era that I could be manipulated into staying up all night talking someone out of suicide and meeting up with someone all in the space of a few hours as was my friends. We was all in the top classes so quite bright like Andrew and all came from middle class backgrounds in a town close to Andrews with no home life problems.
My questions: did you experience something similar in this time period?
Could this be what happened?
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2023.03.22 10:14 Jealous-Voice6769 Doja Cat reveals she had surgery on her breasts and liposuction

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2023.03.22 10:12 5w6kvg9rf Doja Cat reveals she had surgery on her breasts and liposuction

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2023.03.22 10:11 5w6kvg9rf Doja Cat reveals she had surgery on her breasts and liposuction

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